Friday, May 21, 2010

Technorati Lists Grace and Truth to You A Top 100 Blog

I don't know a great deal about technology, but over the past few years I've become a tad bit more proficient. Technorati is the resource for all things associated with blogging, and according to the professionals Grace and Truth to You is in the Top 100 blogs for two categories: Living and Religion. Last week this blog cracked the Top 10 of all Religious Blogs. It's obvious the subject matter of this blog covers more than just religion. Posts relate to history, culture, politics, the family, and a host of other topics. But it is true that one of the major functions of this blog is to address issues related to the Southern Baptist Convention. I write, and it seems that people are reading. In commemoration of reaching the 4,000,000 visitor mark, I refer the reader to an interesting commentary on the power of blogs in the 21st Century:

It used to be that once something appeared in print it was rarely ever challenged. I think, to to a certain extent, the system in place for challenging the journalists and national newspapers was too complex and time consuming for many of us to pursue. ..not to mention that the Press Complaints Commission is a self regulating body… Today, however, it’s much easier to correct factual inaccuracies--(thanks to the power of blogs).
Here's hoping that the ideologues who give an inaccurate and false accusation of "liberal" toward those conservative, Christ-honoring, Bible-believing Baptists within the Southern Baptist Convention who happen to disagree with their ideological interpretations of Scripture can forever be corrected by bloggers who will correct the record.

In His Grace,

Wade Burleson


Ramesh said...

Congratulations for crossing the 4 Million visitor mark and being listed on Technorati Lists. Thanks for the Google search box, for I find it very useful. Hope to see the 10 Million visitor mark on this blog.

Anonymous said...

Kuddos from a very grateful miss'y

Anonymous said...

I wonder how many visitors Baptist Press has had in the same length of time--or Associated Baptist Press, etc.

Fair and balanced; keep up the good work, Wade.

Rex Ray said...

“I write, and it seems that people are reading.”

I don’t see any ‘thanks’ to those that comment.

In reference to what your wife said about the comments, how many would have read without them?

Did Columbus never say thanks to his crew?

Thought I’d throw in this dig while knowing you really just forgot. said...

Thanks, Rex. :)

Bob Cleveland said...


According to scripture, Columbus shouldn't have said thanks to his crew, and they shouldn't have expected it.


Christiane said...


As a frequent commenter, I have no wish to take any credit for increasing viewer-ship. Reason: many times I have managed to aggravate others politically and personally (not intended there, but did it).

Wade's site for me was the first place I ever blogged. Never done it before. Had no idea of blog-protocol, and by the time I learned some, was already deeply into bad habits (sorry).

Finding Wade's blog was an answer to prayer: I wanted to find out if Southern Baptists were like the members of Westboro Baptist Church, and I gratefully found out that SB's are NOT like that. The way I found the site was THE NAME 'Grace And Truth . . . '.
I saw it and recognized it from the Gospel of St. John. And I trusted to that to help me.
And it did. :)

I give Wade all the credit for making a place where people could come and dialogue with each other and learn about walking with Christ as each had personally done and shared it with one another: that is a beautiful thing for Christian people to be able to do.

So I thank Wade for this. He who was so maligned by some of his own denomination, did not become bitter or hateful, but shared how it could be overcome and how communications could be kept open and intolerance and hypocrisy exposed. I am grateful for having been led to this site. It has increased my hope in the strength of Christian people to stand in the 'arena' of persecution, and remain faithful to the Ways of Our Lord.

Rex Ray said...

I say with all sincerity you are a better man er woman er Christian than I. :)

Your words speak to my heart, and I know to others. What you say about Wade is true. I’m glad you found not all Baptists were not like what you were afraid of.

I’m all ears – fill me in. I’m afraid some crews like some Baptists would have made Columbus walked the plank and gone home. said...


In your honor, I will write a post about Nathan Hale soon.

An incredible man. A true patriot.

"My only regret is that I have but one life to give for my country."

Rachelle and I were at Frauncy's Tavern (a museum for my BI friends) in New York. Rachelle said that after reading some biographical information about Nathan Hale, she wanted to read a biography.

Glad to know he's in your family tree.

shadowspring said...

Here, here! As someone who was recently called out as "a liberal, and possibly even not believing in the inerrancy of scripture" I feel a slight kinship with you in that respect.

So that's the new name we call folks we want to silence and shames these days, liberal.

I remember in grade school it was stoopidhead. The names change, but the childish attitude behind it remains the same.

Anonymous said...

Terry Mattingly wrote recently about the demise of religion desks at many newpapers and the rise of the blogosphere.

You are meeting a need.

cf. Monday, April 26th, 2010 State of the online Godbeat 2010

ps. I viewed the "entire ceremony" at West Point, in c-span (ok,I skimmed it). Was the valedictorian, who was identified when receiving her diploma, to speak at this occasion, or another? said...

Was the valedictorian, who was identified when receiving her diploma, to speak at this occasion, or another?

Must have been another occasion, perhaps the awards banquet.

Bob Cleveland said...


Check Luke 17:7-10 (NIV): "Suppose one of you had a servant plowing or looking after the sheep. Would he say to the servant when he comes in from the field, 'Come along now and sit down to eat'? Would he not rather say, 'Prepare my supper, get yourself ready and wait on me while I eat and drink; after that you may eat and drink'? Would he thank the servant because he did what he was told to do? So you also, when you have done everything you were told to do, should say, 'We are unworthy servants; we have only done our duty.' "

Angie said...

Warmest congratulations! I appreciate your insight and courage. Thank you especially for your words to women in the a cool drink of water. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Doug said...

Congratulations! Keep up the good work for the Kingdom!

Rex Ray said...

Ahhhh, Scripture! Sometimes Scripture is like spell-check. It told me I could have three “h’ s” or five “h’ s”; but not four. To me, ‘four’ conveys the meaning just as well.

I know I’m not making much sense, but could Mark 17:7 have been said in reference to the disciples arguing/will argue who was the greatest among them in wanting to sit on the right of Jesus in his kingdom?

When a policeman or service man is killed, do we not say thanks, or do we just say, ‘Aw, he was just doing his job’? Is a pastor never to say ‘thanks’ for a ‘special’ sang in church? Does a cowboy eat supper before he takes care of his horse?

Maybe I’m grippe because this week I got a phone call saying the church’s water heater was leaking and no one knew how to cut the water off. No one said turkey for replacing the defective part. My job? Hey! Years ago, I left ‘Building and Grounds” and promoted myself to the “Personnel Team” since everyone could choose what Team they wanted.

Little good it did as both Teams got lumped together, and the Personnel Team has NEVER gotten to tell the preacher what to do. :)

Pege' said...

Wade, APPLAUSE to you! I read every day what YOU write... I must say that the none of the commentators deserve any praise here.....I come to read what YOU wrote not that others pontificate. Continue the great writing and very insightful topics!!

Bob Cleveland said...


I wrote a book about myself, a few years ago. I just wanted to write down all I could remember, so that my memories wouldn't die when I did.

I called it "In The Foreword of the Book of Life". Reason: I never see proofreaders or research assistants or typists crowing about how good they are, but I see authors thanking them in the preface or forewords of their books. I figured that's what's important to me .. that if God appreciates what I do for Him, let any thanks come from Him when I see Him, or His Son, face-to-face.

So I expect and seek no thanks for anything I do here. Sometimes folks express them, and even then I think of it as God sending me a little something when I need it. And I think even that thought comes from my take on Proverbs 3:5-6.


Rex Ray said...

I believe you helped in making my case in saying it is good for people to say ‘thank you’ to others by your comment:

“So I expect and seek no thanks for anything I do here. Sometimes folks express them, and even then I think of it as GOD SENDING ME A LITTLE SOMETHING WHEN I NEED IT.”

Unknown said...

I think I have found a kindred spirit in you. I have read a lot of your blog. I grew up in the SBC. I went to an SBC college and graduated from GGBTS in 1972. I was Baptized in the Spirit in 1970, and I have a private prayer language. I left the SBC in 1971 because what I was doing was "of the devil." I became an business man, moved to Hawaii in 1982 and was part of Hope Chapel, Kaneohe for almost 25 years. Hope Chapel is Foursquare. My pastor there Ralph Moore is probibly the most prolific church planter in the country, so says Rick Warren. Anyway I trained a lot of the pastor prospects from that church. I lean Calvinist. I retired, moved to Louisiana and I am part of a good sized Baptist church here. I love the pastor. I have a website called I put up a small piece in Kathryn Kuhlman. It is on the home page. My pastor quoted I Timothy 2:12. Through your blog I got acquainted with Jon Zen. I respect my pastor, because he is a good man. He is a expository preacher, and a good one. I have gained the respect of a number of pastors here and love them. But we need an Awakening of historical proportion. What has to break through is the aggressive presence of God in the life of people here in the south. It can only be done by the Holy Spirit. I appreciate everything you have written so far and the spirit in which you write. Keep it up. PAUL BRYANT