Sunday, April 11, 2010

Happy 23rd Birthday to Our Daughter Charis Burleson!

Today, April 12, marks 149th anniversary of the beginning of the War Between the States. But the most distinguishing fact about today, at least for me, is that 23 years ago God gave to Rachelle and me our first child. We named her Charis (the Greek word for grace), and she has been the delight of her parents' hearts from the moment of her birth. She was born on the day Larry Mize sank an incredible chip shot to beat Greg Norman in the 1987 Masters Golf Tournament, and Dad was looking at the T.V. in the delivery room as much as he was watching the monitors connected to Mom that charted Charis' entrance into this world. Many Masters have been played since then, but that 1987 tournament will always be my favorite because at the same instant Larry Mize hoisted his trophy, I was lifting my one and only daughter into my arms for the first time--and I was the one who became the real winner that day. Charis is now in Florida, living on her own, doing quite well in every facet of her life. Mom and Dad could not be any prouder of our daughter, and knowing she sneaks a peek at her Dad's blog every now and then, we hope she looks in today and sees us wish her a wonderful, happy and grace-filled 23rd birthday! We love you, Charis. Mom and Dad