Thursday, April 19, 2007

The Nominating Committee Report to the SBC

Today, Baptist Press will release the nominations for committee and board service in the Southern Baptist Convention, to be voted upon by the full convention in San Antonio this summer.

This Nominating Committee report is the culmination of the year's work performed by the Bobby Welch Nominating Committee. Frank Page's Nominating Committee, the members of which will be voted upon at this year's convention, will not present their first year recommendations until the 2008 Southern Baptist Convention.

This report will be analyzed by many bloggers who can do a far better job than I. I anticipate making a few comments about various recommendations of this year's Nominating Committee report either late tonight or early in the morning.

Ultimately, the convention and her agencies are run by the people you will be voting upon this summer in this report.

It's important you know who it is you are being recommended to approve.

In His Grace,


(Update: It seems BP, originally scheduled to release the report today, is waiting to release it for reasons unknown by me. The SBC Bylaws mandates it be released by April 24, 2007.)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your efforts in making sure we take seriously our responsibilities to govern our agencies and missions work.

I really appreciate the spirit in which you write as well.

Firm but gracious. I wish others could learn from your style.

Alyce Faulkner said...

Wade, off subject but FYI, did you see my link to Dr. Sam Storms new blog.
I'm guessing you knew about this, but if not the link is:
He jumped in quickly and is posting extremely interesting and timely post. This for me, will be a must read.

Priscila said...

I really appreciate your blog about women in the chuch. This subject has been one of the most conflicting problems in my relationship with God. However, I wonder if you can explain in depth I Corinthians 14:33-36. I really liked your view on I Timothy 2:11, so I'm hoping that your'll be able to better emphasize your points by disecting these verses.
May the Lord continue to bless with knowledge of the scriptures.

Anonymous said...

Do we know the nominating committee report yet?

Michael A. Jordan, Pastor
Mulberry Grove Baptist Church
Buckingham, Virginia