Sunday, December 18, 2005

It's About People

I have stated previously why I oppose the new IMB policies regarding missionary candidates (see Crusading Conservatives vs. Cooperating Conservatives: The War for the Future of the Southern Baptist Convention ), but the following email from a long-time International Mission Board fellow trusteee puts a face to the problem.

Brother Wade:

I know your e-mails and phone calls must be overwhelming, but as a trustee who shares your views but not as vocal as I probably need to be, I just wanted to say thank you for your stand and expression of concern.

I remember sitting on a personnel subcommittee reviewing one of the most compelling testimonies of a couple I'd heard who sought to be appointed tp represent Southern Baptist as missionaries for Christ and then in utter amazement having one on the committee refusing to affirm them because she had been baptized as a 9 year old girl in a church of another denomination. Although she was baptized by immersion, beautifully articulated the meaning of baptism and had been a member of a strong, well respected Baptist church for over 20 years, we were going to require her to be rebaptized before she could be appointed.

I remember saying to myself, if this is what this board is about, I need to resign. I'm not a preacher, but sometimes we are so good at preaching grace but then turning right around and getting up under the law.

Anyway, just wanted to thank you for your leadership concerning this and let you know I support you and I'm praying for you.

(Name Withheld by Blog Administrator).

May God help us as a denomination when we exclude God-called men and women who qualify Scripturally for service, but don't measure up to our man-made rules.

In His Grace,



Marty Duren said...

And it gets worser and worser...

Paul said...

That's reprehensible.

Anonymous said...

No one asked, but I believe this emerging issue is symptomatic of the fundamentalist state to which the SBC has devolved since 1979. Not those remaining as the SBC, but those seeking to fill leadership positions of the SBC are--though truly conservative as to their understanding of the Scriptures--fundamentalist as to their politics and practice. This cannot be correctly denied (but someone in such a position, please try to do so). Biblical conservatives don't turn on each other, but true fundamentalists characteristically do.

There were not 1000 theological liberals in the SBC in 1979; there are not 1000 fundamentalist in the SBC now. The outcome of this matter already is decided; those filling the elected leadership roles related to this matter, please carry out your responsibilities. Thank you.

David Troublefield
Wichita Falls, TX

Tim Sweatman said...


Words cannot begin to express the indignation I felt when I read that email. Thank you for boldly standing up on this issue. PLEASE encourage all other like-minded trustees to speak out publicly and not give up in the face of opposition; the very future of the SBC is at stake.