Tuesday, March 09, 2021

Stop Watching News and Start Trusting the LORD

Every evening Rachelle and I record ABC News, NBC News, and CBS News. Our work schedules are such that we can only watch the national news late at night, and so typically during the late evening hours, we'll watch as the national networks report on the news of the day.

No more. I am done.

Every single night, the news anchors broadcast fear. Are Covid numbers going down? New strains are threatening our country. Is the economy opening back up? Everyone is out of work. Have you had your vaccine shot? Still stay isolated from strangers, still wear your mask, and still do not travel. Are people gathering to protest? The National Guard and the United States armed forces are needed to protect the capital from insurrection from internal terrorism. It goes on and on and on.

Recently, I've been inundated with calls from friends who are concerned with their loved ones who are battling anxiety, depression, and extraordinary fear. There's almost a universal cry for help due to the fear stoking in our society.

What's going on in America? Why have we become such a people of fear?

To solve any problem, one must go to the source, not the symptom. It seems some want all Americans to live in perpetual fear. We must ask ourselves the question, "Why?"

About 75 years ago, Hermann Göring, Adolph Hitler's lieutenant, testified at the Nuremberg Court of Appeal trials. He was asked by one of the prosecutors: 
"How did you get the German people to accept government control of all German lives and the government's forced imprisonment and eventual extermination of the Jews, a people deemed 'unclean and unsafe' by the Nazis?"
The second most powerful man in the Nazi State responded: 
′′It was very easy, it had nothing to do with Nazism. It has something to do with human nature. You can get people to conform in a Nazi state, a socialist country, a communist regime, a monarchy, and even in a democracy. The only thing that needs to be done to enslave people is to scare them. If you manage to find a way to scare people, you can make them do what you want."

I've got a solution for the ever-increasing state of fear and government encroachment in our lives.  Stop watching the news and start trusting the LORD. 

America is much like ancient Israel.

In 701 BC, the Assyrian army surrounded Jerusalem and the ancient city of Judah. The Jews had tried everything to keep the Assyrians from destroying their nation like they had destroyed all the nations around Judah. 

Hezekiah, king of Judah, had paid the king of Assyrian a hefty tax to keep the Assyrians from invading (II Kings 18:14).  The king sent messengers to Egypt to ask for assistance from the Egyptian army (Isaiah 31:1). The people were in a state of panic. Their way of life was about to be destroyed through sudden and unpreventable death. Everyone was afraid.

Then Isaiah the prophet spoke to the people. He gave them a solution:
"The LORD will be the stability of your times. A wealth of salvation, wisdom, and knowledge; The fear of the Lord is your treasure." (Isaiah 33:6). 

The truth is the LORD had sent the Assyrians to Zion because His people (the Jews) had turned their backs on Him and started trusting in everything to save them but the LORD. The LORD says in Isaiah 10:5:

Woe to the Assyrian, the rod of my anger,
in whose hand is the club of my wrath!
I have sent him against a godless nation.  

Everything happening in America is designed by the LORD to drive us to trust in Him. When we turn our backs on the LORD and start living godless lives, events occur - events designed by a good and loving God - to drive us to find our treasure in Him.

The treasure of the LORD is wisdom, knowledge, and stability.

Stop watching the evening news which breeds fear and start reading the Bible which births faith. A Targum is a Biblical saying that updates ancient events, locations, and things with modern equivalents for the encouragement of the hearer. A Targum of an ancient song sung by the Jews in David's day before the king of Israel went out to battle goes like this: 

"Some trust in government and the Presidents, some trust in the CDC and NBC, and some trust in stimulus checks, but we will trust in the name of the LORD our God." (Psalm 20:7). 

The great enemies of America are those dark forces in the spiritual realm that rejoice when Americans trust anything and everything but the LORD. 

Stop watching the news and start trusting the LORD.


Victorious said...

Wow! I couldn't agree with you more, Wade! I'm pretty much confined to home so when I check up on any news station, all I hear is Covid19 and the complications as well as the shortage of the vaccine. It continues ad nauseam.

My favorite diversion is a hockey game, but those are pretty much televised during the evening hours.

But when I turn my attention to my favorite blog(s), my focus is turned to the Bible and the Savior who is our strength and who comforts us during these times.

Thanks for this much-needed reminder, Wade!

Rex Ray said...


Your Post reminded me of a story.

A flood came and a man was on his roof. Two boats came by, but he said, “Yawl help someone else, the Lord’s going to take care of me.” A helicopter threw a rope, and he said the same.

He drown and in heaven asked God, why didn’t you save me?

“I sent two boats and a helicopter.”

Maybe I’m like the guy above since I’ve refused the vaccine shot. (I’ll be 89 tomorrow.)

Christiane said...

I've prayed for a time to see this kind of post again that affirms and encourages folks against the darkness, and tonight, in vigil prayer, I will give thanks to God for letting me have the privilege of reading it.

REX RAY, please get vaccinated, please. Medicine is not a 'substitute' for faith, no.
But it can help us to live in the midst of all the sickness we are heir to in this world. It can stop some of our suffering. It can delay our grief and our loss of loved ones. The first 'hospitals' were formed by the Church and St. Luke himself was a doctor. 'Ministry' included the care of the sick and the dying during the Dark Ages when over 90% of the clergy perished while tending to plague victims in their last agonies. The Church did not turn away from the medical care of the sick, no. Remember how the Good Samaritan cared for the wounded man he found 'somewhere between Jerusalem and Jericho'?

In my Church if I pulled that 'God YOU save me, I don't need a shot' act, the priest would remind me that it is a sin to tempt God in that way. Just sayin.

All that is good comes to us ultimately from the Hand of God in this life. The vaccine? Yes, even that.

Christiane said...

REX RAY, happy almost birthday. Get the shot. 'Nuff said. :)

Scott Shaver said...

That's the reason we operate as our own priests in the Baptist faith tradition.

Cuts out the middle men with bad advice.

Rex Ray said...

To “Nuff said”,

Today, I talked to my cousin that lives a mile down the road. (He and his crew help built the house we live in now.) He and his wife got the virus over a month ago.

Said what got him well was the same thing that got Trump well: (Anti-bodies in blood from people that had the virus.) He has given blood to hospitals for the same reason. He’s building houses again.

Judy’s brother said the second shot gave him a bad chill. Said he could do anything his sister did, and yelled, “LAUNCH THE BEAR-CAT” as he started down the slide. He was on an aircraft-carrier, and that was the yell when an airplane took off.

Those planes had a hook that caught a cable that helped to stop when they landed. As a machinist at LTV, I’d made many of those hooks.

Christiane said...

Hey, REX RAY, 'nuff said' here

that 'bad' chill?
it might have been a GOOD sign, as the second shot may set off a slight reaction to the first shot having done its job to immunize against the virus

my son in Alaska had his second shot and also felt achy and noticed feeling a bit tired, but the next day, all was well

both my boys have been fully vaccinated, thank God

Christiane said...

For them what might be interested, this:

BECAUSE it is clear that COVID19 causes death,
it makes sense to inoculate ourselves when the vaccines become available
IF we hold to the biblical teaching of 'choosing life',
that we may live

Scott Shaver said...

Attempting to make a choice to vaccinate or not a test of biblical Christianity is the most asinine form of pseudo-Christianity I've ever encountered.

Wade Burleson said...

"Attempting to make a choice to vaccinate or not a test of biblical Christianity is the most asinine form of pseudo-Christianity I've ever encountered."

Scott, I'm not sure the source of your statement, but I have never heard one Christian - not one - make the test of biblical Christianity whether or not one should vaccinate.

If you are drawing a conclusion that the Targum is making such a suggestion, you are wrong. The actual verse from the Psalms says: "Some trust in horses and some trust in chariots, but we will trust in the name of the LORD our God."

Then David and the Jewish army got on their horses and in their chariots and went to war.

To use the means is different from trust. Get a vaccine. Use the means. Trust in the LORD.

Rex Ray said...

I’ve given Judy and me nicknames that start with F; she’s the finder and I’m the forgetter. I can’t remember if I’ve told this or not, so I’ll tell it.

The Three Stooges
One Saturday, about fifty years ago, three of us decided to enter a spear fishing contest’ at a large ‘swamp lake’ in Louisiana about two hundred miles from Fort Worth, Texas. We got our scuba gear, spear guns, and three tanks of air each. We went in my station wagon pulling a boat I’d made that’d go about 30 miles an hour. The front was covered with plywood and the steering wheel was behind that. We paid our entry fee and spent the night in the station wagon. (Shortest guy got the front seat.)
To identify the Stooges, Rex is Moe, and the others are Larry and Curly. They decided the river dam, 5 miles away, would have the largest fish. Outside the river channel was shallow and trees had rotted off even with the water.
Moe kept the ‘tricky’ motor running and Larry who was steering had left his glasses in the car. He hit a rotted tree that knocked a hole in the boat. Moe bailed water as fast as he could, but knew they were in trouble when the gas tank started floating. Moe yelled, “GO TO THE BANK!” They thought they saw land, but it turned out to be trees with low limbs. Curly had his mask and scuba tank on. A limb hit his tank and knocked him overboard. He grabbed the side and climbed back in with a wall of water. The boat became a seesaw; when the rear started under, they rushed to the front. When the front started under, they rushed to the rear. They did that until they sunk in ten feet of water.
Why they didn’t cut the motor off and keep it from being ruined before sinking, Moe will never know. They were wearing wet suits for the cold water. When they took their weight belts off, they floated like corks. Curly used his scuba gear to take the motor off and the plywood boat, covered with fiberglass, floated.
They started yelling, “Yoo-hoo”. It wasn’t long before that changed to HELP. After an hour, they saw a fisherman that was too far away to hear them. Moe swam a long way and just as he was going to yell, the guy left. Then another boat came up: “Have you heard someone calling for help?”
It took the ‘Good Samaritan’ three trips to get all they had to the bank that was a mile away. They were close enough to walk to Moe’s car. They came back and loaded everything except part of the steering wheel that broke off when Curly tried to lift the boat with the motor on.
Moe thought skipping church just once would be OK. It’s strange at ten o’clock when they started yelling for help was the time Moe was supposed to be teaching a Sunday School class.

Wade Burleson said...


LOVE your stories! You and Judy need to drive to Enid - stay Saturday night - and be our guests on Sunday. Rachelle and I would love to take you out to lunch. I appreciate your friendship, support, and comments. I also love to see the way you and Christiane interact - true Christianity, even in disagreement!

Love you, Judy, and Christiane!

RB Kuter said...

WOW! You hit the nail on the head, Wade!

When we lived in Zambia in the late 1980s, it was under the dictatorship of Kenneth Kaunda and had been for 20 years. His fear source was white apartheid-South Africa, which really had no inclination to invade Zambia. Kaunda had troops all over the bridges, power stations, etc., to protect against South African invasion, which, of course, never took place. But Kaunda projected the image of his being the great protector of the people, all the while stealing billions from the people received from international loans. Kaunda's socialist agenda had totally bankrupted the country in just a short while.

My wife and I had to shut off the "news" media, as you suggest. I concluded that, given the news networks project fear, hate, deception, immorality, violence, hopelessness and despair, it MUST have Satan as its lord and master. I couldn't stand the stinch of it so put distance between it and myself. All of the media presentations are extremely biased. They do not "report" news, they "fabricate" news.

This is true of most social media as well. It is hypocritical and evil.

YouTube just censored a video with the interview with Dr. Lee Merritt, a doctor with tremendous credentials warning against the COVID and vaccine disinformation. Her perspective, based upon very real evidence, experience, and data, goes against the politicized agenda being propagated by the leftist as a means for creating the "PANIC MONSTER" (my term, not the doctor's). The media giants are nothing but propaganda machines.

The left has used this epidemic as a means for exerting control and fabricating a panic as surely as the Nazis did in WWII. That's why we have always had the sense that all information was unreliable as it constantly changed with no common consensus by scientists and certainly no politicians.

Paul D said...

good word, again, Wade.

My only question is whether mainstream media is the only source of fear that you are tired of. Perhaps alt media uses fear too? So much fear, in fact, that people are driven to acts of violence in several instances (pizza gate and the Capitol mob come to mind).

To be super clear, I'm not defending the fear tactics used by mainstream media. I just think it's mild compared to the fear tactics used by much of alt media.


Paul D said...

@RB Kuter

"The media giants are nothing but propaganda machines"

I share your frustration. I have found BBC to be pretty good - publicly owned.


Gerry Milligan said...

Wade, I will not stop listening to the national news, I use a method that served us well when we were in a language school in Jordan. At 8:00 pm the news in English was broadcast on Jordan television and Kol Isreal (the voice of Isreal) cane via Israeli television in English at 8:30 pm, We then tried to take the truth from both broadcasts. So now I watch BBC News and NPR.

But, Wade, were you only addressing national news? How do you get local news?

Paul D said...

@Scott Shaver

"Baptist faith tradition"

those are interesting words. Especially when they are said to a Catholic. I mean, most protestants would avoid admitting that "tradition" has anything to do with their faith - it's not one of the 5 solas.

"Baptist faith" - now that is even more interesting!


Rex Ray said...

AH, is promoting fear BAD or GOOD when it’s true?

“Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears, or tomorrow the Tiber will run red with your blood!” Mark Anthony

Example: Have you head the GOOD NEWS; BAD NEWS AT THE BORDER?
GOOD NEWS: It’s no longer a crisis.
BAD NEWS: It’s a disaster!

Wade, I count your invitation as a top birthday present. Maybe someday. Wouldn’t it be a hoot if Christiane and us got together? One joy of heaven will be “…then shall I know even as also I am known.” (1 Corinthians 13-12 KJ)

Our Dad tried to teach his twins when we were 3-years-old; Anthony’s warning. All he got was “runny ears’.

Scott Shaver said...

Guess I fall under the category of not "most protestants".

"Baptist Faith" as interpreted through the larger framework of Christianity is not a hard concept to grasp, regardless of denominational affiliation.

Scott Shaver said...

Wade: the nuance of my statement had to do with Christianne's inference that Rex Ray be vaccinated as the "right thing to do" as the revealed will of God via science.

Scott Shaver said...

Wade, additionally, some are not so sure as others that the vaccines are the actual "horses and chariots" they want to ride into a "war" in which you have a 98% percent chance of survival without either "horse" or "chariot".

I'm in no way anti-vaccine, but neither am I a pusher of same considering the medical and scientific clouds of confusion currently surrounding this issue.

Some, irrespective of age, prefer to stand at the back of the line. I respect their freedom and rationales for so doing.

Paul D said...

@Scott Shaver

well, technically, Baptists are "most protestants". If you google "largest protestant denomination" the first result is SBC. As it pertains to fundamentalism and "Baptist faith", "tradition" is not a basis for correct theology. Just FYI - you are the one who said to present you with facts and you would show how they are wrong.


RB Kuter said...

Wade said to stop watching the news and instead trust in the Lord.

I know that is absolutely true but so often some of us respond, "Sure, I want to trust in the Lord. I want to take all my burdens to the cross and leave them there." Problem is, some of us tend to take our burdens to the cross and then pick them up and carry them back home with us!

So I ask, "Just how can I trust in the Lord" and for me it's a matter of immersing myself in The Lord and His people and His Kingdom work, teaching, and preaching. I find that is a great substitute for thinking and dreading all of the world's stuff. That's how my wife and I weaned off of the "conservative news" fixes we had become addicted to.

It's true, I continue to feed upon some reports for "The Epoch News" but really, I limit that. I do make plenty (probably too many) comments on Wade's blog site to the point of hi-jacking or pirating it, but that's because I am still emotionally invested in my nation and see this as an appropriate forum to express my views. Still, I even have to watch myself from getting too involved in this forum and occasionally take some leave from it. It all can be depressing and consuming if not in check.

RB Kuter said...

"Perhaps alt media uses fear too? So much fear, in fact, that people are driven to acts of violence in several instances (pizza gate and the Capitol mob come to mind)."

Paul D, you are right. The fear factor does apply to both sides. The fear was exhibited by the "left" during the urban uprisings and riots. They used banners claiming to be marching and burning in the name of "justice for all" and their destructive behavior said to be a response to the horrific murder of an African American man by some policemen. True, that incident was despicable but I believe the underlying fear was actually based upon their fear of the nationalist movement taking place to which they were opposed. Hence, it ceased immediately following the demise of the nationalist administration.

The Washington riots were also fear-based, in my opinion. I conclude that a significant accelerant agent was the strategically implanted anarchists having no genuine allegiance to Trump but who wanted things to get violent and out of hand. Whether that's an accurate assessment or not, I do concede that the tens of thousands ("hundreds of thousands"?) of protestors in Washington were probably motivated by the fear that their traditional America was being stolen away through bogus election pirating and the process for seeking an electoral remedy had been eliminated.

Doesn't matter whether my opinion is accurately based, the thing is that there are two major masses in the nation going in head-on directions, both being driven by their fear originating from one source or another.

I guess it could be compared to Nazis being driven by a fabricated fear of one thing colliding with their opposing Allies driven by a fear of the Nazi movement. Result, war.

Wade Burleson said...


I understand. Thanks. I misunderstood your original comment. Thanks for the clarification.

Wade Burleson said...

Paul D.

I. think you may be right - good point. I would say the same thing for alt media.

Wade Burleson said...


Great way to watch the news. I was only taking a temporary sabbatical from U.S. national news. If it gets better, I’ll start watching again.

Paul D said...

@RB Kuter

"I even have to watch myself from getting too involved in this forum"

Amen brother. My cup is extremely small for this kind of dialogue. I'm not on any social media platforms but I do glean a bit of what's going on from my wife. The main reason I comment here is because it is generally pretty civil and substance based. But I'm as guilty as anyone at not always keeping things headed in a positive direction.

"there are two major masses in the nation going in head-on directions, both being driven by their fear originating from one source or another."

I think you are right, but I will say that I think there is a position that is not fear based, that doesn't fall prey to either alt right or leftist extremes and fear. Unfortunately, it's right where a lot of...my community...doesn't want to be - the middle.


Rex Ray said...



“On May 25, 2020, George Floyd, a 46-year-old black man, was killed…while being arrested for allegedly using a counterfeit bill…Derek Chauvin…knelt on Floyd's neck for about nine and a half minutes after he was handcuffed and lying face down…Floyd had complained about being unable to breathe prior to being on the ground…After several minutes passed Floyd stopped speaking. For a further two minutes, he lay motionless and officer Kueng found no pulse when urged to check. Despite this, Chauvin refused pleas to lift his knee until medics told him to.

Wade, Chauvin’s trial will start in a few days. In the link below, I believe David Pinney who worked in the nightclub with George Floyd and Derek Chauvin, changed his story because he didn’t want to get involved.

The link is too long to print, but it tells how Chauvin didn’t like Floyd, and was aggressive toward him. Floyd's family wants Chauvin charged with first degree murder, and I agree with them.


Rex Ray said...

I said I believe Penney changed his testimony because he didn’t want to get involve, but now I believe he or the lives of his family have been threatened.

Scott Shaver said...

Paul, as kindly as I can say it, I have no interest in your "technicalities" or preferred language. I personally don't think, by your comments to me, that you even understand the role or meaning of theology.

Scott Shaver said...

Rex Ray:

How do you possibly convict a police officer of first degree murder, regardless of previous differences with deceased, when both the video evidence and coroner's report point toward us all watching a man resist arrest WHILE going into full-blown cardiac shutdown due to 3 times a fatal level of Fentanyl mixed with methamphetamines coursing through an already diseased heart?

Scott Shaver said...

Wade: Lots of folks not only misunderstand my original comments, but my second, third and fourth follow-up comments as well😜😂

Scott Shaver said...

Paul: Isn't it amazing to think how backward and ignorant Christianity must have been prior to the advent of Google?😎

Paul D said...

@Scott Shaver

"as kindly as I can say it, I have no interest in your "technicalities" or preferred language."

ok, my apologies - we'll keep it "general" and avoid technicalities and preferences. Unless they are your technicalities and preferences, of course.

So, generally speaking, a police officer knelt on a man's neck and killed him.


Rex Ray said...

Scott Shaver,

Yes, George Floyd had a lot of Fentanyl, but how can you say Floyd resisted arrest when he said, “Please, I’m a good guy.”?

In the first place, you are any of us could obtain counterfeit money by getting it in change etc. That’s why Floyd was arrested, but policeman Chauvin acted like Floyd was a murderer. Even so, Chauvin should have read him his rights, put on handcuffs, and taken him to jail.

But NO, Chauvin put him face down on concrete with his knee on his neck. I can think of no other reason than to inflict pain. Nine minutes went by, and he was told Floyd no longer had a pulse. But he wouldn’t remove his knee until medics made him. Some of Floyd’s last words were calling for his mother.

I don’t believe Chauvin killed him because he was Black and Floyd was White, but because he hated him.

Paul D said...

@Scott Shaver

"...how backward and ignorant Christianity must have been prior to the advent of Google"

Kinda like using "tradition" to support the Baptist faith in a conversation with a Catholic, now you are discussing the advent of google in reference to Christianity. That is really quite an amazing turn of the phrase.

I hope that's not considered a technicality or language preference.


Scott Shaver said...

Sorry Rex Ray:

I saw a guy heavily under the influence and having cardiac issues while physically resisting arrest.

The coroner and investigative authorities stated that outside the fact of an arrest, they would have ruled cause of death by overdose. Plain and simple. No physical evidence of exterior pressure of any kind being a possibility.

If your trachea or air passages are physically restricted, kinda hard to talk...even to say "I can't breathe".

Scott Shaver said...

Sorry Rex:

Whether the officer had history or bad blood with Floyd or not, He used a textbook subdual technique on a physically resistant detainee. Hard to prove murder in reality based on what either you or I "think".

Noncompliance with police is bad idea from the get go.

Being stoned is no excuse.

Christiane said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Christiane said...

sharing insights from Christian 'tradition'? :)

comes to us a saying from eastern Christianity about having 'good will', this:

"The Holy Spirit teaches us to love our enemies
in such way that we pity their souls as if they were our own children."

(St. Silouan the Athonite, Writings, I.11)

Scott Shaver said...

Rex: The whole time Floyd was claiming to be "a good guy", he was physically resisting their duly authorized responsibility to take him into custody.

This "nice guy" once pistol-whipped and held a pregnant woman at gun point.

Rex Ray said...

Scott Shaver,

Yes, you can tell how bad Floyd was in the past, and I’ll add some bad things Chauvin did in the past:


“Both George Floyd and Derek Chauvin lived in Minnesota's Twin Cities and worked at the same nightclub before Chauvin knelt on Floyd's neck during an arrest on May 25, killing him. But their lives were worlds apart.

Chauvin lived in a predominantly white St. Paul suburb and racked up 18 complaints over his 19-year career as a police officer’

Chauvin had a reputation for being overly aggressive and combative, according to the nightclub owner who employed him as a security guard.

One woman who filed a complaint against him in 2007 said Chauvin and another officer pulled her out of her car with no explanation.”


Google states:

“Four Minneapolis police officers have been sacked and charged over the killing of George Floyd, whose death spurred global protests. The officers - Derek Chauvin, Alexander Kueng, Thomas Lane, and Tou Thao - arrested Mr. Floyd for an alleged fake $20 bill. Chauvin was the senior officer with 19 years’ service.”

Scott do you get the picture? I’ll help you.

The police textbook says to put him in a police car and take him to jail.

But Chauvin forced him to lie on his stomach with his hands behind his back. He put his knee on his neck and kept his weight on him even after he’s told Floyd didn’t have a pulse.

Scott, is that textbook procedure?

Scott Shaver said...


Yep it's a textbook procedure or used to be in some military and police training.

Any excessive pressure beyond simple immobilization was not revealed or indicated by the coroner and investigative authorities.

You cannot gauge nor determine from the video that the knee on the neck was either primarily or secondarily responsible for the man's (Floyd) demise.

As to not removing his knee until asked by paramedics, the defense will likely contend that was to protect the medical responders from a panicked and physically resistant subject of arrest.

All this in lieu and despite any previous history between Floyd and Chauvin.

The trial is not about which of the two, Floyd or Chauvin, was the lesser of two "bad men".

The trial is about whether or not the arresting officer(s) were primarily responsible for the death of Floyd.

The prosecutors, in light of public and media driven outrage surrounding the narrative, dismissed and upgraded their original charges to 1st degree murder.

Now they find themselves in a situation where they will probably appeal to restore the original charge in hopes of getting some kind of conviction.

A real media and politically driven circus.

Scott Shaver said...


Looks to me from the video footage that the officers attempted unsuccessfully to "put Floyd in the car and take him to jail"..repeatedly for several minutes.

Scott Shaver said...


Would be interesting to know a little more about the night club owner's history prior to assigning carte blanche credibility to his testimony.

Rex Ray said...

HEY, Wade,

I’ve thought of another way we can get together! Our church hasn’t had a revival since you father was here. (Hint; Hint)

I’ll never forget the way of his “goodbye”. Said he had a plane to catch and he’d leave while someone ended with prayer.

I followed him, and as he was getting in a car, I yelled the words of a boy in a story: “Come back Shane! We love you Shane!”

My brother-in-law, attended that revival. They live in the Panhandle of Texas, but come often as our sister lives nearby. (We both can see our church.)

He is the one that started: “I’m so angry with my mother for voting for Biden, I’m not going to visit her grave again.”

He should have had a comedy show instead of teaching school. When our Dad was in his 90’s, he asked him to sing, “I’ll Fly Away” at his funeral someday.

“I couldn’t do that, Dave.”
“Why not?”
“I’d get too tickled.”

At a physical, a nurse told my sister to put a robe on, and for him to take his shirt off.
“I can’t do that.”
“Why not?”
“My wife, gets too excited.”

Wade, I hope you think about that revival. Judy and I are alone in this house that has 9 beds and 3 bathrooms.

Scott Shaver said...


As to Floyd's past...the Fentanyl and methamphetamine were PRESENT at point of demise.

Rex Ray said...


Have you seen?


It states: “MINNEAPOLIS — The Minneapolis City Council has approved the largest police settlement in the city's history for the family of George Floyd and the community where he died. The city will pay $27 million to the family of Floyd, who died under the knee of former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin in May of 2020.

Scott, one thing we have in common: Neither will be selected as a juror at Chauvin’s trial.

Scott Shaver said...

I did see that Bro Rex.

Like I said previously, a real media and politically driven circus.

The last city (s) in the United States I would be willing to trust with hard-earned tax dollars at this juncture in history would be Minneapolis-St Paul.

Scott Shaver said...


And nobody could possibly and intelligently dispute your call that neither of us could ever get placed on that jury😂

Scott Shaver said...


A beautiful insight from Christian "tradition". Thank you.

I certainly have no problem with "tradition" Baptists have a few of their own.

Wade Burleson said...


I'd love to come for a Revival in Texas and stay with you and Judy!

Just work it out with your pastor! :)

Rex Ray said...


GREAT! We’ll start on that today.

RB Kuter said...

Epoch Times reports: "Several U.S. cities were beset by riots and protests on Saturday night as demonstrators marked the one-year anniversary of the death of Taylor in Louisville, Kentucky. Los Angeles, Portland, and Seattle saw protests and clashes between crowds of people and police. Rioters threw rocks at police officers in Hollywood and smashed store windows, according to reports and footage published from the scene."

People on the "right" scratch their heads in puzzlement asking, "Why don't the governments in those places totally overwhelm those rioters with law enforcement forces to protect the peaceful, law-abiding citizens and private businesses?"

People on the "left" respond explaining, "They are simply expressing their unvented anger over the injustice of society. Plus, it is only a 'love-in' peace event."

I thought the rule of the anarchists would end with the Biden Administration's pushing out Trump, but guess the kids got used to throwing tantrums and seeing their behavior rewarded. Now they don't care who is in the kitchen.

Still love the kids, though! Don't call me non-compassionate for having an intelligent observation and assessment of the situation, please.

Rex Ray said...

RB Kuter,

Looks like rioters got an early start; Google says Taylor died May 25, 2020.

I hear the jury if found guilty, has a choice of murder in 1st, 2nd, or 3rd degree.

The link below states the other two officers with Chauvin were rookies; with one having only four days on the job.


I think any American juror already has their mind made up. Maybe the best place to have the trial would be China.

RB Kuter said...

Rex Ray, I don't think the insanity of the response of violence, looting, destruction can be justified by any argument saying it is done in the name of justice. That is ludicrous. Think about it. Even if the worst atrocity of injustice is made by some rogue police officers a response committing crimes against innocents on an even higher scale serves no purpose other than being used politically by one political party or another or to facilitate the theft of goods from damaged stores.

It makes no difference to those anarchists committing the crimes of rioting, insurrection, looting, pilfering, and assault and battery upon innocent bystanders whether a legal proceeding goes one way or the other.

That is my perspective and obviously not that of most local government administrators turning a blind eye and allowing the pilferage to continue.

Rex Ray said...

RB Kuter,

You’re 100% right.

Scott Shaver said...

RB. I agree. "Justice" is the last thing they are concerned with.

Truthseeker said...

Scott, I agree. Our information on covid is almost all via the mainstream media. I had it and got sick. I believe the biggest need in our cou try is for people who claim they are Christians to live a life that reflects we are. I will never receive the vaccine and a large portion of people in america will. Either is fine. My problem today is with people claiming they serve and love Jesus and ignore truth, vote for anti biblical, pro abortion, pro sin evil people and then go to church and think they serve the same loving God that offers eternal life through Jesus. I believe there needs to be a revival in the church. The current state of the church and the lack of action and true Christianity is why America is dying and failing. It falls at the feet of the so called church. I agree with you and encourage you to pray for truth and that people will choose to see it and seek it. Today america needs Jesus, not a fake made up Jesus that is running rampant in the current business model prosperity churches. We need patriots and lovers of Jesus that are willing to stand up against the main stream media and the evil agenda they are pushing along with this administration that supports all that is evil and corrupt.

Unknown said...

I'm sure you mean well, Christine. But some of us have actually done a lot of research on this so-called "vaccine" (it does not meet the criteria to even be labelled a vaccine, it is actually experimental mRNA gene therapy) and we choose to not have it because of the multitude of adverse health effects that will follow down the line.

C19 is all a lie, manufactured to get you scared enough to take that experimental jab. It's all a pre-planned event, a manmade "crisis" with a predetermined "solution". It's the work of Satan, and Christians should be educated on this end-times deception, and not participate in it.

There are greater deceptions coming soon. Keep watch for a very convincing false alien invasion in the very near future. You've been warned before it takes place in hopes you will not be deceived by it as well. Mark my words, it's coming, and more of your rights and freedoms will be stripped away as with C19, just as it has all been designed.

I hope and pray you will stop pressuring people to take this experimental gene therapy disguised as a vaccine, because I'm sorry to say you are misguided on this issue.

May God bless you and lead you into all truth.

Christiane said...

my response was not printed, so I do not know if you received it, but thank you for sharing your thoughts with me in any case, and thank you for the blessing, which I also ask of God on your behalf.

There IS a 'bigger Story'. Stay focused on Our Lord.

Do not trust those who sow hatred and contempt at 'hate rallies' and call the Charlottesville fascists 'good people also'. That is my best advice. Such people will not lead you in the right direction, no.