Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Timing, The Will of God, and Biblical Providence

21st Century followers of Christ are so prone to speak of finding God's will that they have never paused to consider if the concept is even Scriptural. The Bible speaks of God's will in terms of certainty and fact, never uncertainty and doubt. In other words, God's will is never lost for the believer, but always perfectly experienced by the believer.

Sure, His revealed Word is often broken (commandmants, biblical principles and exhortations, etc . . . ), but God has established His throne in the heavens and He does as He pleases. His decretive will (or decrees) is never broken, for who can resist God? Even sin, which is always permitted by God -- for He could immediately destroy the sinner and the sin -- ultimately redounds to His Glory (the praise of either His eternal justice and holiness or His immeasurable grace through Jesus Christ).

This is why the Apostles would make plans, such as a mission trip, and then always say, "If God wills . . ." This simply meant it would not be done if God did not will it for He would stop it. It did not mean they had the possibility of "missing God's will."

The steps of the righteous are directed by God. Therefore, rest in His Providential care. Make your plans. Trust your God.

He never fails.

Wade Burleson

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