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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Congratulations to Rachelle Burleson!

My wife of 27 years, Rachelle,  was pinned by me  at her Graduate Student Nurses Association Awards Banquet this past Wednesday night. In addition to raising four kids, being a wonderful homemaker and pastor's wife, Rachelle graduated from the University of Oklahoma's School of Nursing with a Masters as an Acute Care Clinical Nurse Specialist which is an Advanced Practice Nursing Degree (APRN). At the Awards Banquet Rachelle was given the Outstanding Academic Achievement Award, The Einstein Award (for the post-graduate demonstrating superior academic intellect), The Student Government Leadership Award (Rachelle is the President of the Graduate Nurses Association at the University of Oklahoma), and the End of LIfe Nursing Education Consortium Award.

Since my wife decided to go back to school in 2004, she has completed two degree programs with nothing less than an A, six hundred Advanced Practice clinical hours at The Oklahoma Heart Failure Institute and the Oklahoma Heart Hospital in cardiovascular and thorasic surgery care. She has also worked as a Registered Nurse in the Intensive Care Unit and the Emergency Room at St. Mary's Hospital while pursuing her advanced education. She is quite the lady, and dad and the four kids are particularly proud of her accomplishments! After her clinical hours this summer, Rachelle will be granted her prescriptive authority and will be working in the cardiovascular field as an APRN.

Congratulations, Rachelle!


Timothy Snider said...

Congratulations. What a neat accomplishment and testimony.

Tim Snider

Gary Snowden said...

You have good reason to be proud of your wife's outstanding accomplishments. Blessings on her as she meets the needs of others--both physically and undoubtedly spiritually as well.

greg.w.h said...


Remind us again how you tricked her into marrying you? ;)

Congratulations, Rachelle! And glory to God in the highest for your faithful service to him and for the honors that faithful service to him have resulted in being poured out on you.

Greg Harvey

Josh from FL said...

Woo hoo!


Christiane said...

What a wonderful accomplishment!
Congratulations to Rachelle and to the whole family that supported her in her efforts.

shadowspring said...

Hats off to Rachelle! May you enjoy many fulfilling hours of success in service. Thank you for developing your talents to the glory of God and the service of mankind.

The Squirrel said...

Very very cool :)


Lydia said...

Beauty and Brains! A class act.

Jeff Rogers said...

Way to go Rachelle...You honor our Lord with your excellence!

Chuck Andrews said...

Congratulations, to Rachelle! Her knowledge, compassion, and grace will be a great benefit to the many she will minister to through her medical practice. Blessings upon blessings to the whole Burleson family.


Anonymous said...

We are soooooo proud of you! Just wish we could have been with you on this special evening as you celebrate all of your awards and degrees! You deserve them; you have worked so hard!
The other winner will be that very sick patient who has u for a nurse! We love you and can't wait to give you that cong. hug this summer! Mom & Dad

Garen Martens said...

Rachelle is one of the classiest women ever! Her intellect is head and shoulders above most. She has the rare ability to focus on you and make you feel to be the most important person in the world when you are visiting with her.

Congratulations Rachelle, Wade, and family!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Rachael. I hope that she might be able to find time to join the Baptist Nurses Fellowship of Oklahoma.

Gerry Milligan MSN, RN