Thursday, June 24, 2021

A Plea for All Conservatives To Be On Social Media

For the last week, I have been on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Twitch, doing all I can to change the secularist mindset of American culture.  

The secularists, the liberals, the atheists, the agnostics, the socialists, and the communists have OVERRUN America's social media.

  How have they done this?

They call any Christian who uses social media some creative and vulgar names. Christians take it personally and leave the platform. It isn't pleasant or personally pleasing for those of us who believe in morality, the Republic, law and order, and cultural decency to be called "the enemy."

I get why Christians wish to withdraw from social media.  

This week, I've been called a "sociopath, a Fascist, a 'killer of men and women,' a stupid Christian, a retard who doesn't believe in science" and more vulgar names I won't print here on social media - in the span of five days. 

An example of being called a sociopath on TWITTER (06.23.2021)

I never take the name-calling personally.

Every time an ad-hominem attack comes my way, I take it as a sign from the LORD to TWEET again, to POST again, to WRITE again.  The attack should be seen as a "badge of honor." 

Jesus said, 

"You will be hated by everyone because of Me, but the one who stands firm to the end will be saved." (Matthew 10:22). 
Most people think "saved" ONLY means "go to heaven." It does mean that, but it also means more. The word in Greek translated into "salvation" in English means "delivered." 

Do you want America delivered from the socialist, atheistic, secularistic scientific communistic fascism that is infecting our nation? 

Then STAND FIRM on social media. Get on TWITTER. Keep your FACEBOOK account. POST your Instagram story. 

Stay steadfast and engage, and the more you are attacked, the more you post. The only way we will deliver the United States of America from a socialist/communist internal revolution is to STAND TOE-TO-TOE with the communists and atheists on social media. 

Fight for liberty. Fight for freedom. Fight for your country. The time is NOW. 

Happy July 4th week, 2021!


Scott Shaver said...

Agreed. Have been called more new names I've never heard on social media the past three weeks. Worst coming not from secular commenters but from the WOKE element of the SBC. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

Dave said...


I have followed your blog and enjoyed reading your posts at TWW for several years, and have subsequently developed much respect for you, brother! I may have to agree to disagree on this topic though. Unless I’m missing a key point, It seems like the sentiments you’ve expressed, come uncomfortably close to Liberation Theology, …where deliverance of the INDIVIDUAL from (a future) great white throne of judgment, is conflated with temporal relief (in the now) of a COLLECTIVE group from all manner of social justice ills, (prejudice, persecution, subjugation).

Years ago I finally recognized after learning everything I could about the flaws in evolutionary theory, that clever debate and compelling evidence alone …will not change a single person’s heart. Only the Spirit can. I see this issue in the parallel, and think that the rough treatment you’ve received on social media, could perhaps be explained as the natural effect of ‘throwing pearls to swine’?

Wade Burleson said...


You make a very good point.

I guess I am just hard-headed enough and (hopefully) loving enough that no amount of denigration, personal attack, or vitriol will drive me away from persistently and lovingly declaring the truth in the secular market place.

I agree that "only the Spirit can change a person's heart," but I want to be an instrument (if He desires) to bring about that change!

Keep up the great work!


Jonathan Sarfati, Ph.D. said...


“that clever debate and compelling evidence alone … will not change a single person’s heart. Only the Spirit can.”

Who says the Spirit can't work *through* clever debates and compelling evidence? There are many examples that Creation Ministries has on file of just that. A number of people became creationists before they became Christians, e.g. "Sonia" that you can find on, and staff member Shaun Doyle, and my younger brother.

Also, while the debate may not win over the opponent, it can help those watching on the sidelines. I don't think my books will win over arch-atheist Dawkins, but they have stopped people moving to his side.

RB Kuter said...

Here is something that I learned largely through the advice of spiritual mentors: Being heavily involved in social media can diminish our Christian witness when our "Tweets", posts, etc. are heavily related to a political persuasion or party. It becomes a hindrance to our engaging the lost and those who do hold to and promote ideologies and movements that are anti-God in nature due to their sometimes being of a political party opposite than mine.

I was posting too much in direct opposition to politicians and parties and recognized that my comments were more effective in identifying me with a secular, political, persuasion than as an advocate for The Gospel message. I do agree, and will take to heart, Wade's proposal to be active in using the social media forum to proclaim the Gospel and Godly principles but try to avoid directly confronting people politically. I believe Wade models a method of doing that.

I recognize the challenge because too often these days, to align with Godly positions often is seen as promoting a political party even if that is not your intentions.

Christiane said...

Some of our scientists are practically poet/preachers of the Creator God.
One of my favorites:

“Love and Quasars: An Astrophysicist Reconciles Faith and Science” by Paul Wallace

I was startled by the clarity and beauty of his writing. Here's a sample:

"” We belong in the universe no less than electrons and galaxies, after all, and we simply cannot stop living our lives as if love is real and as if it matters ultimately. So maybe it is real and it does matter ultimately.
We are not freaks. Instead, we express a core cosmic reality when guided by love, we make even the tiniest of choices. We are drawn by love toward a world we can’t quite see but occasionally glimpse . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . a world Jesus called the kingdom of God.”
(Paul Wallace)

those glimpses of unexpected kindness . . . yes, this resonates

‘Salvation is created in midst of the Earth
O God, O Our God,

Christiane said...

There will always be critics and sometimes people get offended. I was on another blog where a person was talking about how people shouldn't "over-react to offensive behavior."

Without hesitation, I responded a bit sharply, but I think I got my point across, this:

"‘every perceived slight offense’?
and does the perpetrator also get to decide the appropriate level of the victim’s response?

what ARE the levels of ‘bullying’ and ‘offending’ that anyone would consider to be ‘slight’?

surely the person being attacked must be silenced in order to preserve the idea of allowing the perpetrator to determine the level of ‘offense’ they intended????

OR what?
does the attacked person get labeled for reacting according to their own perception of what occurred?

something’s off here, I think

people of ‘good will’ don’t justify offending others as ‘slight’, do they?

Usually they accept responsibility if they have offended someone, which is at least a starting point that has some moral recognition that we are all the owners of our own actions,

and once having thrown our rock, or fired our verbal arrow, then we cannot always ‘control’ the damage done by our own actions. This is the moral argument of the Jewish concept of the ‘lashon hara’, and it is also now showing up in courts of law where perpetrators are being held responsible for the effects of their own ill will towards people whose suffering was profoundly felt, sometimes to the point of committing suicide as a result of being bullied.

In short, we can say or write something we perceive as ‘slightly offensive’,
but we cannot control how what we say or write truly affects another person.
That adds a whole 'nother level of moral responsibility on us for how we treat others we may disagree with.

Scott Shaver said...

That much analysis (RB and Christianne) and second guessing pre-utterance would make me too tired to dialogue or converse to begin with ๐Ÿ˜œ

I plug my Telecaster straight into a 1964 Fender Reverb amp. No pedals, no filters, no fuzzbox, no phase shifters. Guess I dialogically interact on issues of faith and politics the same way. Good, bad or ugly. Is what it is.

Scott Shaver said...

Not a recommended approach by any standard.

Scott Shaver said...
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Scott Shaver said...

Try this thought for size RB.

The Pauline writings show the definite early development of a Christian political consciousness. Consequently, Paul and others were often charged or accused with subverting the state.

Can't avoid wrong perceptions while the dust of living still floats in the air.

Scott Shaver said...

Wouldn't that also support the statement about clever debate and compelling evidence ALONE not being "sufficient"?

Rex Ray said...


Your last words: “Happy July 4 week, 2021” caught my eye since that day will be five years that Judy and I have been married. :)

Last night video of two tall 40-year-old buildings collapsing in Surfside, Florida.

Wade, the remains look like the Oklahoma City bombing.

Maybe it’s my imagination, but to me it looks like a lot of smoke comes out at the base of the buildings as if there were bombs.

RB Kuter said...

Scott wrote: "I plug my Telecaster straight into a 1964 Fender Reverb amp. No pedals, no filters, no fuzzbox, no phase shifters. Guess I dialogically interact on issues of faith and politics the same way. Good, bad or ugly. Is what it is."

All of us have faults but reflecting on past comments, I really don't identify Scott as being "political" in the sense of promoting politicians or even promoting a "political party". I would be hard pressed to say, if asked, whether Scott is Republican, Libertarian, or a-political. (However, given his stated views I would not lean toward him being "Democrat").

I do agree he is passionate in his views which shows a genuine commitment to his held principles.

RB Kuter said...

"The Pauline writings show the definite early development of a Christian political consciousness. Consequently, Paul and others were often charged or accused with subverting the state."

Very good point. Brings to mind that Paul, Jesus, and perhaps all of those martyred in the early church were hated and killed due to their perceived threat to the "establishment" due to their devotion to Christ/God as sovereign. Even though they didn't promote themselves as being opponents to the Roman government or even the Sanhedrin institution, their commitments to God as their sovereign was their "hate" magnet.

Hmmmm...have things change much?

Dave said...


Perhaps the response to the encroaching marxist influence you are rightly alarmed by, may differ according to the giftedness you often reference when addressing complementarian views of gender roles.

Beyond the ministerial gifts God has granted you, an aptitude for sociological-ecclesiastical analysis, (derisively referred to as ‘discernment ministry’ by haters) and persuasive speech, is also evidenced by your passionate comments of exhortation;

“The only way we will deliver the United States of America from a socialist/communist internal revolution is to STAND TOE-TO-TOE with the communists and atheists on social media.” “Fight for liberty. Fight for freedom. Fight for your country. The time is NOW.”

I’m conflicted however, in considering whether all believers would have the same calling and compulsion to respond similarly. Could an over emphasis toward more secular, civics-minded perspectives in the believer concerning matters of the state …allow some to fall vulnerable to the subtle persuasion of unconscious substitution of a ‘Civil Religion’, for the life-changing gospel?

If I’m not mistaken, nationalistic zeal was a symptom of the spiritual blindness shared by both irreligious political zealots as well as the Pharisees. Dragging the ark of the covenant onto the battlefield, as a ‘lucky rabbit’s foot’ with presumptive expectation of divine blessing (in military conquest) upon a state matter of secular activity, typified the ‘Temporal versus Eternal kingdom’ tension.

Still pondering …

Jonathan Sarfati, Ph.D. said...

Many, including leaders of this David Fleetwood's party, who claim "you ignore science" totally lack credibility about real science. After all, they think:

1. Men can give birth.
2. The birth process magically transforms a clump of cells into a human being with rights.
3. The world will stop warming if we would only give even more money and power to politicians and bureaucrats.

He knows nine people who have died in the last 18 months. His beloved Planned Parenthood has murdered over half a million babies in that time, including more black babies in NYC than were born.

In any case, even a cursory reading of the Twitter thread shows that the issue wasn't science but about government force. Both sides recognize that vaccination in general is very safe and very effective.

Scott Shaver said...

RB: Their developing Christian political consciousness led them to write about and incorporate into their proclamation of the gospel the concept of "The Kingdom of God" over whom a convicted "malefactor" is Kurios (LORD).

Highly charged political rhetoric in the eyes of many in that ancient near-eastern civilization.

Christiane said...

I heard yesterday that in our nation, still several hundred people a day are dying from covid-19.

I also heard that none of the covid dead had been vaccinated.

I know people are afraid of vaccination, and that it has become a political issue in ways also, yes. I would not want anyone vaccinated against their will, no.
But I also know that there is a whole network out there of disinformation about the covid vaccination,

in my own family two got covid. One, a Navy nurse had milder symptoms. Her mother, my sister-in-law, nearly died. She is still on oxygen in her home and must use it when she goes anywhere. Her career (nurse practitioner, pediatrics) is over and she has formally retired. That is what I KNOW.

My family now have four medical doctors, two nurse practioners (pediatrics, neurology specialized), and one is a child psychiatrist in Boston Mass. They tell us 'get vaccinated'. I listened. I did.

I am fearful for people I care much about who are not vaccinated. I pray for them to be safe from harm. When you are vaccinated and people you care about are not, you cannot feel that 'covid' is 'over'. But I'm back out in the world again, at the gym, shopping, TCB, and seeing 'my people'. But I carry in my heart those who are beloved who are not protected and the new strain of covid is very contagious,
so I carry them in prayer with me and hope for better times.

Scott Shaver said...

RB. I think it was Baltazar Hubmier who said "the truth is unkillable".

Rather than stamping out the "politically subversive enemies of the state" (i.e. Christians), Constantine, in 313 A.D. issued the Edict of Toleration. Whereby the status of a former religio illicita changed to religio licita, with the cross eventually adorning the shields of Roman legions as Christianity became the official religion of the empire.

Christian nationalism (pros and cons), IMO, is a seperate topic of discussion and historical reflection.

Scott Shaver said...

I'm with Dave on the idea of "not all believers having the SAME calling and compulsion for "toe to toe" confrontation.

The members of the body are many with different functions.

Not everybody responsible for the success or failure of a military campaign are driving tanks, rooting out enemies door to door, or firing anti-aircraft artillerary.

Some are tending to and healing the wounded, burying the dead, producing supplies and negotiating, where possible, for peace.

Wade Burleson said...

Dr. Sarfati,

You are a "professional" at secular engagement. You've done a tremendous job, and I so appreciate what you are doing. Your arguments against abortion in the Twitter thread were brilliant and caused people to struggle with how to respond.

Keep up the good work.

Wade Burleson said...


I saw the photos and I IMMEDIATELY thought of the OKC bombing. I would not be surprised if it is discovered that there were bombs strategically placed that went off prior to the collapse. I'm not saying they did, I just wouldn't be surprised if that's what happened. That would mean someone was inside that others wanted dead.

Scott Shaver said...

I appreciate this perspective. I have not been vaccinated and no immediate plan to do so. My wife and middle daughter (a brain trauma therapist) both contracted Covid19 and recovered from it within 12 days. Wife just had her first vaccine dose. Not sure whether the brain trauma therapist daughter (who worked throughout the last year with the worst of Covid ravaged patients) has decided yet to vaccinate. Our oldest and youngest daughters are my other immediate family members who were exposed and have not contracted COVID.

150 healthcare workers walked away from the Houston Methodist hospital system just this week due to the mandate that ALL be vaccinated.

Forcing folks to take this vaccine is mindless. Especially teens and children. Shaming people into taking it, is not going to work AT ALL for me or others who see this pandemic a little differently than the virology gadflys.

I have only taken flu shots twice in my life, and one was from the wife of a dear friend (a nurse) who hit both me and her husband while we were dozing off in lawn chairs.

We all thought THAT was hilarious.๐Ÿ˜‚

Wade Burleson said...

Blogger Wade Burleson said...
Dave and Scott,

You both make great points.

"I’m conflicted, however, in considering whether all believers would have the same calling and compulsion to respond similarly. Could an over emphasis toward more secular, civics-minded perspectives in the believer concerning matters of the state …allow some to fall vulnerable to the subtle persuasion of unconscious substitution of a ‘Civil Religion’, for the life-changing gospel?"

Superb, superb question.

I will be writing on this very thing in my next post.

I hope to show how the PROPHETS of old (Isaiah, Jeremiah, Habakkuk, etc.) constantly warned the Hebrew STATE that the enemy was at the door, and because the people, in general, had turned their backs on Yahweh, and gone after other gods and ignored His Divine Law, the enemy would crush Jerusalem and Judah. Don't misunderstand, "The crushing was sent by Yahweh 'for the good' of HIS people." The Assyrians and the Babylonians to Israel would be comparable to modern China and Russia to the United States. God is using communistic and/or dictator-led countries to humble Americans. War is coming. Destruction is coming. It's for the good of America. The first strike will be against satellites and communication satellites which will be destroyed by the newly invented Chinese space rockets that were first tested in 2007, 2015, and 2018. Debris from rockets shot down now circles the earth, causing the U.S. military to redirect our communication satellites around the debris field. China is ready to shoot down all our satellites. China will first go after Taiwan. When we attempt to intervene, they'll use that as their excuse to shoot down our satellites (they may even do this moments BEFORE they attack Taiwan). The Pearl Harbor of this generation will be the first strike against our communication, weather, and GPS guidance satellites which will plunge America into a world without the Internet. For China's CCP to accomplish its goal of world domination, America must not exist.

The tearing apart of American citizens by causing us to turn on one another through race, class, and cultural "divisions" is part of the strategy of the CCP, used in Mao's destruction of the Republic of China in 1949, during the Cultural Revolution of 1966-1967 (also in China), and in the Marxist Revolution of 1917 in Russia.

America needs the LORD.

I'm only pointing out that 2021 is very similar to 723 B.C. in Israel (the Assyrians invaded and destroyed Israel in 722 B.C.) and 587 B.C. in Judah (the Babylonians invaded and destroyed Jerusalem and Judah in 586 B.C.).

The Jews imprisoned the prophets, including Isaiah and Jeremiah, because they did not want to hear the dire warnings. "Peace, peace in our time" was all they wanted their prophets to proclaim, but the prophets declared "War and destruction in your days because you have turned away from Yahweh your God."

Americans have turned away from our God and have made the state, secularism, and science the Trinity of Humanity.

God is about to crush us for our good and His glory. The gospel has deep meaning to people in despair. People in prosperity don't need God. As Joan Rivers once said, "Why would I want to go to heaven when I have a house in the Hamptons?"

Our houses in the Hamptons are about to burn.

Christiane said...

"The gospel has deep meaning to people in despair. People in prosperity don't need God. As Joan Rivers once said, "Why would I want to go to heaven when I have a house in the Hamptons?"

Our houses in the Hamptons are about to burn."

WADE, this recalls to me some warnings from my own generation's time:

"...And the people bowed and prayed
To the neon god they made
And the sign flashed out its warning
In the words that it was forming
And the sign said, "The words of the prophets are written on the subway walls
And tenement halls"
And whispered in the sound of silence"

Dave said...


I certainly agree that God can use all forms of apologetics to build the faith of believers, while softening the hearts of the unredeemed. I would further agree that God equips us with unique aptitude for a particular kingdom service. I gather that you are following in the vaunted footsteps of ICR staples; Henry Morris and Duane Gish, or the publishers of Ex Nihilo. (If still extant)

Nature and Science magazine will of course, continue to misrepresent and ostracize all subsets of intelligent design proponents, denying fair editorial access to publish counterpoint, while calling for the academic cancellation of any foolish enough to publicly question the evolutionary status quo.

From what we may grasp of Pride, that original sin first manifested in the cosmos by Lucifer, its emergence was neither the consequence of scanty scientific data nor historical facts being absent, or misunderstood. It was not an academic failure of the intellect to comprehend, but rather the deviant, catastrophic expression of the moral nature, or volitional will.

All I had intended to convey, was that: ‘We know that we are children of God, and that the whole world is under the control of the evil one.’

‘The god of this age has blinded the minds of unbelievers, so that they cannot see the light of the gospel of the glory of Christ, who is the image of God.’

Jonathan Sarfati, Ph.D. said...


Ex Nihilo is definitely extant, because I am one of the editors! It has gone through some name changes. It was originally from the Latin phrase Creatio Ex Nihilo. Because Latin is unfamiliar to most, it then became Creation Ex Nihilo, with the first word in normal font and Ex Nihilo in italics. Then the Latin was dropped, and the magazine is now called Creation. We recently published a 40-year anniversary book with the best of Creation magazine articles in that time, with minor updates for older articles.

You could say that I am following in their footsteps as the author of the best-selling creationist book ever (apart from the Bible!), Refuting Evolution.

Scott Shaver said...

๐Ÿ˜‚Loved point #1

Nuff said.

Christiane said...

"But I fear, lest by any means, as the serpent beguiled Eve through his subtlety,
so your minds should be corrupted from the simplicity that is in Christ."
(2 Corinthians 11:3)

Rex Ray said...

Maybe the two buildings were destroyed because someone wanted to collect on insurance.

RB Kuter,
I agree, I don’t believe Scott’s a Democrat.

Yesterday, we drove about 150 miles to visit Judy’s relatives.

At one time the people of Colorado didn’t like Texans because they bought up half the country.

I told them the joke about the difference between a dead Texan and a dead coyote laying on a highway (skid marks in front of the coyote.)

One relative said, “Maybe he was a Democrat.” :)

Christiane said...

Hello Dr. Sarfati,

are you connected to the 'Creation Movement' ?

Jonathan Sarfati, Ph.D. said...

Hello Christiane

I think my bio page should answer that

Christiane said...

Thank you for responding, Dr. Sarfati.

Scott Shaver said...

Will go you one better Rex.

I have two Texas Aggie daughters. I have taught them debate and spiritual toughness by telling Aggie jokes.

For example: How many Texas Aggies does it take to eat an armadillo? Answer: 1 to eat and 2 to watch for cars in both directions๐Ÿ˜Ž

Geaux Tigahs.๐Ÿ˜œ

Dave said...


Having to chuckle at myself, after just reading your reply, Sir. Yours is a wholly appropriate and confidently snappy response (in a decidedly GOOD way). Best answer ever!

I really appreciate the informational links you had provided, Sir. With just a cursory visit, my interest has been piqued and potentially reengaged for this field of research in which you have great expertise. It’s encouraging to see the continuation generations later, of the work (presumably?) sparked by Morris’ “The Genesis Flood”.

1992, marked my first exposure to this topic, while attending a 2-day Creation Science conference in California, hosted by ICR. After absorbing many books, magazines & videotaped debates later, this novitiate’s education culminated with an introduction to the premise of ‘irreducible complexity’ after reading Behe’s; “Darwin’s Black Box”.

At that time, it seemed to me as though his work represented the apex of ID rhetoric, as it was reviewed and subsequently credited (with faint praise) by his unconvinced peers, (to the effect) as “scholarly …however, misguided”.

I will be checking out your book soon. Blessings!

Jonathan Sarfati, Ph.D. said...

Thank you Dave

“The Genesis Flood” was a hugely important book for its time, and really did cause a revival in the traditional biblical creation view. But it is older than I, and I have grandchildren! So some of the claims need revision. For example, all major creationist organizations, including ICR, have abandoned the canopy theory. Many creationists now think that the genealogies of Genesis 5 and 11 teach a tight chronology, with no time gaps even if there were generational gaps.

Similarly. “The Genesis Record” was very important as a commentary defending biblical creation, but it is now 45 years old, older than several CMI speakers and writers. Lots has happened since then, e.g. rejecting the canopy theory as above; creationist research on radiometric dating, the Ice Age, catastrophic plate tectonics, distant starlight (most would reject light created in transit), plus discoveries of amazing molecular machinery in living cells, plus new opponents such as Hugh Ross, Richard Dawkins, and Biologos. That's why I wrote “The Genesis Account”, an 800-page commentary on Genesis 1–11.

I enjoyed “Darwin's Black Box”. But I think my book “By Design” is better, and I'm not biased at all ;)

Christiane said...

“Wisdom, information, an idea, is the link between the metaphysical Creator and the physical creation. It is the hidden face of God.”
(Gerald Schroeder)

and yet,

"Si enim comprehendis, non est Deus"

Scott Shaver said...

Paul Simon

Scott Shaver said...


Ever read an older book by Hugh Ross, "The Fingerprint of God"?

Scott Shaver said...

Doesn't sound at all like a "conspiracy theory to me". Sounds more like a well grounded and reasoned hypothesis, which I agree is going to be tested at some point and somewhere along the lines Wade describes.

Dave said...


I wish I could site some potential weakness in your assessment of current / upcoming world events concerning China’s military ambitions and projected strategic movements. The chill up my spine while reading your post, bears witness to the veracity of each scenario you’ve delineated, Wade. Post-retirement as an infantry soldier, I still maintain a vested interest in global affairs, and I’d affirm that the ‘world’s stage’ requires a compromised U.S. administration firmly placed in China’s pocket, deluded by SJW and climate-change propaganda, harboring anti-Israel sentiment and dedicated to a measurably weakened American military.

The Navy has been unintentionally generating plenty of grist for the dark humor mill, seemingly unable to avoid running aground or colliding with other ships. Last I checked, the cutting-edge force projection platform, better known as the USS Gerald Ford …had yet to possess fully functional sub-systems (to include elevators). Despite operational readiness setbacks, high-ranking political pawns assure us that after years of misdirected military intelligence …they’ve identified the PRIMARY threat to national security, right here at our doorstep …within the ranks of each military branch.

Not to be outdone, the Air Force has just officially sponsored it’s first ‘Drag Queen Show’, proudly hosted on Nellis AFB, …purportedly as an LGBTQ awareness public service. If we repeat the mantra ‘Diversity is our STRENGTH!’ often enough …maybe potentially hostile forces, will believe it as well, …and cower in fear.

Looking forwards to reading the article you’ve mentioned, Wade.

Scott Shaver said...

Wade, Rex:

I asked my youngest daughter who is a Design EIT. She suggests concrete spalling going unrepaired. If one column goes, so can the whole structure. Spalling goes unattended/unrepaired in that salt air, things can fall bottom to bottom to bottom.

Scott Shaver said...

Good Golly Miss Molly๐Ÿ˜ณ

Rex Ray said...

Scott Shaver,

Your daughter’s idea would be good if only ONE building fell.

What’s your opinion on the 144 Government sightings on radar of Unidentified Flying Objects through the years? (Their front view looks like a circle with wings.)

These UFO’s go lightning fast and change directions that would be around 400 G-s.

Around 20 G-s causes death.

Scott Shaver said...


Why would concrete spalling be limited to ONE building?

Scott Shaver said...

I've never seen one Rex. So I don't have an opinion.

Rex Ray said...

Scott Shaver,

Your right about ‘concrete spalling’ would apply to both buildings, but what’s the odds of them falling the same time?

You don’t have an opinion about UFOs because you haven’t seen one?


Have you seen them on TV? We don’t see thunder. We don’t see rain before it falls, or two fees mating.

Jonathan Sarfati, Ph.D. said...

Scott Shaver

Ever read an older book by me, “Refuting Compromise”? Its subtitle is “A biblical and scientific refutation of ‘progressive creationism’ (billions of years) as popularized by astronomer Hugh Ross”. See introductory chapter and reviews at

Christiane said...

God has 'spoken'.
When Christ came, Christ the Second Person of the Holy Trinity, God;
He was able to 'translate' the Word of God to us humans in a way that helps carry us into His Kingdom in the way that we are able to comprehend what it is that the 'world' cannot conquer within our humanity.

When God 'speaks' through Christ, the Word of God comes closest to us, as a Presence among us, but this world has no power to 'overcome' His Presence.

When men 'assume' they can speak in human words and in human logic all that the written Word means;
they forget their limitations as human persons,
as 'the Word of God' is more than human voices and reasoning, and contains within it an insight and a wisdom that only Christ can reveal to us as He opens the Kingdom of Heaven to us Himself.

I think we've too long relied on 'translations' and 'explanations' that were human-based. And we have found ourselves divided in our understandings of the Holy into so many denominations. Maybe that is why 'politics' has hurt the witness of the Church in our land.

For a few moments in each of our lives, we are given a 'glympse' of the Kingdom of Our Lord,
maybe when we were children, before the 'world' and our sin of pride blinded us.
But having glympsed the Kingdom of Our Lord, we carry something irrevocable as an eternal witness within us that cannot, will not, forget that there is 'Light' in the Word of God that this world cannot begin to 'explain' in human terms.

God's thoughts are high above our thoughts. If we are to understand what is 'sacred' about the Holy Scriptures, we must look to Christ Himself.

Christ, the Revealer of God, IS 'the Word' made flesh who dwelt among us.
So we have been visited from on high, yes. Thanks be to God.

Wade Burleson said...

Jonathan Sarfati,

The "link" you gave has "gone missing" on the website. I was looking forward to reading it.

BTW, your commentary on Genesis is up there as one of my favorites - yours and James Montgomery Boice's and A.W. Pink - all three have a different intention, but they are all excellent.

Jonathan Sarfati, Ph.D. said...

Thank you, Pastor Burleson.

The link was meant to be Refuting Compromise: introductory chapters and reviews.

Scott Shaver said...

Yep. Guess you have. Will do. ๐Ÿ‘

Christiane said...

Christ, The Revealer of God