Saturday, June 10, 2006

The Beauty of Blogs

Thanks to Dorcas Hawker, the Southern Baptist belle with by far the best name ever, I now see what I initially overlooked in the Dallas Morning News article that ran this morning.

The reporter has absolutely no idea about my view on the new policies on tongues and baptism. I will add nothing new, but in order to correct his misperceptions of the issue, I direct the reader to The Old Policies Compared to the New.

Some wish I would take the old blogs down. I can't because of intentional -- or as in the reporter's case unintentional -- distortions of what I have written. I will let my words speak for themselves. That is the beauty of personal blogs.


Kevin Bussey said...


Who needs newspapers anymore. They get their news from blogs!

Anonymous said...

Wade- Your post again was very good. It looks, according to the news article that you posted today, that there may be changes in the SBC. Are you ready for the convention next week? Are you ready for the stone thrower's? Remember this, as Stephen was being stoned, he looked into heaven and saw the glory of God. Keep your eyes firmly on Christ and you too will experience the glory of God. Peace be with you.

Stefan said...

That article miseed the boat by a mile!

Anonymous said...

Kevin Bussey,
I’ve enjoyed your many comments, but surely you speak in jest when you say who needs newspapers anymore. I’ll bet it’s closer to the truth that one tenth of one percent read blogs. Maybe someday, most will read blogs.
Someday, I hope voting at the SBC will be done with a computer. Our church is qualified to have ten messengers, but only one will attend the convention. (Long drive from Texas.)

Glory to God that the Dallas Morning News ran the article that some are griping about. Over all, the reporter did a great job. His stating, “He (Wade) opposes new policies that require foreign missionary candidates to refrain from such charismatic Christian practices as speaking in tongues, and to be baptized in the full immersion Baptist way” is somewhat correct. Correct enough that Wade overlooked it.
Of course when you dig into the statement, it is not correct at all, but that takes paragraphs to explain, and the reporter used only one sentence.

The new IMB rule states: “In terms of general practice, the majority of Southern Baptists do not accept what is referred to as “private prayer language.” Therefore, if “private prayer language” is an ongoing part of his or her conviction and practice, the candidate has eliminated himself or herself from being a representative of the IMB of the SBC.”

“MAJORITY…DO NOT ACCEPT” is what is wrong with the direction of the SBC. In the first place, the pristhood of the believer does NOT depend on the ‘majority.” Our priesthood depends on the Holy Spirit. Otherwise, God would have told us to go along with the majority and the Holy Spirit would not be needed.

In the second place, they would be more correct if they’d said the majority do not PRACTICE ‘private prayer language. But they said, “do not ACCEPT.” How do they know what Southern Baptists accept? Did they take a poll? Because I don’t practice something, does not mean I would not accept if for others.

Who am I or who is the IMB to decide what God does?
Rex Ray

Anonymous said...


Who is going to the convention from NZ?


Anonymous said...

The messenger is the guy that’s going to give a hard time to the preacher who is coming in view of a call. HA Looking forward to it. I believe you will be the spark that we need.

Got to go—can’t be here when my wife gets back from church tonight. I’m supposed to be on the road to Greensboror.