Friday, April 23, 2010

Thunder Win Over Lakers Not that Big of a Deal in the Grand Scheme of Eternity

Logan, my sixteen year old son, and I have just finished a three day, 1200 mile research tour for a forthcoming book. He was particularly helpful as we traversed some lands, rivers, and locations that are difficult to find, even with GPS and a four wheel drive vehicle! Our trip was preparation for a duplication of the same journey that I will take next week with award winning photographer Mike Klemme. Mike and I will be developing an exhibit for Enid's new Cherokee Strip Regional Heritage Center. In addition, we intend to publish a book which will tell an incredible story, one that the Oklahoma Chronicles called in 1936 "the most colorful narrative in the official 140 volumes of the Civil War."  Within the story is a great deal of American and Oklahoma history, lessons in leadership and courage, and an excellent picture of God's sovereignty over man's affairs. This is my first history book, and I hope it will be of interest to people both in Oklahoma and across the nation. It has definitely been profitable to me and my ministry in terms of the research and preparation.

We ended our journey last night by arriving just in time for the Oklahoma City Thunder vs. Los Angeles Laker basketball game. One of our church members couldn't make the game and he gave Logan and I his courtside tickets. My ears are still ringing! Someone told me TNT said that the crowd last night was the loudest in the history of their NBA telecasts. I guess they use an instrument to measure "decibals" and never before has the reading from a professional basketball game reached the level it did at last night's game. I believe it.

Logan and I left the Ford Center at 11:30 p.m.., and we didn't arrive home until 1:00 a.m. in the morning. I thoroughly enjoyed the time I spent with my youngest son, and our discussions were possibly more profitable to me than him. One of the things we opined about on the trip back to Enid was the incredible frenzy people get into when it comes to basketball or football in our beloved state. We both wondered what it would be like if people were just as excited about living their lives for Christ as they are about sports. It seems to us that people get particularly frenzied about sports  because there is a void in their lives spiritually. Now, don't get me wrong. I love sports too! Most who know me can tell you of my passion for Oklahoma football (and now Thunder basketball), but I also understand that in the grand scheme of things, sports are of minor importance. Thankfully, having my son with me for three days as we discussed the history of 150 years ago, and as we looked forward in our talks to the future 150 years and our impending experiences after death, allowed us to come to the same conclusion after the game. The Thunders' win over the Lakers was part of GREAT night for sports in Oklahoma, but in the end, it is not really that big of a deal. A grasp of history and theology will ensure sports are put in their rightful place.

In His Grace,

Wade Burleson