Sunday, May 02, 2010

Are the Bluebirds, Evidence of Perfect Balance, at Home in Our Churches?

Mike Klemme is a famous photographer. He made his reputation by publishing breathtaking photographs of golf courses around the world. Mike has worked with the legends in the game of golf, including Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus, Tom Weiskopf and others. It was very interesting listening to Mike's stories last week as we traversed the state doing some research and photography.

Mike is very familiar with the finest golf courses in the world, having officially photographed Augusta, St. Andrews, and other legendary golf courses at home and internationally. He rates the top golf courses in Oklahoma, in terms of beauty and balance, as (1). Karsten Creek, Stillwater; (2). The Golf Club of Oklahoma, Broken Arrow; (3). Southern Hills, Tulsa; (4). Oak Tree, Edmond, (5). The Territory, Duncan. One of the interesting tidbits of information Mike gave me was how a layman like myself could determine whether or not a golf course was in natural balance. He said that when nature and ecology are in balance at a golf course, the blue birds appear. A golf course without blue birds is a sign that there is either too much or too little water, chemicals, noise, etc....

As I thought about the natural balance of "grace and truth," I couldn't help but wonder what are the bluebirds of balance within our churches. In other words, what are the signs that we have a perfect blend and balance of both grace and truth. I don't know that I have the answers, but I can tell you I'm at least asking the questions.

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