Tuesday, April 24, 2007

My Top Ten Regrets About Blogging: A Reflection

Joel Gregory writes in his book Too Great a Temptation that W.A. Criswell used to say, "Don't ever look back son. No regrets. Ever." I personally think that Criswell's advice is pretty good stuff, but setting it aside for a day or so I thought I might reflect on a few regrets I have about blogging on this the 500th post of Grace and Truth To You.

(1). I regret . . . that my opinion of some people whom I've never met-- and those same peoples' opinion of me -- is entirely based upon what is written. As a result, the truest understanding of a person that comes through eye contact, sensing one's spirit and enjoying one's unique personality is missed. This causes me to wonder if friendships will never be developed with certain persons once we meet because of preconceived biases, on both sides, that may not be accurate.

(2). I regret . . . I did not learn sooner that there is no need to answer every silly slander or accusatory attack by people who don't like what I'm saying. Some seem to feel it necessary to attack me because they view me as 'a threat.' But if Jesus was silent before His accusers, maybe we His disciples ought to be silent as well when falsely accused.

(3). I regret . . . that my writing is not always as clear as I would like it to be. Sometimes my grammar, spelling, and thought processes suffer due to a my desires to meet a self-imposed deadline, a lack of proper proofreading, or simple stupidity on my part.

(4). I regret . . . any post that questioned anyone's motive. Only God knows the heart. I believe it is absolutely essential for me to post what I believe to be the facts but stay clear from assigning motives like the Old Testament saints stayed clear of leprosy.

(5). I regret . . . blogging if just one person ever despaired of participating in SBC ministry or missions because of reading my post. I truly wish to be positive about everything SBC -- even when I write of things that concern me.

(6). I regret . . . that I don't have a better sense of style and understanding of blogging technology to make my blog look better or function better.

(7). I regret . . . that I can't spend more time answering questions in the comment string, or responding to unique comments on my posts. There is a limit to my resource of time and I have chosen to spend most of my blogging time on the post and simply read the comments from some excellent commentors - and learn from them - but not necessarily dialogue with them.

(8). I regret . . . that sometimes when I am writing a post I represent an opposing viewpoint in absolute terms, or characterize people who believe certain things using statements that labels them or polarizes them. Though those who know me understand I accept everyone who disagrees with me, respect every viewpoint that is opposite of mine and cherish the freedom that Baptists have historically valued -- I sometimes write in such a way that I unintentionally cast a negative light on those who believe differently than I. I truly regret this fault of mine.

(9). I regret . . . that blogging was not available 30 years ago at the beginning of the conservative resurgence in the Southern Baptist Convention. I truly believe that had blogging been available then, some of those who were hurt, disenfranchised and falsely accused of major doctrinal or theological error could have shown through their writing that they were in reality theologically conservative.

(10). I regret . . . blogging when I should have been playing golf. :)


Gary Snowden said...


I always appreciate the spirit with which you write and the regrets that you express speak highly of your character and desire to be a peacemaker. I particularly appreciate your inclusion of regret #9 about the wish for blogging to have been available during the CR so that many genuine conservatives could have been judged by their own statements perhaps rather than being branded by hateful words of their attackers.

I am planning on attending the upcoming IMB appointment service at Pleasant Valley Baptist in Liberty and would love to have the opportunity of meeting you personally at that time. We have decided to suspend our normal Wednesday evening activities in order to encourage our folks to attend.

wadeburleson.org said...

I'll be there Gary. I look forward to meeting you.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the reflections brother. I too have some regrets to blogging. May the Lord grant us some mercy.

Katherine said...

Don't feel bad about posting regrets. Regret has a beneficial place in our lives, clarifying our discernment and helping us see areas where we can live better. The key is not to be paralyzed by regret but to move forward, which you continually do in a manner that honors the Lord.

Nasty things happen in the SBC happen whether or not you blog about them. It is better for there to be open conversation so that SBC members can know what's happening and act accordingly. Sometimes people despair of participating in ministry or missions in the SBC because said body finds them not Christian (a.k.a. "conservative") enough and will not let them serve...

peter lumpkins said...

Dear Wade,

What a soothing post, my brother. Thank you. Some of these are my heart precisely and I have not reached a hundred posts to date.

The only thing I'd quibble about--you know me;^) is number 10: I've done everything in my reasonable powers to golf. Ha Ha. So I'd change your final one to:

I regret . . . blogging when I should have been enjoying a delicious shot of Seattle Espresso Roast. :)

Grace, Wade. With that, I am...


Eddy Williams said...


After I read my daily scripture reading from http://enewhope.org/bible/ in the morning and journal (my blog) about a portion of what I have read then I click over and read your blog. It has helped me keep up with what is going on within our convention and I appreciate your taking the time to write about it.

Even though I have emailed you several times I have never written a comment on your blog until today!

May God continue to use you and may He continue to protect you from the "evil one".

Kevin Bussey said...

Congrats on # 500. I appreciate your spirit.

dwm III said...


I regret a lot of things about blogging as well. Especially how I have acted on this blog from time to time.

That's why I haven't commented here recently. Because I realized that I don't need to open my big mouth every time I feel like I should. ;)

I regreted not being edifying in my comments and on my blog. So, I've been trying, through God's grace, to change.

God bless you brother,

OC Hands said...

Not often do we see a person who is as prominent as you are make any kind of an apology--especially someone in the ministry. How refreshing, encouraging, and inspiring to read your "confession." Most of us are aware of our shortcomings, and are often reticent to act for fear of being criticized for our actions, even when we think we should do or say something.
Thank you for modeling the Christian attitude toward your own regrets, and setting a standard for the rest of us.
Also, thank you for keeping us informed about the goings-on in the SBC. Without your blogging, many of these actions would have gone virtually unnoticed.
While I don't always agree with your interpretations, I do admire your courage in sharing the facts with all who read, and your willingness to deal with the backlash that usually follows.
Keep on keeping us informed.

John Moeller said...


I first read your blog after Charisma Magazine featured a write-up on you. I am pleased to know that many Baptists still believe the gifts of the Spirit are real and are willing to take a stand. I am further pleased that even though you do not experience some of the gifts that you still are willing to stand in the gap.

I have gained from your blog and feel that you represent the truth and are not in this for money, fame, or political power…. In short, you do this for us.

I pray that the SBC awaken and that pastors like you are able to make a difference in the future of the SBC.

P.S. I don't golf, but my fishing boat is available anytime you make it to sunny Florida.


wadeburleson.org said...

John, I may take you up on the fishing! Peter and dwm iii, thanks for the refreshing words. OC Hands and Eddie, I appreciate your emails and comments.

Bryan Laramore said...

regarding #10:
What's your handicap?

Has your golf abilities suffered since your blogging began?

Bryan Laramore said...


instead of "Has your golf abilities..."

"Have your golf abilities..."

wadeburleson.org said...


Single digit handicap -- I won't say which digit. :)

Bob Cleveland said...


I don't regret anything about blogging that I don't lament about life in general.

However, on the upside, blogging has done some stuff that I'd'a never thought would happen in my life. You can fill in the blanks yourself, on that.

Oh. I do lament one thing. I haven't seen you in a pink hat (but you're about to see me in one..).

believer333 said...

Very good laments on blogging. I would likely share in them all if I could just get going in blogging. I've made a couple really bad attempts. Fact is I think I do comments better than "blogments".

Maybe if I approached it with "sick" humor: My Lamentable Blogments. hmmmm

truth, not religion said...

Brother, your words, on all 500 post, have made my world better.

Live in Peace

Anonymous said...

"... be silent as well when falsely accused?" Where's the fun in that?

I check the news, and then I check the SBC blogs to get the REAL news. Keep on keepin' on!

Steve Austin
Hoptown, Ky.

Robin Foster said...

Bro. Wade

I am suprised you don't regret posting that picture of you in a flanel shirt. :-D

See ya tomorrow.

Anonymous said...


Do you have any idea what has happened to the report of the SBC Nominating Committee make-up that, as you pointed out, had to, according to bylaw, be made public by April 24?


wadeburleson.org said...


The bylaw states no later than 45 days prior to the convention. I was told it would be released earlier, but obviously someone changed their mind. By my count they have until Friday or they will be in violation of the bylaws.

Ed Jordan said...

Regrets reveal maturity, and personal responsibility. Unfortunately, those two traits were rarely displayed by SBC leaders of recent years.

Thanks for being different.

Anonymous said...

Rex Ray said…
Your not saying which digit on your handicap reminds me of not telling people which end of a marathon I referred to when I announced my position as fourth. My total practice was running a computer at age 48.

Many words I would like to retrieve on my comments, (little jabs here and there). I would never have said them face to face. The computer makes me too insensitive like kids play on TV where they wipe out a hundred or so before the game is over.

Thanks for the thoughts that make me think.
Thanks for the memories that I shall keep.

Anonymous said...

As one who proudly possesses a 10 digit handicap (8 fingers and two thumbs ;^) , this Okie has been consistently blessed by the ministry which the Lord has given you, both the recorded sermons on the church web site and the witness and stand which you have taken as a leader in the SBC. Thank you for being faithful to the service to which He has called you.

In His Grace and Peace,

T. D. Webb

Anonymous said...

Wade, on point #9, was not 30 plus Baptist State papers and Baptist Press, then the mouthpiece of "moderates" enough voice? If it looks like ...

Anonymous said...

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