"I went to Jerusalem to become acquainted (Gk. istoria) with Cephas" - Paul's words from Galatians 1:18.

Lift Your Eyes to the LORD from Where Your Help Comes and Don't Trust in Politics or the President

I believe in American exceptionalism. I believe in it because American immigrants tell me it is real. People from all over the world will do everything in their power to come to America. 

Our nation represents liberty in a world of tyranny, the bright light of free capitalism among governments sustained by forced collectivism, and the ability for every individual - no matter his background - to make dreams a reality.

Yes, I believe in the American dream. America is the land of opportunity. Our nation shines for freedom in a world built on bondage. I am proud of American history and will always participate in America's political processes.

But my trust is in the LORD. 

I have been shocked at the number of my politically conservative Christian friends who are beyond distraught over a potential change coming in the White House. It's almost as shocking as my liberal political Christian friends during the past four years ending long-lasting Christian friendships because they didn't affirm the sitting President or wish to associate with those who did.

If our trust is in President Donald Trump or in President Joe Biden to the neglect of trust in the LORD, then it could be that the LORD Himself is destroying American exceptionalism. 

What do I mean? 

I mean that the LORD may make your American supermarkets be empty one day, no longer having aisles stocked with 17 different varieties of cheeses, but having government cheese delivered to your porch. I mean that you may wake up one day and all your savings accounts are digitally empty because the government has collected them in order to re-issue another form of currency. I mean that you may find your hospital unable to care for sick people because there are not enough doctors and nurses to care for the sick. I mean that the United States' economy may be in such a Great Depression during the 2020s that the 1930s Great Depression looks like an economic boom. I mean that you may lose your house, your cars, your job, your security.

For people who don't read their Bible, it may come as a shock that the LORD is the One who brings down nations that are filled with people who trust in themselves or their governments and not in Him.

Nations rise and fall, but the Kingdom of the LORD reigns forever

Read Psalm 118.

8 It is better to take refuge in the LORD
than to trust in humans.
9 It is better to take refuge in the LORD
than to trust in princes (e.g. politics).

14 The Lord is my strength and my song.
He has become my salvation.

17 I will not die but live, 
 and will proclaim what the LORD has done.

has become the cornerstone (of my life);

26 Blessed is he trusts in the name of the LORD.

Do yourself a favor. Participate in American politics, but don't trust in American politics. 

"Lift your eyes to the hills from where your help comes; your help comes from the LORD." (Psalm 121:1-2)


Rex Ray said...


The ‘Great Depression’ was still in effect when I was born in 1932.

A socialism Government that’s going to give people everything, must have the ability to take everything you have by raising taxes.

I believe the first ‘depression’ was because people stopped working, sold all they had and waited for Jesus to return. (Acts 2:45)

Many people today, have stopped working because they can make more money on welfare.

Your reference of (Psalm 118:1-2) should be (Psalm 121:1-2) and (Psalm 118:10 should be (118:14)

Wade Burleson said...

Thanks, Rex!

CM said...


Does that mean you will now be saying "President-Elect Biden" on the blog and in your service? Unlike some other pastors who refuse to do so.

Christiane said...

Hello WADE and REX RAY,

Very concerned about the news of the virus spread into your areas. We now have a friend, a co-worker of my son, a young Coast Guardsman, whose father passed away from covid two days ago after a brief hospitalization. So it has become 'personal' to our family as my son's Coastie friends ARE 'family', you bet. Very sad news.

You all are kept in my prayers that the Good Lord keep you safe from harm. Maybe soon, the vaccine will be ready, perhaps next summer, if we can all hang on until then. Please, dear people, please take precautions.

The death of Corey's father puts the virus into a different perspective now for me, and I am fearful as my son is traveling home for Christmas and his first act will be to go for a quick-result 'test' before coming 'home' here at the house. So, the reality of all this nightmare is coming close now and prayers for peace of mind and heart will be my bread and my sustenance for a season.

Take care of yourselves and yours. Be safe. You have my prayers, as you know. God keep you in His keeping.

Rex Ray said...


Our pastor at present has been quarantined, so our County Missionary, Darrel Hathcock, preached yesterday. He’s a retired missionary from Hungry. He had helped nine of us to put up a 30 by 80-foot tent the day before that will remain a month for venders to sell products. They’ll give a percent of that to Lottie Moon.

In Darrel’s sermon, he told how he thought it was too windy to put the tent up. “But Rex Ray said the wind was our friend.” (Years ago, I’d written instructions how to put the tent up.)

A while back, I’d written how my brother saved me from drowning, but I’ve changed it some:

My twin brother, Hez Ray, met Jesus when he was 88. When we were 15, I was attempting to swim to an object too far to reach. He started following me; calling “Come back!” over and over. Being a poor swimmer, he got strangled and was about to drown that caused me to go back. If he’d stayed on the bank, I’d never have known how much he loved me.

Would we know how much God loves us if Jesus had stayed in heaven?

RB Kuter said...

I find the effects of the election to be quite interesting and surprising in its unpredictability.

Speaking for those conservatives I know and my wife, and myself, the psychological effects seem to be a mix of being defeated and becoming complacent and withdrawn from the noise of the media circus. We have zero interest in continuing attention being given to any media source recognizing the nature of it all being so politicized as to render it as being propaganda, all in support of one side now.

This may be representative of a broad spectrum of that large segment of American society known to assume conservative ideology. We don't see riots and destruction and looting in response to this political loss as might have been expected by those who won. We imagine that sort of violent, destructive response would have been taken had the other side lost. (This is probably one reason the stock market is doing so well.) I believe this quiet, subtle, response by the losing conservative side supports my general assessment of how we feel and how we are assimilating it all.

Another aspect of the response of those politically conservative, evangelicals that lost seems to be a renewed focus on Jesus Christ as our hope and the ultimate foundation upon which our destiny is based. Perhaps this was God's strategy throughout. This is consistent with Wade's post, I believe.

In spite of the COVID barriers, it seems a lot of evangelical churches are more fired up about ministering to the world and spreading the Gospel than prior to the election. We are more focused on how to obediently serve Christ in a world that is broken and hopeless more than ever and we see this as being our assigned priority during this concluding age. The future of the church will be to wander through the carnage of the world's damaged lives as wartime medics, seeking to save those who are not beyond saving.

We see this election (which is seen as being an un-credible election process by many of us) as representing the inevitable demise of this nation's past traditions. We saw this trend taking place prior to the Trump election and see that 4 years as being a temporary reprieve from the direction of globalization, de-nationalization, top-down governing, that was taking place in the past number of administrations. Now that movement into a more government-based totalitarian ideology will resume. With the unraveling of the credible voting process, the results of elections are much more controllable by the party in office and not likely to risk being overturned through popular elections.

Rex Ray said...

RB Kuter,

Somehow, I see your comment as saying, ‘Christians should like the outcome of the election so we can concentrate more on winning the world for Christ.’

That may be correct, but what’s going to happen to America? Reminds me of a ‘bad’ policeman saying, “I’m in charge here!”, and my brother replied:

“You don’t have brains to be in charge of a chicken-coop.”

Rex Ray said...

The good of mail-in-ballots is removed by the possibility of using them for evil.

Judy just told me of hearing a reliable TV show telling about a man that moved to another state. His vote was different in the two states.

LBJ would have loved mail-in-ballots as he was limited only to dead people in his election to the Senate.

CM said...


If that TV show is anything on Newsmax or OAN or similar then it is not reliable. PERIOD.

But then your guy Trump loves the military so much he tries to have military ballots thrown out because they voted in one state but were stationed somewhere else.


The Service Members Civil Relief Act allows military members to pay taxes, register vehicles, vote, etc. in their state of legal residence, rather than the state they are stationed in. This is why Nevada and Arizona military ballots were cast by people stationed in other states. But I am sure that fact escapes all the Trump fans.

Rex Ray said...

I’ve heard due to the Virus, family gatherings are recommending a limit of 9 and funerals to 30.

Since all the relatives are coming to our house for Thanksgiving, we’re going to have a funeral for the turkey.

RB Kuter said...

Rex Ray,
No, didn't mean to imply that anyone is happy about the turn of events, just that some of us may view it as a turn away from the people having control. Those whose side seems to be victorious today may celebrate now but their victory at this moment may result in their hand getting bit in the near future by the dog they've been feeding.

While living in Thailand, the support for the duly elected government was so strong that the opposition could not defeat them in a fair and open election. The opposition was repeatedly defeated by the popular, legally elected government.

The weaker opposition was forced to take measures outside the conventional election system to gain control. They claimed that the government in office and its Prime Minister acted and spoke in ways that were offensive to the royal family which was considered to be illegal. Their claims were a fallacy but still was used to successfully rally the military to instigate a military coup. The elected Prime Minister had to flee into exile where he has been since then. His sister was eventually successful in rallying a comeback and elected with strong enough support that led to her being exiled as well. The popularly supported candidates could not be defeated through traditional, legal, process so steps were used outside of that to achieve control.

Following the coups, someone had to fill the void left in government so, of course, the military general leading the coup formed his own political party and wrote a new Constitution that positions his party with such an advantage they are assured of never being defeated. They established a facade government structure that allows for a small segment of the government to be "elected", so as to claim it being a "democracy", but so small that it cannot compete with the military coup segment.

After 5 years,the segment of the people that originally supported the overthrow of the duly elected government are crying and protesting because they have no voice or consideration in the military ran government. Check out Thailand news to view.

Those celebrating today in the U.S. will discover that they have released a beast in which they have no control and can easily turn and devour them.

We who assume the position of our prime citizenry being of another Kingdom may grieve over the loss of this beautiful and God-ordained system of government but we'll not be devastated by its loss. It is indeed a shame to see such a brilliant formula based upon the might and will of the people thrown into the mud and trampled under foot by the very people it was meant to serve, and only after a brief 244 years.

I am not "glad" to see the sad turn of events, but know that our Kingdom was going strong before this nation was formed and will continue forever after its demise.

Rex Ray said...

My brother, Hez Ray wrote this in 2005:
Bud Ramey an 87-year-old Role Model
Rex called yesterday to tell me of Bud’s passing. I was surprised as it seemed only a short time ago, we shook hands at New Zion Church.
He had said with a pleasant smile, “Hez, it’s good to see you here again, with your brother Rex. You know Rex has never told me anything about you I didn’t like.”
That was the kind of man he was; he went out of his way to make you feel good. Yes, Bud gave to us the world’s greatest sermon; the good example. He was a man that had discovered the peace that’s found in Jesus. He was at peace with himself. Bud was our community’s role model.
Rex and I will always remember him in a world of work, he always did more than his share. When God needed a man, Bud was always there. He knew the lost world needed a smile more than a frown, needed to see the glory of heaven more that the fires of hell.
Our Christian faith tells us as we walk through the valley of the shadow, there grows the tree of life where Jesus will say, “Walk with me” and we shall walk along that river of life, that flows by the throne of God.
In saying, “Goodbye Bud”, may God bless you as you have blessed us that called you friend.

Christiane said...

I have been aware of a 'divide' among evangelical people, but I did not think it would be 'permanent'; was some hope that all could be reconciled in time in a good and healing way. But then I came across an article that proposed something frightening which I do not want to see happen, this:


Rex Ray said...



Why didn’t your link just say Trump was the devil in disguise?

Hillary’s money tried to connect Trump to Russia before, during, and after the election.

Some great men are known by their enemies. Trump was impeached; right?

One guy thought he’d be a hero by killing Lincoln.

Rex Ray said...


Your link quoted John Fea’s July 2017 Washing Post on how Trump will change American Christianity for the Worse.

In 2016. Washing Post stated:

“Don’t compare Donald Trump to Hitler. It belittles Hitler.”

RB Kuter said...


Thank you for that article. I always like to glean a bit of knowledge from the source of credible writings and to be informed of what others base their opinions and propositions upon. This is what I found to be the basis of the originator of the one given in the link mentioned:

"My name is David Bonner. I am a guy on a journey, burned by fundagelicalism" (?) "and walking my way through modern Christianity and wrestling with all its baggage.
My history is storied. I grew up in the Roman Catholic faith, and looked into Mormonism (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) in college."

It's apparent to me, at least, that this writing has considerable bias and perhaps "wishful thinking" regarding the demise of "evangelicals" due to political divisions amongst them. Possibly, but doubtful in spite of the author's distorted portrayal of things as apparently displayed by his past confusion and troubles. He admittedly has been "burnt" by those he labels as being "evangelicals" and his collection and portrayal of sources reflect this.

Assessments among "evangelicals" as to the recent turn of events following the election and the possible consequences resulting from that may be diverse. I have not witnessed any dissension or division between those typically identified as being "evangelicals" in terms of their commonly held ideology of a nation built upon the principles of the "life" of each person being the most treasured of all attributes and its protection being the supreme priority of the government, or worship and prayer being outside the parameters of governmental control or influence, or the concept that government is meant to serve the people instead of the opposite.

I'll always remember Senator Joe Biden's remark to then-Senator Paul Ryan during the Vice Presidential Debate in 2012 when Joe Biden responded to Ryan's opposing proposal on a discussed issue by Biden saying, "Why can't you people just get out of our way?"

The voice of conservative, God-fearing, "evangelicals" is not going to just "get out of the way" of forces bent on unraveling the traditions and principles upon which this nation was founded in spite of the desire of those wishing it would happen.

Christiane said...

And something else to ponder and worry about, this:


RB Kuter said...

Christiane, thanks but I would as soon watch CNN 24/7.

Christiane said...

Hello Mr. Kuter,

no problem, it's my own worry, we all have our own troubles

I'm not evangelical, but I fear the divisions that may arise will harm the witness of the whole Church for a time, and too many people will be negatively affected

I need to be more hopeful of better to come.

Hope you are self-protecting and sheltering. A vaccine may come soon. Stay safe. A nurse in S. Dakota has said that severely-ill patients from covid infection are angry and saying, 'covid is a hoax' 'it's not real', and this anger lasts up until the time they are intubated to help them with their breathing. May God help these people to live.

I think with a quarter of a million of our countrymen and women in their graves from this virus, we might now look better to self-protect and to look out also for one another?

You are an older person? Be patient. Older people will be among the first to receive the vaccine, as they are extremely vulnerable if they have co-morbidities. Help is on the way.
Thank God!

RB Kuter said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
RB Kuter said...

Christiane says,"Help is on the way!"

Yea!!! Joe's comin'! Joe's comin'! We're saved! We're finally saved!!!

No, I'm not "sheltering". I wear my mask when in environments where I sense people are sensitive and prefer me to wear one. I wear one at Walmart and places where people seem to congregate in a way that might increase the risk. Actually, I like the idea of taking precautions as much for protection against common colds and flu as anything. Seems there are a lot fewer colds and flu going around and it's probably due to our taking precautions.

The COVID hype and I do believe much of it is sensationalism and hype, does not affect me in the least. If anything, it makes me increasingly skeptical and cynical. Mayor closed NY schools again and why? WSJ says .19% of the 144,000 students tested were positive. The common population threshold for shutting down the schools is 3%. And why? Because the "educators and politicians" set that mark, NOT the "scientists and epidemiologists"!

My conclusion is that it's a final effort to demonize Trump, but mostly to paint a picture of it being a terrible crisis in which Biden will rescue us shortly after taking office and then be heralded as the great savior following an inept Trump administration. P-l-e-a-s-e, enough already.

I am indeed an older person, but fortunately, my wife and I are blessed with pretty sound and healthy bodies. Some friends are not as fortunate and I NEVER look down on anyone who does decide to take more extensive efforts to protect themselves. I anticipate things subsiding in March or April 2021 after Joe has gleaned the acclaim of saving us.

Thanks for your concern, though.