Sunday, October 21, 2007

If Christ Were in Charge . . .

If Christ were truly in charge of our churches . . .

(1). We would be more focused on reaching people in need of Christ's transforming power than we would our personal comforts.
(2). We would be less concerned about corporate worship styles and preferences and more concerned about personal holiness.
(3). We would never enter a worship service without the expectation of meeting Christ in terms of His presence and power over the corporate body.
(4). We would spend more time listening to Christ than we would talking about Christ.
(5). We would be very intentional to ensure that all that is said, sung or done in the corporate gathering would be honoring and pleasing to Christ.

If Christ were truly in charge of our convention . . .

(1). We would never deceive anyone about the numbers of people who truly belong to Southern Baptist churches.
(2). We would never exalt Baptist identity above our Christian identity and the brotherhood we have with all who name Christ as Lord.
(3). We would be more interest in the advancement of the kingdom of Christ, not the kingdom of Southern Baptists.
(4). We would be less interested in positions of power and far more interested in being found faithful to Christ as His stewards.
(5). We would treat people in the convention with whom we disagree with respect, Christian charity and acceptance.

If Christ were truly in charge of me . . .

(1). I would not care what you think of me, only what Christ thinks of me.
(2). I would respond to criticism with thoughtful reflection and silence, not defense.
(3). I would be bold for righteousness' sake, and soft to others for forgiveness' sake.
(4). I would be more concerned about my walk with Christ than my reputation.
(5). I would be aware of Christ's presence with me at all times.

Just a few personal thoughts as I begin my week.

In His Grace,



Anonymous said...

If Christ were in charge...everyone would root for the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday :) I wish! Yes, I do believe there'll be Redskins' fans in Heaven.

Great post Wade...I appreciate your willingness to help us calibrate our hearts as we prepare for the work week.

Bill Scott said...

Amens and Ouches...Amens and Ouches

Anonymous said...

(3). We would never enter a worship service without the expectation of meeting Christ in terms of His presence and power over the corporate body.>>

I wish He had more power over my children who decided to fist fight while I was singing with the praise group this morning...

Anonymous said...

Well you did it again... Reaching out with love to all who believe. Now, what will the other side have to say about this one?

Jack Maddox said...

anonymous said

"what will the other side have to say about this one"

That is sad my friend. What other side? I assume you are refering to those who often disagree with wade and I suppose I am would be counted in that mix. This is what I have to say..

AMEN WADE! A revival of the Lordship of Christ is the greatest need in my life!


davidinflorida said...

So, who`s in charge ?

greg.w.h said...

I desire nothing more than complete conformity with the Ikon (appearing the same, only of different substance) of Christ Jesus...

...and nothing less.

I might add: Maranatha...come Lord Jesus, every meaning of the word. Root out that which prevents you of being Lord of my life today.

Greg Harvey

Bob Cleveland said...

davidinflorida: My vote on the guy in charge (in the local church) is the one who writes up the Sunday morning schedule which they print up and pass out when you go to worship services. Apparently he's the one who determines what's going to happen.


RKSOKC66 said...


I could say Amen!!! but I don't want to marginalize my comment with gratuitous punctuation. :)

Roger Simpson

Lin said...

So, who`s in charge ?

22 October, 2007 10:17

of what, exactly?

Chuck Bryce said...

I have a copy of George Mueller's strategy for prayer taped inside my journal. I am not looking at it now so here is my paraphrase...

"First, I seek to lay aside every aspect of my own agenda and to empty myself before Him..."

David Simpson said...

I like your list a lot. Did you list these in order of personal importance? Working from your list...

For me, #3 is #1
If Christ were truly in charge of our church...
We would never enter a worship service without the expectation of meeting Christ in terms of His presence and power over the corporate body.

For me, #3 would be #1.
If Christ were truly in charge of our convention . . .
We would be more interest in the advancement of the kingdom of Christ, not the kingdom of Southern Baptists.

For me, #5 would be # 1
If Christ were truly in charge of me . . .
I would be aware of Christ's presence with me at all times

I like lists. Lists are good. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

This looks like a great outline for a devotional book - 3 sections, 5 chapters each. I would love to see you flesh out all fifteen points. The middle section (SBC) could be handled in a more generic way for wider circulation. But you could definitely write from the first person about the power struggles in a denomination. Just a thought.

david b mclaughlin said...

Great post! (Notice exclamation point)

The only quibble off the top of my head would be that I'm not sure criticism always requires a silent response. There were times Jesus responded and times when he didnt. But yeah, probably silence more often than not.

Kerri said...

Thank you for this . . . an edifying and unifying glance at the beautiful effects of the preeminence of Christ in our lives individually, and corporately as a church and a denomination. I think if the third list were true of all believers, lists one and two would be almost natural.

Randy said...

Thank you Wade for a thoughtful beginning to an eventful week. I'm going to pass along your thoughts to my worship teams.

Alyce Faulkner said...

Thank you.
God has been showing me the reality of my priorities.
Because of this work He is doing I feel fresh, renewed, tender and frankly, before I read his post, crying most of the day.
Oh how I long for Christ to be in all reality in charge of me, at home, at church, everywhere, at all times and in all things.
The expectation, hope that this will come to pass because of the great love He has and the grace He gives is more than simply an emotion.
It's life-abundantly.
Once again, God has used you to feed me.

Will said...

Amen...'great inspirational thoughts.

I have wondered in recent months if we haven't been so busy trying to figure out what flavor(s) of Baptist we are, that we (collectively) have somehow forgotten the joy of being Christians...amazingly liberating, that thought.

GeneMBridges said...

3). We would never enter a worship service without the expectation of meeting Christ in terms of His presence and power over the corporate body.

I've heard stories about churches decades ago telling about the atmosphere prior to services. The people did not socialize in the auditorium. They socialized in the vestibule and were quiet when entering the auditorium. That place was for prayer and Bible reading before and after services, not just during. It was not without reason they called it the "sanctuary." Today, it's a pain to get people to stop talking when the organist starts the prelude...I'm just sayin'

By the way, I have, once before, enforced this rule for a worship service. After the service, people were amazed. Yes, we had to tell them beforehand to limit all social chatter to the lobby before and after, but we also found, via their feedback, that that small amount of time before and after helped them orient themselves to worship beforehand and think about the message and the service itself after. A little time can do a lot.

Steve said...

I love Brother Bridges' idea about upholding the attitude within the Sanctuary ut can hardly imagine bringing it to some of our seeker-oriented congregations. I think we have all longed for it at times, however.

If Jesus was in charge of our blogs, would you think there would be any bluster and fuss over the gender of our posters? I've seen sexist anger over the fact that women feel as free to speak on some religious blogs as the men, who turn around and express amazement that any would notice!!

Charlie said...


A good post. I haven't read many lately. A little too much fuzziness for me. A christian first and a baptist last. After all it is all about JESUS!!!!


Wayne Smith said...


AMEN, this is what we should always do, but we sometimes fall Short of Obeying God’s Word.

Joh 4:23 But the hour is coming, and is now here, when the true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and truth, for the Father is seeking such people to worship him.

Joh 4:24 God is spirit, and those who worship him must worship in spirit and truth."

In His Name

gmay said...

Wade, I have been absent from blogville for a while due to a rise in other priorities. To return and read a few posts and comments has been intriquing yet not surprising.

I was reminded as I read your post, this would be great fodder for an annual convention that was not divided. If we really trusted each other every point would get a hardy amen. As it is, it too can be viewed as rhetoric to fuel division and opposition.
I chuckled and wept as I read your suggestion saying "if Christ were in charge of our convention?" No doubt anyone angry at the present leadership can see this as a rally cry. Anyone agreeing with current leadership could see it as yet another attack. With unity we would simply admit our humanity, confess our sins, and pray diligently for those who hold the steering wheel of leadership to escape their own humanity by being filled with the Holy Ghost.

I say a hardy amen to the post. May we diligently confess and pray. Rather than trying to discern your heart and not catch the gravity of the truth, I will pray. Thanks for a good word regardless of who sits in leadership positions.

Michael Corley said...

An absolutley fantastic article. May I post in on my blog site? I will also be noting it on my radio program. Thanks. said...

Michael Corley,

Absolutely. Thanks for asking.



Anonymous said...

Great stuff.

It was hilarious when you called a mutual friend while i was in LR having coffee with him. Well, he was having a mocha; I was drinking black coffee.

I also heard someone was in NWA recently... ffrom GG

Anonymous said...

Good word Wade, thanks from Hong Kong.

AndyHigg said...

Wade...and anyone else who would like to respond,

In reference to the second section, how do we elect leaders/trsutees who are led by Christ and not by the buoyance of their fame in SBC?

Andrew said...


I think revival in the hearts of God's people in the SBC will bring us all to a place where we desire leaders who are real, transparent, kingdom minded, etc . . .

And will not necessarily vote for the popular person or the big name preacher. That's not to say the popular preacher or the big name preacher don't have the qualities I list above - this has nothing to do with them.

Revival will break the 'herd' mentality where Southern Baptists simply do what they are told to do rather than listen to the Spirit of God as individuals in his kingdom. That's beginning to happen.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I feel the hubris.