Tuesday, September 14, 2021

"Humane Without a Brain" Is Liberal Government

I just returned from New York City after spending three days in the Bronx, Times Square, and Midtown. New York City has historically been one of my favorite cities to visit, and Rachelle and I have been in NYC on numerous occasions.

I was shocked at the negative transformation that has taken place since the last time I was in NYC (2019).

Homeless are sleeping on the streets, even in Times Square, Manhattan, and Midtown. Drug deals - hard drug deals (cocaine, heroin, etc.) -  are conducted in the open without the threat of arrest. Crime is skyrocketing. A little four-year-old girl was hit with a stray bullet in Times Square a few weeks ago during broad daylight. The video of the police officer carrying the limp, bleeding wounded girl to safety went viral. Trash is everywhere on the streets, and the city feels unsafe. 

Liberalism has destroyed New York City. More specifically, liberal government leadership on the city, state, and federal levels has destroyed NYC. 

We went to New York City to connect with the New York Police Department, encouraging them on the 20th Anniversary of 9.11, and to hand out school supplies to kids and minister to families in the Bronx Burrough, the place New Yorkers themselves voted as "the most difficult and dangerous place to raise a family."

The NYPD officers were wonderful. We prepared hamburgers for them, gave them prayer grams from people in Oklahoma, and encouraged them. They said, "It's nice to be recognized and encouraged. We know there are people in New York City that appreciate us, but they keep quiet. We only hear those who are targeting us."

A sergeant for the NYPD took me around his precinct. I asked him why crime is skyrocketing. What he told me is very revealing about why New York City is in such terrible straights in 2021. 

When Mayor Rudy Guliani came into power (1994), he implemented what he called "broken windows policing."  Mayor Guliani believed smaller crimes prosecuted lead to larger crimes prevented. Mr. Guiliani said in 1998:
"Obviously murder and graffiti are two vastly different crimes. But they are part of the same continuum, and a climate that tolerates one is more likely to tolerate the other."

Crime rates plummeted in New York City during Guliani's tenure (1994-2001). Felony arrest rates rose 50 to 70 percent. When arrests for burglaries increased 10 percent, the number of burglaries fell 2.7 to 3.2 percent. When the arrest rate of robbers rose 10 percent, the number of robberies fell nearly 6 percent.

But liberals have taken over in New York.

I asked the NYPD officer, "Why are Times Square and Manhattan so different than they were just a
decade ago?" 

He responded: 

When Covid-19 hit, the New York City government moved tens of thousands of homeless people in high dollar hotels that were "empty" because tourism had come to a halt. For over a year, the homeless stayed in the hotels. Just this past spring (2021), the city began removing the homeless from the $400, $500, and $600 a night Manhattan hotels. 

The hotels were destroyed. 

The homeless had nowhere to go.

The skyrocketing crime in Times Square and Manhattan is a direct result of the liberal government leaders being humane without a brain. 

Our church and Forgotten Ministries in Enid are providing shelter to the homeless. But one of the requirements to have shelter is to work on addiction recovery and personal responsiblity. 

Handouts help nobody. Helping people find transformation in Jesus Christ elevates an entire culture. 
Wisdom is Personified in Jesus the Messiah. Christ transforms lives. 

Liberalism is a person being humane without a brain. 


Neil Cameron (One Salient Oversight) said...

"Helping people find transformation in Jesus Christ elevates an entire culture."

Are you saying that if a Homeless person becomes a Christian they will no longer become homeless?

Rex Ray said...


Last night, I got so tired of hearing the News about the wrong things our Government has done this year that I went to bed and left Judy still listening.

I’ve been wanting you to have a Post that covered the subject; so, your Post title about Government really got my attention.

I’m glad you bragged on Mayor Rudy Guliani’s leadership that lowered crime, but what do you think about the results of our President’s leadership?

I believe he and others have made America the laughing stock of the world.

Wade Burleson said...


The homeless people we help get off their addictions, take personal responsibility, and we help find them a job, and with their income, they find housing.

Yes, I'm saying a person transformed by Jesus Christ is able to work, eat, and find shelter.

Drug abuse, alcohol abuse, and sexual immorality (and the resultant disease) lead to homelessness.

Definitely BUILD shelters for the homeless, but HOLD THEM ACCOUNTABLE and make them PERSONALLY RESPONSIBLE for their behaviors.

Nice picture.

Wade Burleson said...

Rex, President Biden is a puppet controlled by masters behind the stage. Our country is in terrible danger.

Victorious said...

Wades comments about the homeless reminded me of a video I saw several years ago. It's entitled, "A homeless man walks into a church What he did next shocked everyone!"

It's a 3 min. video that will surely make you think.


Several of my friends criticize me for giving money to those begging on street corners. I feel that it's my responsibility to share what I have; it's their responsibility to use it wisely. Correct me if I'm wrong....

Christiane said...

God Bless you, WADE, for your merciful service to troubled people.

If only we were all able to recognize the Presence of Christ in those who suffer and to know that it is our service to others that exists in that realm in which the mystery of God becomes for us a reality.

Scott Shaver said...

Suffering in and of itself is not sacrosanct

Rex Ray said...


You said our Country is in grave danger.

Jesus said, “…Any kingdom divided by civil war is doomed.
Abraham Lincoln said, “A housed divided against itself cannot stand.”

In my own life, I enjoy a picture of a smiling dog saying, “I just bit a Democrat.”

I believe there’s more division between Democrats and Republicans now than the hatred in the Civil War.

RB Kuter said...

"The skyrocketing crime in Times Square and Manhattan is a direct result of the liberal government leaders being humane without a brain."

New York City is a microcosm of what is taking place throughout this nation (and the world). It is having those in power who have the mindset depicted by Wade's description, "humane without a brain".

It applies to the senseless manipulation of the poor of those south of our border by intentionally creating a magnet to draw them into the hell of being victimized along their way by gangs south of our border who steal whatever the traveling immigrants might have, beat and kill them, and are mass raping thousands of women. Then those in power creating an enormous, uncontrollable, inhumane situation at the border where there are no adequate facilities to accommodate all of the millions seeking to enter into our borders. "humane without a brain".

It applies to the absurd defense for the murdering of millions of infants saying, "It's a mother's choice" that trumps the life of her child. "humane without a brain".

It applies to the absurd demand for vaccine mandates without regard to the immunity of those who have already had COVID, those who want the liberty to decide for themselves whether they will take the needle with all of its "yet to be seen" collateral damage, and health care institutions manipulating and intentionally distorting COVID numbers to keep the panic-fires roaring in order to control the society. "humane without a brain".

It applies to the equally absurd policy of the “vaccine-mandate” regime insisting that front-line health care workers take “the needle” even when they refuse to the point of leaving their jobs and diminish the supply of essential healthcare workers required to meet the needs of the hospitalized. It is said that a big factor in the inadequacy of hospitals to care for the sick is the decreased numbers of healthcare workers, not overwhelming COVID patients. “humane without a brain”.

It is pushing to legalize the millions of un-vetted, unregistered, illegal aliens surging across our borders, giving them free health care, drivers license, and living subsidies for the apparent purpose of eventually giving them citizenship and the right to vote for those who instigated their entry and presence. The current regime thereby assures their continued control. "humane without a brain".

It is intentionally deploying the millions of illegals entering our country throughout the nation in buses, thereby increasing the pandemic of COVID in the United States. Was the most recent “spike” due to a “new variant” or the “huge influx and deployment of millions of unvetted, un-tested, COVID-infected illegals deployed into the population? “humane without a brain”.

It is giving people so much government aid that it eliminates their need to get a job, thereby causing small businesses to fail, services to diminish and the economy to enter a period of higher inflation, increased interest rates,diminished productivity and increased “voluntary unemployment”. “humane without a brain”.

It is tragic, but I personally see NO reversal in the trend, only increased acceleration into the abyss as the current regimes manipulate electoral systems to assure their unchallenged continuance in power. No reversal possible.

Surely, this is at least the forerunner of "The Great Tribulation" period.

But even if it is, the response of those genuine followers of Jesus Christ should be as Wade describes:

“Our church and Forgotten Ministries in Enid are providing shelter to the homeless. But one of the requirements to have shelter is to work on addiction recovery and personal responsibility.
Handouts help nobody. Helping people find transformation in Jesus Christ elevates an entire culture.
Wisdom is Personified in Jesus the Messiah. Christ transforms lives.”

“Humane with a brain”

Rex Ray said...

RB Kuter,


Christiane said...

when our voices grow too shrill, and we forget to be thankful, and the world is 'too much with us' in ways that do not point to God,
we can still learn from God's creatures who communicate compassion without words
and for that, at least, some will give thanks to God

from the Sarum Primer:

God be in my head and in my understanding
God be in my eyes and in my looking
God be in my mouth and in my speaking
God be in my heart and in my thinking
God be in my end and in my departing.


Anon.E.Moose said...

I remember last spring, when Don Lemon (CNN commentator) came out and said that "God does not judge." Although through Jesus, there is a new covenant where we are saved through grace, nothing about that said that we will not be judged. The rules have changed with the covenant through Christ. We have a God that is good, but he is a judging God. We only have to look to the Lord's prayer, "Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven....." God has a will that is revealed to us through the life of Jesus.

But then Paul wrote, “You, then, why do you judge your brother or sister? Or why do you treat them with contempt? For we will all stand before God’s judgment seat… So then, each of us will give an account of ourselves to God. Therefore let us stop passing judgment on one another. Instead, make up your mind not to put any stumbling block or obstacle in the way of a brother or sister” (Romans 14:10, 12, 13)."

Our goal is to grow in God's grace. Our goal is to lift up our brother and sister -- to love one another as I have loved you -- which by definition doesn't happen if a person is licentious, only attending to their own base needs and desires. If we do not lift up our brother and sister -- help them through the grip of addiction, we have left them with a huge stumbling block which Paul tells us is wrong. The problem of "judge not lest you be judged": It is not our place judge as God will finally judge our lives, but it is our place to be discerning-- to pursue what is good (identified through grace) and to throw away that which is evil.

Although at first licentiousness seems like freedom, it is, in actuality it's own prison trapping us in our pursuit of base desires. If we pursue Christ, if we attempt to grow through grace, the licentiousness loses it’s power and is no longer the goal.

We have morphed into a society that looks to pagan rituals (The Science (tm)) to save us rather than God. Newspapers gleefully report this pastor and that person that was religious and said that God would save them from COVID and they STILL DIED. However, the truth is that people who have believed all The Things and followed all the rituals that we have been told to follow have still gotten COVID and died. In this whole pursuit of perfection and safety from COVID, we have given up our pursuit of God and the body of Christ (the church).

We have morphed into a society that is celebrating sexual transgressions and promoting drugs. We have lost the moral compass that our founding fathers assumed that we would have to allow us to be a society with liberty. In the name of safety, we have forfeited our freedoms. In the name of "freedom" we are becoming captive to base desires and as a society we have lost the moral direction to see those prisons for what they are.

Simply put, if liberty has no moral compass, liberty becomes licentiousness. The person pursuing licentiousness -- i.e. the pursuit of emotional and physical satisfaction without morality or pursuit of God -- will be a prisoner of that pursuit. I'm going to stop now because I feel like I have written one crazy big mal-formed circle.

Neil Cameron (One Salient Oversight) said...

If you look at official statistics, a different picture emerges.

Let's look at poverty rates first (2019 figures). The worst states for poverty are:

51. Mississippi (Trump)
50. Louisiana (Trump)
49. New Mexico (Biden)
48. Kentucky (Trump)
47. Arkansas (Trump)
46. West Virginia (Trump)
45. Alabama (Trump)
44. Oklahoma (Trump)
43. Tennessee (Trump)
42. South Carolina (Trump)
41. North Carolina (Trump)
40. Texas (Trump)
35. New York (Biden)

Now look at the violent crime rate. (2019 figures) Which states are the worst?

1. District of Columbia (Biden)
2. Alaska (Trump)
3. New Mexico (Biden)
4. Tennessee (Trump)
5. Arkansas (Trump)
6. Louisiana (Trump)
7. South Carolina (Trump)
8. Alabama (Trump)
9. Missouri (Trump)
10. Nevada (Biden)
15. Oklahoma (Trump)
26. Mew York (Biden)

So in terms of these statistics we find the following correlations:

1. States with high poverty levels voted for Trump
2. States with high violent crime rates voted for Trump

Of course correlation does not equal causation...





Rex Ray said...

RB Kuter,

You’ll be glad to read below:

Texas’s largest companies stay silent on state abortion ban despite outrage | Texas | The Guardian

“The law relies on private citizens to carry out the ban by allowing people to file civil lawsuits against anyone who assists a woman in getting an abortion after embryonic cardiac activity is detected. A divided US supreme court declined to block it, allowing it to remain in effect as its legality is worked out in lower courts.”

Bene said...

On August 26th you posted about an interview with a NYT reporter. In it you said:

"Two weeks ago, a Pacific Islander that our church has helped came to see me. We had assisted him, his wife, and his kids in multiples areas. He had learned some financial principles through us, his wife had been helped by our English as a Second Language ministry, and we ultimately worked to successfully obtain legal United States citizenship for this entire family. He came to me in tears:

"Pastor Wade, I am about to go bankrupt. Three years ago I began investing the money that I had save from my two jobs to purchase small rental homes. My wife and I worked to restore those homes and then we rented them out. We only bought, remodeled, and own FOUR HOMES, but it was enough to pay for our son's college education. However, since February 2020, I have NOT BEEN PAID ANY RENT by those living in my homes. The United States' Centers for Disease Control (CDC) came out and told our RENTERS that they did not have to pay RENT for their residence (OUR homes) because of COVID-19. They have extended "No Rent" for eighteen months. We are going broke!"

What happened with this landlord?
With the eviction moratorium overturned on August 26th has this landlord started eviction proceedings?

Homelessness crosses gender, age, nationality. Some causes are mental illness, substance abuse, untreated medical issues, traumatic events, violence and abuse, lack of affordable housing and difficulty sustaining employment.

Oklahoma has a homeless population of 3,932 (2020 - USICH).
Enid has a homeless population of around 100 (pop. 51,308) 2020 USCB
The current rental vacancy rate for Oklahoma is 8.4% 2021 USCB
Enid unemployment rate is about 3.6%. USBLS
The crime rate in Enid is 37/100,000 - 48.89% above national average. FBI
Oklahoma ranked 4th in US for opioid sales per capita in 2018.
Oklahoma is 3rd in incarceration rates in the US. PrisonPolicy US

I commend your ministry to the NYPD, Bronx residents and Enid homeless.
I would suggest that homelessness, drug abuse, crime and poor policy are not exclusively a liberal state/city problem.

Christiane said...

lullaby for the unborn

Lissa Roberson said...

Be it handouts or long-term public assistance -- if there is no "cost" to the recipient in terms of accountability or personal investment, lasting change will never take place.

Wade Burleson said...


Yes, he did evict. You don't pay, you don't rent.

Yes, homelessness is a problem throughout society.

Yes, our church is doing something about it.

Scott Shaver said...

Perfect model provided by “Salient” demonstrating the truth of the ages old axiom: “There are two kinds of lies, damn lies and statistics”.

Rex Ray said...

The last two comments on Post 8-31-21 states:

1. Okman said...Thank you for your sharing. https://starvegasok.com/ไฮโล Thu Sep 09, 06:24:00 AM 2021

2. Comment deleted: This comment has been removed by a blog administrator. Thu Sep 09, 06:28:00 AM 2021

I believe this Okman is a sneaky guy because his link is the same as his deleted comment.