Sunday, January 29, 2006

Excellent Reading Material

I will be out of town for the next couple of days, but I am leaving a couple of links to some excellent reading material on the ordinances.

Dr. John Gill (1697-1771) was considered by Baptists in the 18th and 19th Centuries as the pre-eminent Baptist theologue of his day. His Greek and Hebrew proficiency excelled the Anglican scholars of London and the Roman Catholic scholars of Europe. His works on the ancient Jewish writings have not been surpassed in scholarship to this day.

The Prince of Preachers, Charles Spurgeon, called Gill "his mentor in Israel." Dr. Gill was a contemporary and friend of Augustus Toplady, author of the great hymn, "Rock of Ages," William Cowper, and other world-renowned evangelicals of both London and Europe.

Dr. Gill is the only English speaking scholar to write a commentary on every book of Scriptures from the original languages (even non-English seaking Calvin skipped Revelation). After his commentary, Gill wrote his "Body of Doctrinal and Practical Divinity," a wonderful compilation of systemized doctrine. Usually interpreters base their commentaries on presuppositions. Gill exposited the Scriptures first, then systemetized his theology.

According to the scholarly historian Joseph Ivimey, if a pastor in the 1800's did not have Gill's Commentaries in his library, he was not considered a true Baptist in his day. Whether you agree with his soteriology or not (Gill was a Calvinist), no one can deny his Biblical erudition and theological acumen.

Gill was brilliant.

It may be heavy reading for some, but I would encourage you to read Gill on Baptism and Gill on the Lord's Supper.

This is our true Baptist identity, and it should not surprise any of us that Baptists of 300 years ago upheld the Scripture, rejected man's traditions, and sought in everything to honor Jesus Christ.

That is the Baptist way.

In His Grace,



Anonymous said...

We are thankful for this blog and the others on the sbcoutpost. I will say that the blogs are getting noticed. We are imb missionaries. Our regional leader just sent a letter to everyone in our region that none of us should speak out publicly on these issues. We're feeling a little censured here, but are glad that the word is getting out.

Anonymous said...

I am curious to know your take on the book "Misquoting Jesus."

An interested Anglican said...

I have never read it.

Anonymous said...

We are also IMB folks. Thankfully our regional leader has not issued this "decree". Although the issue has been addressed...with a "no comment".
We continue to talk with close friends and pastors that we have a relationship with....encouraging them to learn more and spread the word. We are not doing this indiscriminantly. Mostly we simply give out the information; Wade's website and the sbcoutpost website as a place to go and learn more, all without expressing our opinion on the matter...let them read, pray and decide for themselves. In this case, we are not "speaking out publicly", we are simply insuring that the word gets spread.
Thank you, Wade, for getting the word out...

Anonymous said...

I have been wondering. Considering the conservative "war" of the 80s was over biblical inerrancy and the authority of scripture, how can the IMB trustees support such an unbiblical view as their view on baptism? I agree that baptism should be by immersion and only for those who have truly come to Christ. What makes baptism by a Baptist church so superior to believer's baptism in another church? By going beyond scripture, aren't the legalistic fundamentalists going down the same path as the liberals they sought to replace?

Anonymous said...

I forgot on which post comment was made about trying to access information on the current IMB trustees. I just received the complete list with contact information from Becky Chandler at Morris Chapman's office (SBC Executive Committee). The IMB did not provide the information, but referred me to Dr. Chapman's office.

Savage Baptist said...

Dude! Mentioning Gill rocks. I haven't read a great deal of his material, but I did download much of his commentary for use with the e-Sword software, and Gill-quotes pop up in the Sunday School lessons with some frequency.

Anonymous said...

Here's guts for you, reported as the most recent on this matter by the ABP at its website today (follow the link): .

Maybe the right people are reading this blog, and maybe a true leader is going to step up.

Anonymous said...

Hi Wade:

I'm a pastor from an SBC background that is currently serving in an Evangelical Free Church. I just heard about your situation and wanted to ask you a simple question.

In the IMB's discussion of this policy, did anyone ask this: are we willing to adopt a policy that would have prevented the Apostle Paul from being an SBC missionary?

Anonymous said...

So you do not appear ignorant to your visitors coming from CT, correct the spelling of "intelligible" on your blog!

Anonymous said...

My first visit to your site. Thanks for saying what I have been trying to say for years, only you said it better. Hang in there. Surely reason WILL prevail, if not they do not deserve you.

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir,

Thank you so much for your comments. They express my feelings much better than I have been able to. I am very worried that the SBC is going too far to the right. Sincerely, Pat Minor