Monday, October 22, 2007

Disagreement Is Not a Sign of Corrupt Character

On October 18, 2007, California IMB trustee Jerry Corbaley sent a one hundred and fifty three page letter, via email, to all International Mission Board trustees.

My response to Mr. Corbaley's email - sent to all trustees:

Friday, October 18, 2007

1:48 p.m. Central Standard Time

Dear Fellow Trustees,

I am thankful for God's mercy in relation to the answered prayers of our trustee body in terms of health and family. I continue to pray for each need that arises and I am grateful for the prayer ministry of the IMB board and the email updates sent to all trustees. Our church spent time in prayer last night for the family of the 29 year old Christian in Gaza who operated the Palestinian Bible Bookstore and was murdered for his faith in Christ. The IMB's administrative decision to send us a timely update with information on this Christian martyr made our prayer time for all our missionaries very real, very fervent, and very personal.

I visited with my wife Rachelle, and we felt it wise to send to you just this one email in response to the 153 page letter from Trustee Jerry Corbaley. This letter has been sent to either select trustees or to every trustee. I have made it a practice these past eighteen months not to respond to personal attacks on me or my character and I am choosing not to respond to this letter. I would encourage us all to keep our focus on missions and the support of our missionaries in the field. I will continue to pray for our work and for each of you who serve as a trustee of the IMB.

In His Grace,


Mr. Corbaley requested in his email that the trustees of the International Mission Board take official 'action' against me at the Springfield, Illinois trustee meeting in two weeks. Jerry did not contact me privately before sending the email. However, I called Jerry as soon as I received it. He informed me over the phone that unless I was calling to confess to him my repentance before God, he would not talk with me. He then proceeded to hang up while I was in mid-sentence.

Attempts at building a relationship with Mr. Corbaley have been continually rebuffed for the past eighteen months, including the May 2006 Albuquerque, New Mexico commisioning service where, with my wife at my side, I expressed my love for Jerry and a desire to build a relationship with him. He informed me that we could not have a relationship because of my 'sin.' I approached Mr. Corbaley again in July of this year while he was eating in the cafeteria of the International Learning Center outside Richmond. I sat down beside him to visit with him, but he refused to converse with me. He got up from the table and told me if I followed him he would make it a public issue.

After reading Mr. Corbaley's email, I am frankly at a loss. Jerry seems to think I should be responsible for the comments people make on my blog. I keep an open, unmoderated comment section and am not responsible for what others write. I take full responsibility for what I write, and I hope every person in the Southern Baptist Convention reads it again - and again - and again. With the help of some who don't understand how relate to people who disagree, that just may happen.

I could let it go, but the pattern has been established in the past that some will make reckless character charges in an attempt to convince people of their conclusions, the logic of which is beyond my comprehension. I have chosen not to defend myself. I am more than happy for every Southern Baptist to read what I have written on my blog and what I have written is my defense. I have not deleted one post. I write for Southern Baptists, and everything I post is with a desire to make our convention better, to advance the kingdom of Christ and to treat all people, especially those who disagree, with respect.

From the emails, letters and phone calls I have received from thousands of Southern Baptists around the world, it seems that I have struck a chord. People are ready to focus on cooperative missions and evangelism and are disinterested in any further narrowing of Southern Baptist doctrinal parameters. I have continued to advocate for the past two years ceasing the narrowing of our doctrinal parameters for convention fellowship and cooperation. We have gone far enough.

If Mr. Corbaley insists that what I have written on this blog is 'sin,' then let Southern Baptists decide. I fully realize other Southern Baptists may disagree with what I write. Disagreement is not only the perogative of individual Southern Baptists - it is the Baptist way. But to disagree is not sin. It definitely is not gossip or slander. It has never been my intention to do anything but cooperate in missions and ministry with other Southern Baptists who see things differently on matters that should never divide us.

We Southern Baptists are a COOPERATING group of Christians, and the very essence of cooperation is diversity. However, I have pledged never again to allow, as long as I can help it, Southern Baptists to go behind closed doors and attack the character of fellow Southern Baptists who are different. No more labels. No more name calling. No more sanctimonious finger pointing. No more attempts to destroy a person's reputation behind closed doors. If you have something negative to say about the doctrine or character of a Southern Baptist leader, say it so all Southern Baptists can hear it, and then be ready to defend it with your name and reputation. Don't whisper ugly things behind closed doors and hide behind anonymity.

I personally believe it is a waste of time, Cooperative Program dollars and personal energy for those of us who are IMB trustees to deal with Mr. Corbaley's email in our next trustee meeting, scheduled for November 5-7, 2007, in Springfield, IL. Yet, Jerry seems desirous to force the issue - again. I am more than capable of dealing with any eventuality that arises. I've done it before. I'll do it again. I will continue doing whatever is necessary to stop the attacks on, and exclusion of, Southern Baptists who disagree with narrow interpretations of tertiary doctrines that are being forced on the entire convention.

However, I believe we as IMB trustees are ready to get on with missions business. On one hand I feel sympathy for Mr. Corbaley and people like him. On the other hand I believe Jerry's email illustrates one of the problems we are facing in the Southern Baptist Convention. Some people can't seem to let others simply disagree without making it a matter of morality. Some people can't seem to let others express a different opinion without questioning their character, spirituality or denominational fidelity.

I called Mr. Corbaley several times over the weekend to discuss his concerns, but he would not receive my calls. I finally left a message on Mr. Corbaley's cell phone giving him a deadline of last night to call if he did not wish his letter to be made public. I told him that if he chose not to call me about his concerns I would take that as permission to post his letter.

I do not intend to post about Mr. Corbaley's email again unless it become necessary because of further action initiated by others. Unlike a year and a half ago, I have advance notice of Mr. Corbaley's intentions and wish the people of the Southern Baptist Convention to know prior to our trustee meeting. I believe wisdom will prevail and my fellow trustees will focus on our mission work at this next meeting. Either way, I plan to keep you informed.

May God bless our missionaries. May God continue to bless our mission work. May we keep our eyes on the advancement of His kingdom and take them off anything else.

In His Grace,

Wade Burleson


Anonymous said...


On behalf of the over 5,000 International Mission Board missionaries who serve around the world, please let me express our gratitude for you.

We feel your support. We hear your passion. We love your courage. I personally have read every single post you have written since January of 2006. I have NEVER once read anything that could be considered gossip or slander. Your posts are always well written, balanced and good things that you have said about your fellow trustees, even when you have disagreed with their decisions, and more importantly, even when a few have chosen to attack you. You have consistently displayed civility and class.

We missionaries know more about Baptist history, Baptist theology, Baptist missiology and Baptist identity because we read this blog. But more importantly, we know more about Christ and His Kingdom.

I for one am proud to be able to say, "I am a Southern Baptist missionary" and it is precisely because you, and others like you, are representing us as trustees.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. I will be praying for the next trustee meeting, and like you, believe wisdom will prevail.

Wayne Smith said...

To All Southern Baptist,

In everything I have read, I do believe that a certain DOM is processed because of Your Love for Jesus Christ and the Great Commission. How a DOM can keep His Position is beyond Belief.
If I were in this California Association I would make a motion for His removal. This DOM is not being a very good Witness for Jesus Christ in what he has done and is continuing to do.

In His Name

Debbie Kaufman said...

Wade: You know that your church loves you and Rachelle deeply. I will be praying intensely for you until and during the next meeting. At one hundred and fifty three pages, Jerry had to have been working on this one for awhile. Merrill and I stand strong with you as I know does the rest of the church. God's will cannot be thwarted whatever His will is. You taught that, showed in scripture the many places the Bible teaches this and I now believe it. I for one am proud that you stand for those who cannot and follow your convictions with the Bible as your final authority.

GeneMBridges said...

If Mr. Corbaley insists that what I have written on this blog is 'sin,' then let Southern Baptists decide

According to Scripture, the disciplinary hearing must take place before the elders of your church since you are the accused party, where you both submit yourselves to that decision, and this must occur after the previous options have been exhausted.

The trustee board is NOT a local church and is no position to discipline anybody because of "sin" unless they are ratifying the decision of a board of elders in a local church or the next court of appeal.

The next "court of appeal" is logically your association or, at the very least, since this is not a matter that is confined to your association a "jury" of elders that meets the approval of both parties, what our Baptist forebears did not hesitate to term a presbytery (and yet were not advocating Presbyterianism).

A board of trustees cannot qualify as a board of elders, since the IMB is not a local church or association. "Prosecuting" you is like the prosecution of Martin Luther before Charles V.

If it does constitute a duly appointed board of elders, it is not the place to decide who is "in sin" and who is not - for if so, consistency demands that each and every person on it submits to a rigorous examination individually - apart from their local churches. To "convict" you of "sin" would be to call from your excommunication, not only from the board but from your church, since, if it is true you are "in sin" your church is duty bound by Scripture to act. I hate to tell Mr. Corbaley, but this is not the Roman Catholic Church.

The Convention can choose not to ratify the decision of your church or association or the stipulated board of elders by simply refusing to seat messengers from your church or you in particular.

Mr. Corbaley, ironically, has exceeded the own bounds of his very own ecclesiology by seeking to extend discipline for "sin" beyond the bounds of the local church - the same way, I might add, that JR Graves did with RBC Howell 150 odd years ago. This is the inherent contradiction that lies in trying to play the High Church game in a Low Church polity.

Brother Wade, I had to endure this a few months ago because I would not back down from the substance of something I had written. I changed some details and told those who were affected about them, but that was not enough. It quickly became evident that the real concern was NOT with the truth but with the other parties legalistic conceptions and "mote" in his own eye. In that instance, I agreed to submit to my eldership as did the other party. I was vindicated and he was told he had wronged me. It took a long time for that person to "get it," and I'm not completely sure he has, but in the end, I did what I was supposed to do, and I kept documentation of the whole affair. I was a better person for it. Press on, Brother.

If disagreement is a sign of "corrupt character" then the Reformers were all evil, corrupt men and the Roman Catholic Magisterium was right. If disagreement is a sign of corrupt character, the English Separatists and thus or Baptist forefathers were of corrupt character too.

Steve said...

Goodness gracious! Perhaps his initials have gone to his head!

If things are like this at the - what? Corbaley? Carebadly? house, then what, pray tell, happens when a single mother brings her out-of-wedlock child to its first service at his church, or a freed convict makes his first visit after finishing his sentence, or a drug addict or divorced parent come to find Jesus at his church?

I reckon things are going really badly for this feller, and he will be among those for whom I pray in this matter.

Neil Cameron (One Salient Oversight) said...

I believe in baptising babies. It's true.

Now that this admission is part of this comments thread, it proves that Wade is a pedobaptist and should be removed from the pastorate.

Over to you Care Badly.

Anonymous said...

We are praying for you! This summer when I was home on stateside assignment you took time out to take my phone call about some concerns that I had about changes to our MFP. I appreciate your willingness to hear me out. Your love for missionaries is evident. I know that the members of our team appreciate your work. Thank you.

Neil Cameron (One Salient Oversight) said...

I've just skimmed through Coberley's 3,274,452 page letter outlining why Wade is guilty of slander. For the life of me I cannot put my finger on any actual instances of slander that he mentions.

The entire report seems to be made up of a prequel examining the biblical understanding of slander, followed by a lot of comments pages copied and pasted from Wade's blog with an occasional bold section saying "Wade is guilty of slander".

Can someone else look through the letter (linked above) and find a CONCRETE EXAMPLE of slander?

I have been slandered in the past. A close relative rang up my pastor one day and told him that I had been abusing my son, which was most definitely not true. A few years ago at a Christian workplace people were told that I had downloaded pornography on work computers, which I had most definitely not. I also know of a pastor who was subjected to the rumour that he had been physically abusing his wife, which was not true either.

Is Wade guilty of doing similar things? Can someone please "wade" though Carebadly's letter and find what I could not... clear and explicit evidence of slander?

Anonymous said...


I read the entire Corbaley email.

Is he in ok? I'm serious. Jerry sounds like a religious zealot who claims to hear directly from God.

Read his words closely. Mind you, I know what I'm talking about.
This is a man that is representing Southern Baptists on the largest misson sending agency in the world. Read his words:

1. Dear Fathers and Mothers, Brothers and Sisters

(Uh, Jerry, last time I checked we are Baptists, not Catholic).

2.The sin is affecting tens of thousands of Southern Baptists, and some of our own missionaries are being swept up in this sin.

(Golly, Jerry, are these tens of thousands part of the 99% you emphatically claimed held to your views on the new private prayer language? Of course, the Lifeway survey showed only 50% hold your view? You losin track SB's Jerry?).

3. Since January of 2006 I have made it very clear to Mr. Burleson personally that I believe he has slandered the Board of Trustees.

(uh, Jerry, how about looking up the word 'proof' in the dictionary? And your opinion does not costitute proof).

4. Please also note that Mr. Burleson has many good things to say about the work of the International Mission Board.

(Gee whiz Jerry, you can read).

5. I have no intent to initiate secular resolution to this issue.

(Perry Mason's dead Jerry. You've been watching too many Family Channel reruns. The only secular resolution you need is a maybe a few counseling appointments).

6. While the Board of Trustees rescinded the motion of January in March of that year; they did so in an effort to cooperate with the intercession of Dr. Morris Chapman on Mr. Burleson’s behalf, in the name of the Executive Committee of the Southern Baptist Convention.

(Well, golly geebers, there are actually a few sane people in leadership in the SBC).

7. How can any Christian in fellowship with the Holy Spirit refuse to acknowledge that the above statements are clearly slanderous?

(Well, we Christians who are filled with the Holy Spirit and and called Southern Baptists acknowledge that you act like you've been smokin something, and we hope it ain't nothin more than your favorite cigarettes).

8. The Board of Trustees rescinded the motion to remove for gossip and slander in March of 2006

(All righty then).

9.So why is my statement that Mr. Burleson is under censure at the Board news? Because our actions have been presented to our constituents so rarely, and so tactfully, that they don’t even know. We may have understated his censure so successfully that Mr. Burleson doesn’t even know it himself.

(Uh, Jerry, how about readin number eight again? You tell us the motion was rescinded by the Board AND expunged from the record - all WITHOUT an apology from Mr. Burleson? and you say We may have understated his censure (?). Giminy Christmas).

10. There was no response (from Wade) remotely resembling the confession of sin nor repentance, nor is there to this day. We rescinded the motion (for Wade's removal) in an effort to spare the national Convention a public scandal. Now we have a growing public scandal that is many times larger with much greater momentum.

(By gum, Jerry, I'm glad to know there is at least one man on the board of trustees with principles and the kahounas to stand by them).

11. By far the best option is for Wade Burleson to publicly confess that he has sinned through slander and gossip . . .This is God’s preference

(Geeze, Jerry, thanks. Please let us know if He prefers the new policies at the IMB as well. Oh, wait, you already have).

12. My manor was peaceful

(Glad to know you live in a peaceful home. You might need to check the lights upstairs because a few of em may have burned out).

13. Perhaps there are other options that the Board of Trustees might consider. Wouldn’t it be better to decide sooner, rather than later, so that the net effect of the sin is less? Is this scandal getting better? God doesn’t think so.

(Quick, somebody hide the kool-aid)

14. Any referral to the Executive Commitee will consume two months at a minimum. Probably longer. During this extended time a lot more damage will be done to the reputation of the Board, and a lot more Southern Baptists will be deceived, and our missionaries who are entering the slander and gossip venue will get themselves into more trouble with God.

(Thanks Jerry. We sure appreciate you helpin us poor ole blind Southern Baptists out since we can't see we are in trouble with God. Puhlease!).

15. Are you noticing that the comment stream of Mr. Burleson’s blog is frequented by slanderers and gossips, and that it is characterized by some good discussion and some malicious attacks upon others? How is a blog administrator not accountable for slander and gossip? Is the owner of a bar not accountable for public drunken violence? Is the owner of a bordello not accountable for public sexual immorality? Is a banker not accountable for laundering publicly swindled money? I urge you to be holy as God is holy and stop tolerating this wickedness.
Are you morally appalled yet?

(Morally apalled? Jerry, I'm getting sick reading your words. If you had even a modicum of comprehension of how you make Southern Baptists look YOU would resign).

I would like to apologize to Mr. Burleson for this long post, but respectfully request he not delete it. Somebody, somewhere needs to stand up and tell Jerry to SHUT UP. Those of us in California are shocked he's even on the IMB. We are currently working on a proposal to bring recommendations to the national nominating committee through the states' respective Executive Committees.

I know I'm angry, but the reason my blood is boiling is the following statement I read in the letter that Jerry Corbaley made to IMB missionary David Rogers. Corbaley seems to be offended with something David writes on his blog (I guess Jerry is easily offended these days). Jerry writes to David:

"Hear this from all the objectivity I can manage in the midst of some very real pain.

I could not believe this post was aimed at me personally. I couldn't.

I had no idea how coldly impersonal your calculation was.

Your integrity, Sir, is suspect.

It seems Jerry is one very sensitive boy. And it seems if he doesn't like what somebody writes, he questions their integrity. Because Jerry feels he has been either criticized or put in a bad light by David (which he hasn't) Jerry threatens DAVID ROGER' JOB. Read what Jerry writes:

We are both aware that you are, currently, the most out-spoken critic of the Board of Trustees from within the ranks of those employed with the IMB.

You still speak highly of the IMB administration. You have stated that you have not been contacted through this administration regarding the nature of your blogging comments, yet you are aware of that possibility. I think your perception is valid.

Might I suggest, as a Christian brother, that you pro-actively contact your Regional Leader and discuss the issue with him? I am sure he would appreciate such consideration and respect on your part.

For my part, while I am a trustee on the IMB, I have not offered my opinion regarding your criticisms to any other trustee, nor to any member of the IMB administration. I have no plans, nor preference to do so.

However, I would like to ask you plainly; “Is this something you want me to do?”

Within the blogosphere all statements can be challenged very directly. That is the nature of the venue. I accept that.

Yet I am compelled by conscience, because of our particular relationship within the IMB, to hold back in challenging the methods and content of some of your assertions. That is fine as of today.

As for the future, I find such a choice intolerable.

Please immediately contact your Regional Leader and discuss your need to criticize the IMBoT publicly. That is my strong preference. I think he would concur.

Or, please ask me directly to contact the trustees and ask the proper subcommittee to consider your criticism of the Board of Trustees. I will not choose to “rat you out”. Nor do I particularly look forward to the public accusations that will come my way should you outright ask me to contact the trustees. If you want it to happen this way, and have me involved in it, you will have to ask me directly.

I will not insult your sincerity and integrity by asking you to stop criticizing the Board of Trustees. That is your choice.

I regret even the need to post this comment

Is anybody else seeing this? Jerry Corbaley is THREATENING David Roger's job. UNBELIEVABLE.

I don't know which concerns me more. Jerry Corbaley or Southern Baptists who don't seem too concerned with his bizarre antics.

Anonymous said...

For those who want to see how sick this Man IMB Trustee Jerry Corbaley is you can read some of it here:

You will notice he deleted all of the evidence from his Blogs.

Bill Scott said...

Finally...on the last page Mr. C requests the following:

"If you decide that I am slandering Mr. Burleson, then please obey God and do to me as I intend that you should do something about him (Deuteronomy 19:15-20)."

This tells me that he knows that he is doing the very thing that he accuses you of doing. How ironic is that?

I found the email poorly written for several reasons among them verbosity, lack of clarity, redundancy, hipocracy and logical fallacy.

I understand why he Mr. C elucidated the following fear:

" I am very concerned that this letter will become public before we meet. The risk of this letter becoming public is "off the charts."

Mr. C's risk was that the world would see what a poorly written, poorly conceived and poor prosecuted attempt to discredit another trustee.

46,941 words were wasted by Mr. C indeed.

Anonymous said...

One has to wonder if Dr. Floyd will even speak to Dr. Corbaley, much less seek to censure him.

Wade, don't give up the fight. You have been eviscerated for the past 23 months, so I doubt any of this is new to you.

Corbaley is an embarrassment to Bible-believing Southern Baptists.

Rex Ray said...

California Fellow,
Thanks for your comments for revealing truth while making me laugh. {“Quick, somebody hide the kool-aid” about did me in.)

I fear there’s another Haman making his own gallows.
This man needs prayer to remove hate in his heart.

Bob Cleveland said...

The truth will out. In this case, it's the truth about Dr. Corbaley.

Sad, sad, sad.

Keep on keepin' on, Wade.

Alyce Faulkner said...

Wade, he is correct about one thing.
Your influence, 'leaven' has grown and therein lies his problem. In fact many have problems with this influence. What they don't seem to grasp is that the only influence you have, God has given.
You have been a great influence on Mackey and I and we thank God for you. We know that you are going to keep us informed on things we need to know. We know you are going to continue to fight for the oppressed.
No email, no letter, nothing can stop what God has set in motion.
I pray for missionaries. My church prays. We call them by name. We forward money to CP, we send boxes to some in Uganda, we ask the to come to our church and speak to us about God's work. I pray for the IMB, in fact contacted them yesterday to see if we could meet with and work with them while we are in Europe.
I pray that the leadership in the IMB will remain faithful to God and respond and go foreward with grace and the knowledge that God is in control.
The future of the IMB depends on it.
Of course you know, you have our unwavering love and support.

RKSOKC66 said...


Keep "the breath of fresh air" blowing.


If you are reading these comments I'd like to direct a question your way:

Would please issue an executive summary of your 150 page E-mail -- not to exceed two pages in length -- that lays out the exact instances where you have contend that you have been slandered by Wade? These instances should reference direct quotes from Wade -- not statements made by others on Wade's blog.

Here is a recommended format:

#1 On Dec 12, 2006 Wade said "xxx"
#2 On Feb 8, 2007 Wade said "yyy"

On second thought, it would be better to sit down with Wade and "bury the hatchet" with him. Given that Wade has tried to broker some type of rapprochement several times and been rebuffed, the ball is in your court.

Roger K. Simpson
Oklahoma City OK said...

One Salient Oversight:

You said, I've just skimmed through Coberley's 3,274,452 page letter outlining why Wade is guilty of slander. For the life of me I cannot put my finger on any actual instances of slander that he mentions.

Thanks for taking the time to read, draw a personal conclusion and then publicly state it.

greg.w.h said...

Jerry Corbaley must increase so God can afford to decrease. Hence the need for 153 pages to say what could be said in zero.

Greg Harvey

Anonymous said...


As a Southern Baptist, my heart weeps at this. But, as a Southern Baptist Missionary, I am almost beyond words. Does "Beyond the Pale" resonate with anyone else?

I have seen little evidence of similar support for Missionaries from Jerry Corbaley that Wade displays.

I have a novel idea, instead of a vote by 89 stateside trustees, let the 5000 of us whose lives are held in those 89 sets of hands vote as to which trustees we would censure. I feel sure it would not be Wade.

A 10-40 Windows Missionary

Anonymous said...

IMB Trustee Jerry Corbaley’s friend Robin Foster also deleted his Blog for the cover-up.

Robin D. Foster Says:
October 20th, 2007 at 5:13 pm
To all who have made the claim that certain trustees contacted Wade Burleson beforehand asking him to join their efforts to get rid of Jerry Rankin, please produce the names of the accused trustees with your names attached.
Until you do so, this is a moot point and not even on topic for the post. Any further insinuations that do not produce names will be deleted. SBC Today does not welcome vague accusations that tarnish the integrity of an entire board.
There are other sites in which this activity is welcomed if you desire to engage in these exploits. Please go there to do so!

Anonymous said...

Robin Foster’s comment as posted here:

Anonymous said...

A simple observation.

I see two SBCs. One is illustrated by a parallel discussion on where a discussion about the trustee system has been going on. Free discussion was discouraged, and the comment section was closed after only 39 comments because the blog does not promote "nameless and proofless" accusations.

I seen another SBC on this blog, where a trustee has distributed a proofless accusation for all the world to see. This blog has brought that accusation to light for all SBC to see. Instead of holding closed door meetings and turning off the comment streams, this blog is open and operates in the light of day.

I would much rather be part of an SBC that operates in the light, expect our leaders to be above reproach, refuses to tolerate any shady financial dealings, and confronts anyone who continues to play the "label game" (since you don't agree with me, you must be a liberal, etc.).

I appreciate Wade's courage to bring these matters before the entire convention. When the common folk hear about this, they will be totally ashamed that the chair of the trustees of their IMB has acted in this manner. My church members wouldn't tolerate this kind of behavior for the chair of our youth committee.

Wade, I cannot thank you enough for making this known. All things must be brought into the light for our convention to continue. We have passed the days of "just trust the leaders." More is required now.

Todd Pylant

Anonymous said...

All right. Listen carefully. I know how this works. I'm an insider. I've been there. I've seen it. I'm sick of it.

Some who, as Alyce says, 'hate the growing influence of Wade' will now try to say that Wade 'violated confidentiality' by posting this letter. That is just such twisted thinking it's incredible, and anybody who even remotely alleges that hasn't been around for long.

1. The letter is about HIM for heaven's sake. It would seem like somebody would have the courtesy to contact HIM before it is mailed - but NOOOOO, it is sent around the United States without Wade's knowledge. So, if somebody is so reckless as to level such ridiculous charges against Wade WITHOUT EVER TALKING TO HIM, then it would seem like Wade has EVERY RIGHT to post the letter which is ABOUT HIM!!!

3. Do the guilty EVER wish letters accusing them to be MADE PUBLIC? Of course not. THINK PEOPLE. Are we so stupid to see that this Corbaley letter is an attempt to assassinate the reputation of Wade Burleson-- JUST BECAUSE SOME PEOPLE DON'T LIKE HIS INFLUENCE. Thank goodness there are a majority who believe sanity is returning to the SBC through people like Wade.

3. For HEAVEN'S SAKE, if I remember right, back in 2006 SEVERAL OF US ASKED FOR PROOF of the charges of gossip and slander. We were told to TRUST IMB LEADERSHIP - that the proof would not be made public. IF THIS LETTER CONSTITUTES WHAT TRUSTEE LEADERSHIP NOW CALLS PROOF, SOMEBODY NEEDS HIS HEAD EXAMINED.

4. Wade has consistently called for issues to be worked out privately when necessary, but is unafraid of public scrutiny when closed doors are used for purposes other than missionary security. I, like Roger above, find this kind of thinking absolutely refreshing. It is what is missing in most SBC churches and agencies and what was missing when I served. Don't blame him for this letter being public. Blame the people who wrote it and sent it without ever contacting Wade privately.

Pastor Burleson has consistently displayed wisdom in everything he has done. He KNOWS PRECISELY what he is doing in posting the letter. He's been around the block once (and I was with him) and he is not going to let it happen again.

Read Wade's blog. Read every post. YOU WILL NEVER HEAR ANYTHING BUT RESPECT FOR OTHERS AND STRONG CONVICTIONS. I may not agree with everything Wade writes or believes, but by george, I respect the man like the dickens. We were on opposite sides of the issues when it came to the new IMB policy, but I always saw Wade Burleson handle himself publicly with class. He always spoke with softness and kindness, even when BLINDSIDED with false charges against him. At the time, I did not know him, and I thought there must be something to the charges. However, I worked with him for another year before I rotated off, and let me assure you that this man is the epitome of what we Southern Baptists should be. Jerry, you will be receiving from me a private letter with my name and address. I now know:

(a). Had somebody exposed what was going on at SWBTS during the mid 1990's, Dilday would still be there.
(b). Had somebody had the backbone to stand up to us trustees in 2000 when we went back on our word and lied to the missionaries who were appointed prior to 2000, over 200 missionaries would still be serving at the IMB winning people to Christ.
(c). Had somebody actually done something to stop the character assassination of hundreds of godly, conservative evangelical Christians in the last two decades, many state conventions and the national convention would not be split.
(d). Had somebody actually said what Wade Burleson is now saying decades ago, we would already be over the 10,000 missionary level for the IMB.
(e). We all better let Wade Burleson know we appreciate him before Wade Burleson gets fed up like thousands of others and quits the SBC and we lose him. I guarantee you that the SBC will lose my church and hundreds of others who know precisely what is at stake. My friends tell me that Wade is all iron, and I've watched him from a distance for the last two years, and I would agree.But I get worried. I've seen too many people get attacked and say they've got better things to do.

Don't give up Wade. I thank God every day the SBC is beginning to come to her senses through your influence. I thank God I was able to be there from the beginning and see how you handled yourself. Thanks for your grace. Thanks for your courage. Your influence is growing.

By the way, Dr. Corbaley, there are a number of other current IMB trustees who support Wade as well. I know because I've talked to at least forty of them. Their eyes are much more open than they were several months ago. You may not hear from them because they know what it means to be blackballed. They realize Wade does a pretty good job of taking care of himself.

And don't even ask administration and the missionaries what they think of him unless you really desire to know. IF, however, you attempt ANYTHING remotely like you threaten, you can be assured those people will not be silent. Focus on missions Jerry. That's what we thought you were appointed to do.

Lin said...

I read the whole thing. Here is my conclusion:

He never makes a real case for slander. He never once shows how you accused him of something that is not true. He even admits it is all true if you read it carefully! If this were a courtroom his attorney would NEVER let him tesify.

Why would these men be afraid of their actions/words being known?

However, he makes an excellent case for Matthew 20: 24-26 where Jesus tells us not to lord it over others.

To tell the truth, I am a bit stunned at this 153 page letter. I am stunned this is a trustee. This man has personal issues of power and control.

His treatement of David Rogers was reprehensible. Seriously, our missionaries can have no opinion without checking with their boss first? Is this how bad it has become? Is this Baptist Identity?

What is his REAL problem? That the secrecy/control is slipping away.

Notice that he never makes a case for the CONTENT of any disagreement. It is ALL personal. It is only: How DARE you disagree. How DARE you make blog about our meetings.

I have pity and compassion for Mr. Corbalay. He is caught in a legalisic trap with no Grace.

Oh, and by the way, a decent judge would tell him to start his own blog. He is really concerned with your 'influence'. What he does not understand is that people want openess. He does not understand that we have a right to know what is going on with actions that are paid for with our CP tithes and offerings.

Mr. Corbalay: We are a Holy Priesthood. Not a denomination of kings and rulers.

Writer said...


Wow. The lengths to which some people will go to accomplish vengeance are extraordinary.

It is my prayer that Dr. Corbaley is not "typical" of the trustees on the IMB BoT. IMHO, this sort of vindictiveness that has been displayed by Dr. Corbaley, should be recognized as conduct unbecoming a leader of a SBC agency and dealt with appropriately.

If this is an indication of how the trustee system works, then I think it's time for a major overhaul.


Lin said...

Former trustee...

Let me get this straight. This was sent, by Corbalay, to most of the trustees except Wade? Did Wade receive it from someone other than Corbalay? I do recall Corbalay saying in the letter that he wanted them to have time to read it all before it got out.

Even to Wade?

If true. That is deceit. And it is NOT a scriptural way to handle this.

Ironic, huh?

Anonymous said...

Robin Foster Says:
October 21st, 2007 at 8:32 am
To all

It seems this conversation has further derailed to accusations against our trustees that are questioning thier integrity. SBC Today is leaving the comments as is as a reminder of what we are not about: nameless, proofless accusations.

Again, there are other sites that promote this, we do not. Therefore the discussion is being shut down.

Anonymous said...


I don't think so. You will have to ask Wade to be sure. What I gathered from Wade's post is that the letter was sent to all trustees, including him, without his prior knowledge. In other words, nobody contacted him to say, "Hey, this is what's up. I would like to visit with you before I send a letter to all trustees about you."

Anonymous said...


Don't be alarmed. This appears to be a Haman situation all over again. The gallows have been built. Give him enough time, he'll hang himself (figuratively speaking, of course).

If the man won't even talk to you, he's no man at all. His refusal to even speak with you is SIN. BTW, who does he think he is? God? He won't speak to you until you repent? Have mercy.

I don't have the time to read all 150 plus pages of Corbelly's diatribe. But I did see something in there that said if the BoT thought it best to get rid of him, then he would step down.

Perhaps the next meeting should be about removing Corbelly, not you.

This Corbelly fellow, a Director of Missions (how can that be?), obviously has serious issues of jealousy, hatred, envy, malice and many more 'sins.' He has not repented. By his own standard, he should go.

With people like him on trustee boards, is it any wonder we as a convention have been steadily spiralling downward?

A tree is known by its fruit. I'm afraid it's time to dig up a tree.


david b mclaughlin said...

California DOM,
#12 made me snort water out of my nose.

I will have to read this letter tonight.

Without reading it, and without being on the "inside" (and thanking God more for it every moment) I just have to say that I enjoy Wade's blog because it is challenging and informs me of things I would not otherwise know about the denomination to which I (sometimes not too proudly) belong.

Anonymous said...

I have to admit that as I read part of the 153 page letter I find myself in total disbelief. I wish not to take a stand for wade (although I would), but the need to research, editorialize, misrepresent, and be RIGHT by Mr. C is very distasting. If this man can get the BOT to act on his behalf is says at least three things. #1. Someone really wants Wade B. out of the way, and that someone is not Mr. C. #2. The need to “circle the wagons” when someone suggests some dissent concerning true concerns for an agency (ie- SWBTS BOT) is apparently is in the “how to be a loyal” trustee handbook. #3 Perhaps there is not hope of beating the “system” of power and control in the SBC. Calling the person or persons bringing the dissent “sinner” or “liberal” or “moderate” is childish- It was a successful tool used during the CR, however, for the dialogue to never get past accusations of “will the true SBC loyalist please stand up”- we are in danger of loosing our ability to cooperate simply because we can not get along with each other.
John Daniels

creed said...

Non one is responsible for this post except me.

I just read Jerry Corbaley's screed about Wade Burleson. I can hardly believe the content. I can hardly believe a thinking person would write such nonsense. I can hardly believe a person with such a perspective was actually elected to serve as a IMB Trustee. I can hardly believe this, except that I have seen and heard the same nonsense come out of the hearts of those who stand on the floor of our convention (and State convention) to announce what God has told them to do with all liberals, cooperative baptists, Baptist World Alliance, Baptist Joint Committee, moderates, those who don't support concerned Tennessee Baptists, even Baptists who are not SBC Baptists, gifts of the Spirit, the correct version of the Bible (can you guess which one?) etc., etc.

This is beyond my imagination. Surely, no one will listen to the good brother.


Anonymous said...

I went to Jerry's letter to read it and just couldn't bring myself to do so. I think I will be glad I didn't.

Thank you Wade for keeping in focus the main thing and reminding us what we are about. May 'your tribe' increase.

M with YOUR organization

Bennett Willis said...

The next IMB trustee meeting should be interesting. My additude is that I will have clear information about how they stand on something and I look forward to that.

It is much easier to deal with facts than rumor.

I was glad to see the quotes of the exchange between Jerry C and David R. That was one of the first things that I read when I started reading blogs.

Bennett Willis

Bob Cleveland said...


John 16:2 lives.

Steve said...

Obsession is a funny thing; it has produced some fancy works of art and literature, and wrecked others. We have witnessed obsessed individuals before in Blogtown, and we will see others after dear brother Jerry has left us alone. Perhaps just a whiff of his sturm und drang, storm and stress, will serve to spur us on singlemindedly to serve a risen Christ with actions that really might serve the Kingdom and fill up heaven!

Yes, may Wade's tribe increase.

Rick Boyne said...

Since I am no longer an IMB missionary, I feel I can speak freely. Therefore a few observations to follow:

First of all, I affirm you.

Second, I wish all IMB Trustees were like you.

Third, I think it is time for the BoT to take a serious look at Mr. Corbaley and his influence on the effort of Mission.

Fourth, personally, I can only conclude he is jealous of you and your influence. I draw that conclusion because it is similar to what a high school or even junior high student would do.

Fifth, I saw no real evidence of slander by you towards him. Ironically, I did see some from him towards you.

Sixth, I want to know what he is scared of, for it seems that this whole letter was written out of fear than out of genuine concern for the IMB/Bot.

Seventh, did he actually read the letter before sending it out?

Eighth, I can certainly see why he was afraid it would be made public before the meeting, because it made him look incredibly foolish.

Ninth, the IMB AND the missionaries on the field do not need trustees who make it a personal vendetta to "get" a fellow trustee; we need trustees who put the Great Commission first!

Tenth, Oh my goodness! Did he actually READ the thing before he sent it out? ( I figured if he could repeat things, then so could I)

Eleventh, to actually get up and move away from someone at a table should be something on a sit-com not a real situation at MLC!

12th, (I don't know how to spell twelfth) I would think that this letter would put his job in jeopardy. I can't imagine any trust continuing after an action like this has been made public.

Thirteenth, I better watch what I write or I might find it in Jerry's next letter to the Executive Committee or in a motion on the floor of the SBC!

Fourteenth, to include a comment string where others are exercising their right to freedom of expression and then compare it to a bordello operator is inexcusable.

Fifteenth, I should have used numbers (14th, 15th, etc) from the beginning.

Sixteenth, I am trying to interject some humor into my own comment because I am so upset by Jerry's letter that I am afraid that I will truly say something I regret.

Seventeenth, I intend to write Mr. Corbaley and demand HIS resignation from the BoT, as I do not wish to have someone with that of a vindictive of an attitude to "serve" on the BoT.

Ok, that is enough of my observations. I don't feel better. I don't feel that his letter glorifies God in the least little bit. Seriously, I think there are some underlying issues that he is presenting that should make us all want to pray for him. Even as much as that, we should pray that his actions in no way hinder the cause of Christ.

As a former IMB missionary, I ALWAYS appreciated our Trustees. I loved field visits and meetings with you all at MLC and at other SBC meetings. You all do a wonderful, often thankless job for us and we really do appreciate you guys. We know that you partner with us to take the Gospel to a lost and dying world. That is is what we are supposed to be about, isn't it?

Wade, my prayers are with you. Don't be discouraged by this. Stand firm. I know you are getting tired of standing so firm for so long! Perhaps the Lord will provide someone like Aaron and Hur to hold your arms for a little while. (Not that you are Moses, but you get the idea!)


Rick Boyne
Immanuel Southern Baptist Church
Wagoner, OK

Anonymous said...

Dr. Corbaley quotes the following from the Trustee Standards of Conduct:

"Reports of alleged violations of these standards will be referred initially to the Board’s General Counsel for preliminary review and advice as to whether there is probable cause to refer the matter to the Chairman of the Board for further action.

Depending on the circumstances, appropriate actions could include referral to the IMB Executive Committee (General Policy 1100-10) for investigation. When the facts are well known, the matter may be brought to the floor of a called meeting of the Board with a motion to censure the violating trustee or trustees, or suspend their active involvement with the Board, or to take the final action of removal from the Board by action of the SBC. All steps of discipline are to follow the pattern of Matthew 18:15-17 and 1 Timothy 5:19-20."

Observation #1: Dr. Corbaley is himself in violation of the first paragraph. Rather than referring the matter to the Board's General Counsel it has been mass-distributed to every trustee.

Observation #2: 1 Timothy 5:19-20 requires that these accusations be accompanied by two or three witnesses, yet this letter comes with only one signature.

Observation #3: What Gene Bridges said.

irreverend fox said...


I am completely dumbfounded. Even I am at a loss for words.

This is just nuts.

I'm sorry that you and your family have to deal with this. I will continue to pray for you all.

Anonymous said...

Wow! What a hoot! Such as this confirms for me that I made the right decision years ago to channel my mission gifts elsewhere. Another good decision would be to not let the sun go down on my wrath.

Florence in KY

Unknown said...

I'm working my way thru the letter, but my initial, generalized, not-specific-to-this-situation thought is this:

I'm not sure the public charge of slander on this scale is best prosecuted, defined, defended, and explained by the person who feels personally slandered.

just a thought.

mark sims
FBC Perrin
"the greatest church in Texas!"

Morris said...

OK, so it's way out of context, but the truth applies: "They think they will be heard for their many words."

Jon L. Estes said...

Is there a way to get the contact info for the trustees so SBCers can write to them concerning this?

This needs to be addressed by the members in the SBC churches. We often are asked by many people to contact our political sources to let them know how we feel. I think it is high time to speak out.

Give me the addresses and the campaign begins. With love, of course...

Jon L. Estes said...

I have posted the addresses of the IMB trustees on my blog. If you are compelled to write, this will help.


If the link does not work...

Drafting letters as soon as I log out. said...


Though I have never met you, I consider you a friend. You have been supportive of me personally. Allow me to attempt some gentle persuasion to reconsider your last comment. Of all the people who left years ago to begin 'other missions organizations' - as did you - some ought to be considering, including you, coming back to the SBC and the IMB. There is a great work going on in the field. I am more proud of what we are accomplishing in terms of the kingdom of Christ than I have ever been, AND, there are people in the SBC who are beginning to see that cooperation is more important than character assassination and are championing this cooperation. You may have confidence that there are far more trustees than me interested in accountability, transparency and cooperation. I just happen to be the one getting some of the attention.

There are others, quiet, reserved, solid trustees in our SBC agencies that see the issues just like I.

Now is the time, Florence, to come back to the SBC. I long for the day when people like you will say, "Thou almost persuadist me."

Anonymous said...


Keep standing firm! My wife and I will pray for God to vindicate you in the face of these false allegations. God is working through you to inspire myself and many others.

Thank you for speaking up for truth, transparency, and accountability in the SBC.


GeneMBridges said...

Are you noticing that the comment stream of Mr. Burleson’s blog is frequented by slanderers and gossips,

If that is so, then Mr. Corbabley needs to contact them as well. He also needs to find out where they go to church and send letters to their eldership if the matter fails to be resolved.

The fact that he hasn't demonstrates that he has not thought about his actions well and has ignored Scripture.

and that it is characterized by some good discussion and some malicious attacks upon others? How is a blog administrator not accountable for slander and gossip? Is the owner of a bar not accountable for public drunken violence? Is the owner of a bordello not accountable for public sexual immorality? Is a banker not accountable for laundering publicly swindled money? I urge you to be holy as God is holy and stop tolerating this wickedness.
Are you morally appalled yet?

Notice that Mr. Corbabley does not believe in free speech.

These analogies are obviously fallacious on a number of levels.

1. They are all crimes.

2. They are question begging.
The underlying assumption is that this blog is, for example, a "bordello."

3. Let's apply this to my blog. I make no bones that I'm a modified supralapsarian Reformed Baptist that doesn't mind going to church with Presbyterians and even taking the Lord's Supper with them. My "boss" at T-blog is a Welsh Methodist Presutero-Baptierian. The lions share of our blog is about (a) Roman Catholicism v. Protestantism and (b) atheism v. theism. Our comment policy is very liberal. With 4 exceptions, we do not forbid any comments as long as there is no porn or profanity. According to Jerry's logic, however, Steve, Jason, Paul, Dustin, Evan, Pete, Patrick, Bernabe, and I are all "responsible" for the atheist bilge that litters our comboxes. We are all, therefore, of poor character.

Are we "responsible" for it? Yes, we let them post. There's a reason we do that, of course.

Are we to blame for it? No, for responsibility is a necessary but insufficient condition of blame.

This is, of course, basic ethics - to know the difference between responsibility and blame. Mr. Corbabley should avail himself of some courses at GGBTC.

Anonymous said...

I am so saddened about this. My wife and I were once forced into homelessness and near bankruptsy by this same type of SPIRIT and action.(and I do mean spirit) We lived with an in-law until God provided a pastorate and housing.

Tens of thousands of SBC people have observed this same SPIRIT and many have lived through attacks and lies.



Wade, God bless and keep you and your house.

May God protect the rightous and keep them from harm by ...........well, you know.

Some have forgotten: Judgement Day is coming

Darrell Treat

GeneMBridges said...

Oh, and there is a certain irony in the timing, you know.

October 31 is close upon us:

1. For some it is Reformation Day! Hallejuah, the gospel was unleashed again by the Lord from the stranglehold of ecclesiolatry!

2. From some it is Halloween.

Think about the contrast...

Debbie Kaufman said...

Darrell: It is stories such as yours that is all too common and why in my opinion all the grief and the thorns in our side is worth it. So that situations such as you have described happened to you and those who you mentioned never ever occur again, at least not in our lifetime.

David Simpson said...

Wow! That letter had to have taken a long time to compose. If it were me, I would've had to waste a whole month to compile that- I bet he wasted at least a week.

I've attended the SBC each of the past two years, and it's things like this diatribe that discourage me from serving, or being a part of, SBC ministry. I'll choose to partner with my pastor, and our state leaders, and continue to do God's work here at my local church and in Nevada.

Wade, I appreciate your blog for what it is to me- information and opinion.

Jon L. Estes said...

From Jerry Corbaley, to Debbie, in his letter novel...

If, in the past, I have spoken directly to any member of Pastor Burleson's congregation in a way that is inappropriate, then I apologize. I will not knowingly do so.

Would he accept such a worded apology from Wade? Not asking Wade to apologize and to me this is not an apology.

Example... If, in the past, I have gossiped or slandered anyone on the IMBoT, then I apologize. I would not knowingly do so.

to-obey-is-better said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Dave Miller said...

I cannot imagine any issue of SBC politics that would motivate me to write a 153 page letter.

And, if I spent the time to write a 153 page letter about any issue of SBC politics, I would hope my church leaders would confront me, dock my pay for wasting time, and put me on probation.

My desire is to hurl epithets back at Mr. Corbaley. But, I am reminded of a piece of wisdom I read off a menu at Po Folks.

NEVER 'rassle with a pig. You both get dirty and the pig likes it.

Jason Epps said...

Dear Wade,

You know as well as I do that since Jesus' day, many of the executives of the religious establishment have doe all in their power to KEEP their power. Sometimes, the very things they were once passionate about shift from beings ends to being means for the maintenance of the aforementioned power. In Jesus' day, they were of course called the Pharisees. And do you know what Jesus did that was so RAD? He liberated people who had a genuine heart to know God from the bondage of that corrupt, power and position-worshiping religious establishment. He showed us that the right thing to do is always right - even when your own twelve best friends forsake you.

Wade, at one point only the leaders of the establishment were against Him. He still had supporters who sang His accolades in the midst of His being persecuted. But as tie went on, most could no longer stomach the truth. The teaching was too hard "to swallow." "Conventional pressure" became too great. And the result? Jesus was forsaken by all.

Why do I say this? Because I believe a day may come when, if you continue to stand for your convictions, convictions that I believe are worthwhile, you may be forsaken by even more than you are now. Be ready, brother. Realize that if you are doing the right thing, the Lord will always stand by you, even if those who call themselves your friends NOW in the future do not.

That being said, you have the wholehearted prayers, love, and support of my wife and I.

Jason Epps

Anonymous said...

It is noteworthy that the ones who typically criticize aren't commenting on this post.

The fields are white unto harvest, but the workers are few. Let this be a wake up call to those who are hearing God calling them afield. There are many ways to go; thank God. We are called to go. Clearly the vast majority of the resources of the world are not needed to pay people to stay in the US where there is a low percentage of the world's population and the name of Jesus is proclaimed.

Wade, thank you for your service.

Scott Shaffer said...

A few random comments and questions.

1. "Disagreement is Not a Sign of Corrupt Character". I hope no one disagrees with this. And, I don't think Mr. Corbaley does either.

2. He accuses WB of gossip and slander. Actually, libel is the proper term as slander is usually used for verbal communication and libel for the written word. In any event, Webster's defines libel as "any false and malicious written or printed statement, or anysign, picture, or effigy, tending to expose a person to public ridicule, hatred, or contempt or to injure a person's reputation in any way." And, "the act of publishing or displaying publicly such a thing".

So the statements have to be both false and malicious (intentionally harmful). I suppose this is what the trustees will have to determine. The definition is pretty narrow.

2. He also accuses WB of gossip. This is a much broader charge. Has WB been guilty of idle talk and rumors? Again, the trustees will have to settle this.

3. He also makes the accusation that even when WB has not gossiped or slandered, the blog itself, is a forum for these sins. Namely, WB is providing a forum that encourages slander and gossip. First we must ask, do the comments contain slander and gossip? If so, does WB have bear any responsibility for hosting an environment that condones this?

Now I'll put on my kevlar vest and wait for your comments.

Anonymous said...

As a former IMB missionary(18 years) I affirm your spirit and love for missions and missionaries. I have read ...and can't believe I did... all of the note sent out by Jerry Corbaley. I fail to see any case of slander and agree with others that the entire document comes across rather Jr. High. I have met many trustees over the years and know that Jerry Corbaley does not represent the majority of Godly men whom help to oversee missions around the world for Southern Baptist.

Jack Maddox said...

This is all just very very sad. This is the reason I took myself out of this fight following the San Antonio convention. God is grieved. We should be also...


Anonymous said...


I took a pretty fair pounding for posting the open letter of the anonymous professor, including some things I could barely believe my eyes in reading. But, this appears to me to be a new low. But, surely the IMB trustees are intelligent and rational enough not to buy into this compost heap of overly inflated writing and writer!

Lack-jawed from reading this tome,

Anonymous said...

WOW! I'm worn out from reading this drivel. I am so tired of this whole attitude. If it were not for a couple of IM's that I know personally, I wouldn't even send my gifts through the cooperative program. Not wanting to abandon people that I know are working so diligently to spread the gospel is all that keeps me even calling myself a Southern Baptist.
I know an IMB trustee who needs to rotate off the board and it's not Wade.

Anonymous said...

Wow! I don't have time to read 150 pages, but the length of the document alone suggests that Mr. Corbaly has some real problems. I recall that in some of the discussions of private prayer language when he was responding to questions about private prayer language on this blog and his blog, Mr. Corbaly seemed to get more and more frustrated that he could not successfully refute the comments of those with whom he disagreed.

Of course, I do not know if this contributes to his desire to remove Wade from the BoT, but I would not be surprised if that was the case. He is convinced he is right and rather than critically examine his own interpretations in the light of what has been pointed out to him, he chooses to try to make it all go away by eliminating Wade, whether this is justified or not. Unfortunately, he is not the only person in a position of leadership in the SBC who resorts to such actions. However, because of blogs, it is much more difficult to make accusations and actions stick than in the past, thankfully!

GeneMBridges said...

1. "Disagreement is Not a Sign of Corrupt Character". I hope no one disagrees with this. And, I don't think Mr. Corbaley does either.

Except that in words quoted in this very thread, he says precisely the opposite to David Rogers in a quaint, passive-aggressive manner to wit:

I will not insult your sincerity and integrity by asking you to stop criticizing the Board of Trustees. That is your choice.

By the way, he's accusing Wade of persistent and willful sin, is sin not a reflection of one's character?

So the statements have to be both false and malicious (intentionally harmful). I suppose this is what the trustees will have to determine. The definition is pretty narrow.


While the Board of Trustees rescinded the motion of January in March of that year; they did so in an effort to cooperate with the intercession of Dr. Morris Chapman on Mr. Burleson’s behalf, in the name of the Executive Committee of the Southern Baptist Convention.

So, they did, in fact, make a determination to that effect. Apparently, however, Mr. Corbabley thinks it was somehow out of order because it was made with respect to Morris Chapman.

What's the big problem? On the one hand, he wants to play like a high churchman, but when things don't go his way, he tries to weasel out from his own high churchmanship. Dr. Chapman is presumably higher up the ecclesiological ladder.

"Libel" is a legal term. Mr. Corbaley has also stated he does not wish for a "secular" remedy. I'm sure he doesn't since "libel" would not stand up in court.

Where, by the way, does he provide instances of "libel?" in his letter, and how do we get from what people say in comments to Wade himself being guilty of "libel" or "slander?" Where is the supporting argument?

He also accuses WB of gossip. This is a much broader charge. Has WB been guilty of idle talk and rumors? Again, the trustees will have to settle this.

Wrong, since Mr. Corbabley has chosen to frame the issue in terms of "sin," it is not for the board to decide at all. It is, first, and foremost a local church matter and/or an associational matter. One does not engage in church discipline on a board of trustees. The board is not a de facto local church and neither is the IMB. If that's what you think, you'll need to argue the point.

Namely, WB is providing a forum that encourages slander and gossip. First we must ask, do the comments contain slander and gossip? If so, does WB have bear any responsibility for hosting an environment that condones this?

Responsibility is a necessary, but insufficient condition for "blame." By this sort of logic my blog is a nest of atheism, since atheists regularly spew their bile on my blog. According to this logic, I am responsible for providing a forum for blasphemy and thus share in their sin. This is, of, course, the sort of logic that one gets when applying unbiblical speech codes. said...

Former Trustee,

Thanks for your kind words. If you feel inclined, I would appreciate a letter as well.

Anonymous said...

I am absolutely amazed not ONE person has been negative in sixty five comments.

I am sure a few well known nasty bloggers will be making their way into this stream as soon as they can rattle up a few creative thoughts that don't sound as bizarre as the Corbaley letter - something that's hard for them it seems.

Of course, when they come, they will do it anonymously - and it will only be a couple of them.

Anonymous said...

I think what people who are opposed to Mr. Burleson don't understand is that they are creating his image for the average Southern Baptist. They have forged his reputation of a man gracious under fire. They have made us aware of his writings by constantly creating a ruckus about them - only to increase his following from hundreds to literally thousands who actually read what he writes. They have made Mr. Burleson a hero among many, many long-time Southern Baptists who have been desparate for a voice of sanity in a really crazy denomination.

I guess we owe Dr. Corbaley and a handful of others a big thank you. said...

Mr. Jack,

I read IP's. That's why. said...

There are some who have been banned for cursing, and other ethical violations - including lying about their identity.

Those will not be allowed to post. Very, very few have ever been banned - but I will continue to enforce it. If I have made a mistake about the IP, the person can send me an email - identify themselves with name and phone number and after confirmation, I will be more than happy for the 'anonymous' person to repost.

Thanks, Jack for your question.

Scott Shaffer said...

Thanks for the response.

1. It doesn’t appear to me that Mr. Corbaley took issue with disagreement, but with the public criticism of the Board of Trustees. Of course you are free to disagree with me.

2. My point was that at the end of the day, the BOT will decide if his charges have merit. If they believe they have already acted on this and the issue is dead, so be it. In either case they will be rendering a decision of some sort. A pocket veto is still a veto.

3. I made no statements saying his arguments had merit. That is for others to determine. If not the BOT, then the blogosphere will decide.

4. I agree in principle that any issue of unrepentant sin is a local church matter. Read carefully, I am in no way saying this applies to WB. What should happen now that these charges have been made, is for WB’s church to approach Corbaley as described in Matthew 18. The resolution should happen at the local church level. However, I think the BOT is within their rights to censure a trustee provided their bylaws allow such a measure, especially if the local church does not act. For example, if a trustee was involved in open sin such as adultery, failed to repent, and the local church did not discipline the trustee, would you suggest the BOT not take action? As I understand it, the BOT have already decided to limit WB’s participation on certain committees. (Don’t hesitate to correct me if I have this last point wrong).

5. I don’t know anything about your blog and have never read it. And I hope you weren’t referring to me personally when you said “This is, of course, the sort of logic that one gets when applying unbiblical speech codes.” I was just trying to frame his argument. Having said that, I do think blog sites have some responsibility for the dialog on their sites. This is just common sense. The blog editors frame the discussion with the original posts. I would guess that WB has a pretty good idea of what type of response he is going to get for a given post. Just look at the number of comments posted when he posts something related to the current issues in the SBC versus his posts that don’t deal with these issues at all. As a blog that is visited primarily by Christians, many of whom attend SBC churches, I hope we aren’t measuring the civility of their comments by those made by atheists on your blog.

texasinafrica said...

May the peace of Christ be with you, Wade. said...

Mr. Anonymous,

Please send me an email. Your identity must be confirmed and then you can freely post to your heart's desire.

Debbie Kaufman said...

Scott S: Recommendation. Read Gene Bridges blog. You will be all the wiser after having read it.

Scott Shaffer said...


Were you intentionally patronizing or am I just tired at this late hour? I'm not sure how reading his blog has any relevance to this discussion.

Anonymous said...


I am so sorry that you are having to go through this attack. I have come to appreciate you and your blog. I thank you for your courage and your Christ-like example. You, your family and your church are in my prayers. Joshua 1:7-9

Anonymous said...

I can't add anything to the plethora of other comments... but still want to add one more of support. That letter did nothing but offer 153 pages of proof... that you have done nothing wrong.

to-obey-is-better said...

I have no desire to read Jerry Corbaley's comments. I stopped reading what he had to say long ago. It holds no weight with me.

Thank you for being gracious in all you say and do. It's only proved again and again when you're fired at left and right with accusations.

imb m

Debbie Kaufman said...

Scott S: I am very serious.

Anonymous said...

This has been a new favorite passage of mine as of late. I thought I would share it.

"For John came neither eating nor drinking, and they say, 'He has a demon.' The Son of Man came eating and drinking, and they say, 'Here is a glutton and a drunkard, a friend of tax collectors and "sinners." ' But wisdom is proved right by her actions." - Matthew 11:18-20

Take it for what it's worth...especially that last part.

Whatever happens, Christ is still on His throne, and remembering that helps in putting things in perspective.

Much love, my friends.

GeneMBridges said...

1. It doesn’t appear to me that Mr. Corbaley took issue with disagreement, but with the public criticism of the Board of Trustees. Of course you are free to disagree with me.

Of course, the "public criticism" of the BOT happens to be disagreement with the BOT, so your objection is self-refuting. I'm surprised you don't see this.

Further, does not merely criticize "public criticism", he says Wade himself if guilty of sin, persistent sin, and that it is against the whole group. This is not an equivalent statement to simply being critical of "public disagreement."

So, not only is your response above self-refuting, it does not touch either what Mr. Corbaley wrote or what I said to you.

My point was that at the end of the day, the BOT will decide if his charges have merit. If they believe they have already acted on this and the issue is dead, so be it. In either case they will be rendering a decision of some sort. A pocket veto is still a veto.

The trustees are in no position to decide the matter, if we follow the way Mr. Corbabley, as opposed to you, has framed the issue.

They could arbitrate an internal personal dispute between Wade and Mr. Corbabley, but that is not Mr. Corbabley's claim. Rather, his claim is that he has sinned - against the entire board.

In Scripture, the very one you cited, the offended party is not judge, nor is s/he the jury. That's why others are involved.

3. I made no statements saying his arguments had merit. That is for others to determine. If not the BOT, then the blogosphere will decide.

You're the one who brought up "libel" and sought to define it and then adopted a defensive posture. If you didn't think that this would be interpreted as you making a comment about the merit of the argument, why the disclaimer at the end? If you a have a problem with me thinking you were making a judgment, then you have only yourself to blame, since my response is set to the way you framed your comment. Say what you mean and mean what you say.

However, I think the BOT is within their rights to censure a trustee provided their bylaws allow such a measure, especially if the local church does not act.

Since they are named as the offended party as a whole in a matter of sin, not policy, no, they do not.

For example, if a trustee was involved in open sin such as adultery, failed to repent, and the local church did not discipline the trustee, would you suggest the BOT not take action?

A false analogy that fails @ the key point of comparison, since they are not, in that instance, the party against whom the trustee has sinned.

Matt. 18 is dealing with private offenses between individuals. Step Two may involve witnesses or it may involve independent parties. The text is not particularly clear. The church is there to decide the dispute in the last phase.

However, it is not applicable here in the way in which you framed the argument yourself, since on the one hand you say the local church should be involved but the BOT should pass judgment too, so your argument is pulling itself in opposing directions like a bad patchwork quilt. You rip what you sow.

In your selected text, the offended party goes to the person. In this case, Mr. Corbabley has stated that not only he, but, in his opinion, the whole BOT is the offended party. I'm merely responding to the way he himself has framed the issue.

The BOT cannot therefore be the party of resolution if we follow Mr. Corbabley's own argument, since it as a whole is named as the offended party, so what you say pulls against the grain of the text you cited. No wonder you have to "try to frame his argument." It would have to be the local church or another stipulated authority. You're right to name the local church, but the the internal workings of your own argument are inconsistent.

Having said that, I do think blog sites have some responsibility for the dialog on their sites. This is just common sense. The blog editors frame the discussion with the original posts.

Of course, Mr. Corbabley is also blaming Wade for the comments of others. Responsibility and blame are intesecting, but not identical concepts. The former is a necessary, albeit insufficient condition, of the latter, so your logic suffers from a level confusion.

As a blog that is visited primarily by Christians, many of whom attend SBC churches, I hope we aren’t measuring the civility of their comments by those made by atheists on your blog.

This isn't the point. Rather, if we take Mr. Corbaley's own argument and apply it, for example, to my own blog, then our team is in sin too and of bad character, for we are "responsible" for what the nullifidians say.

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work Wade. I too am no stranger over the years of being attacked. Keep standing on the Word and stay the course. This to will pass and you will come out the stronger for it. You have our support and prayers

M in Asia

Anonymous said...

What an incredibly small man.

M in Africa said...

I think the battle of anonymous M's is a little silly myself.

My secretary files and catologues letters and emails from missionaries around the world. I have a minor in business statistics. I have two letters from missionaries who have identified themselves to me that are critical of me (while very respectful)and one thousand eight hundred and forty two (and counting) letters or emails from missionaries who have identified themselves to me and are very supportive of the IMB and myself. I respect the words of every missionary who writes to me, including the anonymous missionary from Eastern Europe. The second anonymous missionary from Eastern Europe below sent me the comment in an email - knowing that I would not allow it to stand without verification. I appreciate his thoughtfulness. I personally not a fan of anonymous comments, particular since I have redhanded caught 'flamers' lying about their identity. However, I give allowances for missionaries because of security.

If you notice the comments in this string, the missionaries who have personally identified themselves have either retired or gone into the pastorate.

Tony W. Cartledge said...

If anyone should be removed from the IMB, it is not the one with the gentle and cooperative spirit, but the one who has already cut himself off from his brother.

Further comments available at

Charlie Mac said...

I like to "cut to the chase" rather quickly. Nothing can be said in 153 pages that can not be said in 1 or 2 pages. Were someone to send me a 153 page email I could answer it with the stroke of one key or mouse click. DELETE
BTW, I would not listen to a sermon that was that long either.
Charlie Mac said...

You said, I'm not sure why you felt it was to anyone's benefit to make this letter to the trustees public. If you could restrain yourself and FIRST let the trustees deal with what is clearly a trustee issue, I think we would all be better off.


(1). I do not believe the trustees should waste their time with this matter.
(2). Last time Mr. Corbaley did this (January 2006), he did it in 'forum' and I could not discuss it. Though I repeatedly ask that we move out from behind closed doors, and though I insisted the charges be made public ('gossip' and 'slander') with the evidentary support for all Southern Baptists to see, that was NEVER done before the entire motion was rescinded and expunged from the record.
(3). When we gather as trustees in Illinois we should focus on missions, the support of our missionaries, and follow the leadership of IMB administration and staff - while holding them accountable for the fulfillment of their task. Period. These personal matters of offense should be dealt with privately and between trustees - and if there is a refusal to do so, as in Mr. Corbaley's case, they should be ignored.
(4). As Jerry wrote in his letter, 25% of the board has changed, and they know nothing that occurred a year and a half ago - unless they took the time to read the archives in this blog (which I hope they do). There is a written record, step by step, of all that occurred in the past. Though the board is changing, the control of the board continues to flow down through the appointment powers of the chairman.
(5). As the old saying goes, 'Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.'

I reiterate my love and respect for every trustee on the International Mission Board. Even those who believe it is their mission to remove me, I appreciate their zeal and passion. They need to realize they just happened to have run up against someone who isn't easy to control.

I'm a Southern Baptist. I love our missionaries. I love our cooperative work. I love my fellow trustees. We may not all always agree, but there are a growing number who see the importance of emphasizing a 'Gospel Resurgence' and I'm delighted to be a part of it and leave the politics aside.

Scott Shaffer said...


Well at least you weren't unintentionally patronizing.

Anonymous said...

Mr. "C"...yoo hoo? We're over here! You need to look towards us while you are holding the rope. I understand now why it feels tight and shaky. May we have your focus, please, sir?
IMB Missionary

Scott Shaffer said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

I would like to add my voice to those IMB Ms who would prefer that a few of "us" not claim that they speak for all 5,000+ IMB Ms.

This is not intended to indicate that I agree or disagree with Bro. Wade in these matters. Frankly, I am bothered by some of what I read coming from both sides of the issues Wade blogs about. But I do tend to agree with him on some points. However, I personally know some of those who Wade seems to disagree with and I know them to be good and godly men of the highest character, wisdom, and dedication to world evangelization.

My only concern in making this entry is that readers not assume that a majority of field Ms are taking sides "for or against" Wade Burleson. Those who claim to speak for all of "us" do not speak for my wife and me. When and if I feel led of the Lord to choose a position, I will speak for myself.

I am deeply saddened that I have had to use words like "for or against" and "taking sides". It grieves me that there is such divisiveness here.

Blessings upon all,


(Name withheld for security reasons)

Scott Shaffer said...


I have clearly not done a reasonable job of communicating my thoughts on this, so let me try again. First, let me preface my comments by saying that I don't think JC handled this correctly or biblically. I also don't think his letter substantiated his claims. But, I do think the BOT will respond to his accusations. How they respond is anyone's guess. That is what I meant by saying it was up to them or they will decide. For sake of discussion, lets say the board decides his accusations have merit, that is, that the entire Board has been libeled. How do you think they would respond? If they had actually been libeled, how should they respond?

I don't confuse responsibility with blame. I asked whether or not commenters on this blog had ever engaged in slander or libel. Simple question. Then I ask, what responsibility does the blog administrator have for policing the blog to ensure discussion does not degenerate into gossip, etc. I am not blaming WB for anyone's comments. If JC did that, then that is his problem. My comments and question were of a more general nature. said...

East Asia M,

I wholeheartedly agree with you. No missionary should claim to represent all IMB missionaries just as no trustee should claim to represent all IMB trustees.

Blessings in your work.

In His Grace,


Anonymous said...

I did not comment when I first read this last night--besides initially being in shock,I was tired, and I tend to say things when I am tired that I would not normally say. Bur guess what? I still want to say them!

I suppose you could call me a Wade-supporter. There are certainly times I have agreed with him, and have said so on his blog. For that matter, some would call me a moderate (though that is only because I am not as far to the right as some in the convention, not because I hold to heretical or even liberal doctrines; and I am still in the SBC). But that notwithstanding, there are times I have disagreed with Wade; and even then, he has been gentlemanly with me. And I have learned to respect his spirit, as well as his stick-to-itiveness.

I certainly agree with the writer who said you can't say anything in 150 pages that you can't say in one or two. I started reading through his letter, but gave up after 20 or 30 pages. As one who is not without skill in the fine arts of obstrufication and heaping what looks like evidence but isn't (I learned that as a police officer before becomming a Christian, although even then I did not practice it--much), I have to say that my impression is that Mr. Corbaley is "loading up" on Wade. The phrase, as I learned many years ago, is, "In case of doubt, make it sound convincing." If I am wrong, my appologies to Jerry Corbaley.

Actually, the tragedy is that Rev. Corbaley probably believes he is right, and that Wade has wronged him and the IBM Trustees. But disagreement is not disrespect, and having a differing opinion is not slander. Legally--as I understand it--slander has to be both knowingly untrue and harmful, although in every day usage, it need not be knowingly or always hurtful. For instance, the organist at one church I served (I learned years after I left) used to tell people, "I went by the church this morning, and that pastor wasn't there again." When she said, she "went by," she meant that literally--she drove by, not that she stopped in; and her evidence was that my car was not in the parking lot. What she did not know, and never took the time to find out, was that when the weather was nice (in coastal Carolina), I rode my bicycle to the church, and left it out of sight behind the building. Before the IMB trustees consider this, they need to understand exactly what Rev. Corbaley means by "slander" as well as what his evidence is. I certainly deny that Wade disagreeing with the other Trustees constitutes either disrespect or slander, and I respectfully disagree that people posting on his blog--whether they do so with soundly reasoned arguments or in the heat of "venting"--constitutes his support of slander or disrespect. And by the way, God sometimes uses disagreements to help people come to His truth (Peter and Paul's disagreements, pagan kings & people God used to discipline Istrael, etc.)

Let me close upon a personal note: there are those of us--a good many, I think--who are still in the SBC by a thread. The issues are not theology, but simply arguing and witchhunts. If Rev. Corbaley carries the day, and without real, compelling evidence (which I have yet to see), it will push many of us out.

John Fariss

david b mclaughlin said...

Well, I read the letter.

I will try to refrain from being immature in my remarks, but that was sad on two levels:

1-An unimpressive piece of writing, completely lacking in proving the assertions.
2-This kind of garbage is what gives Christianity a bad name.

God bless you Wade. You will be in our prayers.

Bry M. said...

I have read with interest and sometimes amusement this blog for two years. I am a life long S. Baptist and support it with my prayers, attendance of a S. Baptist Church, tithes and offerings. I say that and yet I am becoming more and more emotionally detached from the SBC. I love my local church but that may be more the love of long time friends that I have made than for the worship and doctrinal similarity of this body.

The wrangling over control within the SCB is much of the reason for my detachment. I have been around a long time and have seen a lot of change. I even left the SBC for a few years because I thought it was too liberal. That was before the conservative resurgence. :) Now I have considered leaving because I think it is too conservative. Denominations and people change.

I have attended the early services, of an Episcopal church for over a year now. They have more problems then the SBC but I love the worship and weekly communion. If a person is not a member the politics seems remote and not to matter much. I hope never to get caught up in the politics of a denomination again but the very fact that I love to read this blog and others makes me susceptible to just that. I like to know what is going on in our denomination and the larger body of Christ.

I am sure that Jerry C. loves God and others but His actions toward Wade and those who may disagree with His narrow view of the Church is a good demonstration of where politics can lead. This happens in all forms of politics. Instead of good sound arguments many, otherwise good people, resort to character assignation.

Thank you Wade for your sound arguments and I must say that I applaud your firm and respectful way of disagreeing with your fellow Christians. May your kind increase in both ecclesial and secular politics? I don’t see any indication of either but you are a good example for all to follow. As long as people like you are out there making their voices heard there is room for hope.

CB Scott said...


I have been away for a few days. I just had the opportunity to read this latest addition to the Jerry Corbaley drama. As I have stated before on several occasions to Jerry, you and the world, Jerry needs to resign as a trustee of the IMB. You have defended him before and stated he should not resign. Well....that is your right and it is within your personality to do so.

I on the other hand, hope Jerry reads this comment thread and he will seriously consider my sage counsel to him at this time in his pitiful tenure as a trustee of an entity of the SBC.

Jerry, you have again shown you total lack of capability to function as a trustee of an entity within the structure of Southern Baptist life. Therefore, I beseech you to write, or have someone to write for you, a letter of resignation from not only the IMB Board of Trustees, but also anything remotely associated to Southern Baptist life. At that point you would do well to go to France, change your name and join the French Foreign Legion. Five to seven years in the deserts or jungles of the earth may give you time to reflect upon your need for balance in several areas of human existence.

Jerry, I want to thank you in advance for any and all consideration you give this request in part or the whole of it as the case may be. I do strongly encourage you to consider this request and perform its recommendations in full. It will be to the betterment of the SBC, California and the earth as a whole. I also think the Legion will help you in several areas. If you would like to know which areas you may contact me personally. You have my email address.


Anonymous said...

An an IMB "m", is there anything we can do? Why is is that trustees have so much control over our lives yet we have no say or forum for feedback on their behavior?

Anonymous said...

This is the first time I have posted to this blog. However, I have followed it since the summer of 2006.

I read the entire email and I feel as if something is missing logically from the letter. It is built on a premise that is not truly addressed. The article and comment sections are used to bolster the claim of slander and gossip. However, the very foundation or "beginning" point of slander and gossip are not addressed.

We all know that the IMB took action on Wade for his comments in the Dec. 2005 blog. His comments/beliefs in that blog are not slanderous or gossip in my opinion. They are simply Wade's beliefs and convictions. If this is true, then this whole email is built upon a disagreement rather than slander & gossip.

I am afraid that Mr. Corbaley is reading the blog through a pair of glasses that are made out of 2 lenses: gossip & slander. Therefore, everything is viewed as slanderous and gossip. Personally, I think the charges made are built on a false premise and postings on this blog are nothing more than a justification to make the false premise true.

Wayne Smith said...

CB Scott,
Why is it that you and I can and have seen the Hand Writing on the Wall for over 2 years? As God’s Word says This Will All Come To Pass.
Wade has not been dishonest, nor deceitful in anything written on these Blogs. His Post still stand in the Spirit and the Truth. Dr. Jerry Corbaley deleted all Post and Comment on His Blogs. as well as some of His Friends deleted theirs also.

In His Name

Bennett Willis said...

There are sites on the net that keep copies of the net--or at least parts of it. Just because you delete something does not necessarily mean that it was not copied and is still available--if someone wants to find it. So even if you clean all the items out of your FaceBook page, it may still be available. CNN has been called to task a couple of times by this.

The WayBack Machine may be one of the sites.

Bennett Willis

foxofbama said...

I have read Tony Cartledge's blog today roughly in support of Burleson. His earlier link may not be helpful but many of you will want to see what he has to say, as well as my comment on his blog at or just google up homilygrits blog.
And check my blog for today. I have quite a round up, maybe some comic relief for some of you about the gods of rain and milk.

RKSOKC66 said...


I agree with you that Dr. Corbaley should resign from the BoT of the IMB.

His temper tantrum is over the top. He can't get away with this under the cover of ostensibly being on the "right" side in a debate about some theological fine point.

For the sake of argument lets say that Wade is wrong about some of his views. That in no way justifies Dr. Corbaley's antics. Wade has offered the olive branch to Dr. Corbaley and been rebuffed.

Roger K. Simpson
Oklahoma City OK

Scott Shaffer said...

This whole situation is a shame. Does anyone want to speculate on how the BOT will respond to JC's letter? One thing we should be doing is praying that God would give wisdom to all involved.

Dave Miller said...


Do you ever comment on the topic of the day, or just give links to other blogs?

Starts to look like NASCAR. "The Pennzoil Dupont Pepsi Carquest Pizza Hut ESPN Chevy ran really good today."

Anonymous said...


I just received your response to my email. I apologize for what I did. When I read the blog from this pastor today I got mad. He is a constant critic of yours. As I told you he is also someone, regretfully, I know well. My home church is just one of the churches he has served and left under unfavorable circumstances. I thought you ought to know. But you are correct. It is none of your business. Ironically the very man who is trying to turn people against you is a recipient of your care.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Corbaley's diatribe to the IMB BoT (Yes, this Okie read it, thanks to "Evelyn Wood", known by those old enough and who can recall her "speed reading" program, and a six cup pot of hot Earl Grey tea ;^) is, in itself, the most persuasive argument proving Corbaley's allegations have not one centilla of evidence or credible support. Ironically, Corbaley blatantly demonstrates his own guilt in libeling the very person he falsely accuses of slander. Obviously, he did not learn any lessons from his misdeeds as a Trustee of the IMB BoT in 2006. Rather, the man who once pontificated that he followed "The Most Excellent Way" has conversely mucked and mired himself in a slough of unsubstantiated allegations against Wade Burleson and David Rogers. In short, Corbaley's own venomous words rightly indict Dr. Corbaley for the very "sins" with which he self-righteously and viciously attacks others, including Burleson and Rogers. Such disgusting practices should, themselves, be reviewed by the IMB BoT and/or the SBC Executive Committee with the ultimate aim of holding Dr. Corbaley accountable for his disgusting and false allegations.

In His Grace and Peace,

T. D. Webb said...

Anonymous M's. Your comments are deleted. Let me encourage you to identify yourselve to each other via secure web - and if you choose to comment again on my blog - please let me know that you know one another.

Let me encourage all anonymous commentators and those who read anonymous comments to remember this:

"Anonymous threats are as weak in content and singular veracity as the soul of the one who writes them is void of character and spiritual vitality."

Scotte Hodel said...

Bob Cleveland wrote about this topic and I put a comment on his blog. After some delay, I decided it ought to go here as well. Here it is.

I read the 153-page report when there were only 4 comments on Rev. Burleson's related weblog entry. As a faculty member at my university, I get to see lots of examples of student writing. Relative to undergraduate student writing that I get to see, the reasoning presented in the report was neither convincing nor well formed. The data presented most certainly did not support the stated conclusion.

Engineers have a joke list of ways to "prove" things. The memo uses proof by intimidation and proof by repetition: "I have lots and lots of facts, and I'm telling you that I'm right, so I'm right."

When I see grown professionals behaving in a way that not only isn't up to par with their training, but also makes no sense, I've come to recognize that the argument is a smoke screen: there's something else going on.

The issue isn't Rev. Burleson or his conduct; the issue may not even be baptism or tongues. I suspect the issue is about maintaining control and authority. The things I've seen written and the deeds documented therein make a lot more sense if I think of them in that context. That's sad.

I've corresponded with Rev. Burleson in the past; he's impressed me very much - both when he supported my view and when he questioned it. His conduct that I've experienced firsthand (via email) indicates to me that he is thorough, cautious, and committed to truth.

We need more like him.

Laura said...

Wade, I'm totally praying for you this week. I hope that these rumblings signal a revitalization of SBC life. Thanks for keeping on in the face of so many setbacks.

Anonymous said...


I'm trying to figure out why my comment was deleted. I sign my name to everything.

I'm sure it was just a error trying to delete many of the anonymous comments.

So, I'll repeat the gist,

Pacrim does not speak for all Ms. I know a few who do not agree with his sentiments. That is all I am saying.

Truth and Grace to you,
dwmiii said...


I apologize. Your comment was not anonymous and was accidentally deleted. By the way, I agree with your sentiments one hundred percent. No one missionary speaks for the entire missionary force. No one trustee speaks for the trustee body. said...

Scott and Laura,

May your tribe increase in the SBC. We may not always see eye to eye, but your spirit is Christian and gracious. Blessings,


Rex Ray said...

Scotte Hodel,
You hit the nail, spike, and stake right on the head when you said it was about maintaining control and authority.

(‘The very idea; a beginner telling us we’re wrong—off with his head!’)

Craig Smith said...

If that dude had taken the time it takes to put that email together and just done NOTHING but share the gospel with people instead, can you imagine the impact he would have had for the Kingdom?

It would have done more for God than putting that bit of homework together. Only wackos and nutjobs see that 153 page email and think, "Yessir, I am reading all of this RIGHT NOW!!!" Yowza.

Emily Hunter McGowin said...


Forgive me. I know that I should be a careful observer of SBC matters, but I just can't bring myself to read that nonsense. I'd rather poke myself in the eye. I'd rather have someone else poke me in the eye. Really.

Maybe I'm just devoid of passion and conviction ("liberal" seminaries will do that to you), but I can't think of a single person I dislike enough that I would devote 153 pages to their demise. Well, at least not without a hefty advance. :)

Grace and peace, brother,


kehrsam said...

Fortunately, I already pray daily for our Missionaries, their families, the staff at Richmond, and ALL members of the BoT. Apparently, I will need to redouble this effort.

By way of comparison, in most Courts, Appellate Briefs are generally limited to 50 pages, double spaced. Mr. Corbelay might learn something from this practice.

Kurt A. Ehrsam

Laura said...

Thanks for your kind words, Wade. I'm marking the trustee meeting on my calendar so I can remember to be in prayer for you on those days. Blessings, brother.

Eph. 6:10

DT Boy said...

My problem with this whole situation is if the Biblical Model for confronting a brother of his sin has been followed. I am not saying either way if Wade has done this (my gut says no) but in my estimation it would seem incumbent upon Mr. Corbaley to have talked with Wade about this personally and then with 1-2 witnesses and so on. To the best of my understanding this has not happened and so I think his actions would be out of line from a Biblical perspective, irregardless of what Wade may or may not have done. Just mho.

Anonymous said...

I have followed your blog off and on since last year when all of this first hit the news, etc. I grew up a Southern Baptist but have been out of church for several years. And yes, I have been struggling with that for several years and for the last couple of years have wanted to find a church home and become active again. I have considered finding a church home that is not Southern Baptist because it just seems there is more politics, etc. each and every day. I want a church home where I will be loved and accepted for who I am and will be taught the Bible. I do not want to be in a church where the leadership is so critical of other believers that are trying to live their life for God and doing their best to follow God. I read Dr. Corbaley's letter (actually I just skimmed it because it was too condemning to you but I also believe to the Body of Christ). But it did reinforce my desire find a loving church home. And also reinforced my desire to stay a Southern Baptist. This is all because ofyour posts. Honestly, sometimes I don't understand them but what I DO KNOW and have felt from every post of yours is that you post with conviction of your beliefs and that you post with the love and grace of God in your heart. And that you do not exclude someone because they may disagree with you - you try to resolve it in a Christian manner. That is what I want in a Pastor. Believe me, if I lived in Enid I would be a member of your church. So, I will find a church in OKC that God leads me to with a Pastor that hopefully shows as much grace and compassion as you have through the last 2 years.


Anonymous said...

Hey Wade, check it out:

Right now, as I type this--and as you read this--God is enthroned in heaven being worshipped by the mighty seraphim and the rest of the heavenly host.

Imagine Him above the waist, shining so brilliantly you can only make out hints of lines indicating form with your glorified eyes, and below the waist He is as fire!

The Risen Son reigns at His right hand full of majestic splendor, interceeding for you. Interceeding for us all (God, have mercy).

Take a moment, again, to let His glory overcome you and these temporal frivolities will be consumed in the hope of eternal perspective.

Remember, Wade: God is for you every second in His Son. Romans 8, Romans 8, Romans 8.

Praying for you brother, praying for us all...Another PacRimmer...

Anonymous said...

Is Jerry related to Peter Ruckman in any way? He sure sounds like it.