Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Neat Privilege of Hearing from New Friends With Compelling Stories

My post yesterday generated a number of emails from people who read this blog, but heretofore have been strangers to me. One of the wonderful privileges of writing a blog is seeing the world shrink and being able to make acquaintances with people who otherwise would never be known by me. One such person, a literary agent, wrote an encouraging email to me, thanking me for my response the the self-confessed Southern Baptist "leader" who sought to denigrate my children and me yesterday. The agent told me an interesting true story:
"I was Barry "Green Beret" Sadler's literary agent on thirty books. Barry had an encounter with a person of a mean reputation. Barry was not concerned about the threats he made to Barry personally. However, one day, over the phone, he threatened Barry's three children. Barry said "he has gone to far". Approximately a week later, Barry called me and asked if I would meet him later that week at Shoneys to discuss what he was to do. That night, before we had the opportunity to meet, Barry shot and killed the person that threatened his children."
I think I know how Barry must have felt. I've always thought myself as "fair game" and have never held grudges toward people who attack me in order to discredit what I write or say. However, when a person goes after my kids, that becomes "a low blow." I find myself asking why someone is so desperate. Like Sergeant Sadler, it seems there are those who wish to silence my keyboard. Why? Well, maybe what is being written is embarrassing to some--or possibly what some fear will be written is potentially very embarrassing to some. Regardless, these types of tactics just don't work with me.

Stay tuned!