"I went to Jerusalem to become acquainted (Gk. istoria) with Cephas" - Paul's words from Galatians 1:18.

All Eyes on the Trustees of Southwestern Seminary

On Tuesday, May 22, 2018, the trustees of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary will convene behind closed doors to determine the future of President Paige Patterson. Discussions will include his living arrangements after his impending resignation, retirement, or forced termination.

Over 3,200 Southern Baptist women have signed an open letter stating,  "The Southern Baptist Convention cannot allow the biblical view of leadership to be misused in such a way that a leader with an unbiblical view of authority, womanhood and sexuality be allowed to continue in leadership."

The Christian Post lists 5 Things to Know about the Paige Patterson Controversy.   I have listed on my blog ten reasons why It's Time for Paige Patterson to Step Down.

All eyes are now on the 40 trustees of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.  There are just two women on the trustee board and thirty-eight men.

For the past 40 years, the direction of the Southern Baptist Convention has been tightly controlled through trustee appointments. The President of the Southern Baptist Convention directly appoints the members of the Nominating Committee (ed. "through the Committee on Committees"). The Nominating Committee then recommends institutional trustees to the Southern Baptist Convention, including all six seminaries, the International Mission Board, the North American Mission Board, Guidestone Financial Services, the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, and the Executive Committee of the SBC.

From the 1979 Southern Baptist Convention in Houston, Texas, until the 2007 Southern Baptist Convention in Greensboro, North Carolina, every President of the Southern Baptist Convention was chosen for nomination by the tandem of Paige Patterson and Judge Paul Pressler. There was a pecking order of who would be "the next President of the SBC."

The Southern Baptist Convention President holds an important office because, according to Judge Paul Pressler, "it takes several consecutive Presidential election victories to dominate the boards and agencies of the Southern Baptist Convention."

Most Southern Baptists have little clue that the real power of the Convention lies in the hands of trustees.

Former Presidents of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary were terminated because Paige Patterson and Judge Paul Pressler vetted and appointed SBC Presidents. Then, their loyal followers (e.g. the Committee on Committees)  vetted and gave names to the Nominating Committee of other loyal Patterson/Presslerites who would serve as SBC trustees. This tight Patterson/Pressler control of SBC trustees occurred at every Southern Baptist agency since the 1980's.

Over two decades, the boards and agencies have reflected the trustees that controlled them.

I was elected to serve as a trustee of the International Mission Board in 2005. I was "vetted' by a group of trustees sympathetic to the Patterson/Pressler coalition before the Nominating Committee ever contacted me. When I began serving as a trustee of the IMB, I was shocked at how legalistic, authoritarian, anti-women, and Fundamentalist our Southern Convention missions agency had become. I refer not so much to the field missionaries as I do the sitting trustees.

Trustees were running things into the ground. Trustees considered their assignment a "privilege" instead of a "responsibility." Exotic hotels, fancy meals, multiple meetings, and all expense trips became the norm. Further, anyone who didn't agree with the very narrow doctrinal views of those in charge was targeted for removal.

As an example, trustees on the International Mission Board passed a new doctrinal policy - in direct violation of our SBC Constitution and By-Laws - that narrowed the scope of missionary participation in the Southern Baptist Convention. The doctrinal change was a direct attempt to remove Dr. Jerry Rankin. This effort was led by a coalition of trustees controlled by Paige Patterson and Paul Pressler.

As a trustee of the IMB, I discovered the agenda of Paige Patterson and his loyal IMB trustees to remove Dr. Rankin and sought to protect President Rankin from a forced termination. Jimmy Draper recently wondered aloud to Barry McCarty "what motivated Wade Burleson” to write his blog. I think I need to send both men a copy of Hardball Religion.

Hardball Religion details the process of how the trustee board was packed with men who would remove Jerry Rankin, honoring Paige Patterson’s wishes. Ultimately, in my successful attempt to protect Dr. Jerry Rankin, I became the issue.

Soon after I began speaking out about the problems in our Southern Baptist Convention, people began writing to me. I soon realized that Southern Baptist women throughout our Convention were being denigrated and removed from leadership. I heard some horrific stories, and the more I heard, the more I sought to expose. Those Southern Baptists who "didn't toe the line and give allegiance to Patterson and/or Pressler" - which simply meant not seeing "eye to eye" on every little doctrinal point -  would never be placed in positions of leadership and service.

I began receiving letters and phone calls from seminary faculty, agency administrators, and a host of men and women in leadership positions who asked for my help. From 2005 to 2018, I became the Southern Baptist unafraid to speak out because those in power had taken a swing at me and missed, but in the process, they had opened my eyes that others in the SBC were not as fortunate as I.

Then, I began to hear of alleged corruption.

Maids and slaves; slush funds and retirement homes; abuse and cover-ups; CP dollars and taxidermy; and a host of other crazy goings-on.

The day of reckoning has come.
“The trouble they cause recoils on them; their violence comes down on their own heads.” (Psalm 7:16).
Southern Baptists should “trust” that “trustees” will always do what is best for the Southern Baptist Convention and abstain from cronyism, quid-pro-quo agreements, and hidden agendas. However, in my experience, many trustees place self-promotion above Kingdom devotion. It's time for the Southern Baptist Convention to hold institutional trustees accountable.

In the June 2009 Southern Baptist Convention, I opposed from the floor the nomination of Bart Barber as a trustee for Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. Bart was an adjunct professor of SWBTS in the spring of that very year (Spring 2009), and I believed then - and still do - that any employee of a Southern Baptist institution should not be a trustee from that same institution.

You can read what I wrote about Bart Barber’s nomination as a conflict of interest in this blog post I wrote during the 2009 Southern Baptist Convention. Bart Barber's nomination was approved by the Convention, and he has served as a trustee of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary for the past nine years (2009-2018). He will be in the SWBTS closed-door meeting this coming Tuesday as the trustees determine what to do about Paige Patterson.

This week, a blog site called SBC Voices published a guest post by SWBTS Bart Barber. Bart wrote that "good trustees don't (and shouldn't) blog about their business." Bart and I have disagreed over the issue of trustees. I am of the opinion that the "trust" in trustee is between the Southern Baptist Convention and the trustee. The trustee must hold the institution's administration accountable for the performance of the agency in question. Trustees should have "the trust" of the Southern Baptist Convention.

Bart Barber was an adjunct professor at SWBTS when he was nominated to serve as a trustee at SWBTS. In the comment section of SBC Voices, I questioned Bart Barber about this “conflict of interest." Here was my question:
Bart, I admire any man who lives by principle. Just a quick question, Bart. Do you believe, on the basis of principle, it is wise to have current students, paid employees, or family members of the administration and/or faculty serving as trustees of the institution in question
I think we disagree on this issue. And, with respect, I point out that via bylaws of our Convention, institutional trustees of the SBC work for the Southern Baptist Convention, not the institution itself. That’s why only messengers to the SBC can appoint or remove trustees, not the board itself. Trustees are held “in trust” by members of the SBC, not administrators of the SBC institution or even their fellow trustees.
If at any time the problems within the institution rise to violations of the SBC constitution, trustees are obligated to make the Convention aware or violate their inviolable responsibilities as trustees to the Southern Baptist Convention.
Thanks for your service to the SBC.
After another commenter chimed in and said he too felt it was a conflict of interest for an adjunct professor to serve as a trustee of SWBTS, Bart Barber responded to that commenter (without addressing me or my question):
When the very first mention was made of my serving as a trustee, long before it was a “done deal,” I resigned the very part-time adjunct teaching position and notified Dr. Biles, my supervisor, that I would no longer be available to serve as an adjunct. I still have the emails.
Also, I notified Wade Burleson of this when he first made mention of his objection back a decade ago. He has long known that at no time have I simultaneously been an employee and a trustee of SWBTS. I’ll not speculate about his motives for ignoring these facts. I’ll leave you to draw your own conclusions
I enjoyed teaching. I miss it. But I, too, think it would be a conflict of interest for anyone to be an employee of an entity upon which he sits as a trustee, and therefore I have foregone this pleasure for ten years.
SWBTS publishes the class schedule every semester. Before attacking me online, did you check those records to see whether I had ever taught while serving as a trustee? Did you perform any research at all? Or do you just believe everything you read on the Internet?
The commenter came back and said to Bart Barber, "I didn't know that you had resigned from SWBTS, and had never seen that fact stated elsewhere" Bart Barber responded:
"Well, you’re right, and that’s my fault, I suppose. You haven’t seen it stated elsewhere because it has been years and years since I bothered to state it. A lot of us who were involved in all of this blogging back when Wade first got started—a lot of us managed to move on and find a real life with good, healthy, face-to-face relationships with real people...
Wade’s still stuck back in the way things were in 2006, it appears. And that’s his choice and his life. But I prefer a life of building people up rather than tearing them down. I prefer working to make peace in our convention rather than measuring my success by the people I can take down. I prefer having friends over having enemies. There is no part of me that wants to go back to 2006.
For this reason, I try to avoid reading Wade’s blog, conversing with Wade, or clarifying Wade’s false statements. I’ve moved on and I don’t want to go back. As a result, you’ve read things about me that aren’t true, and you haven’t had any opportunity to read corrections, since I haven’t offered them. That’s a whole lot more MY fault than it is yours, because as you have rightly noted, you haven’t seen these statements anywhere else, and I never gave you the opportunity to know better."
I had not seen Bart's answer on SBC Voices, but after someone pointed out that he never directly answered my question, I went back to the site and read Bart's comment for myself. There's an axiom that in dysfunctional systems, the person asking the question becomes the problem. I wrote my second comment to Bart and asked two additional short questions.
I have a couple of short questions. A “Yes” or “No” would be sufficient to save time, but freel free to elaborate if you desire. PRIOR to my opposing your nomination as a trustee of SWBTS from the floor of the Southern Baptist Convention:
1. Had you resigned from your adjunct position at SWBTS?
2. Did you notify me that you had resigned?
If your answer is “Yes” to both questions, I’d like for you to provide me with the written documentation. If produced, I will apologize for assuming that you were teaching at SWBTS at the time of your nomination. Contrary to your comment above, I had no knowledge of your resignation. Is it is possible I could have forgotten? Of course, but my memory is usually excellent and rarely fails me. I trust you that you would never intentionally mislead anyone in stating I was aware you resigned before I opposed your nomination.
Obviously, you could have resigned and not informed me. If you can’t produce an email where you notified me, then possibly your resignation was due to the appearance of a “conflict of interest” and your resignation might have occurred after the Southern Baptist Convention where I opposed your nomination? I’m just asking for clarity.
Hope you have a great weekend.
Bart never answered my question, but the moderator of SBC Voices, one who's been called out on Yelp for being "condescending...and answering genuine questions about topics included in his blogs with sarcasm and snarky comments...by being belittling and downright rude" wrote a few choice comments directed toward me, and then shut down all comments.

In my experience, those who turn off the mic and shut down debate know that their arguments or positions will not stand up under scrutiny.

I’m sure Bart Barber is a fine pastor. I use his appointment as trustee of SWBTS as an example of how trusteeship at SWBTS historically has been a “reward for loyalty to Paige Patterson” more than it is a responsibility to the Southern Baptist Convention. Can Bart Barber and others who are friends of Dr. Patterson, or previous employees of SWBTS or hopeful future professors and administrators of SWBTS, or loyalists to a person more than an institution or Convention actually make an unbiased, fair, and good decision about Paige Patterson for the benefit and welfare of SWBTS and Southern Baptist Convention?

I think so. Particularly if SBC eyes stay on this particular trustee meeting.

I close with why I believe the trustee meeting at SWBTS this Tuesday is a very important one, and why all eyes of the Southern Baptist Convention should be on the SWBTS trustee meeting this Tuesday, May 22, 2018.
1. SWBTS administration has a history of hiring trustees who make favorable decisions for administration. Denny Autrey, the pastor who served as Chairman of the Trustee Presidential Search Committee who hired Paige Patterson, was in turn hired by Paige Patterson at SWBTS. Other trustee search committee members and family members of search committee members were hired by Paige Patterson to work for SWBTS.
2. Trustees of SWBTS are given plum preaching assignments in chapel services at SWBTS, and are often recommended for positions of service at large SBC churches throughout the nation by Paige Patterson - when loyal to President Paige Patterson.
3. SWBTS trustees should be accountable to the Southern Baptist Convention for the precipitous decline in enrollment at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. The IMB trustees never asked questions about the adminstration selling off assets to pay for missionary salaries in the annual general budget. In 2015, all the IMB assets available to sell were gone, and the only thing left to do was reduce the missionary force. IMB trustees were more concerned in 2006 with a blogging trustee than they were with being responsible for doing their job of financial and institutional oversight. I would encourage SWBTS not to make the same mistake as their IMB brothers. 
4. Whatever decision the SWBTS trustees reach on Tuesday, ultimate accountablity for the trustees will occur June 12, 2018 at the Southern Baptist Convention. 
I genuinely wish the best for Paige and Dorothy Patterson during their retirement years. I hope they enjoy them in comfort and enjoyment. I wish for them prosperity and blessing.

But it's time for accountability.

Years of closely orchestrating who serves as trustees of SBC institutions have provided insulation and shelter from the consequences of poor decisions.

The Southern Baptist Convention is going to say "enough is enough." Those who demand conformity on every secondary and tertiary doctrinal issue while refusing to cooperate - and removing from service - all who disagree on these secondary and tertiary doctrinal matters are called Fundamentalists. Fundamentalism is known for its legalism, authoritarianism, and sectarianism.

The SBC is filled with all three characteristics of Fundamentalism.

Nero may have fiddled while Rome burned, but Southern Baptists are now reaching for the water buckets to douse the fires consuming our Convention.


Scott Shaver said...

Wade, if you thought it was bad in 20O5, you should have seen it in the 80's and 90's.

Thank you for hanging in there and staying on point with this.

There was a lot of unnecessary slander and ministerial/vocational disruption for some pretty devoted servants of God at the hands of Patterson Pressler.

Spot on also with regard to Miller/Barber.

Wade Burleson said...


I’ve heard “a lot of unncessary slander” and seen “ministrial/vocational disruption” with my own ears and eyes respectively. It’s been so sad.

Scott Shaver said...

Ditto your experience brother. The war stories are endless.

drstevej said...

What is your opinion of Dr. Craig Blaising?

Wade Burleson said...

I don’t know Craig, but I know when and how he was hired, and I know whom he replaced and why that person was removed.

And, it’s one of the reasons I continue to blog about the SBC.

drstevej said...

Just curious. I was a classmate of Craig at DTS many years ago.

RB Kuter said...

I wish there would be a movement to insist that ALL Trustees of SWBTS AND IMB resign their post immediately. Trustees in both institutions have allowed, rubber stamped, acted indifferently as the executive staff over both institutions have done tremendous damage to their functionality. It is those Boards who are responsible, and, as you so adequately portray, all of those previous SBC Presidents acting as the puppets of Presler and Patterson to install them.

Scott Shaver said...

Also appears that some of these same trustees serve for decades if not longer. Very tight little system and very little real "accountability".

Anonymous said...

Along those lines, seems inappropriate that the Chair of the SWBTS Trustees is currently a doctoral student at the seminary. Seems like an enormous conflict. He documents this on his personal website - http://www.kevinueckert.com/about/

Scott Shaver said...

Real inbred contraptions these "boards".

Rex Ray said...


‘The good-oh-boy system is right down Patterson’s method of getting things done his way.

Baptist General Convention of Texas (BGCT) was formed in 1886 and adheres to the BFM 1963.

Southern Baptist of Texas (SBTC) was formed in 1998 because they could not convince the old convention to believe in the “inerrancy of Scripture”. It was welcomed by the ‘powers’ of the SBC. It adhered to the BFM 2000.

In 2000, Prestonwood Baptist Church became ‘dual aligned’ with both conventions.

Before that Patterson had preached a sermon at Prestonwood. I believe a deal was made between Patterson and the pastor of Prestonwood, Jack Graham, as he became President of the SBC in 2002 and 2003.


Wallace Rowland Jr. said...

Jesus sent my wife Alexis and I to Southwestern Seminary as missionaries to the students. We were both students and employees from 1996 to 2008. At one point we were both employees of Roberts Library. I was the audio-visual cataloger from about 2004 to 2008. I attended every chapel service and listened to or watched every conference and every theological paper presented at Southwestern that was recorded. I wrote a short summary about each. I also listened to hundreds of hours of historical audio recording that date back to the 1940's concerning Southern Baptist history, theology, and polity. I also had access to audio recordings from the early 1980's that few have ever heard, from one of the fundamentalist denominations and their plans.
The Holy Spirit may have woke me about 3:30 AM this morning. I sense that I am to caution everyone on this blog site, to say only what Jesus is saying "directly to you" about this matter. This is not about the SBC or anyone in it. This is about you. Do you have ears to hear?
-Wallace Rowland Jr.

Scott Shaver said...

I would caution you, Wallace, about tepidly attributing to the Holy Spirit what may have been the effect of a bad burrito at 3:30 AM.

Scott Shaver said...

Jim Richards, SBT Exec, was Patterson's hit man in Louisiana before his current role. Was pastoring a small dwindling church in Baton Rouge during late 80's and early 90s. Spent most of his time printing a yellow rag and bouncing around the state, slandering pastors who were unwilling to jump on the Patterson,Pressler, Mohler bandwagon. Real snake in the grass stuff.

Scott Shaver said...

By the way, Jim Richards and Bart Barber are big buddies. Surprised?

Scott Shaver said...

What's left of the SBC is now fragmenting along soteriological lines and both Fundamentalists and Calvinists appear to be following Presslers playbook. Even TWW (those paragons of virtue) are scrubbing articles on J.D. Greear from their site. Russell Dilday was right.

Jon L. Estes said...


I do not doubt your caution. Thank you for sharing. Be prepared for criticism. Press on.

Wallace Rowland Jr. said...

Dear Scott
You may be correct. It may be something that I ate. I am learning how to hear Jesus. I have heard the WORD of GOD in the past. I receive your caution.

Scott Shaver said...

That statement "directly to you from Jesus", Jon?

Scott Shaver said...

And I yours Wallace. Thank you.

Christiane said...

I hope Dr. Barber comes through with either some accurate documentation OR an apology that is as public as his charge in print that you were told, WADE.

I hate to think that his 'moving upward' in the hierarchy would be at the price of any mark against his own integrity. I hope he remains an honest person. I am concerned about the 'tone' of his comments about you, though.

I hope he clarifies this matter promptly and fully and honestly, as would be expected of anyone of the integrity to which he has, in the past, been credited.

And I hope 'moving up' doesn't destroy what I had thought was, in him, a basic humility before the Lord. I always wanted to think well of him, even though I disagreed with much of his theology. I always wanted to honor the fact that he chose to serve in the mission fields in Africa, which I hoped he did with a full heart devoted to serving Our Lord and the ministry to those who needed Christ.

These are strange days. In politics. And in the Church. But there those two intersect, there seems to be destructive troubles. Again, I hope Dr. Barber clears this up and apologizes. Hope is a good thing. God have mercy.

Wallace Rowland Jr. said...

Thanks Jon
Sunday was the first time I have ever blogged. If that is what you call it.
It was very poorly written, but I will do better. I don't do this stuff, but something is stirring in me. It could be something I ate.
Jesus sent Alexis and I to Southwestern to love on those students. It was an awful time for many of those students, especially from 2005 to 2007. Jesus sent us elsewhere in 2008.
Thanks again,

Wade Burleson said...


Thank you for your comment and service to the SBC.

Did you catalog Dwight McKissic's message in chapel? Did you write a summary? Also, was it archived?

Also, could you help me with a couple of things.

I'm looking for the chapel "talks" of Dr. Sheri Klouda and Dr. Karen Bullock. Have you ever seen those talks?

Rex Ray said...


I believe the comment I made in 2007 applies today.

“…To understand the mind-set of the SBTC today, you have to understand the attitude of fundamentalists have toward non-fundamentalists.

What their first president, Miles Seaborn, said is revealing: “Every one of us is a warrior to preserve God’s inerrant word and he would not give another nickel of his tithe to anywhere he thought was ungodly.”

I suppose he means if you don’t believe in the word “inerrant”, you are ungodly.

I heard at one SBC, “We have our inerrancy and no one is going to take it away from us!”
I’ll bet his yell was louder than “Long live our god, Diana!”

Also, their executive director, Jim Richards said, “Theological agreement will be the first foundation of the new Convention. Those who depart theologically will be identified and called to repent. To the foes of Southern Baptist of Texas, we say, we’re not in competition with you, but we’ve been called to contrast you.”

I thought the first foundation of any Christian organization was to win souls, but “called to contrast you [foes]” seems to be a declaration of war.

They went on to say that anyone who was a friend of the SBC was a friend of theirs.

Seaborn became a trustee at SWBTS, and Richards is now vice-president of the SBC.
Sat Nov 17, 07:12:00 AM 2007

Scott Shaver said...

You connect the dots masterfully Rex Ray. This is a struggle between Fundamentalists and Neo-Calvinists for the restructured carcass of a vanished SBC.

Scott Shaver said...

Looks as if the dogmas of "innerancy" have served to underscore the demonstrated fact that whether pro or con on the issue, NOBODY practically demonstrates adherence to the concept.

Better to let God's Word defend itself which it has and will eternally be capable of doing.

Wallace Rowland Jr. said...

Mr. McKissic's chapel was cataloged and my wife archived it. Sometimes my catalog record only included only the topics and Scriptures referenced. Sometimes I added a descriptive summary sentence or two. I might have been inclined to add a sentence or two that day.

I picked up recordings immediately after a chapel service. Sometimes they were delayed. I don't remember if there was a delay that day. What I mean by that is, it may not have included the entire chapel service.

I do not not remember Dr. Klouda's, but if she spoke while I was the cataloger, it was cataloged and archived.

I remember Dr. Bullocks Chapel vividly, although I don't think I was the cataloger then. My wife did archive it and she has a personal copy-- somewhere in the Northern Hemisphere.

Shawn C Madden said...

"From the 1979 Southern Baptist Convention in Houston, Texas, until the 2007 Southern Baptist Convention in Greensboro, North Carolina, every President of the Southern Baptist Convention was chosen for nomination by the tandem of Paige Patterson and Judge Paul Pressler. There was a pecking order of who would be "the next President of the SBC."

I learned the truth of this and the truth of the 'smoke filled back room', of the SBC Oligarchy, while at SEBTS when we asked Danny Akin about the next president of the convention and he responded immediately and without hesitation said 'Ronnie FLoyd will be the next president'. It was obvious he was 'in the know' and a member of the cabal. Oddly though, if memory serves, it was when Ronnie Floyd was first put forward but the 'bloggers' upset things and voted in Frank Page. Of course, Floyd was eventually voted in.

Scott Shaver said...

Rex, what is your explanation of women signing a petition for the ouster of Patterson while at the same time affirming (within the context of same petition) the BFM2000 including its complimentary emphasis on the "roles" of women in church and at home? How does this subtle conflict of interest play out?

Julie Anne said...

Wow, Wade, (from the Baptist Blogger's link which included a sound clip from "Tea Talks with Barry McCarty) so you are "desperately angry, bitter, and violently so." You are violent? hahahahaha

Scott Shaver said...

It is absolutely amazing, Shawn, how some of you guys (younger than some of the rest of us) were intentionally kept away by the SBC-"Academic"-Powers That Be from an accurate unrevised history of what actually took place in the CR and during the "purge" in the very same semi aries where we, your older predecessors in those institutions were witnessing first hand the bloodletting (figuratively) of the CR machine.

Sounds like they completely abolished the departments of Christian and Southern Baptist historical studies and replaced them with departments religio-political mythology.


Anonymous said...

None of what is happening to Patterson is remotely biblical. He stands on the inerrancy of the Bible and always will. I am a student at SWBTS and will not put another dime into continuing my education. Christianity is being watered down at the expense of Dr. Patterson and I am ashamed of everyone. Everyone will answer to God for their actions, myself included.

Scott Shaver said...

Via Con Dios "Anonymous"

Wade Burleson said...

Julie Anne,

That's what my wife asked (while rolling her eyes) and puckering up for a gentle kiss from her husband.


Wade Burleson said...


Tell you wife I will give her every autographed book I've written, buy her (and you) dinner with my wife and me, and considered giving her my "right arm" if... :)

She gets me a copy of Dr. Bullock's chapel talk (e.g.) "her indulgence in the exposition of the Scriptures").

It's famous.

Or rather, infamous.

And I hope to one day get the pulpit from behind which she delivered it.


Scott Shaver said...

Oil and Gas hiring is picking back up for younger guys.

Scott Shaver said...

Wade wouldn't stoop to a bribe like that. Because if he won't, I would.😂

Anonymous said...

Glad to see people are beginning to acknowledge Barry McCartys role in the dismantling of the SBC.
Probably no other person has had the actual hands on cunning and knowledge, with position, to accomplish such a feat.
They could not have done it without him. How many CP dollars have gone to that Church of Christ preacher?
Probably somewhere around a million.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @1:35

I'm not following. You are quitting school because you are ashamed of the way the president is being treated? You are disillusioned because of the politics involved in convention business? If you are a graduate student, then you have professed a sense of God's calling in your life. Before quitting, you need to re-assess that calling and how you intend to pursue it. I am not a fan of Paige Patterson and dislike many of changes he has made on "The Hill" since I was a student there. I know, however, that there are a lot of well meaning individuals there, both faculty and staff and strongly encourage you to evaluate your place there not in light of these controversies but in the light of God's plan for your life. Seek our a trusted professor to discuss these things with before making a regrettable life decision. I am praying for you as you process these matters in your life.

Wade Burleson said...

Anonymous @1:35

I would agree with Anonymous@2:44

Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary is a historic school with a great heritage and will roar back to former glory very soon - and I predict even surpass the golden years.

It's happening.

Hang in there.

Anonymous said...

Bullock ' s message has been on the SWBTS Digital Archive for several years. http://digitalarchive.swbts.edu/digital/collection/p16969coll8/id/206/rec/1

Anonymous said...

It has been publically accessible on the SWBTS Digital Archive for years. http://digitalarchive.swbts.edu/digital/collection/p16969coll8/id/206/rec/1

Florence in KY said...

Wallace, "Jesus sent Alexis and ME," not "Alexis and I." (Grammar lesson!)

Wade Burleson said...

Thank you, Anonymous.

Can you give me Klouda's link?

Wallace Rowland Jr. said...

My Dearest Wade
I read your offer to my wife for her copy of Dr. Bullock chapel CD. But the moment she realized I would be getting more books; she started pulling her hair and ran screaming out of the house. I guess that means no.
The reason I remember that Chapel so well, was the immediate response of a professor. He said to me, "Wow, I am so glad she did not quote a poem at the end, because then, that talk could have been called a sermon."

Wallace Rowland Jr. said...

Dear Florence
Thank you so much! Really! I helped refugees from Vietnam get their American citizenship for several years. They had to learn some English. Very often these people who knew very, very little English, would raise their hand and say, "No, teacher; that is not good English." Then one day I said, "I don't speak English, I speak Ark-Texan." They and me, felt better about me after that.
When my wife found out that I wrote a blog last Sunday, for the world to read--she cringed. You might pray for her.
Thanks again
PS: Did I put in enough commas?

Wade Burleson said...

""Wow, I am so glad she did not quote a poem at the end, because then, that talk could have been called a sermon."

That, Sir Wallace, is hilarious.

Florence in KY said...

You done good, Wallace, as we say in the hill country!

Wallace Rowland Jr. said...

Oh Florence,
I can't describe how much you just ministered to my Alexis!

Scott Shaver said...

Sounds as if Wade has the inside track. What kinda deals you cutting hombre.

And the courageous site administrator at the Wartburg Watch should at least give the folks she chides publicly an oportunity to respond.

Guess you have to be the right kind of SBC "victim" in this charade.

Florence in KY said...

Wallace, give my best to your Alexis.

Wallace Rowland Jr. said...

My Friend Anonymous at 1:35 PM
In the Fall of 2005 I had six friends who were disgusted and had decided or were considering leaving Southwestern. Two of these folks at been at Southwestern for years and were half-way through their LAST semester. They were utterly burnt.

I said to each of them, "So what, if you think this place is pathetic, the question you have to ask yourself is,'Did the God of the universe send me here?'"

Now, you may not know. Folk go to seminary for all kinds of reasons. Seminaries are around for all kinds of reasons. But, I know this. I really do know this! Jesus is literally alive and He actually desires to literally speak to those who are His. Those who have ears to hear. If you desire to be known by Him, He will speak to you, and in whatever way he wishes to reveal himself. If you are more desperate for Him than your life or your 'ministry', these are exciting times for you! Seminary are not!

Scott Shaver said...

Probably smart move on her part not wanting to out somebody until all agendas are clearly discerned.

Scott Shaver said...

Meanwhile, until "Golden Years come roaring back, remember that you M.Div is worthless unless you become one of the majority who pastor small churches.

As for graduate degrees, there are no professorships available, they don't hire those positions "off the street" in the SBC system.

Get an M.A. in something useful that you like and can use should you end up pastoring a church and if your church wants you to have advanced seminary training or classes, let them offer to pay for it.

JDV said...

Started the book last night, up to Chapter 7 now

JDV said...

Barber: "For this reason, I try to avoid reading Wade’s blog, conversing with Wade, or clarifying Wade’s false statements."

That's quite something, essentially alleging false statements have been made by someone (doesn't that appear to be a version of witness to false statements, with all of the Biblical implications therein), but not listing one, let alone a plurality of them. A trustee in action -- keep those CP dollars coming, folks, just don't peek behind the curtain.

Anonymous said...

Dear Wallace,

You are refreshing.

Another Anonymous

JDV said...

Regarding your point #3, I'd made similar observations recently as it related to other articles about this subject.

Flashing back to 2008 (which as I recently noted was the first year of the Baby Boom retirement wave), we see Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary "making difficult decisions in an effort to protect the institution from future financial crisis" (which we know from a 2017 article didn't forestall more cuts, pain, and risk):


"The seminary is working to cut its budget by approximately 10 percent, or $3.5 million to $4 million. Among reductions being made to the budget are "temporary suspension of many overseas travel programs and adjustments to campus facilities.""

(Some campus facilities end up being ore equal than others over time, some might say...)

"SWBTS President Paige Patterson was quoted in the news release as saying, "The administration is doing the best it can to find ways to cut spending that do not involve the release of existing faculty or the students employed by the school." The news release then stated that Patterson "went on to say that current economic trends would make this goal difficult to achieve."

(And nine years later, they're letting positions go unfilled due to 'natural attrition', all while building projects with dedicated funds continue.)

"Southwestern is suspending the work of its Naylor Children's Center for at least 18 months. The center, which annually posts a deficit, according to the news release, is a laboratory school under the direction of the school of educational ministries that provides care and instruction for preschool age children from six weeks to age 5."

(It looks like it is back, but only during the day Tuesdays and Thursdays. They say it offers "quality care in a Christian environment".)

"We anticipate that other cutbacks in the budget will be necessary to ensure that Southwestern maintains its debt-free operational position and to be certain that revenues cover expenditures," Patterson said."


"This is a most regrettable circumstance and not of our own making," he said, "but as stewards before God, we are all responsible for handling matters with as much compassion and justice as we possibly can. The goal in the end is to have a strong seminary when the present financial crisis eases."

(Looks like quite the buck pass -- not of their own making, then blaming the economy! Realities like the SBC declines in measurables such as baptisms and memberships as well as the start of the retirement of the biggest generation funding the SBC are unacknowledged. This is what passes for leadership these days.)

The rest of the article points out the CP factor and then points to previous storm weathering.

JDV said...

Approaching the present day:

"After making "low-hanging fruit adjustments" that included reductions in dining services, copy center hours and the fleet of vehicles at the 200-acre campus, Patrick said the administration decided not to fill positions from natural attrition, including student employees who are graduating and staff and faculty set to retire. In order to continue providing health care benefits to employees and their dependents, a third round of cuts involved laying off 30 fulltime staff "in selected areas where functions can be covered in other ways or by organizational change," Patrick said."

(How's that 2008 from Patterson looking? How will it look from the front porch of those digs or through that stained glass chapel window?)

"Patrick indicated the seminary had fielded questions about "the perceived dichotomy of making budget adjustments that affect staff positions while concomitantly embarking on campus building projects" such as the recently opened Mathena Hall and renovations to Reynolds Auditorium and Barnard Hall. Donor funds designated specifically for those projects cannot be used for operating the seminary, Patrick said. Furthermore, "all newly constructed buildings possess a maintenance and operating endowment to defray the impact on Southwestern's operating budget," he clarified."


Wade Burleson said...


You wrote:

"Barber: "For this reason, I try to avoid reading Wade’s blog, conversing with Wade, or clarifying Wade’s false statements."

That's quite something, essentially alleging false statements have been made by someone (doesn't that appear to be a version of witness to false statements, with all of the Biblical implications therein), but not listing one, let alone a plurality of them. A trustee in action -- keep those CP dollars coming, folks, just don't peek behind the curtain."

Control. Control. Control. Boys with toys don't like it when a referee with a whistle shows up and explains they've wrongly taken their neighbor boy's toys.

It seems DM has now permanently banned me from making comments on SBC Voices. I don't blame the entire "team" - because in reality, it's SBC Voices - and guys like William Thornton, Dwight McKissic, and others on the "team" would never have voted to ban me. But, unfortunately for DM, I've been down this road before. People who know me understand that his kind of behavior only fortifies my resolve, causes me to ask even more questions about the person or people seeking such absolute control, and in the end, redoubles my efforts to expose what's wrong. The wisdom of Gamaliel seems to be lost by many these days.

Here's the way insecure leaders work in obtaining or holding positions of power react when asked questions:

1. Slander the person asking questions to make his character the issue.
2. When he doesn't stop asking questions and seems unthreatened by your slander, turn off his mic.
3. Keep doing what you're doing, but tell people "behind closed doors" the guy asking questions is crazy.
4. Open the doors - to a world that winds up devouring you for not listening to the one person who loved you enough to ask you the questions you were either unprepared to answer, unable to answer, or worst of all, unwilling to answer.

The doors of smoke-filled room (metaphor) behind closed curtains (metaphor) where secret deals are made (metaphor) are over in the SBC (actual).

Just wait till the doors of the trustees at SWBTS open this time. A few of them will scream bloody murder about everyone and everything but the real problem.

Focus...on....the....real... problem.

Like JDV -

Sir, in your subsequent comments, you have made yourself THE single most qualified SBC'er in the Southern Baptist Convention to serve as a trustee of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (IMO).

The reason? Because you are asking the questions every single SWBTS trustee should have been asking behind closed doors for the past ten years.

I wish every Southern Baptist could read your last few comments.

That, JDV, is what trusteeship should look like.

Scott Shaver said...

No. The days of smoke filled rooms are NOT over. Another group with a different brand of cigars but similar mechanics are licking their chops to set up shop.

Scott Shaver said...

Other "boys with toys" will be more than happy to set things in "order".

Openly and transparently of course👌

Anonymous said...

Praying today that pure hearts and clear minds will prevail on Seminary Hill. That tough questions will be asked and honest answers given. That issues will be dealt with thoroughly and right conclusions made.

Scott Shaver said...

Excellent job of covering your lemming base at Voices Wade.

Wade Burleson said...

Thanks, Scott.

There are some really good men and writers at SBC Voices. For whatever reason, one or two of them need to learn that aplomb and graciousness will get you to really cool places in the Kingdom, but insecurity and passive/aggressive snarkiness will only get you to places you've created in your mind.

Wade Burleson said...

It looks as if wiser heads prevailed at SBC Voices and my commenting privileges have been restored.

Scott Shaver said...

Thanks Wade.
Would you mind sharing the same with your friends at the Wartburg Watch?

Scott Shaver said...

I did not realize that "the Kingdom" was operationally tied to the rules of proper internet decorum. News to me.

Glad that in God's "fullness of time" with the incarnation, there was no telephone,internet or even a Gutenberg press.

Glad that Christ's teachings were delivered while looking directly into the faces and eyes of those to whom He spoke.

Wallace Rowland Jr. said...

Well Folks,

I need some technical advise. If a person wishes to delete something that they have said on a blog, how would they do that. I wrote my first blog Sunday and I did not express myself well. I am a bit out of my element, trying to communicate in writing. Sometimes, after I read what I wrote the day before, I say to myself,"What was I thinking?" Imagine that!

Thanks for your help.


Rex Ray said...


If you want to delete your comment on Wade's blog, there's a small picture of a trashcan after the "date and time". Click on it and your comment will be deleted.

Lee Enochs said...

An Open Letter to Paige Patterson,

President of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

by Lee Enochs

As a 2014 graduate of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary who is now living on the East Coast, attending graduate school in Princeton, New Jersey, I have been watching the events unfolding around Dr. Paige Patterson and my beloved alma mater Southwestern Seminary with tears in my eyes and a broken heart.

For you see, I love Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and I love the state of Texas. Although I am now living in an Ivy League college town, far removed from the South and its wonderful way of life, Texas and the South will always be a part of me. I still recall with fond memories, traveling those country roads of Texas in order to preach at a rural Baptist church, filled with decent and hardworking people who worked the good earth. As that incomparable song goes, “The prairie sky is wide and high, deep in the heart of Texas.”

I deeply love the Lone Star state and my time of study and interaction with the incomparable people of Texas has made a lasting and indelible impact on my life that I will take with me for the rest of my life. As the renowned British poet Alfred Lord Tennyson, in his epic poem “Ulysses” said, “I am a part of all that I have met.” The good people from the good earth of Texas are now a part of me as I am them and I respect their way of life with every fiber of my being,

The good people of Texas are a proud people with an incredible heritage of hard work and rugged individualism, summed up in the quintessentially Texan phrase “Come and Take” it written in January 1831 by Green Dewitt to Ramon Musquiz showing indefatigable defiance against overwhelming numerical forces during the Battle of Gonzales,

It is this unfaltering love for Texas and the good people of the Southern Baptist Convention that I, with a heavy heart, much now ask one of spiritual fathers, Dr. Paige Patterson, President of Southwestern Seminary, to resign due to his inappropriate comments about women and for advocating that abused women return back to their abusive husbands.

While there are now many sharks in the water, enemies of the Southern Baptist Church, calling for Dr. Patterson’s resignation, I will not take that approach here. I will appeal to Dr. Patterson as a father and patriarch of my Southern Baptist faith. As one Baptist to another, and a son to a father, I now must plead with Dr. Patterson to resign as President of Southwestern Seminary.

Dr. Patterson has served Southern Baptists and the state of Texas well. His historic stand for the truthfulness of the Bible and the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the Southern Baptist Convention is a good work that will echo throughout eternity (2 Timothy 3:16). However, due to the gravity of the situation and for the good our Convention, I believe Dr. Patterson must now resign or be removed as President by the Trustees of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.

Dr. Patterson has apologized for his imprudent comments and if he resigns, he should be received back into the good graces of the Southern Baptist Church, with open arms. For the Church of Jesus Christ goes on, its message endures, and the gates of hell will not prevail against it. Jesus Christ died and rose again to give eternal life to all those who believe in Him.

Samuel Conner said...


Looks like less than a "wrist slap" -- the implied reason for the
change is SWBTS finances and declining enrollment.

Jacque Truitt said...

It won’t matter if it is a wrist slap. More and more people will come forward now that he has been removed. Just watch the news! More is coming on both Pressler and Patterson. Has to be. It is so sad but also encouraging that the truth is c9m8ng out!

Samuel Conner said...

And there are three cataloged chapel messages for Dwight McKissic


Prof Klouda does not show up in search results, however

Anonymous said...

This is the beginning of the end for the SBC.

sad but true

Ellis Orozco said...

Thank you, Wade. As always -- courageous, articulate, and prophetic. Thank you for your leadership.

Wallace Rowland Jr. said...

Dear Wade

Are we supposed to still be looking for the “Kloudian” and “Tongues of Fire” chapel talks?
I have an amazing filling system, but I have a gap in my personal chapel records from Spr. 06 –through Spr. 07. I would appreciate it if someone could resolve this issue, before I have to start looking through my ‘Honey Lov’s’ closets!

Wait . . . if a “Kloudian” tape was made, then Dr. Klouda could have been there! Reckon she remembers?

By the way, my Alexis said, that immediately after Dr. Bullock’s ‘talk/sermon’ that ‘the multitudes’ lined up in Southwestern’s audio-visual department to order ‘multiple’ copies. She said, it was the greatest seller of all time. Well . . . that is, during my ‘Sweet Thang’s time.
So if you want a hard copy, you might check the cassette resell shops in Ft. Worth, because apparently, there are billions and billions of Bullockist’s out there.

-Alexis’s husband

PS: Oh Florence,

Help me! How do you say ‘Sweet Thang’ in the hills of Kentucky?

Anonymous said...

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Unknown said...

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