Friday, January 20, 2006

A Request from Dr. Bobby Welch

A Request from Dr. Bobby Welch

Wednesday night I spoke by phone with Dr. Bobby Welch, President of the Southern Baptist Convention, and he requested that I make known on my blog that someone, impersonating Dr. Welch, is sending emails to churches in the Southern Baptist Convention. Both Dr. Welch and I are incredulous and angry that someone would do this.

The email is as follows:

Dear __________,

Let me encourage you and your staff to read the personal blog of Pastor Wade Burleson prior to the Southern Baptist Convention this summer: Wade is a man of integrity!

I (Wade) am asking the Lord to bring swift and severe discipline in surprising ways to the person (or persons) behind sending the above email.

Dr. Welch does not know me, or I him. It would be impossible for him to speak about my integrity, and even if he could, it would be absolutely inappropriate since he is President of the Convention. Dr. Welch has issued a statement to all the trustees saying he must stay as neutral as possible in a controversy that may require Convention action while he is President.

I agree. Shame to those responsible for this immoral act.

In His Grace,

Wade Burleson


Anonymous said...

The person (or persons) responsible for this lack any kind of integrity themselves. They are clearly trying to use these issues to push their own agenda arising from different motivations. Some may just be trying to make trouble.

Please take the time to check out stories on the Internet. Do not believe everything or post things without first checking the references. Otherwise we end up looking foolish and the issues will become muddy instead of clear.

Please continue to focus on the issues and not personalities!

"For everyone who does wicked things hates the light, "lest his deeds be exposed. But whoever does what is true comes to the light, so that it may be clearly seen that his deeds have been carried out in God." John 3:20-21

Let's continue to walk in the light folks!

Anonymous said...

The problem with this virtual form of communication is that nobody knows what is real. It's too easy for people to impersonate people. Do you think that it's wise to allow annonymous identities to post on your blog when obvious from the newspapers that the media is reading your blog. You should be careful their are enemies of the Southern Baptist Convention that may abuse this blog. Be careful Wade! Many are praying for you!

Anonymous said...

Actually, if a knowledgable person has access to this original email, including the message headers, the sender's IP address can be found (in most cases). That can be traced to specific locations.

Kevin Bussey said...

Sorry for all this Wade, this is getting out of control. I'm still praying for you, IMB and the SBC

art rogers said...

I agree with the first poster here. Their lack of integrity, while promoting yours, compromises you. You have done what you can by calling it out on your own blog - which again reveals your integrity. We all need to be vigilant with our own personal character. Satan will use any flaw and ruin us and the SBC.

LLH said...


I am both proud of and humbled by your integrity. said...

Mr. Anonymous,

I have suggested they do just the thing.

I have not seen the email, but I have requested that they turn it over to a professional to track down it's origin.

I have also said one has to be careful making a judgment that it was a person actually seeking to promote my integrity.

In His Grace,


Anonymous said...

Wade, the issue for you is "Missions in the SBC", as it should be. However, it is evident that the issue for some is "control". Then, there are those with other agendas who just relish "stirring the pot".

This Christian praises God that He has inspired you to remain on the high road, staying focused on what really matters, refraining from making personal attacks (especially on those who have personally attacked you), and making a valiant effort to encourage your supporters to do the same.

Jesus' words in Matthew come to mind. "Behold, I send you out as sheep in the midst of wolves; so be as shrewd as serpents and innocent as doves. But beware of men, for they will hand you over to the courts and scourge you in their synagogues; and you will even be brought before governors and kings for My sake, as a testimony to them and to the Gentiles. But when they hand you over, do not worry about how or what you are to say; for it will be given you in that hour what you are to say. For it is not you who speak, but it is the Spirit of your Father who speaks in you." (Matthew 10:16-20)

Wade, this Christian continues to pray that the Lord will bring out of this nasty business fruit which will strengthen, encourage, and bless the Missions program of the SBC to His glory and honor.

In His Grace and Peace,

Anonymous said...

I, for one, have posted thoughts and concerns at Wade's blog during the past few weeks--when he's permitted it to happen anonymously--because my own senior pastor and I (an associate ministry staff member) would NOT agree on this matter. But, anonymous postings here too, I suppose, are a bit risky; fortunately, Wade can edit our thoughts, or delete them entirely.

About Dr. Welch: I'm happy he makes phone calls to address matters of important concern. Last summer, when NO MEMBER of any church uniquely aligned with the state convention my congregation associates with (let's say, a Southern state) was permitted to be nominated to serve in any SBC leader role during 2005-2006, I inquired of Dr. Welch about his (as SBC president) allowing this to occur. He has yet to reply--although he has traveled quite a bit in the past year (of course, our state convention helped subsidize his travels via its CP contributions, despite its exclusion from participation in SBC life--and folks call us uncooperative!). Can this kind of thing be the next big topic for blogging when the current matter is settled--or will that kind of exclusion be permitted to continue?

Again--and again, and again--ANY YEAR'S VERSION of the BF&M is REPRESENTATIVE of the personal theological persuasion of almost EVERY KIND OF BAPTIST EVER WALKING ON THE PLANET EARTH (and most other evangelical believers, as well). All Baptists, pick one and cooperate in ministry evangelism, for the sake of the world--please!