Thursday, April 05, 2007

A Little Fun With Nicknames

Lest someone accuse me of being too serious minded, I am offering us all a chance to have a little fun with nicknames. Feel free to add people from SBC life or the blog world at your discretion. I just ask that you have fun, keep it clean, and only be as creative with others as you would have them be to you (the Golden Rule of nicknaming). I would obviously offer myself on the altar of shame and ridicule as well. :)

My list of nicknames would include:

Marty How Ya Duren
Hershael Kisses York
Don Hinkle Tinkle
Frank Turn The Page
Bart Who's Your Barber
Bob Ever Been To Cleveland
Ben Hotter Than A Cole
Al Check My Mohler
Malcom Spin The Yarnell

Oh well, you get the idea. Open for suggestions.


Bob Cleveland said...

Wade Into the Burleson
Kevin My Heart be Stilley
John Pick-Up Stickley
Alan At-The Cross said...

I like it Bob.

Bob Cleveland said...

Tim No-Sweatman

Anonymous said...

you left yourself out

with humor like this post all I could think of was...

wait for it....

Wade Milton Burleson

I know - rim shot

David R. said...

Milton Burleson

Love it.

Anonymous said...

Oh, there's more from the "twisted mind"...

Cliff Diesel Cummings
Micah Fries With That?
Kevin Get Off My Bussey
Timothy I Ain't Cowin
James No Dawg In This Hunt
Paul Who You Callin' Littleton
Guy Helicon Muse

I gotta stop now...and spend some time being more spiritual.

David R.

S.A.M. said...

From your list of bloggers-

Tom 'Next Stop' Willoughby

(Twilight Zone reference)

Sorry, all I have for a name is an acronym. Maybe I shouldn't play.


Bob Cleveland said...


Wade And Found ________ Burleson

Michael Ruffin said...

Wade "Burr Under the Saddle" -leson. said...

Hey Michael Ruffin, you should be outside watching the Masters. It's in your backyard! Away with the computer.

Tim Rogers said...

Tim wants to be your neighbor Rogers

David will you be my neighbor Rogers

Wade Moulon Rouge Burleson

Ben Left out in the Cole

Dwight the Big McKissic

Turn the Paige Patterson

Karen for CB Scott

Al the inside Mohler


Michael Ruffin said...


I'll be there on Saturday, wearing a sweater. They're predicting the coldest weather for the tournament since WWII. Where's a little global warming when you need it?

Betcha it won't slow Tiger down!

OC Hands said...

Here are a few of ours courtesy of my son
Milton "Dashboard" Lites
Milton Lites "along the shore"
Milton "Running" Lites

Other possibilities
Milton Lites (up, lites on/off, your choice)
Milton "Shining" Lites

Wade "The Burley" son (that was too easy)
Mike Ruffin it

Paige "has his" Patters "on"
Marty's Duren it

Anonymous said...

Do you prefer "swade or Burlap son"

Kevin Bussey said...

Art Dekko Rogers

Paul Big and Tall Littleton

Micah French Fries (I know it is pronounced Freeze but I couldn't resist)

Kevin I'm not Gary Bussey :)

Clif Cummings said...

The Artful Dodger Rodgers
Papa Paul Burleson
Ben "there, done that" Cole
"No wafflin' " Wade Burleson

Creativity Challenged Clif

Bill Scott said...

Alyce Not-A-Housekeeper Lee
Bob "Pretty in Pink" Cleveland
Gary "Crazy Lika" Fox
Peter "I am" Lumpkins
Wade "Heat I can Fade" Burleson
Tim "Won't you be my neigbor" Rogers

Dr. Dave Holder said...

Bob "Off The" Reccord
Charles "Steamer" Stanley
Johnny "That Dog Won't" Hunt
Steve "Capital" Gains
Bobby "Grape Juice" Welch
George "Do It" Truett
W.A. "All's Well" Criswell
Fred "Tooter" Luter
Roy "Let's Go" Fish
David "The Fountain Of" Uth
Morris "The Cat" Chapman
Junior "High" Hill

Unknown said...
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Anonymous said...

How 'bout . . .


Unknown said...
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Anonymous said...

How about:
Frank there's no "I" in Page.

Kelly Reed said...

Wade "On In, the Blog-Water's Fine" Burleson

Wade "ing for the other shoe to drop" Burleson

Ben "Heatin' Up despite the" Cole