Monday, June 12, 2006

A Must View Video Interview Series

Micah Fries and John Stickley over at Friesville will be posting interviews with key people at the SBC.

These men interviewed me this morning as we sat in a cafe in the Courtyard of the Sheraton Four Seasons with thousands of messengers attending the break out sessions at the hotel. Micah asked some excellent questions and hopes to have his interview with me and others up by later this afternoon.

Check it out! This is another example of the way the information age is changing the face of our convention.

In His Grace,



Anonymous said...

This morning in the Daily Oklahoman, on the front page, is an article that says Henderson Hills Baptist in Edmond Oklahoma will soon be voting on the doctrine of Baptism. The elders there have studied Baptism from a biblical perspective and are recommending that Baptism of any kind not be a requirement to be a member of Henderson Hills Baptist Church.

I'd be interested to know your thoughts on this. You can read the article at

Anonymous said...

Fear = False Evidence Appearing Real

I made the mistake of asking my 20 year old son what the difference was between a blog and a web site. He gave me an answer that I'm still trying to decipher. (I was not very good in my greek studies either!) Okay, so I'm over 50 years of age, but there is a point to my humor. I believe part of the fear to all this blogging is because it is "something new". "Something new" in the church has always had a hard time being seen as good and godly. For instance, when I was a young teen, some of the people in the church wanted to put a pool table in the fellowship hall. This produced all kinds of fears,i.e., the young people will grow up being drunks and prostitues because we turned the fellowship hall into a Pool Hall/Lounge. Churches today have game rooms, gyms, workout facilities that rival that facilities where I played Div 1 football. New changes in music, worship styles, etc., have all led to fear and wild accusations.
Now you bloggers come along with something new. And before I can even put my second blog response up, my first was a couple of days ago, you people have to come up with "Video Blogging". Could you possibly slow down while I still work through my initial set up fears on regular blogging?
My point is this...give it some time and blogging will not be seen as subersive or evil as first pronounced by the status quo. Before you know it blogging will be old hat and "something else new" will have us all worried and concerned.
By the way, does anybody know what a Blue Tooth is?


Anonymous said...


I couldn't believe what I was reading in the previous comment about Henderson Hills. So I went downstairs and got the Oklahoman. Sure enough the article is right there on the front page!

I cover all bases. I have been Baptised three -- count 'em three -- times.
Once at birth (by sprinkling) as a Catholic.
Again (age 15) into Disciples of Christ by immersion
Again (age 18) as Southern Baptist.

I am now 63. Only in recent times did I learn what was "wrong" with my 2nd baptism requiring me to baptised a 3rd time.

I think baptism should be "associated" with being in the Church since (with the exception of the thief on the cross) new converts were baptized.

I will be watching the blogs to see what is going on there in Greensboro.

Roger Simpson
Oklahoma City OK

Anonymous said...

Don't think laymen are not watching. If Ronnie Floyd is elected president of the Southern Baptist Convention tomorrow, the Finance Committee in the church I attend is prepared to begin giving at the .27% level, since this is the example of our chosen leadership.

Anonymous said...

This Okie just viewed the video-stream of the SBC Pastor's Conference (still going as I write this). The highlight so far was the marvelous witness of Joyce Rogers, the widow of the late Adrian Rogers. Her categoric endorsement of what you and others are doing to stem the narrowing of parameters concerning nonessential doctrines in the SBC was met with ringing applause. This Christian prays that the applause translates into votes by the Messengers.

In His Grace and Peace,

Kevin Bussey said...

As one who was sitting there watching you be interview, I was amazed that there were prominent SBC pastors giving you ugly looks while you were talking. I just don't understand. You and Rachelle have been such a great example to all of us! Thanks,


LivingDust said...


Just like you, I enjoyed being able to watch the Pastors Conference. The message by Dr. David Jeremiah and testimony by Mrs. Adrian Rogers touched my heart. The videos were excellent and honored our Lord.

It was a pleasant surprise to hear Mrs. Rogers comment on the narrowing of parameters. I snagged the following from

Mrs. Rogers said -

“Adrian Rogers would not have been a part of what is going on in some parts of our convention today, getting narrower and narrower about very highly interpretive issues,” she said, touching off about 15 seconds’ worth of applause.

“He would try to convince you of his view, but not to exclude you from service and fellowship, or to prevent you from going around the world with Southern Baptists to share the Gospel if you disagreed on these controversial issues,”

Thank you Mrs. Rogers.

The interview of Wade Burleson by Micah Fries and John Stickley was great, It was informative and I was glad to hear Wade Burleson speak of the positive things that happened today.

I'm looking forward to the Tuesday live streaming video that begins at 12:00 EST. Isn't technology great!

Anonymous said...

Definitely a must see interview.

Wade: I am praying that your vision for the SBC and the IMB are realized. You have spoken to my heart for many years, and you have done it again through this interview and your blog. Thank you for wanting ordinary people like myself to be informed. It makes us not feel excluded from the process.

Scotte Hodel said...

Whoops. I got my facts wrong. Our food pantry gives out roughly 1000 pounds of food per week, not 2000 (one tone).

Anonymous said...

having been raised in a very strict, legalistic Baptist (not sbc) church where women could not shave, wear makeup, teach boys who were over 12 or speak in the sanctuary, I was truly blessed, in my 30's, to find a Pastor who loved Jesus and was not involved in the "one of us or one of them" politics of SBC life. He alone taught me what a sweet Christian Spirit is. Sadly, he changed and now condemns and judges with the worst of attitudes. Even if you go to the wrong church camp or read the wrong Baptist Paper.

What a breath of fresh air to find this group of people on the internet. I typed in the name of Wade Burlson and have been looking and reading for a few weeks. Oh, how my heart longs for this kind of Spirit in people to have fellowship with.

I thank each and every one of you. I was totally chewed up by the good ol boy SBC thing and just try to Pastor where God called me and to stay out of everything. I am lifted up and encouraged at what I see on these pages.

Stand firm,

XtnYoda said...

I saw your interview video. So encouraging to hear the upbeat report! The news of the election for president has given me great new hope for the direction of the SBC.

God continue to bless you Wade,