Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Democracies and Denominations Die in Darkness

The Washington Post has placed a slogan at the top of its masthead - Democracy Dies in Darkness.

The paper, owned by Amazon.com founder Jeff Bezos, is internationally acclaimed and widely known for taking down President Richard Nixon in the Watergate scandal after the President's men broke into an office complex at the Watergate Hotel in Washington, D.C. to steal some very important papers. What destroyed the Nixon Presidency was the cover-up of the crime, not so much the crime itself.

Bezos explained why he chose the new slogan for the paper in an interview with The Post's executive editor, Martin Baron.
"I think a lot of us believe this, that democracy dies in darkness, that certain institutions have a very important role in making sure that there is light."
According to Post reporter Paul Farhi, Bezos apparently heard the phrase from legendary investigative reporter Bob Woodward, a Post associate editor. Woodward told Farhi that he referenced the phrase during a presentation at a conference that Bezos attended in 2015 in which Woodward talked about “The Last of the President’s Men,” his most recent book about the Watergate scandal.

Woodward, who has used the phrase in reference to President Nixon for years, said he didn’t coin it; he read it some years earlier in a judicial opinion in a First Amendment case. He couldn’t recall the specifics of the case or the name of the judge who wrote the opinion, but "the judge who said it got it right."

I agree with Woodward. I would add that religious denominations die in darkness as well.

Dr. Albert McClellan, the former Executive Director of the Southern Baptist Convention's Executive Committee, spoke to a writer for The Baptist Program on December 31, 1980, and said,
"In 43 years there have been fewer than six executive sessions (closed door, private meetings) . . . The Executive Committee (SBC) has an open ear for anyone one who wants to speak to it. For almost 25 years the gallery has been two to three times bigger than the size of the Committee, and the gallery has been permitted to ask any question, to give any information, to make any point and to offer any objection."
Since those words were spoken by Dr. McClellan, there has been an exponential increase in the number of secrets kept by Southern Baptist leaders behind closed doors, pulled curtains, or dark places sealed off to exclude listening ears. Almost two-thirds of the meetings I attended as a trustee of the Southern Baptist Convention's International Mission Board were executive sessions behind closed doors.

Someone has rightly said, "You are as sick as the secrets you keep."

Why are secrets kept among leadership in the Southern Baptist Convention? Why do leaders wish to keep people in the dark, and by all means keep records sealed or closed from public eyes? What is the purpose of leaders hiding behind veils?

I would be interested in your opinions, but allow me to offer a couple of possible reasons through the form of two memorable quotes on transparency.
"One man's transparency is another's humiliation." Gerry Adams
"What I'm thinking about more and more these days is simply the importance of transparency, and Jefferson's saying that he'd rather have a free press without a government than a government without a free press." Esther Dyson
Leaders who like secrets are leaders who like control. Oh sure, they may act as if they are interested in helping you, but if you allow things to be kept behind closed doors, then the agenda, the message, and the future will play out the way they those who've run over people to obtain and sustain power want it to play out. Whatever you think of the #MeToo movement, whether good or bad, one cannot deny that leaders who attempted to cover-up and control the agenda and message created the movement.

You never create a stained glass window in your image unless you can protect it from shattering. Secret meetings are like acrylic lucite for stained glass.

My message to the trustees of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary is really a message from our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ:
"For there is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed, and nothing concealed that will not be known or brought out into the open" (Luke 8:17).
It's an important enough principle, Jesus repeated it to His disciples again:
"There is nothing concealed that will not be disclosed, or hidden that will not be made known" (Luke 12:2).
When those doors swing open, you must be prepared for what awaits. Will you do the right thing in secret? I trust you shall. If not, the 2018 Southern Baptist Convention in Dallas, Texas will make the 1985 Southern Baptist Convention in Dallas, Texas look like a kindergarten picnic.

And rightly so.

Denominations die in darkness.


drstevej said...

But stained glass without stains is just glass.

Wade Burleson said...

Excellent point.

I trust that Southern Baptists will never again create stained glass windows of anyone who hasn't been dead for at least 50 years.

drstevej said...

Many years ago I visited the Cairo Museum Mummy Room. There's more realism there than the SBC Chapel.

Anonymous said...

Great Post. I do laugh that Bezos choose this as THE WP's motto cause the darkness they provide for some is astounding. The ability to chose what to talk about and not talk about is a huge cover for darkness. If they don't print it then it is not a story, in their eyes. So when the WP refuses to talk about certain political parties and their secrets , I give them little credit that they believe what they say in their motto.
Same with the SBC, we must be willing to talk about the secrets all around, in every political party, not just with people who have certain affiliations. Wade you are willing to do that so this is not aimed at you or Ben. But I do read some blogs who act like they are all offended when they are called out or a position they disagree with is brought to light, and then refuse to allow comments disagreeing with their position. They give some reason that sounds biblical but it really is not. They get all snarky. Of course that may be the way they do things in Iowa.

Scott Shaver said...

"Democracies die in darkness" and Marxism thrives through victimology.

Flip side to every coin whether "democracies" or "denominations".

A little thick on the drama in my "evil" opinion.

Scott Shaver said...

Sounds like Russ Moore just had coffee at the Washington Post reporter's pool.😁

Anonymous said...

Oh, when will the SBC madness stop? Thanks Wade, for your light in the darkness.

Christiane said...

Bezos is considered by Trump to be 'an enemy', so when Trump repeatedly pressures the Post Office to increase rates for Amazon (Bezos' business), it does echo the time Nixon told the IRS to target his 'enemies'

It is strange that in Nixon's day, it was considered wrong for the POTUS to use his position to harass his 'enemies' (Nixon gave the IRS his 'enemies list');
but TODAY, it doesn't appear to matter any more, and in this uncharted Trump era, we have chosen a NEW set of 'values' and many lines are being crossed that have never been crossed before.

Personally, I would like to see the President behave honorably. Them days may have gone by. "We shall see."

Scott Shaver said...

"When will the SBC madness stop?" As long as it has a name and can pack enough registered messengers into a telephone booth to draft publicly declared creeds and resolutions on culture...my guess is NEVER.

Bob Cleveland said...

Just why would committees or boards want to hold meetings in secret? Well, I can think of a few reasons:

They know they are wrong.
Then know their actions will be unpopular.
They are ashamed about what they are set on doing.
They are dealing with unfavorable information about a person or people.

Hmm .. all those seem on their face to be wrong and unjustifiable. There might be an objection to the last thought, but that's led to people who victimize innocent people, and then move somewhere else and victimize innocent people again.

What people on committees and boards actually do, reveals all we need to know about them. I sure hope we learn from all this.

Oh ... I find it interesting that the same thing seems to apply in politics. Victimize the exposers of the truth. They call them mean there, too.

Scott Shaver said...

Compunded, Bob, by fact that a 15-20 year repetitive pattern of excess and abuse of a "good trust" system under any framework of logic...is forgivable but not unexcusable.

Scott Shaver said...

"Excusable" is the correct word.

Scott Shaver said...

Either way you want to look at at it, good business or "church discipline" (since some judges see SWBTS as a "church). This is a litmus test to see if "trustees" can be "trusted" on either earthly or biblical grounds. Regard only history and not OUR biased hype in cyber-space (an "alternate reality").

Scott Shaver said...

Must you always gravitate to secular politics Christianne?

Some of us are having a hard enough time sifting our way through religio and SBC politics...and a lot of us have been "baptist" all our lives.

Bob Cleveland said...

Christiane, have you researched the cost to the USPS, of carrying Amazon's goods to customers? Do you know if they make money on it? Should the USPS be charging more?

I have no idea, so I am not going to condone or criticize our President for his call to charge Amazon more. Methinks I will rely on the probability that our President knows more about that, than I do.

Scott Shaver said...

Ditto Bob,respectfully.

Anonymous said...

Per Sarah Smith of the Star-Telegram, SWBTS Trustees went into Executive Session within 12 minutes.


Scott Shaver said...

I mean really, let these guys forget "ropes of sand" etc. Let em start raising their own money etc. NOW as opposed to continuing this charade and illusion of "grassroots" Southern Baptists when God's worker bees within the SBC.....haven't a clue or interest in what we are talking about?

Those are folks at the very basic, private and LOCAL level in whom the very Spirit of God resides.

They don't vote in a telephone booth with credentialled messengers.

But they will certainly stand in witness at some point to Truly Certified Messengers in an entirely superlative forum.

Anonymous said...

I don't expect the meeting to last over 4 hours, too many Baptist preachers in the room to let it interfere with dinner plans.

Tony said...

New to the SBC and thankful for helping me gain an understanding and perspective to the current state of affairs. Thankful that the Baptist lineage can claim our heritage as part of the protesters (Protestants); and continue to do so when the truth and witness of the gospel is at stake. If we as a denomination don't examine ourselves in the light; then we are not truly examining ourselves. Right intentions are not sincere intergrity. What happened to "sine cera"?

Scott Shaver said...

Confess my ignorance, have no rememberance or recollection of meaning "executive session".

Anonymous said...

Executive Session = Closed Doors. Secret. No press. No public. Members only. Good ol' boys (and a couple of gals).

Scott Shaver said...

Thank you. At least the SBC has not since last checked, revised the order to include "flogging" of "problem" trustees.

12 minutes record time?

Scott Shaver said...


Anonymous said...

Breaking News on allegations against Patterson:


If Patterson is not gone by the end of day, the trustees have not done their job.

Scott Shaver said...

Depends on the nature of what they feel they've been "entrusted" with. Very subjective.

Scott Shaver said...

Sounds like somebody from ERLC came back to visit at lunch with staff reporters of "Washington Post".

RB Kuter said...

I never thought I would say it, but when I began reading your blog I thought you were going to say that the Washington Post had an article exposing the shenanigans that have been going on in the Southern Baptist Convention and I was actually glad.

I do not believe we will see any significant change in our Convention until there is a public display of the corruption and underhanded methods of control reported in the secular media, similar to that of the past sexual predator epidemic in the Catholic Church. That institution took no action to remedy their situation until the problem was unveiled in the secular press. Then their Popes began to recognize that some corrective action must be taken if they were to prevent a collapse of their entire Catholic institution. Prior to that, the decay and rot were also cloaked in secret meetings and refusal to take the necessary corrective action, just like our SBC does today.

Moanings and groanings of a few (relatively speaking) disgruntled Southern Baptist activists will not result in the humiliating embarrassment taking place that must happen to render a change in The Southern Baptist Pope, his lieutenants, and those other players they have in their pockets. That will only come as a result of a tsunami wave uprising revolt of the masses of Southern Baptists who have been blindly ignorant of all that is going on.

Yes, I do feel at peace with my Lord Jesus Christ in proposing that this type of painful publicity take place involving what has always been considered a Christian institution in operation for the purpose of serving God and His Kingdom. I am convinced that God Himself must be keenly disappointed at the un-Godly behavior of pastors, judges, and other SBC power players involved and that He has withdrawn His favor from our midst. That would explain why we are seeing less and less spiritual results from the efforts of our Southern Baptist churches and why even our International Mission Board has taken a devastating hit without any outrage expressed by the bulk of our Southern Baptist membership.

Thank you for serving as a voice of conscience, Wade, but unfortunately, I do not believe your voice alone will have the impact that we must have to see a real upheaval and renewal.

Mary Burbrink said...

I pray that the trustees do not ignore me. I deserve a response from them. I'm not going to be anonymous anymore.

RB Kuter said...

Oooo, I just saw where Washington Post DID out Paige TODAY for former misbehavior involving a SEBTS female student who was raped!

"Southern Baptist leader encouraged a woman not to report alleged rape to police and told her to forgive assailant, she says" by Sarah Bailey May 22, 2018 : "Washington Post"

The "Swamp is about to begin its draining".

RB Kuter said...

"Alvin Reid, an evangelism professor at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary for nearly a quarter century, has stepped down for mysterious reasons."

Today is quite a day; SWBTS Trustees meeting on Paige, Washington Post reporting on student rape victim and now Alvin Reid leaving ministry for mysterious reasons.

"The Swamp is leaking fast"

Wade Burleson said...


I admire your courage. I received your letter. Very well written.

Thanks for speaking out.

Rex Ray said...


I printed the link of the Washington Post today. My heart goes out to you for the callous treatment of Patterson. The guy must have a heart of stone to blame a woman for the crime of a man.

If I ever visit the chapel at SWBTS, they’d better search me for a brick that might remove his stain glass picture. No smiley face.

Anonymous said...

Wade, I'm a long-time reader who accepted Christ as Savior 60 years ago and I later attended an Oklahoma church where your father served as pastor. I, along with my wife prior to her graduating to Heaven's glory, have been in total agreement with your stance and Scriptural support related to women overall and serving in the ministry in particular.

Regrettably, the church I current attend (yep, same one your dad served at) has a senior pastor who has served for two-plus decades and when I asked him about this Patterson debacle while bumping into each other at a Mexican restaurant, he launched into a loud and long diatribe in support of Patterson.

I thought that was the last straw. That was, until today's stories broke and have left me physically nauseated.

My question for you: Do you think with Patterson's influence through the years that it worked its way into the writers for Sunday School quarterly lessons distributed by LifeWay? When lessons appeared related to the role of women, it read and sounded so much like Patterson's doctrine that it scared and saddened me.

Thanks for your time, Wade, and keep up the good work.

A.Non A'Mouse

(it's something a former Tulsa World columnist used to disguise a co-worker's identity. LOL)

Wade Burleson said...

A.Non A’Mouse

Patterson’s influence is everywhere, including quarterly lessons from LifeWay.

However, that will soon be changing. Theological conservative evangelicals who believe the Bible from cover to cover can often disagree on the subjects of the equality of women, the nature of hell, conditional immortality, end times, and a host of other doctrines.


Keep the essentials of the faith small (Who Jesus Is; What Jesus Did and How to Trust Jesus ) and let others disagree on other doctrines -

Times are changing.

I’ve been writing about this for 13 years.

It’s finally happening.

Unknown said...

An observation was made at SEBTS by staff members who had transcended the transition from liberal to conservation in that they noted that 'conservatives eat their own.' Too true. Patterson moved for complete conformity to his view to the exclusion of others just as biblical and just as godly.

Scott Shaver said...

Those guys still in session or what?

Scott Shaver said...

For first time ever have been reading some Dorothy Patterson. She is as rigid as Paige IMO.

Is that what "Womens Ministry" at Southwestern is all about anymore?

Wade Burleson said...


Could not have said it better.


Yep. Yep.

Scott Shaver said...

Great jumping Jehosaphat! Check out "Paige Pattersons Feast" 3 hrs ago at American Conservative.

What in the world is Rick Patrick smoking?

Shawn said...

What is to done with one whose modus operandi with others has been to lock then out of their office and forbid them from coming back on campus and for crimes unstated or much much less the most recently accused?

Lee Enochs said...

"But examine everything carefully, hold fast to the truth" (1 Thessalonians 5:21).

Dear Pastor Wade,

I want to thank you for taking a courageous stand for truth in our denomination, the Southern Baptist Convention. I am a son of the SBC. I was led to saving faith in Jesus Christ in the SBC. I learned the the inspiration, inerrancy, infallibility and exclusive authority of Scripture by W.A. Criswell, President of the SBC (1969-1970) and am a proud alumnus of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. For many years, I have had deep reservations about what is going on at SWBTS but didn't have the courage of conviction to do anything about it until I heard there was a bold man of God and pastor down in Enid, Oklahoma that was speaking out. Without you Pastor Wade, I could never write things like my op-ed that appeared today in the Star-Telegram. I love you pastor Wade. Thank you so much for giving me the courage to stand for truth when no one else would.

Sincerely in Jesus Christ our Sovereign Lord,

Lee Edward Enochs
Class of 2014
Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary


Shawn said...

Are we all following Sarah Smith or is there another source of info coming out of Ft. Worth?

Rex Ray said...

Scott Shaver,
The most I got out of “Patterson’s Feast” was Ken Hemphill may run for SBC president.

Lee Enochs,
The most I got out of your long praise of Patterson was:

“I, with a heavy heart, much now ask one of spiritual fathers, Dr. Paige Patterson, President of Southwestern Seminary, to resign due to his inappropriate comments about women and for advocating that abused women return back to their abusive husbands.”

Scott Shaver said...

Rex, you did not see the screen shot of Rick Patrick's facebook post with the donkey?

No way you would have missed it if you were looking at the correct article. You would be commenting here about how sick an attempt at "satire" it represents.

Run the search again, you need to see this.

Lee Enochs said...

An Open Letter to Paige Patterson,

President of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

by Lee Enochs

As a 2014 graduate of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary who is now living on the East Coast, attending graduate school in Princeton, New Jersey, I have been watching the events unfolding around Dr. Paige Patterson and my beloved alma mater Southwestern Seminary with tears in my eyes and a broken heart.

For you see, I love Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and I love the state of Texas. Although I am now living in an Ivy League college town, far removed from the South and its wonderful way of life, Texas and the South will always be a part of me. I still recall with fond memories, traveling those country roads of Texas in order to preach at a rural Baptist church, filled with decent and hardworking people who worked the good earth. As that incomparable song goes, “The prairie sky is wide and high, deep in the heart of Texas.”

I deeply love the Lone Star state and my time of study and interaction with the incomparable people of Texas has made a lasting and indelible impact on my life that I will take with me for the rest of my life. As the renowned British poet Alfred Lord Tennyson, in his epic poem “Ulysses” said, “I am a part of all that I have met.” The good people from the good earth of Texas are now a part of me as I am them and I respect their way of life with every fiber of my being,

The good people of Texas are a proud people with an incredible heritage of hard work and rugged individualism, summed up in the quintessentially Texan phrase “Come and Take” it written in January 1831 by Green Dewitt to Ramon Musquiz showing indefatigable defiance against overwhelming numerical forces during the Battle of Gonzales,

It is this unfaltering love for Texas and the good people of the Southern Baptist Convention that I, with a heavy heart, much now ask one of spiritual fathers, Dr. Paige Patterson, President of Southwestern Seminary, to resign due to his inappropriate comments about women and for advocating that abused women return back to their abusive husbands.

While there are now many sharks in the water, enemies of the Southern Baptist Church, calling for Dr. Patterson’s resignation, I will not take that approach here. I will appeal to Dr. Patterson as a father and patriarch of my Southern Baptist faith. As one Baptist to another, and a son to a father, I now must plead with Dr. Patterson to resign as President of Southwestern Seminary.

Dr. Patterson has served Southern Baptists and the state of Texas well. His historic stand for the truthfulness of the Bible and the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the Southern Baptist Convention is a good work that will echo throughout eternity (2 Timothy 3:16). However, due to the gravity of the situation and for the good our Convention, I believe Dr. Patterson must now resign or be removed as President by the Trustees of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.

Dr. Patterson has apologized for his imprudent comments and if he resigns, he should be received back into the good graces of the Southern Baptist Church, with open arms. For the Church of Jesus Christ goes on, its message endures, and the gates of hell will not prevail against it. Jesus Christ died and rose again to give eternal life to all those who believe in Him.

Christiane said...

"Times are changing.

I’ve been writing about this for 13 years.

It’s finally happening."

Wade, I hope you are right, the good people of the Southern Baptist faith deserve so much better than 'hardball politics' among the 'leadership'. Too many good people have been hurt or driven away. Prayers for good to come. Is it possible that the exposure of the predatory Paul Pressler and the terrible treatment of women by Paige Patterson will AT LEAST get the SBC to look once again at how it targeted women for what could only be best called 'low level misogyny' and at worst called overt disrespect and abusive treatment?

Light put on their 'secrets'. There will be a response that is thoughtful and wise, in keeping with the mind and heart of Our Lord, I hope.
God Bless!

Wade Burleson said...


I saw it. I also accepted his apology. I don't bring things up again when people repent and I forgive. Accountability is a different issue, but I have no relationship with Rick, and it's his church and organization that he leads (eg. Connection 3:16) that can hold him accountable. I'm attempting to hold accountable the guy who trained him, and I do - like all Southern Baptists - have some influence there. We pay PP's salary.

Anonymous said...


"President Emeritus with compensation". CP still paying PP!!

Former SWBTS Student said...

"Evidence exists" that abuse was reported?!
What did 40 trustees handpicked by Patterson discover that the entire Wake Forest PD does not have? What "evidence" do you speak of?

They downplay, they cover up, and they're already making him a video package chronicling how great he is.

I hope Kevin Ueckert enjoys his D.Min. from SWBTS It only cost him his integrity. How can any woman attend any of these trustee churches knowing these men glowingly supported a man with a long history of abuse and cover-ups? How could I feel safe? This act shows they would just rally together, destroy my character, and make up whatever narrative to make them look good.

Word of advice to any women out there: Stay FAR FAR away from those churches!

Every trustee of SWBTS should resign effective immediately and should be blacklisted from any SBC leadership position indefinitely.

As for me, I would say I am done, but I have been done for a few years.

Anonymous said...

Might the "Evidence exists" that abuse was reported?! statement be in reference to the Pressler lawsuit since the school and Patterson are both named as defendants?

Unknown said...

Heroes of the Faith

Like Wade Burleson, I have known the good and gracious side of Paige Patterson. I was fortunate beyond measure by the fact that he invited me to be the Director of The Library at Southeastern Seminary. I had not aimed my sites so high as I viewed my future. I am convinced to this day that he did so less due to my meager library skills than by the fact that I was (am) a Marine. Those who know Paige will not be surprised at that – he likes novelty. He told me three times in the ten years that I worked for him that I was ‘the best librarian he had ever had.’ Again, those who know Paige will recognize his propensity for superlatives (gained, I am convinced, from his close associataion with W.A. Criswell). I bumped into his other side when, much to his chagrin and those he hired as VPs, I operated like a Marine and fought for The Library’s place on the campus at Southeastern. As the population of the student body grew (and was mightily bragged about by Paige), I argued for an increase in the budget and staff of The Library. I was called before the cabinet and berated for asking for such increases and asked how I would like it if the president told the rest of the seminary staff that there would be no raises because I had asked for a budget increase for The Library. At this same time he was raising money for a massive expansion of Magnoia Hill for the purpose of a library to house his 30+ thousand book collection and a private apartment for him and his. What he was seeking far exceeded the budget I requested which was in line with our responsibilities for the growing population. I was also threatened with being fired after a faculty member gave a report to the faculty that, contrary to the musings of a couple of high level cabinet members, the library staff did in fact need and benefit from having master in library science degrees and that it did take some serious and specific work to catalogue the materials in the collection so that our faculty and students and patrons could find the materials they were looking for. After that threat I sought to go elsewhere after which he called me to my office and blamed his VPs and reiterated that I was ‘the best librarian’ and invited me to stay. That to say I know Paige Patterson and know his sides.

Unknown said...

(continuation of above)

At the same time I know his value to turning the SBC around and pointing it in the right direction. I first learned the value of this when I was at Marine Drill Instructor school in 1975. While talking to one of my fellow DI students and talking about Christianity, when I mentioned that I was a (newly minted) Southern Baptist he warned me away from them because they were, at that time, heading in a very liberal direction. After getting out of active duty with the Corps, my wife and I came back home to Dallas and I found myself at Criswell College working on an MABS as the conservative resugance was building up steam. I saw the good that he was doing.

There I bumped into two people who weigh mightily in this issue, Paige Patterson and Darrell Gilyard. Darrell and I became good friends as the two of us talked about ‘white hermenuetic and black homiletic’ something of which he became very skilled. I rank him only behind Joel Gregory in pulpit skills; Joel preaching on a graduate level while Darrell was always very skillfully stuck at the bachelor level. Those who know those two know their skills and know their history. You also know that when women started accusing Darrell of gross impropieties that Paige defended him, siding with him time and again, all the time ignoring the very real accusations. Moreso than anything recent, Paige is very guilty of how he so badly handled the Gilyard affair. He told Darrell to repent and get out of preaching for at least two years. Darrell, of course, ignored him as he lived for and in the pulpit. What Paige did not do was mete to himself any punishment for his failures to the multiplicity of women that were badly abused. Darrell very rightly ended up in jail for three years while Paige had gone to lead Southeastern Seminary, the Southern Baptist Convention, and Southwestern Seminary.

Unknown said...

(continuation of above)

And while coming aboard at Southwestern he lied to and badly treated Dr. Sherri Klouda. This goes in the same folder as the Darrell Gilyard failure and it too demands repentance. Lest I forget, letting a professing Muslim into the PhD program. That too was not a light issue in any stretch.

But, he has only been called on the carpet for some remarks that in context are innocent and nothing that he should have gotten in trouble over.

Prior to this though, a Baptist Heritage Center was being built on the campus of Southwestern Seminary which, apparently from its inception, was meant to house, not only the documents of recent baptist history but the Patterson’s also (and a slew of dead critters no doubt)! It occurs to me, and this bears investigation, knowing the Pattersons, they found the donor and had that donor put that provision into the gift. That would be the explanation for last night’s event and decision. Paige stepped down but it was to an extremely soft landing; Emeritus President with pay and apparently with room and board until his and Miss Dorothy’s demise. And, knowing them, with a nice budget for a sizable staff – Miss Dorothy does not drive but she does go places. She headed up the Women’s Studies Program but she mostly supervises those who do the ‘womanly things’ that are covered in the course material.

Is this to be the modus operandi for the future for the ‘heroes of the faith’ - Danny Akin, Al Mohler, and all the other SBC heads will be retired as emeriti and given a home and staff on the campus of where they last served? Or is this only for the Pattersons? Will Jeffress and Graham and all other mega-church pastors too retire as pastor emeriti and take up residence somewhere on the mega church campuses and given a stipend and staff?

Paige Patterson has done much for the cause of Christ in the Southern Baptist Convention. For that he is to be lauded and thanked. But, for his missteps, it needs to be remembered, that simple apologies are not the end of repentance as shown in Scripture. Note David’s history after his repentance. Note Hezekiah and all the good that he did and what happened to him after gaining extra years (evil son born to him) and after showing his treasures to Berodach-baladan. Paige Patterson has measure out penances to those he had influence over; shall he measure to himself the same cup? Or will he, apparently, ignore his own advice to those who retire to step down and step away?

Scott Shaver said...

Simply put Wade, what a crock of DUNG you sling!

Rick Patrick and I had a broken relationship that was restored this morning through personal interaction and mutual forgiveness.

So your pseusdo-piety bleeds through in this comment as you continue to rail against Patterson.

Your professional and religious ambitions may factor into your angst over how Paige is being dealt with ...but for me, its over.

Good luck with your agendas pastor.

Wade Burleson said...


I'm not sure to what you are referring.

Scott Shaver said...


Don't even go there. You are not stupid and neither am I.

You fellers play nice. I am outta here and on to more meaningful issues in my life.

Christiane said...

Scott, are you okay? You seem to 'switch' suddenly in your tone with people. You did it with me, and I pulled away from interacting, thinking you were having some kind of issue personally with being able to control HOW you interacted with individuals:
first civilly, then abusively;
and that pattern bespeaks many different reasons, some of which are indicators that you might need help.

I'm not trying to insult you, just sharing what I observed. I won't even guess as to the reason(s) for your pattern but I am sharing it with you in hopes that you might accept the info as 'observation' and think it through as to what is causing the 'startling' change in tone in how you address others. Your comments to Wade were an example in how suddenly you 'switched' tone. I think you may be in some trouble. I hope not, but think it through and be honest with yourself. If something you know about is causing you to be this way with people, you need to get some help. Wade didn't deserve that treatment. And your comment to him says more than you know about yourself and your own troubles. Get some help if you need it. No response necessary to me. I may be wrong. I know that. Just be honest with YOURSELF.

Debbie Kaufman said...

Scott: It's not Wade that is shoveling out the "dung". If Wade had any political or professional ambitions, his blog since 2005 would certainly not be the way to do it. It almost makes me laugh that you write this, if I myself were not so angry and frustrated with how women and children are looked at in the SBC.

Wade Burleson said...

Scott wrote to me at 8:54 am:

"Rick Patrick and I had a broken relationship that was restored this morning through personal interaction and mutual forgiveness."

So your pseusdo-piety bleeds through in this comment as you continue to rail against Patterson.

Your professional and religious ambitions may factor into your angst over how Paige is being dealt with ...but for me, its over.

Good luck with your agendas pastor."

I was clueless as to what Scott was meaning (and said so) - until about five minutes ago when I received the following email from my secretary:

"Rick Patrick called this morning very insistent that he must talk to you ASAP. He wanted your cell phone to contact himself but I explained you had 2 funerals and several other things going on so that I would simply share his request with you immediately. When asked what this was regarding – he simply said he owed you an apology. He was quite insistent again that he was really determined to ‘take care of this today’ and wanted it to be quick.
I told him you were quite busy and that you would get back with him when you could."

I assume Scott Shaver (know I'm writing to you Scott), believes I "didn't get back with Rick Patrick" soon enough, or possibly I had something to do with my secretary not giving him my phone number (she never gives out my cell to anyone but church members). Scott, is this what you and Patrick discussed over the phone? Just asking because I truly do not know what is causing you such angst.

Last night, when Rick posted his offensive picture and implied the woman raped was lying and illustrated it with a picture of a donkey and said that "I saw Wade Burleson (and then mentioned other men by name) gang rape a donkey" he issued an online apology after a verbal reprimand from Dr. Malcolm Yarnell.

Here is my tweet in response to Rick's online apology at 9:00 pm last night:

"I read Rick Patrick’s online apology for his offensive tweet that mentioned me and others by name. For the record, I forgive Rick Patrick. #RickPatrick #RepentanceAppreciated #Forgiveness"

I'm clueless, Scott Shaver, as to your hostility.

If you and Rick Patrick are upset that my secretary would not give you my cell number, and that I have not called him "immediately," then I will politely make you aware that the reason I am working from home is to get ready for two funerals, AND, most importantly, I've been on the phone with the rape victim that Rick Patrick mocked through the picture of the donkey and allegations of gang rape.

BTW, the rape victim is the one who sent me Rick's offensive tweet. She told me that her husband punched the wall when he saw it, and it was her HUSBAND, who didn't know his wife had been raped until she got the courage to tell him nine days ago.

So, Scott, you may have singlehandedly through your rude comments made the entire issue of Rick's tweet a bigger issue than it needs to be.

I wish you will as you go about more meaningful issues in life.

I, too, will help a woman who seems to be mocked by men who have no comprehension of what it feels like to be brutally, nonconsensually, sexually assaulted.

Anonymous said...


Praying for you today. May you have the presence of mind to be fully in the moment with those who need comforting despite the many distractions and frustrations that today brings. It is great to know that there are still pastors of large churches who tend to their flock.

Christiane said...

Dear Anonymous,
you wrote to Wade, this: "It is great to know that there are still pastors of large churches who tend to their flock."

Amen to that.

Pastoral care IS real ministry. May God give Wade the strength to minister today; and may the peace of Christ be poured out on all in need this day.

Scott Shaver said...

Wade. Respectfully, this will be my last comment on your site and I wish you well in your endeavors.

Having said that, with regard to your baseless speculation about any interaction between Rick Patrick and myself, you're so far out in left field that you can't even see the backstop.

If you are going to be the "representative" of SBC "victims" and "the marginalized", try listening to folks rather than publicly posturing and speculating about their motives.

If Rick tried to call you, I feel sure he will attempt to call you back.

You will then see for yourself whatever he shares with you has nothing to do with me as implied by your latest post.

He and I are square.

Be well and God bless.

Scott Shaver said...

As a footnote Wade, I was not aware of an apology from Rick about his post in question until 9:00 AM this morning

Scott Shaver said...

And how am I possibly to know ANYTHING that occurs between you, your secretary or within the context of your church office?

FBC Jax Watchdog said...

“Victims” and “the marginalized”.

In quotes.

Wade Burleson said...


When a person tells you they don't know what you are referring to, a healthy principle of relationship is to simply tell them.

I'll not guess again.

Wade Burleson said...

FBC Watchdog,

Yep. Yep. Yep.

Anonymous said...

Technical question: Wouldn't the SBC Executive Committee have something to say about committing CP funds to the "President Emeritus" position?

Scott Shaver said...

Guessing again I see guys. In the same breath even.

Quoted terms borrowed from Burleson and his ownline lemmings.

FBC Jax Watchdog said...

Scott, is THAT your last reply?

Scott Shaver said...

Hopefully Dog. Unless I personally remain the subject of your public observations and speculative analyses.

At least with Patterson, we know what we're dealing with due to his consistency.

Wade Burleson said...


I had a great conversation with Rick Patrick. I think you will be hearing from him again. He's not happy that you are using his name in this forum, causing me to think that you feel I have an agenda other than protecting women abused by Paige Patterson's philosophy of women.

You're putting Rick Patrick in a great deal of jeopardy. If I were you, I would be quiet and stop writing here, and protect your friend. Rick will tell you why your words in this forum may end up causing the cartoon he posted - questioning the veracity of the rape victim - to go back up in a post - at the request of those harmed by it.

It would be best to stop your ranting and accusations that I am "flinging dung" - for Rick Patrick's sake and three other men who will hear from me before sundown.

Wade Burleson said...

Scott Shaver,

You wrote: "Rick Patrick and I had a broken relationship that was restored this morning through personal interaction and mutual forgiveness."

I guess you consider online forums "personal interaction?"

Rick Patrick told me two times has not spoken to you via phone today. If I were you, I'd speak to him by phone immediately.

You have an hour and a half before my post goes up about the rape victim.

Unknown said...

I am truly, truly sorry for the pain I have caused by my post yesterday afternoon. I am grieved beyond words. My overreaction on the private Facebook group was one of wrongful and inappropriate sarcasm. It stayed up about 90 seconds before I reconsidered the post and decided to remove it. I don't normally talk this way. I was deeply disturbed that a man I greatly admire seemed to be the victim of a "hit job" by certain individuals out to get him. The timing of the Post story breaking just seemed too convenient.

I am in the process of contacting each of the five brothers I insulted with my statement, which was designed to illustrate that anyone can make the most heinous accusation against anyone else, and will be presumed guilty when there is not enough time to sort out the evidence, as was the case in the Trustee Meeting. Having offered Wade my apology earlier today, which he graciously accepted, I now have reason to believe, as astonishing as it is for me to say it, that this may actually be the truth, in spite of the convenient timing, and the story of what took place may very well make every Southern Baptist sick.

For years, I have placed Dr. Patterson on a pedestal, holding him in extremely high regard. The very notion that any of these charges could have a hint of truth to them was a thought I frankly found very difficult to entertain. Now, I do not know what to think. I do know that I am terribly sorry, and if any person—man, woman, or child—endures any kind of abuse, as I endured myself when I was a child, my heart of compassion goes out to them. For any pain that I have caused anyone, I am profoundly sorry. I will learn from this. And it will not happen again.

Scott Shaver said...

Wade. It is becoming increasingly obvious that your ASSUMPTIONS are the source of your own confusion.

For example my comments about a "broken relationship", mended through "interaction" refers not to telephone calls but within the context of a mutual friend's Facebook page.

We have never spoken by phone or even met face to face. We HAVE had extensive dialogue, discussion, and heated disagreement in the past over one Paige Patterson, the CR and SBC politics. In other words, our "relationship" is no different than the "relationships" YOU foster, maintain or abandon ONLINE.

Now, seeing that YOU HAVE spoken with Rick by phone and indicated that I CLAIMED to have spoken with him, by phone, I can certainly understand his ANGER albeit misdirected. That one is on you Pal.

I suggest that it is YOUR place, not mine, to place a call to Rick for the purpose of assuaging any level of anger at me as A RESULT of YOUR TELEPHONE CONVERSATION.

No need for Me to call him. I do not nor have I ever had his telephone number.

In conclusion, sell your 1.5 hour deadlines to somebody for whom they have relevance and POST AWAY.

It's YOUR site and I will refrain from interaction as long as I am not the ongoing subject of your haphazard public speculation and analysis.

Fair enough?

Anonymous said...

Mr Patrick, that is the first of your apologies I’ve read that sounds like genuine repentance. I truly hope it is.

Scott Shaver said...

If Rick wants my phone number both you and he are certainly welcome to it.

Jon L. Estes said...

When a person makes it a priority to talk specifically down about others instead of to them... in the public square... they build their own glass houses to live in. I’m not sure if any of us are squeaky clean enough to not be caught in the wrong and get a taste of what we already spent too much time doing towards others.

Scott Shaver said...

Kinda like you putting Dr Klouda in jeopardy for the sake of your (our) beefs with Paige right?

Did you counsel with her as a pastor before outing her victimization.

I have done nothing today but ENCOURAGE Rick Patrick in the Lord. Ask him yourself.

Wade Burleson said...

Rick Patrick,

I am a man of my word. Thank you for your sincere apology. You are forgiven. I will pass on your apology to the rape victim and her husband. As you know, the husband is the one who saw your post, and I explained to you his response. His wife (the rape victim) forwarded your post to me. I know your apology will mean a great deal to them. They understand forgiveness too, and I'm confident you'll be forgiven.

Wade Burleson said...


You've left seven comments since you said, "This is my last comment..."

I'll remember that if I ever have the opportunity to hear you preach and hear you say, "Now for my final point."

Blessings, and I wish you the best in your ministerial pursuits as you deal with more important matters.

Unknown said...

It baffles my mind some people are taking something else someone did so personally, and thus feel the need to defend the defenseless.

(Saw the news about P.P. today, figured you may have been writing about it!)


Scott Shaver said...

Like I told you Wade, if you don't want me to respond, quit using me a public subject or directly "INVITING" a response.

Notice I have not responded to any snark directed at me within the last "7 comments" that was initiated by anyone other than YOU (or you and the dog working in tandem).

FBC Jax Watchdog said...

Scott, please don’t assume I’m working in tandem with anyone.

Number 8....

Doug said...

If you don't want Beetlejuice" to show up people, just don't say "Beetlejuice."

Good grief . . .

Lee Enochs said...

Pastor Wade for Nobel Peace Prize! I am impressed with you my friend. Thanks for standing strong in your convictions pastor Wade!

Rex Ray said...


Well, old buddy, what happened? Once we were in a foxhole dodging comments from Lee Enochs, and now he has said, “ Pastor Wade for Nobel Peace Prize! I am impressed with you my friend. Thanks for standing strong in your convictions pastor Wade! Wed May 23, 03:57:00 PM 2018”

I’m reminded of the words, “Come back Shane! We love you.!

Are we going to let Patterson exit with glorious honors? I mean for a man to shame the words of Jesus in his treatment of women and retire in a multi-million dollar home is not leaving with his tail between his legs.

Rex Ray said...


I got some names mixed up. I said , “Once we were in a foxhole dodging comments from Lee Enochs…” but the name should have been ‘Jon L. Estes’.

I also quoted Estes as saying “ Pastor Wade for Nobel Peace Prize! I am impressed with you my friend. Thanks for standing strong in your convictions pastor Wade!” when it should have been Lee Enochs.


I thought Wade was our hero; what turned you against him. I don’t understand. Have you joined Patterson’s corruption?

Is someone holding a loved one hostage or something?

Tom Parker said...

Rick Patrick did not ask me for his forgiveness so I will not address that. However, his and other's hero worship of PP has gone on for years and I wonder out loud how many innocent people who made provable accusations against PP were on the receiving end of those that worshiped PP? One would be too many.

Anonymous said...

According to the Texas DPS sex offender registry, a man listed as a student of the seminary is considered a “moderate threat” and has been convicted of Aggravated Sexual Assault of two girls, one 12 year old and one 14 year-old.


His facebook account also confirms that he is an M.Div student at SWBTS.

I wonder whether this might turn up in the next news release.

Scott Shaver said...

Don't do heros Rex Ray, says BeetleJuice. And I do like the tag.

Wade and I agree on the destructive wake and dogma of Paige. We disagree on the value of what I desribed to some friends today as a transition from conscientious objection and action to an SBC Jerry Springer version of "justice".

As a documented and vocal 30 year critic and opponent of Paige Patterson. My issues with him are over via our mutually adopted (good,bad,or ugly) trustee decision. I am and always have been a Southern Baptist.

My previous "moderate" label does not apply to the only 2 remaining SBC tribes now executing their battle plans with one another.

No longer a dog in the fight and no ambition to be either a crusader or useful idiot in a denominational struggle while nothing is being said by the Elmer Gantry School of Social justice about Pattersons ally and early colleague Mohler.

Can any body say SGM or SBC resolutions on child abuse (with a view toward harboring abusers)?

Beetlejuice can't hang with either the theatre or the selective outrage. Mohler's "sins" are, as we speak and via the pen of Mohler are scapegoating out the door with Patterson.

And in case anybody thinks I'm not following decorum, Somebody said "Beetlejuice" in Wade's last post but was busy rounding up June bugs for dinner.

Thanks for asking anyway Rex.

Scott Shaver said...

Beetlejuice lied Rex Ray. John Lee Hooker and James McMurty are music heros