Tuesday, April 06, 2021

Baylor Wins and I Remember Coach Dave Bliss

Guest Speaker: Dave Bliss – Fall To Grace from Emmanuel Enid on Vimeo.

Last night, the Baylor Bears won the NCAA Men's Basketball National Championship.

Rachelle and I met when we were students at Baylor University, just before the fall semester on Friday, August 21, 1981, on a blind date in the cafeteria of Collins Hall

One of my ancestors, Rufus C. Burleson (1823-1901), was the first President of Baylor University and he moved Baylor from Independence, Texas, to Waco, Texas. Rufus also baptized General Sam Houston, the man after whom the city of Houston (Tx) is named,  in the "living waters" of Little Rocky Creek near Independence Baptist Church where Rufus served as pastor. 

I can tell you all kinds of stories about Baylor - anecdotal, personal, and ancestral. 

But after the Baylor Bears won the national championship last night, my thoughts were directed toward the Coach of the Baylor Bears just prior to their superb current coach, Scott Drew

That coach's name is David Bliss

David made all kinds of mistakes at Baylor University. He was fired because of his moral transgressions, including lying, covering up facts about the murder of one of his players, and a host of other unethical behaviors. 

David Bliss's name is not spoken with admiration by most.

But I consider Coach Bliss a friend. He's spoken at Emmanuel Enid (see above video). Rachelle and I had a private lunch with him at our favorite Mexican restaurant, and we sensed humility and grace from a man ridiculed by all who don't know him.

Dave is the real deal. 

David Bliss has written a book called Fall to Grace. It's an excellent biography of how sin breaks us, but God's grace delivers us. 

SHOWTIME has a documentary on the Baylor basketball scandal during Dave Bliss's tenure as coach. The documentary is called DISGRACED.  

Dave's book is called FALL TO GRACE

Someone left a Review on David's book that said:
 "Anyone who watches the Showtime documentary, "Disgraced," would know what an odious and contemptible liar Dave Bliss is. And it wasn't just "one mistake." Google the man and you will see that lies and dishonesty follow him wherever he goes. He is a repulsive individual who, I'm sure, is lying and trying to pull the wool over someone's eyes as we speak, including anyone stupid enough to buy this book. Dave Bliss is an abomination."

I propose that until you understand failure, you'll never comprehend grace. Until you are DISGRACED, you'll never FALL TO GRACE.

Succeeding on the court of basketball or the court of public opinion is not the end-all. 

Discovering God's grace in Jesus Christ is. A.W. Tozer once said.

"The man who is elated by success and is cast down by failure is still a carnal man. At best his fruit will have a worm in it."

Last night I thought of former Coach Dave Bliss because God has taken the worm out of Dave's apple. 

God's grace has a way of putting success and failure into perspective. 


Scott Shaver said...

What a fantastic unspoken story. Two thumbs for reminding one of the boundless limits of Grace.

Even to such pariahs and human waste as Jeffrey Dahmer, if I understand "The Gospel" correctly.

Rex Ray said...

Scott Shaver,

I got a different slant: Dave Bliss said, “I was a believer but not a follower.”

Reminds me of a guy saying, “If ‘Once saved, always saved was true; I’d get saved and live like the devil.”

Wade listed many bad things Bliss did.

Bliss said on his video about him paying out of his pocket for two players he thought he needed but didn’t.

Twice he said, “I won…” when a more appropriate would be; ‘We won.’ In general, I thought his video made him look like he was a winner.

Christiane said...

" ...God resisteth the proud, but giveth grace unto the humble."

(from the Book of James, chapter 4)

Christiane said...

"Humility, then, is more than just a virtue: it is a form of perception,
a language in which the "I" is silent so that I can hear the "Thou",
the unspoken call beneath human speech, the Divine whisper within all that moves,
the voice of otherness that calls me to redeem its loneliness with the touch of love.
Humility is what opens us to the world."

(Johnathan Sacks)

Scott Shaver said...

Good point Rex. I like it.

Scott Shaver said...


Were I a division 1 basketball coach in this day and age, I would be highly tempted, like Bliss, to pay out of my own pocket (If I could) to secure the services of blue chippers.

The money-grubbing NCAA insists that all under its umbrella operate by principles which they, themselves, violate repeatedly and with vigor...IMO.

Rex Ray said...

Scott Shaver,

Dave Bliss is a good speaker. Now, maybe my neck problem will go away. 😊 (I’ll explain.)

Sometimes our Dad believed the Lord was punishing him for something he’d done. Once, when I couldn’t walk for the pain in my hip, he said, “Rex, what have you done that’s God’s punishing you?”

I said, “NOTHING, DADDY, NOTHING!” (But at LTV machine shop, instead of using a hoist, I’d been picking up 200-pound parts.)

Yesterday, the VA, X-rayed my neck since it’s ‘killing me’. Judy drove, and I yelled at every small bump. I can sit, but can’t lay down.

Christiane said...

Hello out there, REX RAY

what happened? are you wearing a neck-collar device to stabilize movement?

did the doctors at VA give you something for pain?

What are they doing to help you get through this?

Rex Ray said...


I knew if anyone replied, it’d be you. VA doesn’t know results of X-Rays yet.

I had same problem years ago when I lived alone. Head locked down. Microwave was eye-level, so had to stand in a chair to operate it. Tried acupuncture; told him I’d pay double if he’d stop.

Once, in middle of night, I phoned 911. Ambulance charged $500 to hospital 5 miles away. The only cure was time.

Rex Ray said...

I thank the Lord for Judy!

Rex Ray said...

Can’t sleep, so I looked up an old story, that I’ll put here.
Hez Ray Tortured by Police by Rex Ray
My twin brother’s church in Colorado Springs, Colorado, became concerned about pornography in the local paper. Being chairman of the deacons, Hez, made an appointment to talk to the owner of the paper.
While waiting, he talked to the man that was responsible. Hez only identified himself as a concerned citizen, and in his work clothes, looked like a bum. The man shook his hand, and told him to come back any time.
The man saw Hez in the lobby, and asked why he was there. “I have an appointment to talk to the owner.”
“I’ll tell him what you said, and you can leave.”
“No, I’m talking to him.”
“You’re not talking to my boss. Leave or I’ll call the police!”
Two city police came. One went into the man’s office, and the other sat down by Hez. Hez explained what was going on, and the policeman exploded in anger. He was big. Threw Hez across the room, but in doing so, got off balance, knocked over a lamp, and fell down. Women screamed. Hez didn’t resist being arrested, but they had him on the floor where the big policeman jerked his hair out. (Someone put his hair in a letter and mailed it to him.)
His hands were handcuffed in front of him. As they started down the stairs, Hez grabbed the rail and said, “I’ll walk down, but you’re going to push me and say I fell.”
He woke up with his head against the window of a police car. Blood was running down the window. He heard a Captain yelling at the big policeman: “How many times do I have to tell you not to hit someone when you arrest them? Take him to the hospital.”
“He not hurt; he’s tough.”
“Take him to the County Police.”
They had him sit at the back of the County Police Station while the City police reported to the County police. The City police removed their handcuffs and left.
“Come on down here. We hear you’re a fighter.”
“I’m not a fighter, they are.”
“Well, we’re going to find out how tough you are. You and me are going to have a fight.”
“I outweigh you 50 pounds.”
He doesn’t understand, does he boys? Get him!”
Several police held him while the small one worked him over with a ‘blackjack’. (Doctor said later, “I thought you’d have some broken bones by such bad bruises.) As he was being beaten, a man in civilian clothes walked by. In desperation, Hez called, “Help me!”
“Help? They don’t need any help. They’re doing a good job!” He left laughing at his little joke. (He was the chief of police.)
Hez was put in a chokehold that made him unconscious, He woke up being drug into a cell where he was put in a restraining device. He said the device made everything else look like a picnic. It consisted of a large belt with a hand crank that pulled him into a ball. It tore his knees so bad; he couldn’t work for three months. His head was pulled so hard against his chess it was difficult to breath.
Police would come by: “How tough are you now?” He never answered. A medic checked his vital signs every half an hour. After three hours, Hez told him, “When you come back, I won’t be here.” The difficulty he had in talking, caused the medic to yell, “He’s dying! You’ve got to turn him loose!”
When he didn’t come home, his wife called the newspaper. They said the City police had arrested him. She called them, and was told the County police had him. She called them, but they said they had no record of him being there. Around midnight, Hez used a doctor’s phone and called her. She got him out on bail the next day. He was charged with Loitering. (Not as bad as George Floyd being charged with phony money.)

Rex Ray said...

The reason I couldn’t sleep yesterday, was because my head was ‘locked down looking at my shoes. VA at Bonham took X-rays and sent them to Dallas VA, (100 miles) and told us to go there to see the results. (I’d forgotten how bad the traffic was.)

I guess they didn’t use the phone because that’d make too much sense. Asked if I’d had the Covid shots. Said X-rays were OK. Gave a mussel relaxer and some stuff for my neck.

Met an interesting 50-year-old man in a fancy motorized wheelchair. For relief from sitting so long, the chair could flip him on his back. We saw his teenage daughter work the controls when it did that.

He touched my heart when he asked if he could keep the stories, “When’s my Daddy Coming Home”, and “Were Angels Watching?”

Came back in a rain and lightning storm. So bad, I was going to miss our driveway until Judy yelled “STOP”. I blamed it on my neck. 😊 Our house didn’t have electricity when we got here.

Thought for the day: “The difference between humans and animals. Animals don’t pick the dumbest of the herd to lead them.”

Christiane said...


muscle relaxers ?

don't drive after you take them or you might end up parked on top on your great big slide :)

hope you feeling somewhat better, but I have something that might help:

I found a movie for you on Amazon's Prime Video called 'The Bystander Theory' which is about the Kennedy Assassination (JFK) and I'm half way through watching it and I'm thinking, 'REX RAY' would really like this movie, as he likes all the conspiracy theories that surround the assassination of the President. So, if you get Prime Video from Amazon, take a look, and enjoy. It will get your mind off of your neck pain, and at least for a couple of hours you will be still and watching TV so you can't get into any more trouble. And yes, thank God for Judy!
You are blessed indeed. Feel better soon. :)

Rex Ray said...


You’re right, I’d like to see that movie. Before I reference some information, I’d believe the ideal situation to assassinate someone is ‘triangulation’:

1. ‘Target’ is visible and equal distance from three shooters.
2. Shoot same time.

One thing accomplished the above when JFK’s car crossed a yellow line on the street. (It was fresh yellow paint as one lady got it on her shoes.)

Three locations were east window, west window, and wooden fence.

James Files - Wikipedia

“Shows a picture of the wooden fence on the grassy knoll, where James Files claims to have made his shot."

"Psychology professor Jerome Kroth described Files as "surprisingly credible" and said his story "is the most believable and persuasive" about the assassination.”

“Bob Vernon…is the owner of a bullet casing with teeth marks on it, even though it was not found until 1987. However, the bullet casing's markings (head stamp) indicate it was manufactured before the year 1972 so it could have belonged to James Files.”

"James Files was an assassin for the ‘mob’. He always left his ‘calling card’ by biting the end of the bullet with his teeth."


Oswald Conference Panel hosted by George Noory - Bing video

The above video is a group giving their knowledge and experiences that proved Oswald was a ‘patsy’. It’s long but funny.

Rex Ray said...


Something to know that most people don’t: “Jesus was wrong on one point in telling his disciples what was going to happen at Calvary:

“But the time is coming; indeed, it’s here now; when you will be scattered, each of you going his own way leaving me along. Yet I am not alone because the Father is with me.” (John 16:32 NLT)

I believe the saddest; most heart-felt question in the Bible:

“…My God, my God, WHY HAST THOU FORSAKEN ME?” (Mark 15:34 KJ)

Christiane said...

Hope you are having a good Lord's Day, REX RAY

I finished watching that film and it was interesting but not that great an ending, but I still think you might have enjoyed it.

Conspiracy theories have their limits in trying to resolve 'mysteries' and 'glitches' in evidence;
but these days, the 'conspiracy theories' showing up in social media are being sent over from Russian security forces to 'stir the pot' and to cause divisions among our citizens,
and Russia's Putin has succeeded in his efforts, sadly, as we Americans are very prone to 'question' findings lately based on 'misinformation' or 'half-truths'. In short, I'm as guilty as the next one concerning conspiracy theories but I can see how these days, they are being used by our enemies to destroy our national unity. Very sad, this.

About the theological concern, I was going to suggest that you read Psalm 22 and remember that much of what Our Lord is reported to have said on the Cross has ties to the Old Testament prophecies and foreshadowing from the prophets. In short, you can't always take things literally.

But truly, if you are concerned about the meaning of those verses, I suggest you ask WADE to help you understand them better. I am a Catholic trinitarian (by definition of the ancient Creeds of the early Church) so I am a believer that Jesus Christ was the incarnation of God in the Second Person of the Holy Trinity.

A lot of doctrine about the Holy Trinity was developed by the early Church and expressed in the Creeds. Since evangelicals do not have 'creeds', they may not have the same 'trinitarian' views as Catholics do. It's hard to say, because there are so many denominations and their only reference is the sacred Scriptures, not tradition nor the 'creeds'. Of course there are differences of emphasis. Wade can help you sort this out, REX RAY.

How's the neck feeling? Can you sleep at night? Hope you are feeling better.

Rex Ray said...


God answered his Son’s question with tears. God couldn’t explain when Jesus ‘became our sins to be punished’, God could not comfort Jesus with His presence; He had to forsake him.

With stuff from the Dallas VA, my neck felt good enough to sleep in bed the first time in weeks instead of in a recliner.

In thinking of “…animals never allow the dumbest of the herd to lead them”, I remember a story.

When my sons were 14 and 16, my mother told our Dad: “While Rex is here with his boys, it’d be a good time to ‘ear mark’ those new cows you bought.” (Remember her words; they’re important.)

Those cows had a ‘leader’ that was half Brahman and could run like a deer. For the story, I’ll name her ‘Deer’.

After looking the coral over and no feed, Deer decided to leave. Dave had me holding a large plank to keep them in, Deer knocked plank and me aside. They ran off with their tails in the air.

“Daddy, we can’t get them back now; they’re spooked.”
“I’ll get them!” He took off in his pickup. We went back to the house. After an hour, I told Mother, I was going to see how Daddy was.

Deer couldn’t outrun the truck, so she led him through woods and over a ravine. Found his truck with the front tire flat and a back tire three feet in the air. I drove out of the woods and parked on a hill. In about 20 minutes, Deer ran by like a race horse. The other cows came by with their tongues hanging out. (It was a hot July.)

Half an hour later, Dad walked up. “Do you have any water?”
“SAM HILL; why don’t you have some water?
“Get in Daddy, and we’ll go home.”
Half way back, he said, “Rex, let this be a lesson to you.”
I wonder what wisdom I was going to learn.

“Never listen to a woman!”

Christiane said...

Hey there, REX RAY

I've been attempting (tried before and failed) to watch the film 'Saving Private Ryan'.
The first time, I couldn't get past the landing scene on D Day.
The second time, I made it through that scene but stopped when they came to tell the mother that three of her boys were dead.
And then, just now, I had to stop again when the eight men assigned to save Ryan, the last remaining son of that mother, heard a German loudspeaker saying in German 'The Statue of Liberty is kaputt'

That stopped me cold. It took almost a century, but there is some truth in that now when you consider the work of pundits these days against the ideas that the Statue of Liberty represents and has always represented. I have flown in planes into New York and seen 'Lady Liberty' many times and every time it was like the first time, and I was moved by what it represented, so when 'Saving Private Ryan' got to those German words, I paused the film.

Do you know what the poem says engraved by the Statue? We used to memorize it when I was young, this:
"The New Colossus

Not like the brazen giant of Greek fame,
With conquering limbs astride from land to land;
Here at our sea-washed, sunset gates shall stand
A mighty woman with a torch, whose flame
Is the imprisoned lightning, and her name
Mother of Exiles. From her beacon-hand
Glows world-wide welcome; her mild eyes command
The air-bridged harbor that twin cities frame.
"Keep, ancient lands, your storied pomp!" cries she
With silent lips. "Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,
I lift my lamp beside the golden door!"

Emma Lazarus
November 2, 1883

REX RAY, there are times when those pundits spreading lies and fearfulness among our own people sound more like that German loudspeaker broadcasting to break the spirits of the invaded French. That is the first thought I had that made me pause the film, and I knew for a while, I had to stop and think about this and about what has happened to our country and why. And about what remains that we STILL all hold dear about is sacred concerning those who died for us so that we DON'T HAVE TO BE like those Nazis long ago. Well, back to the film. I may not get too far, but I'm going to watch that film in honor of those soldiers, especially now, when 'pundits' still have the freedom to speak and I still have the freedom to disagree with them. :)

Rex Ray said...


‘Saving Private Ryan’ was based on a true story. It was the most emotional movie I’ve ever seen. I’d never seen how ‘fear’ could turn a man into a baby. I’ve forgotten how many lives were lost in accomplishing the goal.

In 1950, I was 18 when we returned from German. We went to the top of the Statue of Liberty; 1,250 feet high.

Japan is noted for tall buildings. While on a ‘mission trip’, a bunch of us were at the top of one that had a circle walkway. I said as a joke, “We’d better not all get on one side, it might tip over.” One of our young guy’s thought I was serious, and left.

Rex Ray said...


You’ve probably heard about this Black man being killed two days ago.

A small 20-year-old Black man was being arrested on a warrant by three police. A White police woman was trying to handcuff him, but he broke away and got in his car. To stop him, she accidently used a gun instead of a taser which killed him.

He’d be alive if the policemen had helped handcuff him.

To make matters worse, it happened in a near-by town where the trial in the death of George Floyd is taking place.