Saturday, June 03, 2006

Blogs Have a Way of Keeping Me Humble

I have learned that it is best not to take too seriously what people say about you on blogs, either good or bad. For some reason those who seek to cast me in a poor light do not sign their names to the comments, and as a result I pay little attention to what those anonymous commentators write. On the other hand, people have also said some very nice things about me and signed their names, and I try to pay as little attention to those comments as I do the criticism. It's not that I don't appreciate the nice things said, but I find there is trouble when you start taking too much notice of either the good or the bad things said.

However, there are some comments about me on blogs that I find just plain curious. They are not necessarily good -- or bad --- just odd. Take for instance this statement by blogger Rob Westbrook:

I've never met Wade Burleson. I think I might be able to pick him out in a crowd, because of his resemblance to the country star, Bill Anderson. But I think, after reading his thoughts for months, I know his heart, or at least, where his heart lies.

The allegation of a physcial resemblance between me and Bill Anderson on Rob's Blog sparked my curiosity. I am not a country music fan so I did not know who Bill Anderson was or what he looked like. So . . . . I googled "Bill Anderson" and sure enough, there were several photos of Bill on the net.

This is one of the more popular pictures of country and western star Bill Anderson. I'm sure Bill is a nice guy and a very good country singer.

But this is the Baptist Press picture of me. I have been accused of many things in the last several months, and if the allegation that I resemble Bill Anderson is as on target as the other accusations I feel pretty comfortable in the that end my name will be cleared -- :) .

Have a great Lord's Day.

In His Grace,

Wade Burleson

P.S. Feel free make your own assertions regarding uncanny resemblances between fellow SBC bloggers and celebrities as in Marty "How Are You" Duren and Al "Scar Face" Pacino.


Jason Sampler said...


The striking resemblance between the two of you is that both of you have perfectly sculpted hair!

Jason Sampler

Anonymous said...

Maybe you should try to contact Bill Anderson's hair & wardrobe guy...cause, boy... hmm. yeah.

Anonymous said...

Yes! I'm inclined to agree, both with the fact that your name will be cleared and my eye's are still pretty good (for an old man....) and I just don't seem much resemblance!

drglenn said...


Say I (not Jerry Rankin) interviewed for a staff position at your church...

You observe that I speak English with a Southern dialect and I told you I spoke in a language unknown to anyone except for me and the Lord when I prayed.

Would this not raise some questions in your mind? I find it hard to believe that it would not.

Help me understand - is the discussion over known or unknown languages?

CB Scott said...


Do you play a musical instrument? Because if you do you guys should go on the road as the Burleson Brothers or as the Anderson Twins.


chad said...

I love Whispering Bill Anderson. I love how he talks this song about being poor and he says "Why, we were so poor we couldn't even pay attention." That line always cracks me up.


Jack Maddox said...

Dude, I don't see 'whisper'en Bill" But I do see the resemblance of "Darren" from Bewitched!

I know how you feel though, Folks keep confusing me with Brad Pitt! :)

Time to go to bed


Bob Cleveland said...


The country music star you mentioned is also known as "Whisperin' Bill Anderson". That, alone, ought to destroy any analogous references.

As for Marty Duren, Google hasn't even found me a picture of him, yet, so I cannot comment on his looks.

Me? The only guys I've ever been compared to were William Conrad (remember "Jake and the Fat Man"?), and the curator of the Boot Hill Museum (about 25 years ago).

Such is life.

Joe said...

Rob is certainly not as good as Purgatorio in finding those "separated at birth" photos, but if we look at the very first image of Bill Anderson that comes up in a google search, his claim is not as wild as it appears in your post. Check out this pic (I believe THE most common pic of the country star). Still not twins, bit I can see where he's coming from.

Of course I have been told I look like Charlie Brown and Michael Chiklis, or a combo of the two. said...



Sounds like a Roman Empire beauty salon.


:) said...

Dr. Glenn,

The discussion is over a private prayer language that some have called the language of angels or of heaven. It is unknown to men but seemingly known in heaven. It is a gift according to the Apostle Paul, used for personal edification, unlike public tongues which must always be accompanied by an interpretor for the edification of many.

So, no, Dr. Glenn, how a man prays in private would not disqualify him from a job interview with us. said...


Thanks for letting me know he was known as "Whispering Bill."

Whispering Wade.

I like it. said...

Investigative Internet Reporter Joe,

You really know how to hurt a man's feelings.


Charlie Brown huh?

You ever watch Kojak in the 70's?

June 04, 2006

jonthanclarkborland said...

With all the blogging outrage against the new requirements for M candidates, I thought I'd post my own approval of the IMB Trustees' decision in my new little blog. I'm new at this, but all comments are welcome.

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Kiki Cherry said...

I'm just not seeing Bill Anderson. But I do agree with Jack's observation of Darren from "Bewitched!"

Joe....for some reason the "Mr. Clean" song is running through my head.... :)

But Bob brings up the biggest question, "What DOES Marty Duren look like?"

That remains the elusive mystery in our little blogging world. Only a few of you have been privileged enough to actually see him in person. (Or have you? Perhaps that was his evil twin, Barty Duren, who showed up at those gatherings).

Maybe we should have a directory for Greensboro, so we actually know what each other look like. : )

(Dorcas--I'm just kidding, although I know you could probably accomplish that in a week, and have it published and bound, too!!!)

Kevin said...

Kind of reminds me of my "celebrity twins" page:

For those of you who haven't visited my website, you'll have to email me to get the username and password.

Bro. Rob said...

Wade, my memory of Bill Anderson comes from a childhood of only three available TV stations. And in Mississippi, I believe two had Hee-Haw on at the same time on Saturday nights. The other station was PBS. I recall Whisperin' Bill as a pretty cool dude back in those days. He was always singing with some good lookin' woman!

Maybe that's what triggered my memory. You've got this picture on your blog of you with some good lookin' woman. Uh, um, well, I don't know if I'm digging out or digging deeper!

Anonymous said...

I think Joe's discovery settles the issue. I feel for you. I don't know what could be worse, having your name dragged through the mud for concerns about the IMB or being accused of looking like a Porter Wagner wannabe from the 1970's.:)

BTW, I've been accused of looking like Elvis circa 1970 and John Travolta...not fun.

Joe said...


I am not as cool as Kojak. I wish I was.


woah, woah woah. Travolta? Elvis? Seriously man, you look more like this guy.


Anonymous said...


I know Bill Anderson, Bill Anderson is a friend of mine and Wade your no Bill Anderson. He is insulted people think you look like him.

Dori said...

Do I have to do ALL the research around here. :) Well, Kiki your wish is my command ... not exactly a directory, but I did manage to locate one key photo perhaps. Check my blog.

volfan007 said...

you look more like danny tanner on that old show with the olson twins. he was the dad; remember? if any of you know richard skidmore of the tn baptist convention, now, he looks like bill anderson.

Anonymous said...

Wade, I comment very little and I don't feel like I have thrown stones your direction. Maybe some uncoarse jesting, but at the end of the day I want you to know I love you, I am for you, and I pray the best for you and Emmanuel.

On a lighter note, one of Bill Anderson's greatest all time hits was a song called "Liars One, Believers Zero."--coincidence....I think not.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for that humbling experience. Maybe Elvis wasn't so bad after all.

Seriously, you're one of a kind. To allow yourself to be subjected to this kind of scrutinty (the Bill Anderson thing) speaks volumes about your character.

Anonymous said...

Stop it! Stop it!

I have laughed so much that my wife has considered calling 9-1-1 and having me hauled off to the local hospital - the emergency room and not the mental ward!!!

Paul Burleson said...

Wade, I'm just in from a motorcycle trip and would like to comment on Kevin's comment on your previous post. I'll answer his objections to my post on my blog since I think that only fair. Post this only if you think it worthy.

He used several words I would like to define in case they might not be understood or known by all reading. I had to look up a couple for myself. Nothing wrong there. Just a fact which is not unusual for me.

"Tergiversation"-a change of attitude or opinion. A backing out/evasion
"Equivocation"-[I knew this one but wanted a clear definition.]
A fallacy depending upon the double meaning of a word. A fabriation or lie in order to mislead.
"Amphibology"-a study of amphibians.
[we know that but for purposes of this discussion I'm assuming the meaning intended is...a two-fold character leading a double life.]
Finally, "Enthememe"-One of the premises is not stated explicitly enough. [From Aristotle I think]

This leads me to say...I think his use of the words "won't be misconstrued" and, especially, the word "unintentional" as qualifiers of his purposes in the use of those words I've defined used to describe blogs and bloggers, mine included, [tergiversation, equivocation, amphibology and enthememe] may be a classic example of equivocating. I don't know as these words go to motivation, with the exception of the last one, and I certainly can't know his heart.

As I said, I'll try to post a response to other remarks made in his comments. He is a brother and is deserving of shared opinions and I'm grateful for this opportunity to be a part of the discussion. Thanks.


Bryan Riley said...

Dick Sargent is the original Darren from Bewitched. Looking at pictures of him made me think of Jim Carrey (ya know how he can look very different at different times and how he has perfectly coiffed hair sometimes), and so I thought I'd look for a pic that might resemble Wade. I was unsuccessful in my brief search, but I think it could be done... Here's one:

Jim Carrey is a possibility. One side of the fence might look for Liar Liar pictures (not I) :) and one side might take from Bruce Almighty... Ha ha.

Not that anyone is interested in what I look like, but I've posted pics of me and my family on my blog at I mostly did it to learn how, and, amazingly, i figured it out.

Anonymous said...

It’s good to have a light hearted blog. We need the break. You make a good picture, but a word of warning.
In high school I was voted most handsome, but when my 93 year old mother introduced me as her son, the reply: “Mrs. Ray, he can’t be your son, you’re not that old.”

Last year, I was introduced to a woman, she replied, “Oh, you don’t have to introduce me to Mr. Ray—I went to school with his son, Rex.”

Anonymous said...

I was thinking Wayne Newton more than Bill Anderson.