Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Facts about FREE MONEY that Few Comprehend

This post will be short and simple. I write for people who think the MORE DOLLARS you have, the WEALTHIER you are.

That is not true - IF - the DOLLARS you possess are worthless. Most people think MONEY is wealth. That isn't true. Ask someone who lives in Zimbabwe about money being equivalent to wealth. They will set you straight. In 2019, Zimbabwe citizens were all BILLIONAIRES - but they all were starving

Money is only a "MEDIUM OF EXCHANGE." There is NO intrinsic value in money. The value is what you TRADE money to obtain. 

Therefore, a nation's money is not "wealth."

Wealth is comprised of ASSETS that make the world a better place. MONEY is the agreed-upon MEDIUM OF EXCHANGE that allows one person to purchase a valuable ASSET (a company, an idea, a business, etc...) from another person. 

But when people in a particular country start to believe that they are "WEALTHY" because they've receive free "MONEY," (think stimulus checks) then that country is on the verge of economic collapse.

Welcome to America. 

Everyone who received a $1,400 in stimulus check thinks that they've received instant "WEALTH."

No. They've received worthless money.

WEALTH is work. WEALTH is an investment. WEALTH is making the world a BETTER place.

Money is the means by which a person can obtain wealth.

That $1,400 you received will be worth $14.00 in 5 years, maybe even less, if it isn't saved, invested, or used to create wealth, by ALL AMERICANS.

In about one hour, the Federal Reserve Chairman, Jerome Powell, will give a PRESS CONFERENCE and announce the action taken by the Federal Reserve Board of the United States of America.

He will publicly state three lies:

1. Inflation is "under control."

2. The FEDERAL RESERVE BOARD must stimulate the economy (which is in trouble), by keeping interest rates low.

3. There will be no significant change to the policy of low-interest rates low.

Everyone will cheer. The stock market will shoot higher.

But the American DOLLAR will continue its decline toward worthlessness.



Lissa Roberson said...

Wade, I'm trying to wrap my mind around Bitcoin, plus apply Sound Mind Investing and wise stewardship a la Matthew 25:14 (Parable of the Talents). Bitcoin certainly fits the template for a cashless society. My question is, if the value of the dollar is truly depreciating in a downward spiral, what kind of investment today would be represented in verse 16 -- the five talents that resulted in five more? Is our stock market an exercise in investment futility? For goodness' sake, I hope not!

Christiane said...

Hello WADE,

I do remember stories of inflation in some nations in the world so bad that you had to carry your money in a wheelbarrow to the bakery to buy a loaf of bread.

Maybe I start planting potatoes (sp?) in my back yard tomorrow? :)

Wade Burleson said...


As you know, I am not a "financial" advisor. HOWEVER, Bitcoin covers ALL the Austrian economic definitions of "real money." The stock market is in a bubble that will collapse - at SOME point (who knows when). Bitcoin - LIMITED to 21 million bitcoins - seems to be the DIGITAL CASH of the future. I believe that at some point the dollar will be worthless, and Bitcoin will be in a "BASKET" of currencies that will become the WORLD STANDARD.

I would suggest several books on Bitcoin - INCLUDING this very EXPENSIVE DIGITAL BOOK that was written by an economics professor at Columbia University.

For what it's worth.

I nailed what the FED chairman would say - an hour before he said it! :)

Appreciate your gifts and love for the KINGDOM.

Wade Burleson said...


My WIFE is planting vegetables, potatoes, and spices as we speak! :)

Rex Ray said...


Is There Wasteful Spending In The New $1.9 Trillion Coronavirus Stimulus Bill? (

“Our national debt increased from $10 trillion (2008) to $19.6 trillion (2016) to $23.6 trillion (2020) and stands at $28 trillion today.”

At the rate we’re going, our debt will be at the end of the year around 40 trillion.

Tom said...


We have a very perverted understanding of both the Parable of the Minas and the Talents. Both parable describe Satans plans for the time that he is absent from the face of the earth and is imprisoned in the Bottomless Pit for 1,000 years. The “Good and Faithful Servants” are the servants of Satan, who are given the means by which they will attempt to stop God’s Everlasting Kingdom from becoming a reality with the Salvation of many people during this time period, of Satan’s absence, who will become God’s Saints on this earth during this time period when the foundational truth that comes down from Heaven becomes the Highest Mountain, i.e. religion, on the earth.

Within the “Law,” that God gave to the Israelite nation, the lending of money to their fellow brothers in the nation with the payment of interest was not allowed. This was considered to be oppression of their fellow brothers within their nation of Israel/Saints.

God very plainly set out His requirements for Israel to be Saved in Isaiah 58. In this chapter God did not want the Nation of Israel to oppress their neighbours where they lived, but rather God required them to be a blessing to all of the nations living around them by lifting their respective oppressions from off of them.

Jesus told parables with the same theme of blessing others, for us Christians to follow, as we walk with Him throughout our lives.

In the Parable of the Minas, Jesus also foretold when the nation of Israel will come to their senses and turn, as a nation, away from serving Satan in all that they did up and until that time. He also told the nation of Israel, that when Satan retuns from his stay in the Bottomless Pit that he will seek them out to kill them before him. This is also confirmed in the Book of Revelations.

The so termed “Wicked Servant” of Satan, was prepared to stand up to Satan and tell him that he had NO rights to the harvest of souls, when he, Satan, returns and returns the money Satan had given him back to him as he had received it from Satan, in keeping with the Law that God had set out to the nation of Israel through Moses.

Satan’s response was to push the “Wicked Servant” as far away from him as he could so that his other servants would not hear the truth from the so called, “Wicked Servant.”

Many, so called “Saints” today want to please God, but in doing so, they will miss out on their inhertiance of the whole earth, when they are Judged as fortold in the parable of the Judgement of the Nations, that follows the Parable of the Talents.

We really do need to study the scriptures diligently to hear what God’s heart is for His Saints to do, to bless the people around us even today. I am not sure that the examples in the Parable of the Minas and Talents is what God wants us to follow.


Wade Burleson said...

Rex Ray,

Yep - I predict 50 Trillion very soon.

Rex Ray said...

If America heard Tucker Carlson tonight, they’d be thinking of taking President Biden out of the Whitehouse on a rail for what he caused on our border. Unable to control their borders is how Nations fall.

Christiane said...

I support this effort to help our citizens who are affected by the current covid crisis, especially the children in poverty as hunger for American children increased under the last administration.

It seems that there was little outcry from responsible people when the Trump administration dramatically lowered taxes on the very wealthy and on corporations. It is reported that Trump's comment to his country-club friends was that he had made them much more wealthy by his actions.

I love it that the current relief plan is aimed at helping the nation to recover and to get back on its feet, and even the school systems are being offered funds to help our nation's children return to school more safely. This, at least, speaks to good intent in my opinion. It's time our very wealthy nation looked out for its children so that hunger is no longer what some of them must suffer. We can do so much better for them.

Rex Ray said...


I’ll give you a thousand dollars if you have watched Tucker Carlson on 3-17-21.

I know my money’s safe or you wouldn’t be doing your usual moaning and groaning about Trump.

Tucker’s 3-17-20 show had a former Texas border security Captain who showed a video of him watching and hearing a gun battle across the river between two Cartels. It was so loud it sounded like bombs.

They fight each other so the winner will be the only one to sell drugs to people that spread the drugs all over America.

Illegal immigrants get welfare without consent of Congress.

Also, a woman has until today to turn herself in on charges of not closing her business. She said she came from a Communist country, and is feeling like she is back there.

Christiane said...

Sorry, REX RAY

I don't buy into Tucker Carlson's work, no.
In the past, he has promoted Putin in my opinion.

What is known now about what has been going on among certain right-wing politicians, the extreme right-wing media, and Russian intelligence sources, is described here:

Nunes doesn't want to talk. He was supposed to turn in anything he got from the Russian intelligence people to our intelligence authorities, but he did not. He's still the Republican's main man on the House of Rep. Intelligence Committee. I imagine he is uncomfortable with having been exposed.

Scott Shaver said...


The only thing I see "exposed" in Biden is a man physically, cognitively and spiritually overmatched in the face of Putin and other world leaders.

In farm-boy language, Biden just can't lick that calf.

RB Kuter said...

Tom said, "We have a very perverted understanding of both the Parable of the Minas and the Talents. Both parable describe Satans plans for the time that he is absent from the face of the earth and is imprisoned in the Bottomless Pit for 1,000 years."

I don't have a clue who the "We" who have a perverted view of the understanding of the Parable of the Minas are but honestly, Tom, I think your view comes the closest to being as perverted a proposition that I've ever heard.

My take on the intent of those portrayals of Kingdom truths intended to be conveyed in the telling of those Parables are entirely different than yours. The entire context in which the stories are given has to deal with The Kingdom of Heaven and judgment for how we behave given the insight we have been entrusted through The Gospel. It is so apparent to most of us that we take it for what it says. To say that those interpreting it as such are perverting it from your unusual take on it is not real impressive.

Still, I would not be so arrogant to say that your version is "perverted" and even if you do get some benefit from your version, good on you for that.

Tom said...

Hello RB Kuter,

So who do you think is the main character in both of these parables, Satan or Jesus?

Please consider your answer carefully.

I consider the Parable of the Minas to be the secular version of the Parable about Satan in Luke 19, while the Parable of the Talents is the Religious Version about Satan in Matthew 25, where in the NA 27 Greek, makes no reference to the "Kingdom of God", while the Textus Receptus Greek Text makes a reference to a "royal" person.

The So called Wicked Servant in both parables tells the man who goes away that he has no right to the Harvest since he did not sow it, tend or water the harvest.

In the Parable of the Minas, Jesus hints that at the time of this parable playing out, that Israel will seek to no longer have the man who goes away as their king, and when the man returns, he asks that those who did not want him to be king over them, to be brought before him to be killed in front of him.

Perhaps you missed this when you read the Luke Parable. The time that Jesus hinted at as to when Israel will repent of their sins is when the wicked heavenly hosts in heaven are judged in heaven and the kings of the earth are judged on the earth and that those, where the judgement is against them, will be gathered together to and imprisoned in a cistern/pit to await the time of their punishment after many days will have passed. Isaiah 24:21-22.

When we consider both parable against what is recorded in the Book of Revelations, then we can read about the time of Satan's judgement, his imprisonment in a bottomless pit, his release and his going after initially, the Israelite saints, and when he is not able to do that, that he will go after the Christian Saints.

I will keep an eye out for your response.


Rex Ray said...

Scott Shaver,

I agree that Biden is “overmatched”. Did you see how, in my opinion, he was going to ‘showoff’ by running up the steps of Airforce One, but fell three times?

Paul D said...

@ Wade:

3/9/21 post: "What's going on in America? Why have we become such a people of fear?...It seems some want all Americans to live in perpetual fear."
3/17/21 post: " is on the verge of economic collapse...Welcome to RED PILLED AMERICA."

Keep in mind, this comment is coming from someone who grew up in Enid at Emmanuel and who went to ECS K-6th.

I have no idea how to make sense of the otherwise non-nonsensical position that my fellows are taking.

Where was this post when Trump was handing out stimulus money but calling the whole thing a hoax also?


Scott Shaver said...

Saw that Rex.

And then turned and saluted smartly after bustin the approach.πŸ˜œπŸ˜‚

Paul D said...


I'm not sure if my earlier comment was off the mark. I was considering Red Pilled America line - an America that has unplugged and woken up to the truth...that's a good thing, right? Maybe I misunderstood your intent of the Red Pilled America line. I certainly would choose the red pill.


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