Saturday, April 07, 2012

Liberty U's Legal Counsel Needs to Take a Chill Pill

The legal counsel of Liberty University posted, allegedly on behalf of LU's Board of Trustees, the following article on Liberty University's website:
"On April 4, 2012, a Southern Baptist blogger, Peter Lumpkins, wrote an innacurate account of Liberty's recent Board of Trustees meeting as it relates to the university's invitation to Mark Driscoll to speak in Convocation. Lumpkin’s recent blog contains information that is defamatory and portrays Liberty University in a false light.

The Board of Trustees of Liberty University did not vote unanimously that Mark Driscoll is not welcome on campus, as the blog states, and, in fact, Mark Driscoll is still scheduled to speak in Convocation at Liberty University on April 20, 2012.

Liberty University's legal counsel has demanded the immediate removal of the post. Liberty University is also posting this notification so that our community is informed as to the inaccuracy of the post, and advised that Lumpkins' blog is clearly being used to disseminate misinformation about Liberty University and to cause strife and harm to the university."

Peter Lumpkin's blog can be read here. I don't know if Peter Lumpkin's facts are correct, but I suspect where there is smoke there is fire. I am experienced in understanding that a Board of Trustees will often do things in private that are the very opposite of what they claim in public. Regardless, what I find humorous about Liberty's post is its statement "Lumpkin's recent blog contains information that is defamatory and portrays Liberty University in a false light."

What? Has Liberty ever considered that the invitation to Mark Driscoll is what puts LU in a bad light? Further, does legal counsel at Liberty remember when the Vice-President of Liberty declared the Board of Trustees would NOT take action against Ergun Caner and that the charges of bloggers were "unfounded?" One would think Liberty would have learned a lesson from a couple of years ago.

For what it is worth, here is some advice to legal counsel at Liberty University:

(1). It is much better to be silent than to make statements that you will one day contradict.
(2). No blogger has the power to "cause strife and harm to the unversity." The university has all the power to cause strife and harm by your own actions.
(3). Next time bloggers say something that you deem "false," just keep quiet, and if it is truly false it will eventually go way. If what has been written is NOT false, then you should focus your attention on  repairing problems in your midst. Bloggers don't create the problems, you do.
(4). Whoever writes for your Public Relations Department needs to work on syntax.
(5). Liberty, you should know you definitely have a problem when Wade Burleson is agreeing with Peter Lumpkins.

Happy Easter everyone!


Wanda (Deb) Martin said...


What a fantastic post! I have been trying to follow this story, and I am so glad you chimed in.

This is by far the best remark:

"Liberty, you should know you definitely have a problem when Wade Burleson is agreeing with Peter Lumpkins."

Peter is probably glad that you have his back. :)

Anonymous said...

The best part of the article was about "when Wade Burleson agrees with Peter Lumpkins is when you really have a problem" LOL Priceless! Of course the same could be said of me, but I am nobody and do not blog

Romans 5:1

Bob Cleveland said...

As I commented on Peter's blog, his original post seemed to cast LU's leadership in a good light. Including the fact that the trustees serve in an atmosphere in which they are free to disagree with Staff and Faculty in their choice of speakers.

I'd really like to know what about that, their legal counsel, thinks is bad. Showing LU in a good light, or complementing the atmosphere in which the trustees feel freedom?

Are they saying they don't want it like that, there?

Providential security word (really): "riddl"

Wade Burleson said...


I agree. Had NOTHING been said, nobody would have thought anything amiss.

Julie Anne said...

HAHAHA!! Ack - another legal issue with a blogger! I tell you what - lawyers should be very thankful for bloggers. We're sure keeping them in business! So funny, Wade.

Jim Henderson said...

can you help us circulate this petition

Tim Rogers said...


I must admit your last point is the topping for the cake. It is also very humorous. :) LU should take special note they have strayed from the reservation when you and Peter Lumpkins agree their actions are wrong.

Dr. Patrick Mead said...

LU has no problem with Glenn Beck, but don't bring in that gospel preaching Mark Driscoll.