Saturday, May 26, 2018

The Missing Southeastern Presidential Archives

Social media and the Southern Baptist Convention are in a firestorm over the decision by trustees at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary to elevate Dr. Paige Patterson to the position of President Emeritus, to continue paying him an annual salary, and to allow him to live on campus.

Christianity Today and others report Patterson Is Out, but those in the know remember that Dr. Russell Dilday, Dr. Ken Hemphill, and other former Presidents of SBC seminaries were never given such cushy treatment when they were "out."  I also guarantee you that every Southern Baptist pastor who's been told "You're out!" would love their church to define "out" the way the SWBTS trustees define it.

I scratch my head till it hurts trying to understand how President Paige Patterson can be exalted to President Emeritus just a couple of hours after a vote to terminate him as President of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary failed by just two votes (15-17). 

Then, of course, it hits me. 

The trustee board is stacked with Patterson loyalists who seem so blinded by their allegiance to a man, they can't see the serious sycophancy. Maybe the school's stained-glass windows stunt clear optics for the trustees charged to ensure Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary takes no misteps.

Trustees almost fired Paige Patterson, then in the next breath they exalted him to President Emeritus. I'd say it's unwise, but in the name of every current SWBTS administrator that Paige Patterson will eventually throw under the bus for the imminent financial collapse of Southwestern, I'm compelled to say it's dangerous. There is hope for Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, but that requires the termination and removal of Paige Patterson from every position of leadership.

I urge the SWBTS trustees to reconsider their decision to make Paige Patterson President Emeritus of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary before the Southern Baptist Convention meets in Dallas, Texas, June 12, 2018.

More sad and sordid stories will be coming out soon in the secular media. It will not be pretty. "Houston, we have a problem."

I am warning everyone that I can privately. The 2003 rape victim also went privately to Kevin Ueckert, chairman of the SWBTS trustees, prior to last week’s SWBTS trustee meeting. She did not wish to go public. She still doesn't.

The rape victim was hopeful the SWBTS trustee chairman could hold President Patterson accountable for Patterson’s treatment of her But she was told by Chairman Ueckert that he must have documentation that the rape actually occurred at SEBTS in 2003 before he could speak of it to the SWBTS trustees. The  trustees were convening to consider Paige Patterson’s continued employment as President of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, and documentation was needed of what happened and how it was handled.

The rape victim discovered in the last few weeks that the local Wake Forest police department had no documentation of the rape because Paige Patterson never reported it to them. Of course, she had been told by President Patterson at the time of the rape not to report it because the SEBTS and President Patterson would deal with it. So law enforcement was a dead end.

But the rape victim knew that Southeastern Seminary had the necessary documentation that she could give to Chairman Ueckert. She’d received letters from the President’s office after meeting with him.

Why not just give Chairman Ueckert the letters that she received from Dr. Patterson back in 2003? It would at least prove a meeting occurred, even if Dr. Patterson implied he couldn’t remember such a meeting. 

Well, it seems the rape victim had thrown away her documentation a few years ago because every time she saw them in the cabinets, the memory of what happened to her put her in an emotional tailspin.

But Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary keeps all its Presidential letters in the archives. 

All Southern Baptist institutions keep documents issued by their Presidents on Presidential letterhead. Those documents are the property of the institution, not the President. Back in 2003, copies of institutional letters weren't stored in the "digital cloud." Actual hard copies were kept by the institution in boxes called "archives.”

The archives of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary contain Presidential letters written during Paige Patterson's tenure as well as other documents detailing "The Conservative Resurgence.” (Edit: It is possible that letters from the President’s office were kept in additional places too). 

Let me introduce you to the man responsible for the oversight of the school archives at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary in 2003-2004. 

His name is Dr. Shawn C. Madden. Dr. Paige Patterson hired this former Marine to be the head librarian at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. Shawn C. Madden, Ph.D., Major, USMC (retired) now lives in Dallas, Texas. He eventually resigned from his position at SEBTS. 

Dr. Patterson left Southeastern in the summer of 2003,  not long after the meeting in President Patterson's office with the rape victim and three of Paige Patterson's proteges. Dr. Patterson left to become President of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. 

When Dr. Patterson went to Fort Worth, Texas, he took a man named Chris Thompson with him. Chris was Dr. Patterson's Chief of Staff at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. He's a Paige Patterson loyalist. Chris is now a Southern Baptist pastor in North Carolina. Chris was interviewed by the Religious News Service this week regarding Dr. Paige Patterson's removal promotion to President Emeritus.
"To retroactively punish him for remarks he made years ago is unfair,” said Chris Thompson, a pastor and former chief of staff for Patterson during his 10 years as president of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary in Wake Forest, N.C.
“I don’t know any pastor, or public speaker for that matter, who would ever want to be subject to someone pulling an audiotape from some archive and having to answer for those words 18 years later. Who’s next, is really what my question would be.”
Well, Chris, I'll answer your question "Who's next?"

It's your turn.

(NOTE: I gave my personal cell number to Chris's secretary and asked that he return my phone call. I would not post till Saturday to give him time to call me. Chris did not return my call).

SEBTS Institutional Archives Are Stolen

"(I am) not happy (to say the least) with your actions and methods of securing  boxes from the archives." Those are the words of Librarian Dr.  Shawn Madden in a letter to Dr. Paige Patterson after discovery the archives had been taken without permission from those responsible for them.

Shawn Madden provided me a copy of his letter. In addition, he sent me a copy of a letter written a few months after Patterson became President of SWBTS in July 2003. Dr. Madden gave me permission to publish it:
"Persons not associated with Southeastern entered our archives without informing myself nor my archivists and removed material that at that point was technically the possession of Southeastern Seminary and my responsibility for their security... My concern is that material from the President's office was removed, material that is the possession of this institution and not of an individual. What is generated by the President of this institution is owned by this institution and ought not to have been removed, especially in the dark of night." (Dr. Shawn Madden, a letter written in 2004)
During the ensuing investigation, SEBTS Librarian Shawn C. Madden was told by Michael Lawson, who is currently the Chief of Security for SEBTS, that the archives were taken by Chris Thompson.

Yes, that Chris Thompson.

Dr. Michael Lawson informed Dr. Shawn Madden that Paige Patterson's Chief of Staff came to North Carolina from Fort Worth and "removed the material" in the dark of night when the school was closed.

Dr. Michael Lawson, Chief of Southeastern Security states on his office's webpage.
"The Department of Campus Security exists to maintain a safe and secure campus environment and to protect the institution’s assets in order to facilitate Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary's mission. To meet this mission, we employ Security Officers to monitor our campus 24 hours a day and 365 days of the year, including nights, weekends and holidays. Campus Security also works closely with the Wake Forest Police Department, the Wake Forest Fire Department and Wake County EMS to ensure fast responses to any needs or emergencies that might arise on Southeastern's campus."
I'm calling Dr. Lawson to see if the Chris Thompson video is still available or if someone allowed Chris in the building, without knowledge of those in charge of the archives.

Librarian Shawn C. Madden, Ph.D., Major, USMC (retired) fired off a letter to Dr. Paige Patterson:
"(I am) not happy (to say the least) with your actions and methods of securing (50) boxes from the archives."
Dr. Shawn C. Madden publicly used the term "thief" and "theft" to describe the unauthorized removal of institutional materials from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. Dr. Madden is emphatic and has written:
"My public use of those terms accurately describes the action in question."
Dr. Patterson was not happy with anyone questioning his actions and let it be known to Dr. Madden. After Dr. Madden eventually resigned as the librarian at SEBTS, Dr. Patterson sent a letter to Dr. Madden's wife about why Dr. Madden was unemployable.
"Shawn's tendency to speak his mind has not helped his situation.  Too many here remember his responses to me when I was departing SEBTS.  That is the past, but we all should learn for the future and I am praying that amidst this sorrow, that lesson may be fully grasped."
 So, Pastor Chris Thompson, you ask, "Who's next?"

You are.

When you come to the Southern Baptist Convention this year in Dallas, Texas, would you kindly look in those boxes and bring any letters from the President about a meeting that occurred in his office in 2003 with a young lady who reported she was raped?

I'd like to give her a copy.

She and her husband are considering coming to Dallas as Southern Baptist messengers. I know you will be one of the SBC pastors present. I hope I can introduce you to the woman SBC pastors should be helping, not shaming.

Or, if you gave those boxes to President Patterson, make sure all the letters are properly filed at Southwestern's new archive center and not destroyed. I am sure it will be a highly sought after research letter.

The rape victim may be willing to have her name known nationwide because the actions of President Emeritus Paige Patterson toward her do not reflect honorably on the Southern Baptist Convention and Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.

And she hopes what happened to her never happens again to anyone else in the SBC.

Sadly, what I am learning in the last 48 hours is that there are some who are going on a full court press to shame, intimidate, and frighten this rape victim. It is sickening. She is scared.

My wife and I prayed for her and her family this morning. We understand her pain. The person who exposes the problem in dysfunctional systems becomes the problem. I've never known a more forgiving, gracious, kind, and Kingdom-oriented  Southern Baptist than this woman who was tragically and brutally raped at a SBC seminary in 2003.

But she is not used to Hardball Religion.

I am. I will protect this woman's anonymity if that is what she ultimately desires. But I am unafraid to carry her message to the world.

Stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

I. Just. Don’t. Get. It.

This makes me physically ill and angry.

I pray that something is done about this. It’s been going on too long.

We’ve been overseas for over 15 years with the IMB. We have known and heard stuff like this about PP for years!
It seems like, if you’re living in the mess, you ignore it or just can’t see it.
Living outside the SBC bubble in America has given us a whole new perspective on these men who are held in esteem but are really wolves in disguise.

Wake up, people.

Doug said...

Unbelievable. I know exactly how Dr Madden feels. We are praying for the victim and her family.

DLF said...

Simply unbelievable.

In the business world,people go to jail for less, and yet SWBTS trustees turn a blind eye. Shame on them. I'm ashamed to call myself a Southern Baptist anymore. There is simply no excuse for this kind of behavior. No excuse. None whatsoever.

Tom Parker said...

I wish someone could give me a simple answer how so many people over the last 40 years that stayed in the SBC could be silent about so many things which were and are wrong with the SBC, It seems to me the chickens are coming home to roost, but the SBC certainly had little to nothing with them coming home.

Bob Cleveland said...

Some view Dr. Patterson as having been the "savior of the SBC", for his executing the Conservative Resurgence ... he and Judge Pressler. Perhaps, rather, he is God's judgment on the SBC for its record in discipleship. And for the CR, which was a subversive and militaristic solution to a spiritual problem.

I think so, myself.

DLF said...

We need a Joseph Welch moment,

"At long last, have you left no sense of decency?"

Someone needs to stand up at the convention and ask that question of the SWBTS trustees.

Unknown said...

Years ago, when I had the honor of serving alongside you at Emmanuel, you taught a lesson on “The Delight of Doctrine”. I remember it well to this day. These may not be exact quotes, but these principles remain engraved in my memory. “Weak churches are the result of weak doctrine”, “We all ultimately behave according to what we believe.”
Southern Baptist are reaping the harvest of the seeds sown by a few boisterous and verbose men who taught doctrine according to their own self-serving and self-exalting interpretation. And unlike the time in history when there wasn’t a Bible available to the masses, (pre Johannes Gutenberg) it has happened in an era where the Bible is as available as our cell phone. This is genuinely sad.
As much as I admire and support your tenacity on these issues, I am even more convinced that your cause is just because “doctrine is important”. While many may think this is personal for you, I know it is not - you are being driven by doctrine.
I pray that our SBC will experience a fresh doctrinal reformation driven by an honest and humble exposition of God’s Word which lifts up the value of all who bare the “imageo deo”, men and women equally.
I continue to pray for you and Rachelle for I know you take no delight in having to wage this battle. You sounded the alarm over 10 yers ago. Now you are having to lead the charge. “For such a time as this” my friend may God strengthen your resolve to remain gracefully driven by the Gospel of grace.
By Grace Alone,

Anonymous said...

From the courthouse at Evergreen , Alabama to the Library of Congress and lots of research stops in between with confidence
I have witnessed the determination of leaders to insure accuracy and access. I ache with recognition at the implications of
this revelation just posted

Once again, the integrity of the secular exceeds that of the SBC.

Wade Burleson said...


My wife, who knows me best, and is my best friend, read your comment to me and said, “Clif wrote a very nice comment. Supportive and understanding. He’s seen you in operation, and he knows you and has worked with you.”

High praise from Dr. Burleson. She says she admires someone who is willingly to be identified with me, and since I also know where you have served as pastor, I add my praise for your courage.

Thanks, Clif.

This is not personal. Our Convention MUST change its view on women to reflect the teachings of Jesus Christ, the radically new way of living as described in the New Covenant (New Testament Christianity), and create a safe environment for all people - regardless of ethnicity, gender, socio-economic status, and background - where they can serve the King of kings according to their giftings. Leadership in His Kingdom is due to humility, not hubris; giftings, not gender, and the courage to love the unlovely and rescue the abandoned and abused.

Unfortunately, to effect transformational change, sometimes the change agent must do uncomfortable things. I desire no position in the SBC and never will. I want to be a person of grace and a pastor who leads according to what I teach.

But if I see abuse, I will not be silent until it is remedied. Once it is, I’ll just go back to teaching the principles that drive me.

Christ accepted the repentant woman at the well; He drove out the religious Pharisees and turned over the money changing tables for becoming prosperous at the expense of the unwitting and unknowing.

I’m not comparing myself to Jesus.

I’m just attempting to do what He did. Christ...ian.

Wade Burleson said...

I will be out of pocket for a while, so if I don’t respond to quesetions, it will be because I am unable to respond.

DLF said...

It's a sad day indeed when Godless, secular corporate boards have more integrity than the trustees of a Southern Baptist seminary. I fear that the sycophants of PP have destroyed the SBC instead of saving it. God will not be mocked. Judgment is coming and it will not be pretty.

Unknown said...

Jim said...

Bro. Wade - sic 'em! This whole ordeal is sickening & pathetic. And know this- there are a LOT of us who agree with you. Be encouraged in the Lord!

Sallie Borrink said...


You made a really important point in that this must be driven by doctrine and Biblical truth. On another post, someone asked about comments made regarding downplaying the connection to the #metoo movement as though that was a negative thing. It's not.

I think this is critically important and a mistake I believe conservative biblical egalitarians in particular must avoid making. Beliefs about men and women functioning in the ekklesia must be based SOLELY on an accurate understanding of the totality of the Scriptures. It doesn't matter what the culture is doing. Even if there was no #metoo movement happening, nothing would change about the importance of what is transpiring with these events in the SBC.

There are people who want to discount this woman and her story solely because they think they can tie it to the politically divisive #metoo movement. I think it's very important to keep bringing this entire situation back to doctrine and the laws of the land. Anything else will undermine the brave work this woman has already done.

Anonymous said...

The trustees seem to be unwilling to hold those in authority to account. It is time to rethink how trustees operate. The current system gave us severe over spending at the IMB and a culture of secrecy.

Christiane said...

Seems like the SBC gathering of the clan will have to provide a backdrop for some housecleaning . . . . but are people WILLING to give up the patriarchy that brought Patterson down?

It takes courage to admit that people were wrong about 'Applied Pattersonian Patriarchy', and to return to the Holy Gospels of Our Lord and to obedience to Our Lord's Royal Law. I think there is a great chance IF people will keep their eyes on Christ and call down in prayer the Holy Spirit upon themselves to guide them into the light. Depends on the hearts of those who come to meet together. I hope the meeting draws MANY women who care about the Church and the future of the denomination. It's time they had a voice. And it's time they were listened to. The men need their help, obviously. :) Prayers for good to happen.

Christiane said...

somehow that Patterson was 'let go' and then, in the dark, and in a secret meeting in the early hours of the morning, the trustees chose to reward Patterson with a title and $ and other benefits
. . . it all does make the whole drama just that much more vivid as an illustration of mixed messages and skewed values

what kind of message is being sent?

and how do those trustees want it to be received?

They really, really messed up this time.

pam said...

Wade, I sent you an email with a possible influential ally for the days ahead.

pam said...

Tom Parker, you asked,

"I wish someone could give me a simple answer how so many people over the last 40 years that stayed in the SBC could be silent about so many things which were and are wrong with the SBC"

I have a simple answer (at least a partial one): common sense and intuition are ignored because they are deemed "fallen", part of the "sin nature".

seems to me that makes one easy pickin's to be brainwashed (more or less).

Anonymous said...

"And she hopes what happened to her never happens again to anyone else in the SBC."

We all wish for this as well, but 15 years has passed since her rape was covered up. How many other assaults have been ignored or covered up since then? We know of at least one pedophile's case, which was terribly disturbing when that story broke in 2008:

The problem is that PP (and his proteges/loyalists) more than likely have a pattern of this behavior. It's not established yet, but good investigators may just uncover it. And it may be as ugly as ones we've already seen in the press. I feel so sad for all the possible victims like the woman you've interviewed here, who really are becoming victorious as they name names and bring deeds done in darkness to light.

All the more reason to investigate. After all, what exactly did PP want to show his proteges in that meeting 15 years ago? What behavior of his were they supposed to emulate as they went forward? Was PP training seminarians to cover up the crimes of future men and to shame/blame their victims too? It's hard to believe that was 2003 and not, say, 1950.

But for now, others want PP out at other places, too, such as Cedarville University, where he's still on the Board of Trustees. In fact, at CU, that Board refuses to comment on the situation, let alone remove PP from the Board. They seem to hope the whole thing just blows over, so they can do nothing. Thus, a CU alumni petition grows with signatures, demanding PP's removal from the Board. As of now, the petition has 754 signatures and comments that, to say the least, incriminate the CU President there, who is a PP loyalist:

Because no one wants more victims, please also track PP's legacy. Even if PP is removed entirely from SWBTS, his loyalists and legacy bearers live on . . . and women continue to be hurt and oppressed.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

My husband and I have been in the pastoral SB ministry for about forty-four years. I so desire for the Body of Christ to function in a healthy manner, so a lost and dying world can be persuaded to choose life in Christ instead of spiritual death.

I have come to believe that the secular world sees more of the benefit of a workforce where both sexes are brought to the “table” — so to speak — for prosperity’s sake than the Church for its mission.

What is the necessity for so-called spiritual men to desire to “lord over” Christ-honoring women? The only necessary element I come to is for domination and control, which have no Christ-honoring component at all.

Today, I saw an advertisement for an SBC seminary’s meeting before the convention, and the only speakers are men. How can half of the Body of Christ be ignored? I am afraid that the dogma and patriarchal control is simply too much for these men to surrender.

All women desire is to have a “seat at the table” to create a healthier climate in our churches. Without that, the Church remains a “little boys’ club” with women subservient to them not equals serving Jesus together — really rather sickening. said...

I'm not shocked one bit. Thank you for bringing this into the light! I am an advocate for abused wives within the Christian community and I'm constantly heart broken over the twisting of scripture to hold these women down, and the lies men (mostly men) are willing to tell to maintain their power and control.

Debbie Kaufman said...

"This is not personal. Our Convention MUST change its view on women to reflect the teachings of Jesus Christ, the radically new way of living as described in the New Covenant (New Testament Christianity), and create a safe environment for all people - regardless of ethnicity, gender, socio-economic status, and background - where they can serve the King of kings according to their giftings. Leadership in His Kingdom is due to humility, not hubris; giftings, not gender, and the courage to love the unlovely and rescue the abandoned and abused."

Yes. Yes. Yes.

Gordon said...

Wade, (or anyone else for that matter)

Where can I find a list of the trustees of Southwestern?

Anonymous said...

Wade, I work at Michigan State University (home of infamous sexual misconduct, very sadly), and it wasn't until I read this post that I understood the people who responded to misconduct at MSU with "Burn it all down!"

I'm not a Southern Baptist, though I respect the denomination, so it's not "my people" at stake. And I find myself wanting to burn down whatever it takes to make sure that there are no more victims and no more leaders elevating themselves beyond accountability. In my own home turf, those feelings are moderated by thoughts of "but there's so much good that goes on here; let's cut out the evil people instead." I hope that the SBC and MSU are able to cut out the evil, but there are reasons these things have gone on for a long time that have to be addressed, too.

(Tangentially, who the hell signed off on living, still-serving leaders being pictured on stained glass windows at a religious institution? Is there any world in which this doesn't qualify as elevating those leaders inappropriately? I do not understand how this was ever justified to Christians.)

April C. Armstrong said...

I posted this on the wrong blog post by accident earlier; I'm sorry. I am a 2007 graduate of SWBTS and here is my story. I am not anonymous.

Anonymous said...

A.Non A'Mouse wrote:

Gordon, check the Twitter feed for SBC Explainer (@SBCexplainer) on May 23rd. It has a PDF of everyone's name on there. And as best I could read the ultra-fine print, there are no Oklahomans on that roster.

@SBCexplainer is doing a good job of following this debacle.

Finally, my prayers are with the rape victim for the days and weeks to come and also that God would grant her the strength and grace to address the convention and challenge the status quo while demonstrating God's love and strength and grace.

#TurnthePaige #SWBTS

Sallie Borrink said...


Your story... Wow. I'm Baptist but not SBC. Every time I think my opinion of these people can't go any lower, it does.

That's a cultic, spiritually abusive place. There really is no other way to describe it.

And it makes all of the stories I've read and heard shared in recent years about young SBC pastors coming in and taking over churches in an authoritarian manner while running out anyone who doesn't agree with them make so much more sense now.

Thank you for sharing your story.

Anonymous said...


I just read your story. I am so sorry you endured such spiritual abuse at SWBTS. Thank you for sharing your story. Please continue doing so over and over!!

We have to believe that “ the truth will set us free.”

Former SWBTS Student said...

Money and power. Plain and simple.
How do you REALLY think Kevin Uekert became the pastor of FBC Georgetown?
You know many of those FBC's have large memberships? Large memberships mean lots of Messengers.

Debbie Kaufman said...

Everyone needs to read April's story.

Wallace Rowland Jr. said...

Dear April,

I am so sorry about your experience at Southwestern. Alexis and I read your story immediately. I remember you from the Roberts Library staff meetings. I worked in the cataloging and acquisitions department. Lex of course worked in the AVLC.

Another reason I grieve, is because we did not know what you were dealing with. Maybe you were not working at the library during your ordeal. I don’t know.

Ladies came to Alexis often, when dealing with issues at Southwestern. In about 2006, a young lady was being harassed by a sexual predator. When Alexis found out, as you might expect, if you knew her very well, Alexis went straight to the Ethics Department and this fellow was gone from Southwestern by the next afternoon. Lex then asked the director of that department what they did to help these students after they are dismissed, because she was concerned about him also. She was told they didn't do that. Maybe they do today.

The Ethics Department knew Alexis well. Mama Lex was not shy about confronting misbehaving preacher boys in person. If they did not repent, they had a date in the Ethics Department. On more than one occasion, she gave a doctoral student, a profound butt whooping. Several people were put on probation or dismissed. Jesus sent us to Southwestern to be advocates for the students. Alexis took our mission seriously.

I really, really do wish Alexis would have known. As I am writing this, my darling is crying.

I would write more, but I too, need to go cry a while.


Alexis’ husband

Debbie Kaufman said...

The only thing is they are not boys when they are in college, they are men. Grown men. Not misbehaving preacher boys.

Mbill0327 said...

Bingo Debbie

Calling them boys does not help

Anonymous said...

When I was in my first year at a Baptist college there were a lot of preacher boys studying for ministry. One night after a movie date one of those pb told he would like to pray about our. relationship. As we stood there I bowed my head and closed my eyes and he began to pray rather impressively.Suddenly I realized that as he was praying he was unbuttoning my blouse.

RB Kuter said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Julie Anne said...

Thank you, Shawn Madden, for your integrity years ago and even today. This sin must be exposed. Keep pressing, Wade. You're doing such a great job speaking for women who have been harmed. Thank you!

Barbara Roberts said...

Well done Wade!

I am not at all surprised to hear this.

There is no way a genuine Christian could deviously steal like this.

Patterson and his henchmen are wolves, not Christians. They hijacked the SBC for their own evil ends.

Dee Parsons said...

Thank you or the work you are doing. It is a good thing when truth sees the light.

One point: Paige Patterson is not only President Emeritu but he has also, been given the title *theologian-in-residnece,* a title also conferred his wife. Are Patterson's actions reflective of the application of theology that we can continue to expect from the SBC?

Shawn said...

Thanks Julie Anne!

Donald Johnson said...

Thank you Wade.

April C Armstrong said...

Dear Wallace and Alexis,

You were wonderful colleagues at Roberts Library later on. I'm also sorry for how both of you were treated at SWBTS in the end, though I'm not aware of either of you complaining about it. I don't wish to add to your own pain about how things have gone for yourselves. But no, I wasn't working in the library at that point.

I imagine most men disciplined by the ethics committee didn't appeal to Patterson; maybe it didn't occur to them, or maybe they actually felt remorse after it happened. But I don't think there would have been much Alexis could have done in the face of this. Her position didn't give her the power to challenge the president, and he wouldn't have listened to a woman. I don't think he would have listened to anyone.


Anonymous said...

According to my magic decoder ring, when Paterson or one of his representatives use terms like “police” or “law enforcement” they are referring to campus police and not civic authorities. Even when those people are dual aligned, I.e. campus and local, they are working under Patterson’s authority.

Christiane said...

Hello Dee Parsons,

you wrote, 'It is a good thing when truth sees the light."

and I agree with you.

It's when things happen behind people's backs that are intended to hurt them that evil wins out. I've often wondered what happened to that good woman who was helping with prayer requests on your blog. I hope she is well. I know she suffered.

Keep putting light where it is needed on your blog. There are too many wounded people at the mercy of some very sick minds and in order to protect the innocent, light IS needed much. You have my prayers for your work to go forward in a good direction. God Bless!

Christiane said...

Dear April,
your story breaks my heart . . . it needs to be told and maybe even read aloud at the coming SBCconvention . . . it's time people listened and heard the truth about who has done what to innocent people

It's time for women to speak and be heard in all the denominations of the Church where women are not fully valued for the gifts that they bring to the Church. And it's time for those who belittle women to be put under the spotlight and examined by the whole Church. Someone mentioned that the secular world was moving on this faster than the Church was: that women no longer be abused or put down or maligned or shut out or made to be shamed by 'authorities'.

That means the Church is moving too slow and not taking leadership in the midst of the suffering of women and children, and the evil that has been allowed to flourish as good people have looked away. Looking away is no longer a Christian 'option'.

Thank you for your courage, April. God BLESS you.

Debbie Kaufman said...

How will Paige Patterson etc. explain the stealing of boxes of incriminating records? This just keeps getting darker and darker but not surprised.

Anonymous said...

Watergate. Mill. Stone.

Christiane said...

Debbie, he removed the 'paper trail' . . . if it was done at his command, and when Shawn Madden protested, Shawn was 'let go', then all becomes more clear:

Patterson knew he did wrong. And by removing the evidence and by firing an employee who knew about it being done and complained (an employee of the highest moral character), Patterson tried to get rid of anything that might point to his involvement.

Patterson convicted himself by his attempts at cover-up and silencing people.

He has no place to hide. And now his 'trustees' are looking contaminated also, as they are making effort to cover-up, exonerate, praise, reward, and declare Patterson 'theologian in residence' . . . those trustees are as guilty as he is of cover-up in the face of the shaming of an innocent, wounded Christian woman. That the trustees honor PP seals their involvement and their late-night work is out in the bright sunshine and it smells to high heaven.

Unknown said...

'Even when those people are dual aligned, I.e. campus and local, they are working under Patterson’s authority' . . . , even, it seems, after he has left.

Unknown said...

I highly suspect that this weekend is being spent circling the wagons. Interesting to see what the upcoming week will bring.

Mbill0327 said...

More lies, damage control, manipulations, stonewalling and false accusations

Its too big now though. There will have to be a major overhaul at SWBTS meaning everyone must go including current professors at some point. You cant do it immedaitely but it will happen

I have heard that a forensic audit will not go well for the current admin. I am wondering how the trustees will cover it up if so?

Unknown said...

Mr. Burleson,

Please keep shedding light onto the darkness. This is an abomination.


Brian Wiseman said...

Wade, not sure if this has already been answered, but is there a list of the trustees at swbts? Also, is there a way to contact them?

Anonymous said...

Brian Wiseman...

Please see my posting to this site on 05/26/18 at 5:43 p.m. It has info on the Twitter feed that has a PDF listing all of the SWBTS trustees. (And hopefully, your reading glasses are better than mine. :-)

A.Non A'Mouse

RB Kuter said...

The depth of the sewer quagmire is stunning but that and the actions of the SWBTS Trustee Board are not "surprising"; rather,should be expected. I'm more surprised at Wade being surprised at the Board's decision!

As Wade accurately points out, the Trustees are "Paige-boys". Less anyone miscalculates, so are ALL Boards of Trustees of all SBC institutions. We know that because they all have been strategically placed in those positions over the past three decades as orchestrated by Pressler, Patterson and their cronies. For goodness sakes, Wade, you personally witnessed and experienced this when you were with the IMB Board and that group of "Paige-boys". Why would you be surprised by the SWBTS Boad deciding to reward Paige and give him free rein (reign) to function as he deems fit without accountability?

Unfortunately, no SBC Board of Trustees should be expected to hold their Executive Officers accountable. This explains how inexperienced people are put into executive positions, like David Platt as President of IMB. It explains how Presidents of the SBC are elected based upon their celebrity and being part of the "inside" structure. It seems that the Trustees on all SBC Boards and those institutions' executive officers are all part of a political system bent on maintaining their control as a priority. All of them must be vetted and approved by Page and friends and have tenure for as long as they are favored.

Tom Parker said...


All of what you said for about 40 years now. PP's boys are everywhere. I know that Wade has hope for the SBC but I do not. The power and the money is too much for PP's boys to do the right thing. It is beyond sad and I became a Christian in a SBC church in the 1970's.

Doug said...

I’m not going to be as pessimistic as you Tom. I believe that there’s a chance that this situation can bring about change. If there was ever a chance, this is it. I don’t know if it’s Gods will for that to happen now because of all of this, but I hope and pray that this is that time.

Tom Parker said...

Doug, I am not pessimistic. I am realistic. I've seen this train wreck going on for 40 years. All the Godly people that were destroyed by the CR can not be undone with PP retiring.

Tom Parker said...

BTW, Doug. Do you notice how many people that post do not use their whole names? There is a reason for that.

Debbie Kaufman said...

"Patterson knew he did wrong."

Christiane: Those are the million dollar words.

Doug said...

My last name isn’t on my posts because I was to lazy to fill in the blank when I signed up.

I too have lots of SBC experience. 40 years, I’ve worked for Lifeway and NAMB. I’d be happy to exchange “bad experiences,” my list is pretty healthy.

Even with all of that, I still know that anyone or anything can change in Christ.

Doug Barnes (still not changing my profile but there’s my last name)

Tom Parker said...

Doug: I did not ask for you for your last name. You totally missed the point of my post. Just as you are allowed to be optimistic I am allowed to be pessimistic. For the sharing of "bad experiences I would rather not they trigger me to be even more pessimistic than I am already about the SBC.

I wish you well in all of your endeavors.

Doug said...

Tom. My bad. I thought you were saying if I post I should use my whole name. I guess I don’t know what you meant.

I will say that my gut tells me not much will change based on my past experiences, but I can’t not believe that maybe this will be “the time it happened.”

Tom Parker said...

Doug: I should have been clearer. I think PP and whatever you wish to call it over the last 40 years of SBC life have made many people unwilling to use their real names in a Blog setting.

Please do not misunderstand me--I would love to see things change in the SBC, I just can not envision how it is going to happen. I really hope I am proven wrong.

Doug said...

Now I see your point, and yes it’s valid. I’ll use my name anytime and I signed a non-disclosure several years ago. I’ll be their Huckleberry.

Anonymous said...

For what it's worth, Washington Post reporter Sarah Pulliam Bailey reported Sunday afternoon on her Twitter feed (@spulliam) that the woman who was raped at SEBTS and then humiliated by PP has decided against going to #SBC18 and making the motion against PP delivering the keynote sermon.

I believe Wade mentioned a connection with Sarah in an earlier blog. Also wondering if PP's minions pressured her intensely enough to keep her from doing it. Just hoping that there might be someone else that can make the motion and then, if parliamentary procedure permits, let her say a few words as part of that motion.

And the reason Sarah Pulliam Bailey is not going be covering #SBC18 is a very important one...she's giving birth very, very soon. And to think that she's been involved in writing these stories with going into labor close at hand, she's a very special person indeed.

Anonymous said...

And then there's today spot-on commentary from Alabama's largest print-electronic media service, written by an award-winning columnist who was baptized and raised in an SBC church.


RB Kuter said...

Wow, I don't think I would have the guts to go to the Convention if I was that lady, but she is pretty brave. Still, she must struggle as to whether the resulting notoriety and opposition attempt of appearing on the Convention floor would have any effect; especially following the actions of the SWBTS Board to reward Paige in spite of her bold coming out. I praise God for her and for blessing her with such a bountiful measure of His grace, strength, and courage that has been displayed through her. She is an inspiration for me.

Tom and Doug; I am with you both. I go back and forth as to what might happen and what might be effective in bringing about change. At this point, the corruption of the infrastructure is so embedded that it will take an act of God to salvage our Convention and bring it to the point of being usable by Him. If He determines to use it as a Kingdom instrument in this final era of His plans (in which I believe we are living) He will certainly do whatever is necessary to do that. I'm praying for that to happen, but if it doesn't, you guys, Rex Ray, and I will keep on sharing the hope of Christ with individuals and seeking to be obedient.

At least more and more of us are aware of the un-Godliness that has been going on for decades now, and that in itself must be at least a small step in the right direction; awareness.

Wade Burleson said...

Sallie Borink get it.

Pay attention to what she writes. No Christian should ever succomb to culture as King. Christ is King. It just so happens His principles make the best culture.

You made a really important point in that this must be driven by doctrine and Biblical truth. On another post, someone asked about comments made regarding downplaying the connection to the #metoo movement as though that was a negative thing. It's not.

Sallie writes,

“Clif, I think this is critically important and a mistake I believe conservative biblical egalitarians in particular must avoid making. Beliefs about men and women functioning in the ekklesia must be based SOLELY on an accurate understanding of the totality of the Scriptures. It doesn't matter what the culture is doing. Even if there was no #metoo movement happening, nothing would change about the importance of what is transpiring with these events in the SBC.

There are people who want to discount this woman and her story solely because they think they can tie it to the politically divisive #metoo movement. I think it's very important to keep bringing this entire situation back to doctrine and the laws of the land. Anything else will undermine the brave work this woman has already done”

Charles said...

Hi Wade. I have not been in contact with you for many years. In fact, my last contact with you was in support of Obamacare on your old blog. Thank you for all the work you are doing to oppose and alleviate the various crazy "goings on" in the Southern Baptist Convention. As when we last exchanged messages long ago, I am still a devoted follower of Jesus Christ, and I am still a member of The United Methodist Church. I was a member of an highly conservative SBC church for three years in the 1980s, and that was all the right wing extremist nonsense I could take. After that, our family went back to the Methodist denomination in which I was raised as a child, and we have never looked back.

I would just like to say that I supported you "way back when" on your old blog, and I support you now. You are a wise man of God the Holy Spirit has gifted with marvelous abilities at spiritual discernment. I started my own blog several years ago. You may not agree with everything written there, but you and your readers are welcome to visit and read any time. The safe link to click is:

God Bless You and Your Family

Wade Burleson said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Wade Burleson said...

April C. Armstrong,

Very proud of you. Great courage. Thanks for speaking out and using your name.

My prayers are with you. Hope to meet you in Dallas, Texas if you come.

I am in the Pacific Ocean on a mission trip, supporting a remarkable man and his family as we establish them in the Marshall Islands to minister to the Marshallese people.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to me, but it may be a while before I can return any messages.


Anonymous said...

This whole situation frustrates me. Unfortunately sexism and the belittling of women has been an untold story at SWBTS and perhaps other seminarys because of the culture created by Patterson and his sycophants. He once said in a room full of male faculty and staff that their wives should not work and if they do then they should look for another job (implying that allowing their wives to work is a firing offense-insulting to men who aren't paid enough for their wives to be able to stay at home). According to Patterson, educating women is very important and multiple degrees are desired; as long as they aren't allowed to use them, or make money from them. No, to Patterson a women should be a trophy wife who looks good, is educated, but does nothing but decorate and support her husband even when he advises women to stay with abusive husbands and covers up sexual assault. My goodness, one might mistake the Pattersons for the Clintons! Anyway, thank you for your tireless effort and support of Southern Baptist women!

April C Armstrong, said...

Dear Wade,

I won't be in Dallas despite many people urging me to go. I live in Presbyterian country and I am not affiliated with a Southern Baptist church. (There literally aren't any here, anyway, even if that was where I would seek affiliation.) For the time being I have said what I have to say, but I'm also helping other women find their voices about their experiences at SWBTS. I hope at least some of them will.

Mbill0327 said...

Hopefully, “The Six” and ALL other SBC entities will learn that is is a new day in town and all of this mess will cease not only for the SBC, but all denominations as well

Anonymous said...

There is a luncheon before the SBC Convention on June 12 entitled “Contemporary Challenges Facing the SBC.” I believe it is sponsored
by one of the seminaries. Not one woman is on the platform for this so-called roundtable discussion. This is total and complete hypocrisy, patriarchial thinking, plus simply leaves out half of the Body of Christ. If we truly desire a healthy church family, then we must include all — both men and women — in any leadership positions and discussions.

I am praying that truly men will humble themselves and repent of their biased, unbiblical positions, and misogynistic attitudes. It is DEFINITELY not the women who have made this mess in SBC life and what a ungodly mess we have. The world is laughing at us and disgusted by it all. Only a powerful move of God can save us, which I am praying for!!

Christiane said...

taking a moment for this Memorial Day

"They shall grow not old,
as we that are left grow old:
Age shall not weary them, nor the years contemn.
At the going down of the sun
and in the morning
We will remember them."

(L. Binyon)

Christiane said...

One wonders how hubris works to sicken a person's soul to the point where they have no compassion for another human person's suffering, and are even able to add to that suffering?

What mis-begotten 'theology' has driven such behavior?

And how can this evil be remedied?

So that the young daughters of the Church will not suffer as these women have suffered?

Wallace Rowland Jr. said...

To the few ‘ole time’ preachers still living in this world; the ‘ones’ to whom Jesus speaks:

I remember what you ‘preached’ and ‘lived’ back in the 1950's and 60's’. I remember the two week revivals. I remember your emotion. I remember the sweat and the spit. I remember you talking about Jesus being alive. You said, “We are not building Jesus’ kingdom; Jesus is!”

You spoke of Jesus’ mercy AND His judgement. You preached Heaven AND Hell, like Jesus does even today. You even warned of the sermonizers who were ‘in the business’ who would sell “Come down the aisle and get your ticket to heaven!”

Yes, we still made up “The ‘new’ doctrines of men” and call it, ‘The Word of God.’ We still to build our own kingdoms so we can 'minister for Jesus.' We still don't say that Jesus is the ‘Word of God.’ I too have struggled with being seduced by ‘The Idolatry of Ministry.’

But, I want you 'ole time preachers' to know: the words you spoke by the Holy Spirit; still ring in my ears by the Holy Spirit--“We would see Jesus!”



Anonymous said...

Who would have ever thought that keeping the SBC from becoming too liberal would bring us to this day. I consider myself a Biblical conservative but not like some of our leaders. The level of deceit, back room politics, ungodly treatment of women, and the overall ruthless disregard for the lives fellow Christians is disgusting. I trust that change will begin to transpire in Dallas. Our convention is in dire need.

April C Armstrong said...

As I said, I'm helping other women tell their stories. Diane Montgomery is now talking about her experiences working in the Admissions Office and as a woman on campus.

"After each of these interactions, I felt ashamed, demoralized, enraged, and broken. I cried many tears over the comments about my lack of modesty, as though I were purposefully trying to cause men to lust when I felt like I had been trying my best to honor God through my dress. There was rarely grace, understanding, or love in the rebukes from the Pattersonian leadership on campus and even rarer was repentance or humility."

Sallie Borrink said...

Just a heads up to the women posting their stories on sites. Please make sure you keep a copy of your story stored on your own computer. With, you do not technically own your site and they can shut you down at any point.

Not to make you paranoid, but given that we're discussing 50 boxes of files being stolen in the middle of the night among other things...

Details here:

From the article:

If you host your blog at, their Terms Of Service (TOS) very clearly states that “may terminate your access to all or any part of the Website at any time, with or without cause, with or without notice, effective immediately.”

Anonymous said...

Don't worry. I've got mine stored in multiple places, even though that's standard blogging platform language in case WordPress ever goes out of business. Paranoia less so than practicality. I don't like drafting blogs from the start in WordPress.

Besides, I still have my journals and my memory.

The Govteach said...

Tom, Doug, I am an alumni of SWBTS. I gave up on the SBC a number of years ago. Maybe it needs to burn down? I can't see anything positive coming out of the denomination. Too much evil and wickedness in the leadership. Maybe there needs to be a complete start over by Baptists.( Not sure how that would happen?)

Rebecca Jeffries-Hyman said...

How can we help? What can we do?

Anonymous said...

For what it's worth, check out the Twitter feed for Megan Lively (@megannlively). According to her tweet, she has come forward as the SEBTS victim. Equally impressive is her tweet about forgiveness. And the responses have been amazing, as well.

Christiane said...

In the matter of Paige Patterson and his active abusive misogyny,

the SBC is sending 'mixed messages'.

The result:
a clear example of what happens when you attempt to serve two masters at the same time and one is God and the other is an unrepentant Paige Patterson.

WHO set up that Patterson would give a sermon at the Convention? It seems that Patterson's minions have been heavily at work to keep some kind of power and control even as the spotlight is being put on to their master. But it's not working. It's coming apart. All of his minions and all of his stooges can't put Patterson back on his throne intact again.

The only thing I can imagine of grace would be if Patterson repented during that sermon, admitted his guilt, how he covered things up, and personally apologized to each of the women he has injured. It might happen. In some better world than this, it would.

bunkababy said...

I was raped repeatedly by a pastor/deacons as a kid. I am familar with how these people cover for themselves. My abuse also took place outside of the Christian circle amongst other powerful people who I knew as I got older, would be pointless to confront.
The church & institutions should not behave like the world.
This eruption in the SBC is a systemic boil on the surface. It's a multi-faceted sin issue.

The Lord will never bless our greed, lust for power, or the desire for the honor of men.
The problem is We are filthy of sin in all these areas. When was the last time you heard a prayer to be consumed, broken and humbled in order to gain more of the Lord?
When the Lord's fire falls it consumes all the flesh. People who want the Lord are willing to pay that price, they desire the loss of all so they can gain Christ. Phil 3:30
But we all must be subject to God. We need to repent of religion void of the cross, replaced by arrogance of the institutions of man.

I personally have experienced the fight against powerful people intent on keeping sin hidden. I was a kid broken to shreds by men with evil intent to use me to fulfill their lusts.I was silenced.
I have grown to understand the only power to overcome evil is brokeness. Repentance. Humility. The only power is to be consumed by God of anything rebellious and disobedient in us to gain the power of God to fight this evil with righteousness.

Paige Patterson & the trustees did not get where they are without the help of the SBC as a whole.
Compliance,complacency,& idolatry of the church put them there.

Pastors & sheep must return to to righteousness to protect the sheep in the fold by these wolves.
Return to holiness and humilty so these sins can't easily hide in the pews.
Repent so women can go to study God's word and not fear for their bodies. Repent so evil men don't get elected into places of authority who use and abuse because their sin is excused, tolerated, ignored, or denied because of the position they hold.

I say this because I wish my church was not lead by a perverted pedophile who preyed not only on me but others, and allowed his deacons to do the same.

I say this so the sheep will not be lulled into complacency where they sit in church not willing, or wise enough to see a wolf and his pack in their midst.

Pastors repent of selfish ambition, monetary gain, stature and pride. Repent so that the little ones can grow in the ways of the Lord and not be violated by evil so horrific they never return to the word or God for fear there is no refuge in him.

Repent so that lion won't devour your flock and steal , kill and destroy any potential of them loving Christ.

Repent so that people like me want to return to church knowing there is peace and safety in the pews.
And it begins with not dismissing statement of pastors who in anger mind immdeiatley goes to bestiality and gang rape. Where does he spend time filling his mind so that is what pours forth in a moment of lost retraint? That is an indication of the contents of his heart.
As a victim of rape, and being exposed to bestiality it is the most vile of places to go and must NOT be excused as a joke.They happen to children like me.

Rick Patrick's comments must not be dismissed as a moment of indescretion.
No it is a symptom of a deeper issue.It is an example of how corruption can hide and in quick moments can be exposed but people choose not to look deeper.

A good man brings good things out of the good stored up in his heart, and an evil man brings evil things out of the evil stored up in his heart. For the mouth speaks what the heart is full of.
Luke 6:45

This is why the SBC is where it is today. People are accepting of unholy things. They lack discernment. While quick to forgive, they misunderstand the consequences of sin. They forget a person reaps what they sow. They think forgiveness includes no consequences, no reaping and lash out at the consequences of sin saying people should not judge and forgive. 1cor5:12 says to judge.

Debbie Kaufman said...

Romycat Black: I am so sorry for what you had to endure from those that should have been able to be trusted yet were not, and these words you wrote are so true:

"Paige Patterson & the trustees did not get where they are without the help of the SBC as a whole.
Compliance,complacency,& idolatry of the church put them there."

bunkababy said...

Debbie Kaufman
Thanks for your comments and concern.
But I know men like, PP, & Rick Patrick are not men in isolation. There are thousands more out there. And there are more people like me who suffered in silence.
What scares the crap out of me are sheep under delusion to think their sheperds don't hide secret sin or act on it.
God help the church!
Men who make public comments of a sexual nature in the form of a "joke" I can guarantee you have a huge inner problem with sexual sin and or porn.

Debbie Kaufman said...

I agree Romycat and also believe what you have written should be heard.

Lee said...

I'm just reading all of this, and it's like some cloak and dagger drama on television. Driving from Ft Worth to Wake Forest, having someone on the inside get you into the administration building of a seminary in the dead of night to remove boxes of records, to cover up for a former administrator, that's like a "Law and Order" episode.

And it sure is a far cry from simple "complimentarianism" to the way women have been treated on seminary campuses, at least, at Southeastern and Southwestern. Wow. Incredible. Do you think Southern Baptists have learned a lesson about abuse of power and good ole boy favor granting yet? It seems to be part of the denominational DNA.

bunkababy said...

One of the reasons PP can and does make comments about women's bodies on the pulpit no less, is because his mind/conscience has become desensitized to the point he thinks it is no big deal and forgets others dont think like him. Because what he thinks and views elsewhere is far more vile than a woman in a skirt.

When you don't fill your mind with filth a comment such as that is shocking, degrading and you immediatley recognize it as sin. That is why some people don't think what he says and does is a big deal. They are all just as dulled to it as he is. At least that is part of the reason.

I dont think repentance is forthcoming from any of them. As in Rom 1:18+ i think God has given them over to their sin. Psa 81:12 and he has given them over to a depraved mind.
If they repent. I would be highly suspicious of motivation and be waiting for them to allegorically take an axe to the root of their tree, burn it , and plant a new tree, trim & prune and wait to see good fruit. And that takes years.

Anonymous said...


First, I am so sorry that this happened to you - my heart is grieving for you and the many others that are yet unnamed that are suffering and have suffered at the hands of Southern Baptist Church "pastors" and "deacons" and other SBC "leaders." You clearly are writing from experience, sadly, with sinful and heinous acts done to you that are disturbing on many levels. The maturity and wisdom that you portray in your message needs to be heard and sounded forth loudly and broadly. The coverups, abuse, power structures, tyrannical subjugating of women as the female gender with a "role to play," not to mention the outright and repeated exploitation of vulnerable children in the SBC denomination is nothing less than evil being played out repeatedly on a stage called, "the SBC church."

God spoke this way through the prophet Isaiah when the children of Israel did such evil things...

"The whole head is sick, and the whole heart faints from the sole of the foot even to the head. There is no soundness in it, but wounds and bruises and putrefying sores; they have not been closed or bound up, or soothed with ointment." 1:5-6 and, "When you pray, I will hide My eyes from you; even though you make many prayers, I will not hear. Your hands are full of blood. Wash yourselves, make yourselves clean; put away the evil of your doing from before My eyes. Cease to do evil, learn to do good, seek justice, rebuke the oppressor, defend the fatherless, plead for the widow. Come now, and let us reason together, says the Lord, though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow, though they are red like crimson, they shall be as wool." 1:15-18.

The whole head is sick...the SBC men make up the head. These are the "leaders" and "voices" and "coalitions" and so-called "gospel" togetherness men that are sick, from the sole of the foot even to the head. If they all repented openly of their sexual sins and oppressive pride we might find that few SBC churches and associations remain standing with BIBLICALLY qualified men.

Romycat - thank you for sharing your story. I'm so very sorry this happened to you.

bunkababy said...

I need to clarify , it was an oversight on my part. My abuse was under the Conference of Mennonite Brethren Churches. Not old older, just average evangelical version. In reality it does not matter. The church is the body of Christ world wide.
I have no doubt the MB Conference is filled with corruptness.

The church as a whole is sick. Just like in those verses you quoted.

God is faithful to those who seek him. I spent decades with my nose barely above water, gulping between breaths, Help Me God. God does not promise a life of ease nor does it signify his blessing on us, but he promises to restore us. Set the oppressed free, proclaim freedom to the prisoners, sight to the blind, and proclaim good news to the poor. Through the weaving of the HS God helps us, it is not always visible, sometimes for years but he is at work using those who know him to free the oppressed, working around free will but he always finds a way. And it does not look like the box we humans put him in. I should not be this well. My abuse was chronic in an out of the home. God delivers and saves. He can and will deliver these women at the hands of the SBC, but he needs willing vessels to accomplish his work.

God I pray these woman are not alone like I was. It is like a death sentence. Rally around the women and children who suffer from these evil doers , even if they reject the church out of fear and trembling.

Thank you for your words of reassurance.

Julie Anne said...

During the May 30, 2018, Executive Committee meeting of the Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (SWBTS) Board of Trustees, new information confirmed this morning was presented regarding the handling of an allegation of sexual abuse against a student during Dr. Paige Patterson’s presidency at another institution and resulting issues connected with statements to the Board of Trustees that are inconsistent with SWBTS’s biblically informed core values.

Deeming the information demanded immediate action and could not be deferred to a regular meeting of the Board, based on the details presented, the Executive Committee unanimously resolved to terminate Dr. Paige Patterson, effective immediately, removing all the benefits, rights and privileges provided by the May 22-23 board meeting, including the title of President Emeritus, the invitation to reside at the Baptist Heritage Center as theologian-in-residence and ongoing compensation.

(see more at link)

oscarspaz said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
oscarspaz said...

Even PP is now terminated, the stolen documents should be returned and investigation should be continued. This is a clear case of abusive of power.

Unknown said... What about this?

Wade Burleson said...


Having experience in Hardball Religion, where the one who wishes to truthfully and transparently report events, the rape victim Megan Lively is in the very beginning stages of an attack on her credibility. The woman who released those papers is the wife of Paige Patterson’s Chief of Staff. Megan is not confused about whom she met. Paige Patterson, who has the memory of an elephant, needs to be pressed on why he can’t remember meeting with Megan. The specific release of documents by Sharayah Coulter begs two questions: 1. Where did she get these ‘letters,” and, 2. Why are not all the documents and communications surrounding the 2003 allegation of rape released? My opinion is simple and clear: 1. The attack on the rape victim and her credibility is both expected and unconscionable. 2. If you’ve ever been the victim of abuse or rape and shamed and humilitated into believing “It’s my fault” then you can comprehend how the “father figure” and “hero” who alleges he is only wanted to help the victim draw closer to God through forgiveness is sent letters like Megan sent.

I’m sorry, but I’m holding my nose on this one. The SBC will not stand by why Megan is attacked.

Unknown said...


'Despite accusations that the archives were mishandled, the attached correspondence from 2004 from Patterson to Southeastern’s librarian and president indicate he believes all was handled properly.'

She posted a letter the Patterson wrote to me. I have sent Wade two letters, one before his and one in response to his. My beef has always been that his wrong doing was taking them in the middle of the night for us to wake up and find them gone without explanation. He has never denied that it was a thief in night event. I called for there to be an audit to determine whether or not he had what he claimed. God bless Paige but I prefer a clean audit when things are wrongly taken.

Wade Burleson said...


You don’t take things by “mistake” in the dark of night.

Thanks for your courage Dr. Madden.

I believe the termination was based on files still in the possession of SOUTHEASTERN, so even though this little missing archive drama may add color to the story, in the end, it’s the files still at SOUTHEASTERN that did PP in.

Anonymous said...

I believe you both, Dr Madden and Wade. I just wanted to hear your response to the article and see if you had seen it yet. What a mess.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Unknown for posting the link to
After reading it, I don't know what to believe...
I began following the story yesterday and believed PP guilty.
But now confused of what is the Truth
Sorry to see "Christians" accusing each other like this...
no different than everything else I read in the news

Wade Burleson said...

I believe you will find the victim quite comfortable with the whole truth being made public. I also believe any advocate for abuse victims will tell you that young, impressionable 23-year-old women who've been told by the "those in charge" that it is "your fault for inviting a man into your room" will struggle with shame, humiliation, and a desire to get rid of "sin" in her life. What should have happened is those in charge should have escorted the young lady to authorities to report the rape, and the victim should have been told "you did nothing wrong." That, of course, didn't happen.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Wade - understood.
Yet, is there not shame to making sin public (outside the family)?
If not, why limit exposing only this sin?
And if so, what can be more important than dealing with sin inside the family?

Unknown said...

'Further, SWBTS received a request from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary requesting the return of any documents taken by Dr. Patterson upon his departure from Southeastern. Counsel for SWBTS, Michael Anderson, immediately reached out to counsel for Dr. Patterson, Shelby Sharpe, on May 25 and made inquiry regarding the documents. Mr. Sharpe advised Mr. Anderson that Dr. Patterson only took documents from Southeastern that belonged to him. Yet, independent of that request, following the May 30 Executive Committee meeting, SWBTS located Southeastern documents on the SWBTS campus and began taking steps to preserve them. Mr. Anderson is in contact with George Harvey, counsel for Southeastern, and is working with Mr. Harvey regarding Southeastern’s request for the return of its documents.'

Unknown said...

'is there not shame to making sin public (outside the family)?'

By that account no sin would have been exposed or written about in Scripture - a book to be read by all of the public.

Wade Burleson said...

Shawn makes a great point.

And, from personal experience, when I exposed the sin “within the family” 13 years ago, the people in power came after me swinging.

At some point, the system needs transformational change because people in the system are trapped in silence by intimidation and threats.

Not anymore.

JennGrover said...

Has anyone pulled Mohler's documentation from the period in 2011-2012 regarding Mahaney and the SGM scandal?

Anonymous said...

Someone needs to give Shanaya Colter a tutorial in FERPA laws.

She released records without permission; records that were supposed to have been in the hands of Southeastern Seminary and were instead in Fort Worth? And this happened, how?

Sounds like lots of legal problems.

For what it's worth, she's allowing no comments that don't agree with her post.

Maybe that's why she has such a low number!

My comment has been sitting in moderation for eight hours; likely to never see the light of day.

Unknown said...

I don't think Shanaya can be held responsible for violation of FERPA for a couple of reasons:

1) the documents were Southeastern's student records, which Southwestern had no legitimate reason to possess;

2) FERPA -- the Family Education Records Privacy Act -- applies only to schools that receive federal financial aid funding: which states:

FERPA is a Federal law that is administered by the Family Policy Compliance Office (Office) in the U.S. Department of Education (Department). 20 U.S.C. § 1232g; 34 CFR Part 99. FERPA applies to educational agencies and institutions (e.g., schools) that receive funding under any program administered by the Department. Private and parochial schools at the elementary and secondary levels generally do not receive such funding and are, therefore, not subject to FERPA.

Southwestern does not accept any federal funding according to their website. "Southwestern does not accept any Title IV Federal Aid and does not have a school code."

oscarspaz said...

Below is SEBTS accounting policy. #11 talks about FERPA.

Shanaya realised a tweet today saying that she were given photocopies of the correspondents and she had legal counsel before releasing the doc. This is so wrong on many levels. I feel like she is being used as a henchmen for PP.

Is there anyone can speak to her privately to persuade her retracting the post? It make me sick to see another victim of PP.

Jesse Bruce said...

Amen, let's grow this #metoo hysteria! Wade, it is because of influential people like yourself That our prisons are filled with black men who are innocent of the crime they were convicted of. All it takes is a small handful of powerful individuals who are hell-bent on convicting someone in the court of public opinion with only unproven allegations and a few bits of questionable circumstantial evidence. Once they get their voices heard it isn't long before a sizable army of sycophants rush out their closets for various ignoble reasons to jump on the bandwagon demanding immediate action!

Perhaps you should step back and ask yourself why you're really doing this, Wade.If you think God is behind this, perhaps you are not as intimately acquainted with Him as you suppose?

Wade Burleson said...

Jesse Bruce,

Thanks for your comment.

I am more confident in God's intimate acquaintance with me by His grace through Christ than I am of my intimate acquaintance of Him by my personal actions or self-righteousness.

I happen to be familiar with many stories of people hurt, abused, run-over and discarded by SBC leadership than most people. And, since I want nothing the SBC can offer, I don't mind speaking the truth for the long-term good of the Kingdom. I will always give grace - always - to the broken and repentant. No questions asked.

Unknown said...

Well, it's July 21st, 2018 and 1. This blog has been found lacking will many holes in it. 2. As of today no one has produced concrete evidence that would hold up in a court of law except for Mrs. Colter who produced letters that make Mrs. Megan Nichols Lively look like she did not tell the whole truth. Mrs. Lively's letters condemn her, not Patterson. 3. This alleged rapist has yet to be named. He could be out there pastoring a church now. 4. Southeastern Baptist has yet to finish their investigation into the alleged rape yet Southwestern's Executive Board summed their up in a few days and vetoed the general boards decision. 5. The general board at SWBTS is going to wait until October to investigate their executive board's veto of their decision. 6. Some donors of SWBTS are looking to withhold funding because of this unbiblical, unethical, and unlawful act by #SWBTS (Executive Board). 7. Board members are clearly not on the same page as displayed at the SBC annual meeting.

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