Thursday, October 04, 2007

LIVE via the INTERNET: A Conference with Sam Storms and Daniel Brymer, October 7 - 10, 2007

Let me invite you to watch LIVE this week's Fall Bible Conference at Emmanuel Baptist Church, Enid, Oklahoma beginning this Sunday morning, October 7th, and going through Wednesday night, October 10th. The theme of the Conference is 'The Power of Prevailing Prayer.'

Dr. Sam Storms will be the guest teacher with Daniel Brymer's Worship Team leading the congregational worship. The third service on Sunday morning will be broadcast LIVE at 11:00 a.m. Central Time and the Sunday evening service will be broadcast LIVE at 6:00 p.m. Central Time.

The Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday night services will all be broadcast LIVE at 7:00 p.m. Central Time. To watch any of the services, go to Emmanuel's LIVE broadcast viewer

The title of Dr. Sam Storm's messages are as follows:

Sunday morning at 11:00 a.m. ---- Praying for Others and the Expanse of the Gospel

Sunday night at 6:00 p.m. ---- Praying for Healing of Body and Soul

Monday night at 7:00 p.m. ---- Praying for Renewal and Revival of the Church

Tuesday night at 7:00 p.m. ---- Praying for Deliverance and Defeat of the Devil

Wednesday night at 7:0o p.m. --- Praying for the Experience of Intimacy with Christ

Get in your favorite chair in the house, pull out your laptop, and join us for this conference. I know you will enjoy Dr. Storms, who is a fellow Southern Baptist and one of the most erudite and passionate theologians of our day. Those of you who have heard Daniel Brymer lead worship know you will be able to worship with us in your own home as he takes us before the throne.

I will leave this post up until the conference is over. We do not have our four new studio cameras in the auditorium - they arrive the end of next week - but you will be able to view and hear the conference with our stationary remote control cameras. We would like to hear from those of you who have watched the LIVE broadcasts, particularly how the Lord spoke to you through the worship and message. Feel free to post your comments and observations in the comment section here or on 3:16 Ministries.

Again, join us LIVE for Emmanuel's 'The Power of Prevailing Prayer' Conference with Sam Storms and Daniel Brymer.

In His Grace,



DL said...

Too cool! Love Sam Storms. Glad you're making this available. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Who would have thunk that a little ole community like Enid, Oklahoma would have a church that is as progressive as Emmanuel.

My wife and I will be watching and I want to thank whoever I need to think for the vision to get this kind of thing on the net. Would you come to our church Wade and take us where you have taken Emmanuel?

Blessings, Joe

david b mclaughlin said...

will these be downloadable after the fact? i dont think i would be able to catch most of them live but would love to see them. said...


They will be archived on our viewer. Press 'Video on Demand' on the left panel of the viewer.

david b mclaughlin said...

Sweet! I sent the info to my buddy Phil Miglioratti atthe National Prayer Network and he linked to ya! Don't know if you know him but cha should.

Alyce Faulkner said...

Wade, Mackey and I planned to attend for the weekend, however we are planning a trip in Nov and have to save all our pennies for that. Im so thankful you will be sharing vie video.
Daniel is the best and I continue to learn from Sam.
What a blessing you and Emmanuel are to u.
Alyce said...

Since I am not posting a new post for a few days, I thought it appropriate to place a very respectful comment in this stream from Chadwick. He asks a question about Sam Storms filling the pulpit of Emmanuel. My response follows his.

Anonymous said...

Brother Wade,

I assume that you stand "neutral" about women serving as pastors.

I also assume that your "neutral" stance opposes Dr. Storms' stance.

If Dr. Storms is Piper's pulpit supply preacher, I also assume he sides with Piper.

Piper, in his book, "Brothers (notice he doesn't add "& Sisters"), We are not Professionals," makes it clear in his intro that he clearly believes that women pastors is not warranted by the Holy Scriptures. (He also addresses the issue with Grudems in their book, "Biblical Manhood & Womanhood," together)

If you say the SBC is wrong, you should also say that Storms, along with Piper are wrong, also.

(I have women SS teachers (under my guidence) who teach men . . . good ones, might I add . . . my choir director is also a woman . . . yet I agree that the Bible confines the pulpit ministry to men.)

I may be wrong on my assumptions; therefore, if my assumptions are wrong, I will humbly recant of them.

chadwick said...


Thanks for the email. I felt the question appropriate since Sam is my friend and filling the pulpit for me Sunday. I am not putting up another post this week, so I will comment on your email here.

Yes, your assumptions are wrong.

I am not neutral on this issue. I agree with Piper, Storms, and Grudem, and I have spoken with Sam about this very issue. As you can tell, he is filling my pulpit for the next week. We are in agreement, BUT I believe whether or not a woman should be a pastor or teach men the Bible is a LOCAL church issue and should not rise to the level of a denominational or convention issue as it has within the Baptist Faith and Message. That means, if another Southern Baptist church disagrees with my views (or my church's view) on women in the ministry and hires a female pastor, we should not necessarily label them 'heretic,' 'liberal,' or 'apostate.' Those words should be reserved for a denial of the gospel.

Let me show you what I mean. On the one hand we as Southern Baptists say we can't do anything about a SEXUAL PREDATOR who serves as a pastor of a local church within the Southern Baptist Convention because of the 'autonomy' of that local church, but we darn sure are doing something as a convention about a church that calls a 'woman to the ministry.' It seems to me that something is out of whack when we, are more interested in preventing women from preaching the gospel in local churches than we are men molesting children or women in those same local churches.

In His Grace,


david b mclaughlin said...

It seems to me that something is out of whack when we, are more interested in preventing women from preaching the gospel in local churches than we are men molesting children or women in those same local churches.

I know you'r eprobably sick of hearing from me on this topic, but...

very well said Wade.

Scott Shaffer said...


Do you really believe the SBC is "more interested in preventing women from preaching the gospel in local churches than we are men molesting children or women in those same local churches"?

david b mclaughlin said...

Which one is in the BFM?

Anonymous said...

Wade said, "BUT I believe whether or not a woman should be a pastor or teach men the Bible is a LOCAL church issue..."

No! It is a Biblical issue and it is quite clear that a woman cannot pastor/elder a church, period. Wade, stand up for what the Bible says. If another church calls a woman as pastor, say it is wrong even though they have the autonomy to do so. Do not say it is a local church issue. It is not a local church issue and it is NOT an SBC or Methodist or whatever issue. It is a Biblical issue.

This is what is concerning about the path you lead. Some things are black and white even if they are NOT primary issues. Stand up for what the Bible says--it is very clear on the woman as a pastor/elder. Other things regarding woman are not as clear.

Does your neutral stance oppose Storms' stance? It does not oppose it because you are not neutral--and that is just wrong.
Mike J

Scott Shaffer said...


But that is a logical fallacy. You assume that because it isn't in the BFM the SBC doesn't care about the issue.

Besides, if the SBC did change the BFM to include some statement about sexual predators in the pulpit, Wade wouldn't be fully satisfied because the BFM would still address the role of women in the local church. In other words, the comparison is a clever rhetorical device designed not to address sexual predators, but to rally support for removing statements in the BFM regarding the complementary role of women. But, in my opinion, the issues have absolutely nothing to do with one another.


Tom Parker said...


The BFM did not have statements in the BFM regarding the complementary role of women until very recently. I believe this issue is going to have to be addressed. It is not going to go away. Sadly, many are afraid of being labeled.

david b mclaughlin said...

Stand up for what the Bible says...

Mike J,
I agree completely. We need to add to the BFM that women cannot braid their hair. It is right there plain as day in the Bible next to the part about women not teaching!

david b mclaughlin said...

I am not saying they don't care. I am saying one is so pressing that it gets space in the BFM. The other doesn't.

To be honest with you, I would say this is the problem with the whole idea of even having a BFM. Some people (not saying you) act like it is canonical.

Honestly though, I do see what you are saying.

Alyce Faulkner said...

If you (all here) are concerned about sexual predators in the church, have you called, emailed or written to see what progress has been made to implement the data base?
Right now, on the SBC site there are men listed as pastors who are sexual predators. Appalled about that?
I agree, I see and hear people everywhere who are disgusted at the thought of women pastors.
I would like to see them exally appalled and taking action about sexual predators.
Let's put into action what we believe.
Sorry, but this is a touchy subject for me.

Alyce Faulkner said...

that's... 'equally'

Laura said...

On the topic of the post, my church was very, very richly blessed by Dr. Storms' teaching when he came to visit us in Louisville this past summer. His gracious demeanor was matched only by his authority, skill, and conviction.

Debbie Kaufman said...

Scott: Read the post that Alyce wrote which is located on her blog, then you tell me. I think the facts that are in this post will answer your question.

Scott Shaffer said...


I read Alycee's post. Frankly, I don't think it proves Wade's point. Don't misunderstand me, sexual predators are a blight on the church and the cause of Christ, and they should surface the full force of our legal system.

I do think the SBC should take a strong stand on this issue and take whatever actions are practical and effective to remove predators from ministry. But, given the autonomy of SBC churches, I'm not sure what they can do.

Can I assume that the current SBC President will now come under the microscope as much as Paige Patterson has?

Anonymous said...

Scott Shaffer:

I can promise you that no convention president will experience the kind of scrutiny Paige Patterson receives.


Rex Ray said...

Ben Cole,
You said, “…no convention president will experience the kind of scrutiny Paige Patters receives”, but you forgot ‘and deserves.’

Dr. Mike Kear said...

Dear Pastor Burleson,

Thank you for bringing Dr. Sam Storms to teach at this Fall Bible Conference. My wife and I have been at every meeting and both Sam and the Praise team are such a blessing to us.

I hope that many hungry souls are watching via the internet. This is great!

Steve said...

Greet all the brethren with an holy kiss. 1 Thess 5:26 KJV

Brother Mike J, the above instruction repeats 3 more times in Scriptures. As this is so much more plain than the "women speaking issue" in 1 Timothy, I will be glad to hear that your church is carrying this out also.

Ain't this black & white, too?

greg.w.h said...

Not to mention this passage:

"Gal 3:24 The law, then, was our guardian until Christ, so that we could be justified by faith. 25 But since that faith has come, we are no longer under a guardian, 26 for you are all sons of God through faith in Christ Jesus."

I think we have to admit that since everyone becomes a "son" by being in Christ Jesus, that the 2 Timothy 3 passage must apply to the women "sons" as much as it does to the men "sons", no? ;)

Of course, why should a denomination that added the legal requirement not to drink alcohol care what the Bible ACTUALLY says?

Greg Harvey

Anonymous said...

I have thoroughly enjoyed the conference.

Thanks for making it available to us all.

chadwick said...

Pastor Wade,

The scenario you described (in your reply to my email) sounds a little "far-fetched" to me; I don't know of any SBC church who would hire a confirmed sexual predator to be their pastor. And if an SBC church did hire a sexual predator, I am sure the convention would take swift action of addressing the issue.


Anonymous said...

An incredible conference.

Watched every minute of it.


DC said...

Has anyone found the audio downnload for the conference?

Debbie Kaufman said...

Darren, if you click on listen to messages and then click on video on demand, you should be able to access it.

Debbie Kaufman said...

That should have been watch messages and then click on video on demand. Also be sure your screen is enlarged so that you will be able to be able to scroll down and see the list at the bottom of the page.