Wednesday, June 30, 2021

The Enid Public Library Pushing Gay Pride Week

A Book On Display Celebrating Gay Pride
A Christian mother in Enid, Oklahoma, Kayla Nichols, wrote to the board of the Enid Public Library. She requested the board remove prominent posters and books in the tax-payer-funded library entrance, which celebrates Gay Pride Week. Kayla believes that her children are only properly educated through the teaching of morality. She is opposed to any tax-payer-funded celebrations of immorality that are contrary to her Christian beliefs. 

I agree. So would John Amos Comenius. You've never heard of Comenius? 

Be  patient, and I'll tell you about the man the United Nations calls "The Founder of Modern Universal Education."

First, I want to show you the responses of some of the people who disagree with Kayla's views about the importance of teaching our children Christian morality, a standard of conduct based on the teachings of the Bible. The e folks seem not to believe that same-sex activity is a sin, that is, that same-sex sexual behaviors are violations of God's will and His moral code for mankind. In fact, most seem not to believe in God or a divine standard of morality at a gh the commentators would tell you that they believe in "inclusion, equality, and love for all," their words about Kayla are revealing.  

Now, back to the guy who agrees with Kayla, John Amos Comenius

Every year the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), hands out the Comenius Medal to the educator who contributes to high-quality teaching, a medal named after John Amos Comenius, the founder of modern education. 

John Comenius believed in the importance of teaching morality to all children. He explained that children should be taught that they can perish before adulthood and that a life lived apart from God is dangerous. Comenius wrote in The Great Didactic
"Apart from God, the source of light and of life, there is nothing but darkness, terror, agony, and everlasting death that knows no end; so that it were better that they had never been born, who stray from God and cast themselves into the pit of eternal destruction." 
Against this background, the Holy Scriptures became central to the public schools founded by Comenius in Europe, England, and eventually the United States. The Holy Scriptures, according to Comenius, should be placed higher than all other readings, and all knowledge in the schools should be explained in terms that relate them to the Holy Scriptures. The role of the teacher was to bring students in line with the word of God, putting their hope and trust in them. 

Comenius argued that children should learn to assert their reverence to God practically "through internal contemplation as well as external ceremonies." Teachers should regularly bring students into God's presence through silent moments of meditation and corporate prayers. They should be taught to keep their love and fear of God alive and follow His instructions for their lives. 

These external ceremonies include attending church services, listening to the teaching of God's word, personal Bible reading, prayer with bent knees, hymn singing, and participating in the Christian sacraments. The children should also learn that true Christianity is expressed through good deeds. This meant that students were trained in patience, courtesy, justice, and mercy and to make sacrifices throughout their lives. 

The newly formed Harvard University asked Comenius to be its first President, but he politely declined to establish more public schools in Europe. That's right. The founder of modern education believed the Bible's moral revelations were essential to the character, progress, and stability of Western Civilization itself.  

Listen to what the Bible says about same-sex behaviors: 
“Do not have sexual relations with a man as one does with a woman; that is detestable.” (Leviticus 18:22
"If a man has sexual relations with a man as one does with a woman, both of them have 
done what is detestable....” (Leviticus 20:13). 
"Detestable," used in both verses, is a strong word that indicates God's displeasure with sin.
"They rejected God and worshiped and served created things rather than the Creator... Because of this, God gave them over to shameful lusts. Even their women exchanged natural sexual relation for unnatural ones. In the same way, the men also abandoned natural relations with women and were inflamed with lust for one another. Men committed shameful acts with other men, and received in themselves the due penalty for their error." (Romans 1:25-27)
"Flee sexual immorality. Every sin that a man does is outside the body, but he who commits sexual immorality sins against his own body." (I Cor. 6:18)

The Holy Scriptures are clear. Same-sex sexual activity and heterosexual sexual activity outside the covenant of marriage are sins against God. 

Of course. Grace should be given to every sinner. Chr stians believe that celebrating sin is vastly different than loving sinners. Jes s hung out with the prostitutes, thieves, drunkards, and the sexually immoral, but He practiced none of their behaviors. It' possible to be loving, compassionate, and truthful all at the same time.

Americans may disagree over whether same-sex sexual relations, multiple sexual relations outside of marriage, or other sexual behaviors identified by the Holy Scriptures are sinful. But the Founders of our country were clear. They understood the importance of Christian moral principles in establishing our Republic. In his later years, John Adams wrote a letter to Thomas Jefferson in which Mr. Adams asked a question (first paragraph) and then answered it himself (second paragraph). Pay close attention to what the Founders thought regarding Christianity and the founding of America. 

"Who composed that Army of fine young fellows that was then before my eyes [during the American Revolution]? There were among them, Roman Catholicks, English Episcopalians, Scotch and American Presbyterians, Methodists, Moravians, Anabaptists, German Lutherans, German Calvinists, Universalists, Arians, Priestleyans, Socinians, Independents, Congregationalists, Horse Protestants, House Protestants, Deists and theists; and [Protestants who believe nothing]. Very few however of several of these Species. Never the less all educated in the general Principles of Christianity: and the general Principles of English and American Liberty.

The general Principles, on which the Fathers atchieved Independence, were the only Principles in which that beautiful assembly of young gentlemen could unite.... And what were these general Principles? I answer [John Adams wrote]-- the general principles of Christianity, in which all those sects were united: And the general Principles of English and American Liberty, in which all those young men united, and which had united all parties in America, in majorities sufficient to assert and maintain her Independence. Now I will avow, that I then believed, and now believe, that those general Principles of Christianity, are as eternal and immutable, as the Existence and Attributes of God; and those principles of Liberty, as unalterable as human nature and the terrestrial, mundane system." (Letter from John Adams to Thomas Jefferson, June 28, 1813). 

Like our Founding Fathers, Kayla and John Comenius believed that the standard of morality taught to our children is found in Christianity's general principles of moral behavior. 

I'm genuinely puzzled by those who do not understand why Kayla wrote her letter. The Bible teaches clearly that "same-sex" sexual relationships are sins against the Creator and violations of His design for mankind. Many of us in Enid believe what the Bible teaches and do not desire our taxpayer funds used to celebrate what God calls immoral. That said, we have many friends who practice homosexuality and many friends who practice adultery. How ver, we also don't want a taxpayer-funded "Adultery Pride Day," "Pedophilia (Sex with Children) Pride Day," or "Beastiality (Sex with Animals) Pride Day." For that matter, we also don't want the library to teach our children how to lie, steal, and overindulge, much less celebrate these things. We can be friends with all people, but friendship and love do not mean we must advocate or celebrate violations of God's moral standard for mankind. 

Some might say, "How DARE you compare the actions of two CONSENTING adults with pedophilia! It's LEGAL to have same-sex relations in America!"

Well, of course! Laws change. Same-sex relations and adultery were both illegal in every single state of the union for nearly 200 years. Sex al laws in America changed in the late 1990s and early 2000s.

However, I am writing about morality, not legality, in this post. In the next post, I will show you how some in North America are now pushing laws to make it legal to have sex with children. Who is to say that they are wrong in their belief that good comes to the child who is taught how to have consensual sex with an adult, and who can oppose their belief that "sex before 8 is great (their motto)" and beneficial? See the problem? When culture starts moving away from God's moral standard, "Every man does right what is in his own eyes" (Judges 17:6). 

In Roman days, it was thought that consenting sex between adult males and children (pederasty) was natural, pleasurable, and beneficial. Thus, the Roman elite made it legal. But again, does making an action legal make it moral? If not, why not? One man's immorality is another man's pleasure. That's why God alone sets the standard for human morality. Man, and must listen to Him.

The filthy language, name-calling, and horrific denigration of Kayla (and those of us who think like Kayla) remind me of the graffiti on the walls of a gas station's public restroom. It proves what Comenius taught about the importance of morality in childhood education. A couple or more generations of Americans seem to have missed that class, as evidenced by their lack of class as adults. It's hard to seriously debate someone more familiar with cuss words than Comenius. 

That said, I know where the denigrators of Kayla are coming from, and I feel compassion for them. They're empty and don't yet know it, but they will in time. They have no understanding of the history of Western Civilization and universal education. Most of all, they reject Christian morality and God's standards because they don't like it. 

Be kind to them. Be loving to them. But most of all, never bend when it comes to the truth.
Love and respect every immoral person who violates the moral standard of the Holy Scriptures (eg., God's Law), but always oppose any tax-payer-funded forced celebrations of mankind's immorality.

Holocaust, 1930s Germany, and Medical Mandates

Holocaust Survivor Vera Sharav is a public advocate for human rights and the founder and president of the Alliance for Human Research Protection (AHRP)). Vera is interviewed by Dr. Reiner Fuellmich (a German lawyer) in the video below. Vera's message is pertinent to American's during today’s rising medical fascism. A patient's "informed consent" before taking medical treatment is a bedrock of liberty. Any government or medical establishment that forces treatments without patient consent is fascism. Beneath the video is a transcript of what Vera Sharav says in the video. She reveals the parallels between today's medical mandates and 1930s Nazi Germany. You may not agree, but Vera is compelling, especially for those of us who respect the wisdom of our elders. (NOTE: As my friend, Rex Ray, points out, the TRANSCRIPTION is not accurate. It was done by a computer program and proves that computers are not nearly as good as humans in some things! Read with caution; listen with interest. Correct the transcript for vocabulary, grammar, and punctuation before you print and distribute). 

[1:00] My perspective is informed by my experience, by the historical record, and by the empirical evidence. We were required as Germans to wear a yellow star of David, to identify us, to segregate Jews exclusionary laws barred the family from normal life, from attending ordinary activities. Our property was impounded. 

We were forbidden to participate in all educational, religious, cultural gatherings. Travel was forbidden, so there was no escape. These painful memories from my childhood sensitized me to the threat posed by current restrictive government dictates, you know, in 1776, Benjamin Rush, a doctor and signer of the Declaration of Independence foresaw the danger of medicine organizing as what he called an undercover dictatorship. 

Under the Nazi regime, moral norms were systematically obliterated. The medical profession and institutions were radically transformed. Academic science, the military, industry, and clinical medicine were tightly interwoven as they are now. The Nazi system destroyed a social conscience in the name of public health violations against individuals and classes of human beings were institutionalized. Eugenics-driven public health policies replaced the positions, focus on the good of the individual German medical profession and institutions were perverted.

[00:03:36] Coercive public health policies violated individual civil and human rights. Criminal methods were used to enforce the policies. Nazi propaganda used fear of infectious epidemics to demonize Jews as spreaders of disease as a menace to public health. This is a hallmark of anti-Semitism. Blame the Jewish people for existential threat. In the Middle Ages, Jews were blamed for the Bubonic Plague and the Black Plague and propaganda with their psychological weapons.

The Nazis used to impose a genocidal regime, and today some are beginning to understand why the German people didn't rise up. Fear kept them from doing the right thing. Medical mandates today are a major step backward toward a fascist dictatorship and genocide. The government dictates medical interventions is undermine our dignity as well as our freedom.

First, it was vaccination mandates for children, now for adults. The stark lesson, excuse me, of the Holocaust is that whenever doctors join forces with the government and deviate from their personal, professional, clinical commitment to do no harm to the individual, medicine can then be perverted from a healing humanitarian profession to a murderous apparatus.

You know, the reason that the Greeks made the students of medical schools before they were allowed into medical school to swear the Hippocratic Oath was because they knew that in medicine you gain knowledge about how you can actually kill. And they had to promise that they would do no harm. Otherwise, they weren't allowed in medical school.

I think they were ahead of us in understanding human nature.

[00:06:06] Absolutely. Yeah.

[00:06:10] What sets the Holocaust apart from all other mass genocides is the pivotal role played by the medical establishment, the entire medical establishment. Every step of the murderous process was endorsed by the academic and professional medical establishment. Medical doctors and prestigious medical societies and institutions lend the veneer of legitimacy to infanticide. Mass murder of civilians. For was the first industrialized medical murder project in history. The first victims were disabled German infants and children under three. They were identified by midwives who reported their existence to the state. 

The next victims were the mentally ill, followed by the elderly in nursing homes. The murderous operations were methodical and followed protocol very, very carefully. Questionnaires were sent out to all psychiatric institutions requiring detailed information about each patient. A committee of fifty-four psychiatrists made the final life and death decisions for each patient. The objective opted for was to eliminate the economic burden of those the regime and the doctors deemed worthless eaters. And it was also to empty beds to make room for wounded soldiers.

During the war, four also served as a testing ground for various lethal chemical and pharmaceuticals, the financial beneficiaries of the Nazi genocide, where the corporate elite, their record of collaboration with genocidal regimes, is uninterrupted. Without the financial support of Wall Street bankers and collaboration by the major US, German and Swiss corporations that provided the chemical, industrial and technological material, Hitler could not have carried out this unprecedented industrialized, murderous operations among the companies that profited from the Holocaust, Standard Oil and Chase Manhattan, both owned by Rockefeller's, IBM, Kodak, Ford, Coca-Cola, Nestlé, BMW and of course, IG Farben. And there, as well as Air Service IG Farben was the largest world war to profiteer using Auschwitz patients as slave laborers. Doctors actually sent those whom they deemed able to be slave laborers to the factories and mines.

[00:09:32] They also had their own care. They also conducted experiments. IBM technology facilitated the rapid implementation of the Holocaust census data, which contained an IBM computer punch card, the Jews of Europe were quickly identified, rounded up, segregated, deported, tracked, imprisoned, tattooed. Enslaved and exterminated. covid-19 pandemic has exposed eugenics driven public health policies in Western Europe and the United States. 

This is a chilling replay of TV for government directives to hospitals and nursing homes essentially condemn the elderly to death. In Europe and the United States, hospitals were ordered not to treat, not to provide medical treatment, including oxygen to elderly people in nursing homes. Several U.S. governors sent infected elderly people to nursing homes, knowing that they lacked essential safeguards to prevent the spread of the virus before he issued the executive order that sent 15000 more than fifteen thousand human beings to death. Governor Cuomo of New York State predicted that the virus would be like fire through dry grass in nursing homes. The Corporate Media Academy of Sciences awarded Governor Cuomo an Emmy for his TV performances that were billed as what were they billed as? There are always euphemisms, but the point was he was giving the happenings of how the virus was progressing and what was being done. And the implication was that the White House wasn't doing it. So he was doing it for what I thought were briefings, briefings, that that was the term that was used. Of course, we have since found out, since the attorney general report that it was all a lie and that he concealed it. He concealed the number of deaths. So he knew when people conceal a crime, they know it's a crime.

[00:12:34] Yeah, yeah, we all know this, Vera, but it's still it's shocking to hear this over again and see it in context to see what's going on right now. It's simply shocking. And Vivianna pointed out that her as far as time goes on, my a great uncle. Yeah. Her great uncle was a priest and he tried and preached wanted to protect the people from this T4 program. Eventually, he was he, too, was put into a concentration camp and he died there. So she's even Vivianna has personally touched by this. And she's just hoping that this time we will have another different outcome. I'm sure we will. But it's not going to be without a very, very serious fight.

Very serious. OK, if you let me I'll go on what I have, and then you can always ask me questions. Two thousand and six. During the avian flu epidemic, H5N1, a panel of public health officials advised the Bush administration to institute quarantines and closures and measured Lockdown's recommendations to consider. These lockdowns were completely rejected by Dr. Donald Henderson, who was an acclaimed real eradicator of, among other things, smallpox. And he wrote a report. He was the primary author. There were three of them, and the report was in opposition to what he called an unscientific measure. And this is what he said and I quote, Experience has shown that communities faced with epidemics or other adverse events respond best with the least anxiety when the normal social functioning of the community is least disrupted. Strong political and public health leadership to provide reassurance and to ensure that needed medical care services are provided are critical elements. If either is seen to be less than optimal, a manageable epidemic could move toward catastrophe. Today, the debate is forbidden. A doctor is not allowed to say that the virus is being exploited to maintain a state of fear. Lockdowns have in this time around proved to be a very effective tool for social control, but they failed to change the course of the virus. People are being conditioned to submit, possibly to government dictate children who are deprived of an education are being conditioned to distrust people.

[00:15:52] Mandatory masks are an insidious psychological weapon. They demean our dignity as free human beings. They do not work in this or any epidemic, and they are the symbolic equivalent of the yellow star. Study after study has found that lockdowns destroyed millions of lives and livelihoods, throwing millions of people into poverty, even the Wall Street Journal has conceded that lockdowns were not worth the pain. However, for Global Oligarchs, the Kovik pandemic has been a financial bonanza. American billionaires increased their vast personal wealth by two point two trillion dollars. Just in two thousand twenty. So I guess we really can't. Overlook the strong financial incentive for lockdowns. That destroys the competition, all the local industries in most cities certainly gone bankrupt. We're supposed to only buy from the large Amazon. Yeah. Doctors and scientists who expressed views that challenge official dictates are treated as heretics, they are threatened with loss of livelihood and I'm sure you know some of them. Oh, yeah. Anyone who questions the safety of vaccines that have been rushed through Operation Warp Speed is muzzled and vilified by the media. Now, these covid-19 vaccine contracts under Operation Warp Speed are totally confidential. They've even used a middle contractor to do things for the military so that those contracts can't be.

Acquired under the Freedom of Information Act. They're not in government custody. Why the secret? Why is the CEO of Pfizer? Really tried to blackmail Argentina in Brazil. Others can examine the financial reasoning for wanting such absolute control and assurance that they could not be sued. I mean, going to the extent of requiring them to give their military bases, their banks, and to put to get insurance in other countries. I mean, all this collateral. Why what does he know is in the data? That we don't know. If there's nothing to hide, why are they so anxious, no matter that governments have given them immunity, they already have immunity. It's not enough. Bill Gates stated in twenty that the final solution to the pandemic will be a vaccine. You can decide what that means. Of course, he's referring to and he knows he's old enough. But in other words, this is a kind of final solution to ensure compliance with Kovik vaccines, governments have instituted unprecedented aggressive measures. This is primarily to ensure a vigorous cash flow. They're already talking about the vaccines being required every year. That signifies to you why not? They haven't yet even cashed in. I mean, the vaccination only began in the middle of December. What will their profits look like at the end of twenty, twenty-one?

[00:21:05] Why do you think this is happening? Why are they pushing for this? What is the ultimate goal? What are they after?

[00:21:16] Rigged the great reset? Yeah, OK, I know it's laid out. Yeah, it's laid out. And it's essentially it's to finish the job only now it's global. Yeah. It's to go beyond Hitler. This is global.

[00:21:37] Yeah.

[00:21:38] It's about population reduction. That's always been the oligarch's goal since, since John D. Rockefeller. Mm. And power may control the technology today is far superior to IBM's punch cards. Yeah, what they are doing with this virus. Is to institute absolutely unprecedented, oppressive and repressive elements that imprison us in our homes. They were being tracked, surveyed, you know, that green passports are now being instituted to have apartheid, two-class society. One class privileged. The other reviled and discriminated against. Sound familiar?

[00:22:49]  Absolutely.

[00:22:51] We'll ghettos, detention camps follow. And how will people be killed? The Nazis used tattoos to identify and track Jews well so that they don't escape. Well, now we've got even invasive tracking surveillance technology already done. It's been developed thanks to Bill Gates and finance things. Now, this great recept is the master plan, just as Hitler had a master plan, the Great Reset or the New World Order or the Fourth Industrial Revolution. This is a plan and it's out in the open and it's been published 13. covid, as he indicated himself, Klaus Schwab has that is a wonderful opportunity to reset. Did any of us give informed consent to a reset of the world? No way. Well, shouldn't we be asked? Yeah, but this is just this has gone so far. Doctor, you don't talk before. I heard just the last ten minutes about how the agencies, the government agencies are giving a pass under the radar. And what's all that about? Yes, they will really take the oligarch's already own governments. I don't believe that the way this Colvert virus sits next to piracy, that's the problem. It's the eugenics. That's the problem. It's never gone away. And this is and that class, the elite, truly believe that they are evil and we are all Untermenschen. Yeah. That is what is driving this. So money, of course. But power is it's like a drug. I think there are people who are absolutely evil. They do not recognize the human species as being one. Once you start having these two class systems, you will not prevent a global holocaust. And they can do it remotely, click, click,

[00:25:23] If we let them,

[00:25:25] If we let them. Now, I do want in case you have not heard about this, this is terribly important because this is a new and documented investigative report that just came out in February, Schwabe Family Values. You must read that, father and son. Each collaborated with genocidal. Regimes. And this includes. The comic. Clutz Nazis, one generation, a continuum by the sun, including dealing with the South African apartheid regime. You must read it and you must interview him and get the documents he documented. I've been looking for this and nothing. Couldn't find anything on the website. It was all wiped out. Nothing on the website tells you anything about Klaus Schwab before 1970. The man was born in nineteen thirty-eight and then when he appeared suddenly he had, I don't know 20 doctorates. And they're all in Harvard and just I mean, it was just this is a continuum. He provides the intellectual reasoning and really it's a protocol how they're going to work. They don't just want to control us the way they are now telling us how far distance we make, stand from one another, and then be masked and all that.

[00:27:22] They also want to control our minds are thinking they want to know what we're thinking. And they already evidently have you know, technology has gone way, way, way beyond its scope that it should just as medicine has. Just as government, as government should not be interfering in our personal lives, Inmet and our medical choices. What is that? Where did that come from? It started with the Nazis. Mm hmm. Mm-hmm. If that's really why is my hope, while I'm still I never thought that I would be alive to be again afraid. Of the same elements, I'm afraid, from the same people. Yeah. I think. I think that as a Jew who was persecuted under that regime, I believe that you German this generation must lead this fight. You two are connected. We were the victims, your ancestors. Right, were the perpetrators. We now must work together because each one of us and there is I'm sure there's a memory going on in Germany among Germans got to plug into that and say this is this time around, we won't let them get away with it because it really it's worse.

[00:29:03] It is worse, which worse. We won't let them get away with this. We spoke with Naomi Wolf a week ago and she alerted us to what this digital it's a digital passport, this green passport, what it can do. And it turns us and everything. But every line, every

Banking, you know, there are visionaries there. You know, the books written. And, yeah, I mean, those things, they grasp things. You know, artists grasp things before the rest stop. And the tragedy really was that you know, there were people that were saying, for example, a leader, I'll be talking about this to people in Israel because that's another target I have to deal with. Who warned the European Jews in Eastern Europe, get out, leave my place is going to burn down, get out, leave. And of course, most didn't because, you know, conspiracy theorists, they didn't call it that then, but it was sort of what is he talking about? You know, you're perfectly right. Nothing's going to happen to us. Luckily, my husband's father took him seriously. He left Lithuania and went to Israel and then brought the wife and the baby and they were saved and the others weren't.

[00:30:27] It's probably not a coincidence that we have been speaking with and interviewing a number of people who are Jewish or Israeli, and that there is really close cooperation that has come from this. And it's it continues. And I think you're absolutely right. It's us. We have to work together in order to stop this. But I'm you know, the other day I spoke with one of the lawyers who we quote I have said we have set up international legal cooperation. It works really, really well, including the Australians, because the Australians, the Canadians, the Americans, because we need that legal system because it's the only one that has this powerful tool of class actions and this very powerful tool of pre-trial discovery, which is the best law of evidence that anybody has ever had. And our friend, Michael Swinbourne, he's a Canadian lawyer who's been working with indigenous people for two or three decades now. And he says he agrees with you. And we're going to file another international class action, this time for children only. And he says. From here, of course, he realizes that the precursor to this is what happened in the Third Reich, but he says it goes beyond that because he started out representing indigenous people, because they have always been the target of genocidal fantasies. And he says, and I think you agree with this, it used to be only the Indians now were all Indians. And that's probably what we are. That's why this is global and that's why we have to join forces and collaborate in order to stop this.

[00:32:33] You know, one of the dangers right now is that just as it was in the 30s, politically, the factions fighting each other, all that's all set up. That's all set up. Black lives matter except in public health, where it's institutionalized racism. Yeah, so don't start to divert attention from what they're really doing.

[00:33:00] Mm.

One of the things that I hope that you'll do with some of your class action lawsuits is to use the Nuremberg Code. Absolutely. Use that Nuremberg code. I mean, again, if you have a good reason to rely on. And it's been cited. I know I was involved in two cases in the United States where judges cited it and absolutely used it. And nobody's ever challenged the beauty of the Nuremberg Code, which is why all the the the ones on the other side, really, particularly the officials, the public, hate it. They hate the Nuremberg, they favored the Helsinki is a little bit of watering down as well because the Nuremberg Code can be changed. Mm-hmm. It's like the Ten Commandments. Yeah, it is. You know, it was that that legal decision was not challenged. The Nuremberg Code stops and they don't know what to do with it. You see, that's the problem because, you know, it changes every few years depending on what's OK, what's not OK at the Nuremberg says you're a subject. I'm not a participant. And these are experiments, not studies. It's the language is terribly, terribly important, everything in public health is done in euphemisms, never straightforward when they want to do. A pesticide experiment on children. They call it tears when they got experimented on premature infants, where one was given a lot of oxygen, the other very little and some 23 babies died, wouldn't have if they would have been in regular care. They call it support. And you know, the. Women about to give birth support. Oh, that means they're going to support me in this difficult time of premature baby, I'm afraid that's how they hooked. Hmm, OK. And, of course, in these kinds of experiments, it's blacks, Hispanics,

[00:35:39] Yeah, that is I spoke with, of course, Michael Swinbourne, who alerted me to the fact that even close to 100 years ago, the Indians, the Canadian Indians, probably the American Indians as well, were used for all kinds of medical experiments. And then I spoke with an old Australian Aborigine. He supports a group of lawyers who are fighting this in Australia. And he says this is in the nineteen forties when he was a child. His mother was smart enough to realize and understand the danger of what was going on because they were vaccinating people back then. They were vaccinating Aborigines, using them as guinea pigs. He said, my mother was smart enough. She took us the children, and we moved from one place to another whenever they came closer. And that's how they survived. And everybody else died or got seriously ill. From the very start, when I first realized what was going on, I thought, this is the worst ever series of crimes against humanity ever committed. And we're going to have to look back and we're going to have to make use of the Nuremberg Code because that is the most important result of the Nuremberg trials. Yeah. You know, of course, that there is a couple, an Israeli couple who I am in touch with who filed a complaint with the international. Yeah, good people. I'm going to have to talk to them again. But as you can see, it does seem to be working, but no one can do it by themselves. It has to be all of us joining forces and fighting this together.

It's very important not to be splintered. Yeah. Mm-hmm. But it's all written out. You see, you can use the plan. The master plan. Mm-hmm. This is where they're going. And this is not just this one person swapping detainee initiated it, but this is global. Yeah, yeah, it is.

[00:37:53] It's probably no more than, say, three thousand people who are at the very top of this. Unfortunately, they're in there. They're the oligarchs you're talking about. But there are also members of the churches.

[00:38:08] Everyone has been given grants or whatever. Yeah, everybody's been bribed. So everybody some. Yeah. Yes. Mm-hmm. And of course, the media in that sense of it's been planning this for a long time. Yeah. One of the things, for example, which was something nobody else looked at it, was somebody who wrote Bill Gates was the only one through the Gates Foundation. Nice tax-exempt all this foundation. It's very much he was one who started very early to fund. Reporters, journalists, schools, so in other words, you already trained by the time they go for their jobs at CNN or CBS or whatever, they're already indoctrinated.

[00:39:00] Mm-hmm. Yeah, that's a major problem. We spoke about this early today when our chief legal advisor, Professor Martin Schwabe, not related notes when he told us. Yeah. Alerted our attention once again to this fact. It's the media. It's the mainstream media. We call them the old media, as opposed to the independent media. It's the media through which all this propaganda is working. And they've been paying them off for a long time for probably at least a decade, if not longer.

[00:39:37] Very long. And look. And the Internet is is the tech. Yeah. And that's been totally I mean, how did that come about in the first place? Most of the technology was developed by the U.S. military.

[00:39:55] Yeah, yeah. They invested in Amazon. They invested in Google etc.

[00:40:00] Yeah, that's right. And I would love to hear something. I would love to know what deal was made in nineteen ninety-five between the US Justice Department and Bill Gates at that time, he was absolutely going to lose everything. Mm. They found, you know, they found it, and then suddenly it became a philanthropist. Yeah. That was how it happened. So the question is, what changed, what got the Justice Department officers back?

There must have been a deal. It's very, very obvious

That you say that these are a lot of these things and if one opens one's eyes and looks at things, then you start to understand what the trouble is. This is a little bit again, I think this was in preparation, which is. Most young people fell in love with technology. It's addictive. The iPhone is absolutely addictive. You walk along the street, people are looking at you like they're looking. Yeah, they wake up and you see how it's almost like a child with a teddy bear. Can you imagine a child? Imagine that that teddy bear, which loves is going to really do something against them. They can't believe the tracking that that's been used for the accumulation of all the personal secrets, you know, relationships and whatever. They don't they can't connect that they. They think that we're nuts. Mm-hmm.

Yeah, that's a really interesting question. There must have been a deal, quite obviously,

[00:41:53] And I just

Think that on the swap so we know that, you know, this is dullards. The pandemic represents a rare, narrow window of opportunity to reflect, reimagine and reset our world. Nothing will ever return to the sense of normalcy that prevented that prevailed prior to the crisis, because the coronavirus problems mark a fundamental inflection point in our global trajectory. What the fourth industrial revolution will lead to is a fusion of our physical, digital, and biological identities. This is transhumanism, but they are serious. I know when I first heard about the concept of transhumanism, I said, Oh, that's ridiculous. That was some years ago. And now there it is. This is what they're planning. Yeah. And they've got a lot of. Technology to do it.

I know we see this danger. I do think these people are stark raving mad,

[00:43:06] But not so did everyone outside think? Yes, absolutely. It's exactly the same thing. Yeah, we do.

[00:43:14] We are taking this seriously. Absolutely. As if this is the time to talk. Klaus Schwab even blocked out the enzyme. Great research. It's I'll be before that does need to convert to normality and so on. And that's covered the point. And Undem does conserve nosiness at least dishcloth and is the least you could reasonably Lightwood or and thus distilling is done Chief Galavan is to call again to defeat an industry and evolution or Dunwoody. As I have been known, fun was Vardas Mench Machine Inzunza Scheme Desistance is a focal transwoman. This was for Infocom. Von's in England and other versions are very strict. Oh my favorite God and also in here in Deutschland is to invite Tionne Unified and Splett Szymanski Nahnatchka MacLane destroying Denki Eliraz Clinged listeners antonym or variants miracles automatism Abidin Demitasse cancer Stopford because of it. OK, Veera this is, it's. I'm not going to be able to sleep tonight, but it's important to know these things. It's important that this has always been my firm conviction. We have to know what's going on. If we don't know what's going on, we're not going to make the right choices. That's why I'm extremely grateful for you being here. We will stay in touch and we will stop.

[00:44:59] This is what they've so far succeeded, is that people prefer to be. Yeah. Look at the way. And they don't realize that their entire life they think is it they've got people convinced that by keeping its physical distance with talking and masking that they're doing this thing. You're being good citizens. Yeah.

Veera, thank you very, very much. We will be in touch. Hopefully, we're going to be moving in the right direction from here on and we will be able to talk to you again under maybe a lot better circumstances. But up until then, we'll just.

Yeah, go get your champagne. I'll get my cake.

Right. Excellent. Well, thank you very, very much. This was shocking but very helpful. Thank you very much. Bye-bye.

Saturday, June 26, 2021

This Christian and a Prophetic Warning via Politics

"I get why non-Christians care so much about politics (because their hope and fulfillment are attached to this world), but why are so many Christians so passionate about politics when their hope is supposed to be tied to eternity? When I read the Scriptures, I see that we are to pray for those in authority, but ultimately, we stay about the business of God’s Kingdom. I have my answers to this question, but I'm curious what your thoughts are?"
The question above is from a respected pastor in Oklahoma via Facebook. I wish to answer only for myself, not anyone else. 

I, too, am a pastor. I take a text from the Bible on Sunday and teach that text, showing how it applies to our lives. I speak to Christians. A few years ago, I asked that the American flag be removed from the auditorium because our Sundays are about Christ and His reign in our lives. On special occasions,  like Sunday, July 4, 2021, America's Independence Day, we will bring the American flag into the auditorium and sing the Star-Spangled Banner.  But Patriotism within our worship services is the exception, not the rule. 

However, some now wrongly believe that I am a more political pastor than I was a few years ago. I am not. What has happened, and I think that people have noticed, is that I have become a more prophetic pastor. I am speaking more to the lost, to those without Christ.  

Those without Christ don't like what the Bible declares. A person with no faith relationship in Christ does not want to hear about the sovereignty of God and His election of sinners for deliverance from their sins. No lost person has any interest in the glory and supremacy of God and His righteous reign in a Kingdom that will never end. No sinner wants to be told to give up his immorality because his good, kind, and benevolent Creator desires that sinners be transformed to live in a way that reflects God's character. 

The lost have no interest in God. The things of God are "foolish" to them  (Greek: moros). The word moros, translated as "foolish," is the Greek word from which we get our English word "moron."  

Americans think followers of Jesus the Messiah are morons. 

That's because most Americans are consumed with temporal pleasures. We Americans love our beautiful houses, our large retirement accounts, our travel vacations, and our newest gadgets and designer clothes. We Americans want to eat at the nicest restaurants, live this life to its fullest, and enjoy celebrating moments with friends at the most amazing parties.

Americans have no interest in God, and they especially don't like a pastor who tells them that their party is about to come crashing down. That is exactly what I am doing. This pastor has turned prophet and may sound more political, but I am only more prophetical. 

Politics is defined as "the activities associated with governance." All nations are political by their very nature. People everywhere are governed by others. The nation may be a Republic (like the United States), or a Communist State (like China), or ruled by a dictator or oligarchy of power (like Russia), or a conglomeration of socialist states (like Europe). But there is a truth that people from every nation must always recognize.
"Dominion belongs to the LORD and HE RULES over all the nations" (Psalm 22:28). 

When political leaders and people forget the LORD, He will bring down that nation to humble them.  

The prophet Daniel was called before the wicked King Nebuchadnezzar in Daniel 4 to interpret a dream. Daniel told the king what the dream meant. It was not a pleasant truth that King Nebuchadnezzar heard. From the prophet.  In essence, the prophet Daniel told Nebuchadnezzar that he was about to lose all his comforts. But then Daniel gives the reason for why the LORD had sent the prophet to convey the message to those who governed Babylon: 

"I give you this message so that the living may know that the LORD RULES in the affairs of men" (Daniel 4:17).
Like Daniel, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Habakkuk, and others, the PROPHETS of old warned the Hebrew STATE that the enemy was at the door. They told the rulers and the people that they were about to be destroyed and carried away into captivity because the Hebrews had turned their backs on Yahweh and gone after other gods. YAHWEH also promised to punish the destroyers (Assyria and Babylon), but He would first use these two nations to turn His people back toward righteousness. The people of God had ignored His Divine Law for too long. The prophets declared that God was sending the enemy nations to crush prosperous Jerusalem and Judah for their ultimate good. 

The Bible teaches that the destruction of a good economy, a prosperous way of life, and national security is  God's way to turn people back to Him. The LORD (Yahweh) sends a crushing national defeat 'for the good' of people who have turned from  God.  

Modern America is a great deal like ancient Israel. 

Americans have turned away from the LORD and have made the state, secularism, and science the Trinity of Humanity.
Hazen G. Werner, who served as a United Methodist bishop in Ohio, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, once said: 

"There is no more startling phenomenon in our day than the respectabilization of evil."

Likewise, the ancient Assyrians and the Babylonians were to Israel what modern China and Russia are to the United States. God is using communistic and/or dictator-led countries to humble Americans. War is coming. Destruction is coming. 

It will be ultimately good for Americans. 

We have already seen the decay in our society through the divisiveness of the communistic principles that educators have used to indoctrinate our children. Fifty-five years ago the communist dictator Russia’s Communist leader Nikita Khrushchev said, “We will take America without firing a shot. We do not have to invade the U.S. We will destroy you from within....”

Communism has no god but the State. Communism has no moral code. For a communist to lie is as good as telling the truth if the GOAL of the advancement of the STATE is accomplished. For a communist to kill another human being is nothing. Just ask the hundreds of thousands that are now being massacred in Chinese concentration camps. In communism, good is evil, and evil is good. The only thing that matters is the State's advance. 

The first military strike against America will most likely be against our communication satellites. In 2007, the shot heard round the world was the newly invented Chinese space rocket that shot down unexpectedly a world weather satellite. The communists lied about it. The Obama Administration did nothing about it, and testing continued for the next decade. 150,000 pieces of metal, the debris of that first satellite shot down in 2007, now circles the earth in orbit, causing the U.S. military to redirect our communication satellites around the debris field. China is ready to shoot down all our satellites. 

China will first go after Taiwan. When the United States attempts to intervene, China's government will use that as their excuse to shoot down our satellites (they may even do this moments BEFORE they attack Taiwan). The Pearl Harbor of this generation will be the first strike against our communications, business, weather, and GPS guidance satellites which will plunge America into a world without the Internet. 

For China's CCP to accomplish its goal of world domination by 2049, America must not exist.

The tearing apart of American citizens by causing us to turn on one another via the creation of race, class, and cultural "divisions" is part of the strategy of the CCP. This strategy was used in Mao's destruction of the Republic of China in 1949, during the Cultural Revolution of 1966-1976 (also in China), and in the Marxist-Lenin Revolution of 1917 which brought down the Republic of Russia.

America needs the LORD. And God seems to be choosing to use the nation of China to humble Americans to turn to Him. It is not outside the realm of possibility that Covid-19 is part of China's military plan to crumble the United States (See the soon-to-be-released book by Australia's #1 investigative reporter What Really Happened in Wuhan?). 

I am acting as a prophet in 2021 to show Americans the very similar situation in our country to 723 B.C. in Israel (the Assyrians invaded and destroyed Israel in 722 B.C.), and to 587 B.C. in Judah (the Babylonians invaded and destroyed Jerusalem and Judah in 586 B.C.).

The Jews imprisoned the prophets, including Isaiah, Jeremiah, Habakkuk, and others because they did not want to hear the dire warnings. "Peace, peace in our time" was all they wanted their prophets to proclaim, but the prophets declared, "War and destruction are coming in your days because you have turned away from the LORD your God."

God is about to crush America for our good and His glory. The gospel of Jesus Christ and His Kingdom only has deep meaning to those people in despair. People in prosperity don't need the LORD. Lowly people, the LORD exalts. 

As Joan Rivers once said, "Why would I want to go to heaven when I have a house in the Hamptons?"

Americans think preachers belong in the church, separate from society. This prophet is speaking to society. 

It is politics that made marriage between two men legal. It is politics that made sodomy respectable. It is politics that legalized drug addiction. It is politics that demanded you call a boy a girl, and a girl a boy, and let people define gender, not God. It is politics that created a system where a citizen can receive money from the state rather than work for a living. It is politics that exalts the liar and punishes the truth-teller. It is politics that has caused the nation to ban prayer from schools, ban the Bible from classrooms, and ban morality from society. It is politics that has turned its back on God in education. It is politics in America that has created a pagan people

The LORD rules over America, China, Russia, and all the nations of the world. I am telling the people of America that our houses in the Hamptons are about to burn.  

Thursday, June 24, 2021

A Plea for All Conservatives To Be On Social Media

For the last week, I have been on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Twitch, doing all I can to change the secularist mindset of American culture.  

The secularists, the liberals, the atheists, the agnostics, the socialists, and the communists have OVERRUN America's social media.

  How have they done this?

They call any Christian who uses social media some creative and vulgar names. Christians take it personally and leave the platform. It isn't pleasant or personally pleasing for those of us who believe in morality, the Republic, law and order, and cultural decency to be called "the enemy."

I get why Christians wish to withdraw from social media.  

This week, I've been called a "sociopath, a Fascist, a 'killer of men and women,' a stupid Christian, a retard who doesn't believe in science" and more vulgar names I won't print here on social media - in the span of five days. 

An example of being called a sociopath on TWITTER (06.23.2021)

I never take the name-calling personally.

Every time an ad-hominem attack comes my way, I take it as a sign from the LORD to TWEET again, to POST again, to WRITE again.  The attack should be seen as a "badge of honor." 

Jesus said, 

"You will be hated by everyone because of Me, but the one who stands firm to the end will be saved." (Matthew 10:22). 
Most people think "saved" ONLY means "go to heaven." It does mean that, but it also means more. The word in Greek translated into "salvation" in English means "delivered." 

Do you want America delivered from the socialist, atheistic, secularistic scientific communistic fascism that is infecting our nation? 

Then STAND FIRM on social media. Get on TWITTER. Keep your FACEBOOK account. POST your Instagram story. 

Stay steadfast and engage, and the more you are attacked, the more you post. The only way we will deliver the United States of America from a socialist/communist internal revolution is to STAND TOE-TO-TOE with the communists and atheists on social media. 

Fight for liberty. Fight for freedom. Fight for your country. The time is NOW. 

Happy July 4th week, 2021!

Monday, June 21, 2021

Deconstructing the U.S. Using Critical Race Theory

This past Sunday's Oklahoman (06.20.2021) featured a front-page article on Critical Race Theory.  My friend Carla Hinton, the superb Faith Editor for The Oklahoman, wrote the article. 

Carla  correctly quotes me saying, "Critical Race Theory has nothing to do with Christianity." 

But the pastor of Oklahoma City's 5th Street Baptist Church, Byron Coleman III, is then quoted in response to my statement,  "Jesus was concerned with the lost, the least and the oppressed. How does it not fit in that? Because it doesn't fit in the narrative of white impunity." 

I am accustomed to Baptist pastors disagreeing with me. For example, I believe the Bible teaches that both men and women are qualified for leadership in the church and society because of the Spirit's giftings, and not a specific gender.  In addition, I have long taught that "to forbid" the speaking in tongues is a direct violation of the command, "Forbid not the speaking in tongues" (I Corinthians 14:39), even though I've never had the "gift of tongues." These and other issues have caused some Baptists to see me as a "liberal." But now, with Critical Race Theory at the forefront of our churches and our society, some (wrongly) think that I am a political right-wing conspiracist.

In reality, I am a follower of Jesus Christ. The Kingdom of Christ is more important to me than any denomination or creed of man. I believe in what Christ teaches, just like Pastor Byron Coleman. We mutually agree that Christians should have a concern for the least, the littlest, and the lost. But Pastor Colemen and I disagree on the means by which Christians should relieve this oppression. I state clearly: 

Critical Race Theory is incompatible with true Christianity
I can assert this fact boldly by using the words of the founders of Critical Race Theory in comparison to the words of Jesus Christ (a special thanks to Ryan Chapman for the graphics). I will point out THREE major FACTS about Critical Race Theory (from the writings of its founders) that make CRT incompatible with Christianity. 


Whereas a follower of Jesus Christ will be "color-blind" and see the value of a human being not "in the color of their skin, but in the content of their character" (Martin Luther King, Jr.), Critical Race Theory moves away from Christian character, conduct and Christian beliefs of the former Civil Rights Leaders by actually calling on people to SEE color.  All shadow boxes below with yellow highlights are the writings (and words) of the founders of Critical Race Theory. In their own words, they show they are anti-Christian, anti-American, and ultimately anti-Civil Rights. 

A Christian who follows Christ must be blind to the color of one's skin. The Good News of Jesus Christ drives the Christian to no longer "see color". Galatians 3:28 states: "There is neither Jew nor Gentile, neither slave nor free, nor is there male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus."

However, a proponent of Critical Race Theory calls on you to SEE color. Integration as a result of the Christian principle of "the brotherhood of all mankind" is anathema to proponents of CRT. To believe in a meritocracy based on achievement, regardless of the color of one's skin, is not possible if one promotes CRT.

CRT proponents ask you to see WHITE skin and then harbor animosity toward WHITES because they have inherent power in America. In other words, the only way to be ANTI-RACIST is to see WHITE people and to know them to be racists. Therefore, anything constructed by WHITES (the American Republic, the legal system, the police, and military, etc.) must be DECONSTRUCTED because they were built on shameful WHITE supremacy values, culture, and habits. For black people who oppose CRT (e.g. Candice Owens), they are racists as well because they have INTEGRATED their thinking with that of the WHITE racists. 


Critical Race Theory calls for the DECONSTRUCTION of American culture, government institutions (including the military and police), education, and capitalism because these are built on WHITE values and an inherent belief in WHITE supremacy.  Therefore, the United States of America - its culture, capitalism, Christianity, and customs - must be DECONSTRUCTED (a polite way of saying "Destroyed."). It's "okay" to riot and destroy businesses built on capitalism because capitalism is all about WHITE supremacy.

Fact #3: CRT is MARXIST; Christ Is KING.

The 1917 Revolution in Russia and the 1949 Revolution in China were both the result of principles advocated by Karl Marx. Marxism as a political philosophy seeks to rid a country of anything "old" - old customs, habits, culture, and ideas - by FORCING equality. Whereas Marxism sought to divide people by CLASS, Critical Race Theory seeks to divide people by race.

Jesus Christ is the great UNITER. Critical Race Theory is the great DIVIDER. 

As followers of Jesus Christ, we cannot advocate Critical Race Theory. It is diametrically opposite of the teaching, practice, and conduct of biblical Christianity. 

If CRT is successful in deconstructing the Republic of the United States of America, the United States will soon look like present-day China and Russia. We will be a country run by Big Brother, big government, and a totalitarian leader who removes personal liberties.

Do not let it happen in your lifetime.

Thursday, June 17, 2021

President Andrew Jackson’s Conversion to Christ

Andrew Jackson is my favorite President of all United States Presidents.

Jackson eclipses Lincoln, Washington, and Reagan in my opinion, not so much due to his policies, but more for his life. In Jackson’s own words, “I was created for a storm. Calm does not suit me.” 

Americans today only hear the rightful criticisms of Jackson's Indian Removal Act and his lack of opposition to slavery, while never hearing the monumental things this founder of the Democrat Party accomplished on behalf of our nation.

Forgetting to appraise people according to their culture and times will sometimes lead us to mistakenly dismiss the worthy. Caution is in order before condemning ancestors, recognizing the general darkness of former days often tainted one's personal behaviors.

Enid, Oklahoma has some very strong connections to the life story of Andrew Jackson. A 1910 graduate of Enid High School, Marquis James, wrote an award-winning biography of our nation's 7th President. James' two volumes on the life of Andrew Jackson - Volume 1 The Border Captain (1933) and Volume 2 Portrait of a President (1937) - were combined into the 1938 Pulitzer Prize-winning book The Life of Andrew Jackson. To this day, it remains the most colorful and interesting biography of President Jackson.

When President Jackson pushed for the Indian Removal act in 1830, the greatest opponent to the President's ambition of moving all Indians to "Indian Territory" (Oklahoma), was the erudite Cherokee Chief, a man named John Ross. Chief Ross's great-great-granddaughter is an across-the-street neighbor and member of the church I pastor. Her family's story of how the Cherokees (and other tribes) were forcibly moved to Indian Territory is not one of the brighter chapters in American history, but any Oklahoman with a mixture of Indian blood is most likely directly connected with President Jackson through the land you now call home (Oklahoma).

The reason I feel a strong affinity for Andrew Jackson is the dramatic story of his conversion to faith in Jesus Christ during the latter years of his life. Though raised by a mother who desired him to be a Presbyterian minister and married to a woman devout in her Christian faith, both of these women died very early in their lives, leaving Jackson to serve as President of the United States (1829-1837) without their influence. Though known to defend the Christian faith as President, Andrew Jackson had no personal experience with it until he reached the age of 75.

The Scar of Abuse

Born on the Ides of March (March 15), 1767, Andrew Jackson came into this world just three weeks after his father died from injuries sustained attempting to move a log on their land near Waxhaw, North Carolina. Both North Carolina and South Carolina claim Jackson as a native son, but Marquis James says Mrs. Jackson gave birth to Andrew while staying in her brother's home in South Carolina, not far from Waxhaw, North Carolina.

Andrew's devout Christian mother taught him to read at an early age, and when The Declaration of Independence was signed in Philadelphia on July 4, 1776, it was nine-year-old Andrew who stood on a chair and read the Philadelphia newspaper's account as the "town crier" to the inhabitants of Waxhaw. The Declaration of Independence meant war with the British.

An expert horseman,  young Andrew Jackson eventually became a messenger boy for the Revolutionary soldiers.  When Andrew was only 13 years old, he was captured by the British and imprisoned in Camden, South Carolina. While in prison, Andrew contracted smallpox. and he would have died had it not been for his mother coming to Camden to successfully negotiate her son's release. She nursed Andy back to health back, but a year later, Andy's mother would leave for Charles Town to assist in the care of other wounded Revolutionary War soldiers. While ministering to the wounded in Charleston, South Carolina, Andy's mom contracted cholera and died, leaving the future President of the United States orphaned at the age of 14.

But the event that kept Andrew Jackson from "following Christ" occurred on the day he was captured by the British soldiers. It filled his heart with hate.

Marquis James recounts the event:
The British officer in command "in a very imperious tone" directed Andy to clean his boots. 
"This order he very promptly and positively refused, alleging that he expected such treatment as a prisoner of war had a right to look for."
The officer lifted his sword and aimed a violent blow. The boy threw up his left hand. It was cut to the bone, and a gash on his head left a white scar that Andrew Jackson carried through a long life that profited little to England or any Englishman." 
Biographer Marquis James is known as "the unqualified master of understated metaphors."  The phrase "the white scar...profited little to England or any other Englishman" is an understated way of saying Andrew hated the English people and England in general. The scar on his cheek, which turned whiter as the years progressed, served as a visible reminder of this hatred.

Jackson was fueled by this hatred in his amazing defeat of the British in New Orleans to end The War of 1812. He would often skip British protocol with diplomats while President because he despised courtesy to the British. Andrew Jackson's abuse as a boy at the hands of a British officer kept him in a state of perpetual resentment towards all things British.

Until his conversion.

The Conversion of Andrew Jackson

Jackson came to faith in Christ in 1842 at the Hermitage. He had invited  Rev. John Todd Edgar, the renowned pastor of First Presbyterian Nashville to lead a week-long series of meetings on the Hermitage property. Henry Clay, the man Abraham Lincoln once called 'my ideal of a great man,' once said of the Nashville pastor: "If you want to hear eloquence, go hear John T. Edgar preach." 

The Hermitage outside Nashville
During the last of the revival meetings, on a Saturday, the guest preacher noticed the former President was paying particularly close attention to the message. Dr. Edgar, on the spur of the moment, decided to give a very personal illustration of God's providence. 

The preacher sketched the life and career of a Tennessee pioneer who had "escaped the perils of the wilderness, the wiles of the Indian. the dangers of war, the conflicts of politics,  and the attempts of the assassin." This was Andrew Jackson's life.

Then the preacher asked, "How can such a man pass through such scenes as these unharmed and not see in it an Omnipotent Hand?

At the close of the service, the former President asked the preacher for a personal visit. However, Dr. Edgar could not do so until Sunday morning. 

The former President spent the greater part of Saturday night reading the Bible and in prayer. When the preacher came to the Hermitage the next morning, Andrew Jackson announced to the preacher that he had given his life to Christ and would like to "join the church." Dr. Edgar asked Jackson a series of questions about his faith, and the conversation concluded with the following dialogue.
General there is one more question which it is my duty to ask you. 'Can you forgive all your enemies?' 
Jackson was silent for a good while. At length he said, "My political enemies I can freely forgive, but as for those who abused me when I was serving my country in the field, and those who attacked me for serving my country doctor that is a different case.
Dr. Edgar, however, insisted that the forgiveness must be entire and embrace the whole family of man.
After a considerable pause the candidate got so far as to say that he thought he could forgive even the men who had made his defense of his native land a pretext for assailing him.
The scene in the little church that morning was never forgotten by any who witnessed it.
Besides being crowded to the very uttermost the windows were darkened by as many black faces as could get near enough. At length the former President and his daughter stood up to make the usual public profession.
He leaned heavily upon his walking stick with both hands and his face was wet with tears. When finally he was pronounced a member of the church, the feelings of the congregation, which had been restrained during the ceremonial, burst forth in sobs and cries, and the clergyman himself was unable to speak. Some one started a familiar hymn, and in singing this the feelings of the excited company at last found both expression and relief. (General Jackson: Hero of New Orleans by Oliver Dyer, pp. 361-363).
In Andrew Jackson's conversion, I am reminded that the mark of genuine Christianity is the ability to forgive even one's enemies. 

Yes, it may take time. Yes, it isn't always easy. Forgiveness requires the power of God.

But the evidence of God’s presence in your life is the ability to give the same grace to others that God has given to you. (Adapted from my original article on President Jackson's conversion, written in 2016). 

Rachelle and I at Jackson's Hermitage Home (Nashville), June 17, 2021

President Andrew Jackson's bedroom where he died Sunday, June 8, 1845, at 6:00 pm

Tuesday, June 15, 2021

How a Generation Z'er Named David Bumgardner Illustrated the Prerequisites for Real SBC Revival

The 2021 SBC Convention in Nashville will be remembered for a large number of messengers, messes, and motions.

And not surprisingly, there were the obligatory calls for "revival in the SBC." 

I hear calls for "revival" every year, but the SBC seems to be in a perpetual decline. What does it take to bring about genuine revival? 

A young messenger named David Bumgardner deftly illustrated today what it takes to unite a Convention in mission and purpose. David works at Cornerstone, my friend Dwight McKissic's church in Arlington, Texas. David had applied to be an intern at Emmanuel Enid, Oklahoma, a couple of summers ago, but our positions were filled. I imagine this is David's first Southern Baptist Convention. Listen to David address the SBC. 

Notice the situation that illustrates the FOUR STEPS TO REAL REVIVAL:

1. Thousands of people were in unilateral misery and they knew it.
2. An unknown stranger persisted in providing everyone a message of mercy.
3. This messenger identified with those around him, not as one above them.
4. Those with the keys to bringing coolness to the room responded to the pleas.

I am convinced that the reason revival has not yet occurred in the churches and in America is because we are not yet in real, heartfelt misery. 

As Joan Rivers used to say, "Why would I want to go to heaven when I live in the Hamptons?"

I think misery and pain are coming soon to America and the Southern Baptist Convention. All of us will experience it. We must be ready with a message of mercy and hope in Christ Jesus and be persistent and creative in our cries for His mercy on our souls. The LORD will bring revival to the hearts of thousands when thousands plea (pray) for the movement of His Spirit in our midst.

So thank you, David Bumgardner, for illustrating the prerequisites for real revival. Revival IS coming. I can FEEL it in my bones.

Misery is right around the corner.