Sunday, April 08, 2012

Bubba Watson Is My New Favorite PGA Golfer

I've played golf for over thirty years. Oakwood Golf Course in Enid has been my home course for the past two decades. I told my sons this afternoon that every single hole on the back nine is a direct copy of the back nine at Augusta--for good reason. Perry Maxwell designed Oakwood in Enid, Oklahoma and he also designed Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta, Georgia. Whether it is the par five holes (numbers 13 and 15), the par three holes (numbers 12 and 16), or the specific doglegs on each hole, the parallels between the two back nines of each course are close to exact. It's always fun to watch the Masters on CBS because of this familiarity, and viewing this incredible golf tournament has been an annual tradition for my family. After watching today's emotional victory for Bubba Watson and reading Billy Graham's Evangelistic Association article about Bubba Watson, this young man has become my new favorite PGA golfer. The picture above is of Bubba hugging his mother after winning the tournament on Easter Sunday 2012. His wife was at home watching the tournament on television, caring for their newborn adopted son. Here's hoping Bubba wins a number of additional majors!


rkj said...

Wow! I never realized the similarities of the 2 courses! Guess I haven't played OCC enough! ha

Richard Knaak said...

Great story. Another fact I learned yesterday, the CBS guys said that Bubba had not had any golf lessons. That second shot of his on #10 during the play-off was pure Bubba magic. The Oothuizen double-eagle was also something. Tiger, on the other hand has a problem, in that his golf and life are a bit of a mess.

Off The Cuff said...

Besides being a good guy and great golfer, he is also left handed. Have you ever noticed that lefted handed golfers seem to be much more calm, mature, spiritual than other golphers? I think being left handed must surely be a sign of special blessings from God.(smile)

Garen Martens said...

I'm not a big TV golf fan but my dad is. I spent the afternoon watching the Masters with him. After the excitement of this tournament, I may be tuning in to golf more often! I felt so bad for Mickleson when he was in the bamboo and poison ivy, but he reacted with grace and poise.

Wade Burleson said...


Let me be clear. No golf course LOOKS like Augusta (i.e. the manicured rough, the gorgeous flowers, etc...), but Oakwood is at least designed like Augusta. Laughing.

Wade Burleson said...


Never a lesson! Gives me hope! :)

Wade Burleson said...

Off the Cuff,

Smile. Never noticed, but now that you mention it ....

Wade Burleson said...


What a great way to spend an afternoon with your dad!

Jack Carver said...

A few observations from the Masters weekend:
--The classiest move occured Thur. morning when Phil Mickleson donned his green jacket and attended the early morning honorary tee times for Palmer, Player, and Nicklaus.
--The most exasperating ten minutes in Masters history was Phil's triple bogey on the par 3.
--The most disappointing scenes in Masters experience were the childish temper tantrums of Tiger Woods.
--The most moving moment was Bubba Watson's immediate reaction to winning this coveted major.
--The most unpretentious moment was Bubba Watson taking a seat for the presentation of the green jacket in Butler's Cabin and immediately turning to the young man seated beside him to heartily congratulate him for being the low amateur in the tournament.

JD Rector said...

Thanks for a great story brother!
I'm not a golfer. My dear old dad taught his two sons to be fisherman and he was also a fisher of men with his bold witnessing!
So in a couple of days I'm heading to my parent's home and take them out to celebrate their "60th" wedding anniversary! If my dad is physically up to it, my brother and I will take him fishing.

I too watched with amazement at Bubba's tremendous win at the Masters. Besides, he is an SEC man, a graduate of Univ. of Georgia. So as an SEC man myself, a proud Auburn grad, I was thrilled with his accomplishment and to learn of his faith in Jesus.

JR said...

Hey Wade,

Perry Maxwell designed some great courses. Notably Prairie Dunes in Kansas, Southern Hills in Tulsa, Twin Hills in OKC and the Colonial in Ft. Worth, but he did not design Augusta National. The course founded by Bobby Jones was designed by Alister MacKenzie.

Further, did you know Augusta National does not allow women members?

Sorry, couldn't resist.