Friday, March 08, 2024

Wade Burleson at Istoria Ministries Is Now A Substack Subscription

Wade Burleson at Istoria Ministries Substack Newsletter is now the place for my writings. 

You can find me on Substack at:

Substack is a subscription service ($5.00 monthly or $48.00 annually). All proceeds go to Istoria Ministries to help meet our budget. 

There's also a free subscription option. You'll receive a couple of my writings for free every month.

But you'll need a paid subscription to Istoria Ministries for the archived posts, to read most of the new posts I write weekly, and to listen to the podcasts. 

Istoria's Board of Directors met at the end of July 2023 and urged me to use this subscription model. 

The viability of our ministry requires consistent revenue. Donations to Istoria have been our lifeblood, and we trust the LORD to raise up those who can continue to give tax-deductible donations to Istoria Ministries.

We hope the Wade Burleson at Istoria Ministries SubStack subscriptions will help Istoria Ministries continue to expand. 

For all subscribers, free or paid, the Wade Burleson at Istoria Ministries Substack newsletters will be a way that I communicate via email. 

The 70 various digital teaching sermon series can be heard through a subscription service.  They can still be accessed for free at the Sermon Series Archive on Istoria Ministries Website but in the near future, will require a subscription to

It will take some time for the 2,500 posts from 2005 to 2022 to be placed in the archive of Wade Burleson Istoria Ministries Substack, but we'll get there. 

Thank you for supporting Istoria Ministries, and if you want to contact me personally, feel free to email at