Saturday, May 22, 2021

"Show Me Your Papers" Is Now The State's Control

Zeigen Sie mir Ihre Papiere!
Zeigen Sie mir Ihre Papiere!

The German words "Show me your papers!" sent chills up the spine of every German-born Jew in 1938-39. German society had been programmed to believe that Jews were vermin, disease carriers that disrupted the clean culture of German society. National Public Radio - not your average American conservative radio network - outlines in an article how the German Nazis used the word rats to describe the Jews, and justified their extermination because they were unclean disease carriers. 

On Friday, May 21, 2021, Oregon, became the first state in the USA to require that people in workplaces, businesses, and churches show proof of COVID-19 vaccination in order to be allowed maskless entry to the facilities.

Zeigen Sie mir Ihre Papiere!

Businesses, employers and faith institutions now have the option to adjust their masking guidance to allow fully vaccinated individuals to no longer wear a mask in their establishments.

Businesses, employers and faith institutions doing so must have a policy in place to check the vaccination status of all individuals before they enter their establishment.
Businesses, employers and faith institutions who do not create such policies will maintain the same masking guidance listed below, regardless of an individual’s vaccination status.

 Zeigen Sie mir Ihre Papiere!

You rats that trust natural immunity are not welcome.

You rats that trust God over government scientists are not welcome.

You rats that aren't scared of a disease that has a 99.6 survival rate are not welcome. 

You rats that don't do what government officials demand you do are not welcome.

Zeigen Sie mir Ihre Papiere!

I met a couple this past Sunday who moved to Enid, Oklahoma. Guess what. He's a full-time student at the University of Oregon, but he's had enough. He is finishing his education online while both transplanted to Enid. 

Oklahoma, thank God, is not socialist Oregon. 

I won't be visiting Oregon anytime soon. 

This rat enjoys his freedom from government oppression and socialist fascist government leaders who play god. 


Lissa Roberson said...

Oregon's been on the national media stage ever since Portland went the way of nightly riots last year. Its young mayor, Ted Wheeler only recently appealed to the agitators, asking them to stop destroying the City of Roses. Sadly, it's already too late, as proven by your story of the university couple that relocated to Enid.

My dad grew up in eastern Oregon -- Nyssa, located in Malheur County. Malheur is one of several counties that has recently voted to secede from Oregon and become part of the state of Idaho instead. Several counties in southern and eastern Oregon, and surprisingly, northern California are concerned with their state governments' overreach and are desperate to join a state with less oppressive leadership.

Rex Ray said...


From one rat to another rat; SCARY POST!

Scott Shaver said...


Have a friend who visited family and visited grave site of Jimi Hendrix in Oregon last summer. Sent pics and video footage of the chaos. So sad.

carl4grace said...

Did Martin Niemoller actually say this?

“In Germany they came first for the Communists,
and I didn't speak up
because I wasn't a Communist.

Then they came for the Jews,
and I didn't speak up
because I wasn't a Jew.

Then they came for the trade unionists,
and I didn't speak up
because I wasn't a trade unionist.

Then they came for the Catholics,
and I didn't speak up
because I was a Protestant.

Then they came for me,
and by that time no one was left
to speak up for me.”

Martin Niemöller

Christiane said...

Niemöller also said this:

"... the people who were put in the camps then were Communists. Who cared about them? We knew it, it was printed in the newspapers. Who raised their voice, maybe the Confessing Church? We thought: Communists, those opponents of religion, those enemies of Christians—"should I be my brother's keeper?"



Only then did the Church as such take note.

Then we started talking, until our voices were again silenced in public. "

Rex Ray said...

NKY congressman Tom Massie among lawmakers fined $500 for not wearing mask on House floor (

Wade, this money will be deducted from his paycheck. I think Pelosi has bitten off more than she can chew.

Wade Burleson said...


I am going to start calling you Rex Rat Ray! :) There's a ring to it!

Good for TOM MASSIE. I wish there were more politicians with backbones like his!

Rex Ray said...

Yeah, Wade “Rex Rat Ray” does have a ring to it. In fact, my initials are RRR.

“Those that live by the sword will die by the sword.”

I wish Pelosi was President. Since she broke the Constitution, she could be impeached. :)

Scott Shaver said...

Viva la rat

Christiane said...


Sharing a very painful study containing some sad insights into modern thinking:

" The Course of Nature

A meme that has been making the rounds within and beyond the populist right in the United States and United Kingdom decries shelter-in-place mandates as unlikely to achieve “herd immunity,” and suggests that the mass death—of the elderly, the homeless, and the chronically ill most vulnerable if these mandates were abandoned—might be not only a necessary but a beneficial outcome.
I first heard this claim in the Internet-amplified words of a San Francisco Bay area planning official castigated and later fired for expressing it. Kenneth Turnage, II, planning commission chair for the exurban city of Antioch, wrote (on April 23, 2020, on his Facebook page) that if allowed, the coronavirus “would run rampant.” He went on:

"I am sorry but this would fix what is a significant burden on our society and resources that can be us[ed. In my opinion we need to adapt a herd mentality. A herd gathers it [sic] ranks, it allows the sick, the old, the injured to meet its natural course in nature."

In his posting, Turnage referred several times to nature as the ground for sound policy. Advocating that we “let nature run its course,” he compared “society” to a forest, to a herd, and more generally to an ecosystem. The COVID-19 pandemic offered a corrective and natural action to an unspecified longer-term situation that has made government as a form of calculable planning (his official task) challenging. If allowed to “run its course,” COVID-19, “would reduce burdens in our defunct Social Security System, health care cost (once the wave subsided), make jobs available for others and it would also free up housing in which we are in dire need” (quoted in Law 2020).

The Antioch city council voted unanimously on May 2 to fire Turnage. A council member was quoted in Time magazine saying the planning chair's words were “very insensitive and callous, especially towards the elderly.” At this meeting of the council, Turnage responded to criticism by terming it “race-baiting” and affirmed that his comments, rooted in his understanding of ecological reason, had a scientific basis (Law 2020)."

I think studies like this bring the painful issue to the table in how divided we are in this country along lines of what IS the 'Better Way' and in what context do Christians best witness to it. There is much division among people of faith, but the old 'question' will always rise to the forefront: 'what is the VALUE of a single human life?'

In my own opinion, I find the divisions on how people of faith respond to that ancient primordial question to be among the most painful and discouraging divisions throughout the universal history of all humankind.

Christiane said...
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Rex Ray said...


I walked a mile with Laughter,
She chatted all the way,
But left me none the wiser,
For all She had to say.

I walked a mile with Sorrow,
Not a word said She,
But oh, the things I learned,
When Sorrow walked with me.

Our Dad taught us that. The reason I mentioned the poem, is because your long, long link left me none the wiser.

If you want to learn how COVID-19 started and came from, watch Tucker Carlson’s Friday TV show when he interviewed a Chinese Scientists who worked in the Chinese lab where it started.

Today, I heard a guy say it started from that bat Pelosi. :)

Rex Ray said...


I put 40 copies of “Show Me Your Papers” in our church today.

Christiane said...

Hello out there, REX RAY

yes, that 'link' is incredibly saddening to me, but here's something more hopeful:

'Without the Word of God, there is only the darkness'
'in Silence, the Word'.

When Christians 'witness' so that their 'fruit of the Holy Spirit' speaks in silence to point souls towards Christ, this may be best seen in those places where the Kingdom of Our Lord spills over into the public places where the humble folk live who may be touched by grace. There ARE such places, healing places, that foretell of the time of the drying of all tears.

Wade Burleson said...



Christiane said...

always there is hope in the Kingdom of the Risen Lord :)

RB Kuter said...

I was in a court room the other day and they (judge and attorneys) were gayly talking about there not being a need to wear a mask if you had your vaccinations. I didn't have a mask on and was wondering if they were going to ask everyone who had not received their vacs to raise their hand. (In my state of Georgia the policy is not nearly as intense as Oregon but still there is an underlying sense of discrimination against those who have not received their vacs; i.e., disease carrying vermin.)

It does give a person the feeling that they are wearing a "Star of David" arm band.

Yet my wife and I continue to fear the long-term effects of the vacs more than catching COVID; "Lord, give me what you want, just don't put me in the hands of my enemies!"

Rex Ray said...

RB Kuter,

Ah ha, as one unvaccinated to another; hello. One regret I have is not being to visit a friend in a nursing home without showing your ‘vaccinated card’. (Judy has her card.)

Christiane said...

REX RAY, how is that lady Lara doing in her nursing home now?

Rex Ray said...


Nice of you to ask. We’ve been mighty busy, but Judy plans to visit soon. You can’t call her because her hearing is so bad. Long ago, her husband asked why I’d built the tower. I told him; I was going to watch him through a spotting scope.

He said, “Well, I’m going to be looking back at you through my scope and it’s on a rifle.”

Today, there were two buzzards sitting on the tower. I wonder if they figured they could see ‘food’ while resting instead of flying.

Or was it an omen the ‘death of the slide’ as wind had blown part of the side off. 😊 Wind also blew the plywood top that was fastened to a steel table that held the sled.

Christiane said...

Judy is kind to go and visit with Lara when she can. Visiting the sick is a holy thing.
I know you would go also, REX RAY, were it not for the vaccine. Did you ever find out what on Earth happened to your magnificent giant slide? A storm? Lightning strike? Or someone who wanted to use the plywood? Surely the 'wind' in Texas isn't that strong? Maybe it was a mini-tornado.

Can the slide be repaired? A little wood and maybe some good help from your Church?
I hope so.

My son called from Alaska and told me that the eagles were putting on quite a show. I asked him if they ever landed on the deck, and he said, no, that they preferred to be a lot higher up on the wires so they could keep lookout for food. (My son lives at the water's edge on Douglas Island, across from Juneau where he is assigned to duty.)

Did you ever see an eagle land on your really high slide, REX RAY ?

RB Kuter said...

This is what makes the rationale of the vac police suspect to me:
If you don't have COVID and have not had a vaccination, why wear a mask?
If you have had a COVID vac, why are you concerned that those of us who have not, wear a mask?
If you have had the COVID vac which makes you immune, why are you concerned?

When Fauci were asked these very same questions in Congress last week by the Conservatives, he responded, "There are variants of the COVID so those with the vac may be vulnerable."

Now that opens an entirely new can of worms, doesn't it? If Fauci says those without the vac should wear masks because they might be carrying a variant that could be dangerous to those who have had the vacs, then why aren't those who have had the vacs required to wear a mask?

You see, this type of monkey-business answers and response are what makes people like me suspect of EVERYTHING that comes out from these "scientific-Bozos" in this media/politico circus. One cannot get a straight answer that applies a consistent logic.

At the same time they are playing their circus games, there are those on the other side propagating that the vacs do cause health issues in some people, that they are synthetically fabricated in a manner never used before in the creation of vaccinations, and there are ulterior motives for their application. Many who are proponents of these propositions are very credible scientists and their credentials are at the same high level as those who oppose their views.

So my wife and I simply respond by not falling into the trap of having something injected into our bloodstream that is unproven, suspect of causing damage, and may well not protect us anyway. Nah, I'll take my chances on getting COVID and if either of us do and dies, people are welcome to say, "I told you, so, foolish people."

On the other hand, if those who have taken the COVID vacs find that their noses fall off next year, I won't say, "I told you so, foolish people." I will instead pray they can still smell things.

Rex Ray said...

RB Kuter,

“noses fall off”. RB, you’re one funny guy! Doctor told me today that it usually took eight years to determine all the effects of a new vaccine.

CHRISTIAN, it’ll take some effort, but I’m sure I can replace the 12-foot side of the slide, and the missing plywood. I have a long ladder laying on the slide that’s tied in place at the top. It will give support while replacing the rivets that hold the metal on.

Rex Ray said...

Told my doctor today, a ‘Hez Ray story’.

Hez was upset about waiting over an hour past his appointment time to see a doctor. There was an old lady in a wheelchair waiting also.

Doctor said: “How yawl doing?”
“I’m fine, but that lady died!”
“Is she really dead?”
“Dead as a hammer!”

Doctor rushed out; came back with more people, and woke her up.

Christiane said...


gosh no, don't do that climbing up there yourself! Get some help and you supervise the help by giving them orders from the ground. It will get done and you won't end up in hospital.

Mr. Kuter,
it looks like the death rate has fallen considerably and people who got vaccinated now feel more confidence to go out in the world again, to travel, to go to school, to visit the sick (Thank God for Judy Ray).

For those who do not want to get vaccinated, there will probably always be 'restrictions' of some kind at least in the foreseeable future. I've seen what the virus did to my sister-in-law and I know how we as family couldn't wait to get vaccinated. But people must do as they see fit so they can be at peace. As long as they know that there WILL BE restrictions for everyone else's sake as well as their own.

I hope 'the worst' is over but we won't know that for some time to come, as the seasons change. I would never want to see anyone 'forced' to get vaccinated, no. But I also have respect for how our society must try to protect those who are vulnerable from infection.

This won't be the last 'plague' that comes 'round, but when I saw what remained of my sister-in-law's health, this covid virus was bad enough. No one wants to see others suffer like that in a way that took away her ability to breathe without oxygen and took away her strength needed to do the work of a busy nurse practitioner. She is still recovering, but it goes so slowly.

Rex Ray said...


Who better than to fix the slide than the one who made it? :)

We have a cat that’s over 20-years-old. She’s enjoying her retirement home and her two servants.

Today, my daughter told me the difference between dogs and cats. Dogs think owners are god, and cats think they’re god.

RB Kuter said...

Wade, forgive me for venturing off the topic of this post, but I would love to see your thoughts on the upcoming Convention, perhaps in a later post, Al Mohler, and in particular, Mohler's interview with Sam Allberry on "Same-Sex Attraction" and the church's receptiveness to it.

I "think" Mohler may be one of the leading candidates for Convention President.

Rex Ray said...

RB Kuter,

If anyone criticizes us for not being vaccinated, we can say we are in the majority because Tucker Carlson said today 47% of Americans had been vaccinated. I checked Google and they said 40% had been vaccinated.

Christiane said...

Mr. Kuter,

it is possible in some areas to still participate unvaccinated IF the person agrees to periodic (weekly, for example) testing for Covid-19 as a precaution for that community;

I have heard of this happening on a University campus where, if someone is not wanting to be vaccinated, they will agree to be regularly tested, at which point they can return to be included in the university's community.

There may be many ways to successfully accommodate those who have decided not to get vaccinated, but it seems to me that as long as the community has some way of KNOWING that the person who is unvaccinated is not actively a victim of the disease;
then accommodations can be made that honor the consciences of ALL involved.

I suspect that its the folks that berate those who 'wear masks' and get vaccinated that ANY community would not want participating;
as 'harassment' works both ways,
and as most communities desire for people to find paths to respecting those who differ from them, and there are in such communities efforts made to consider the well-being of all concerned.

Some entities must have higher 'standards' than others, for example nursing homes, and care homes for the disabled who are highly at risk for infection.

RB Kuter said...

Christiane, remember when our VP insisted, prior to her winning the election, that if Trump was in office she would refuse to get a vaccination?

That tells me something about the credibility and movement to push everyone to get it now that this regime is in place, doesn't it you? They all acknowledge it is "political" manipulation.

Honestly, if Trump was still in office I would still choose not to get the vac if other variables involving the vac were the same as today. It's not a "political" choice for me, although I do suspect this government's motives now that they are in control.

Sorry, I have no faith in those in control of things, which include all of those parties involved, CDC (which has a terrible record), Fauci, and those smidgens under them, as well as those in the regime.

As far as getting tested regularly, no way. Why would I go to the inconvenience of going to get tested, have a stick up to my brain inserted, only to appease the frivolous desire of a regime without having a basis for their policy?

If I have no symptoms, why would I get tested? It's a game and, as has been referenced lately, "theater".

Christiane said...

I hear you, Mr. Kuter.

But if you are talking 'my inconvenience', when being tested is NOT a risk to you, I would say you have to also consider what other people have gone through, what they have lost and how they have suffered.

I think we all weigh our choices everyday and we make them in accordance with our consciences (hopefully).

If a person's priorities involve 'inconvenience' as a prime concern, then their choices will be different from those of folks with different priorities. I can understand that, yes.

I also understand that communities can decide ways to try to accommodate respectfully ALL the members of the community, so that 'options' are available and 'choices' can still be made by a person in accordance with his own freedom to choose WITHIN the limits of 'all concerned', as a 'community' is made up of more than one individual.

So that university I mentioned had worked out a 'plan' to try to help with the problem of some of its members not wanting to be vaccinated. IF some chose to not be 'tested' because of the inconvenience, there are many other schools that might see things differently. The choices are out there. It's a free country. I see that some effort to accommodate people in accordance with their consciences is at least a step in the right direction. Mr. Kuter, we may see things differently. I am patiently hopeful when I see even small steps forward in ways of respecting members of any community who see things differently. But at least, I did hear you, yes.

RB Kuter said...

Rex Ray, I wonder if those getting the vac or refusing to get it, are all based along party lines? I imagine it is. That is kind of weird to me.

Just got a call from a friend whose elderly Mom is in hospice in a home for the elderly and near death. Friend wants me to come to read Scripture and pray with her.

She said I could enter the care center if I had my two vacs. I said I had not had any but would be glad to wear a mask. She said she would have to check with those running the center and would text me with instructions. She said she would put her Mom in a wheel chair and bring her outside to meet with me if necessary. I don't know if the facility will allow that. My friend said the "chaplain" at the facility was called to visit her Mom but he didn't read Scripture or even pray with her Mom! Imagine! But their requirements for entry is to have a vac passport.

This is a sign of what we will be dealing with if we choose to resist and not follow what I believe are absurd and unfounded mandates being placed upon us.

This has nothing to do with the "Mark of the Beast" scenario depicted in the Book of Revelation EXCEPT maybe a prophetic example of the type of conditions that Jesus Followers will be faced with during that time when extreme efforts are made to buckle their knees and force them to bow to the "Anti-Christ" by having the "Mark of Identification of Having Submitted to the Regime in Control".

Again, I do not propose that today's COVID-Vac propagation is THAT event, however, I do believe it brings us to understand just how it will be to live and seek to survive under the Satanic regime during those days as devoted followers of Jesus Christ.

Scott Shaver said...


I feel no "responsibilty" whatsoever with regard to the Covid 19 vaccine. And I am not anti-vaccine.

I feel no "responsibility" for the enslavement of people as chattel property in a bygone age which, like all ages, contains its fair share of historical spilt milk.

Last but not least, I feel not the slightest pain of conviction over a wrong "attitude" being the basis of my disagreement with your world view.

Christiane said...

looking at developments in laws related to the workplace. . .
. . . accommodating workers who refuse to be vaccinated . . . a look at the possibility of using accommodations in certain situations as suggested by the Americans For Disabilities Act"

"Under the ADA, an employer can have a workplace policy that includes "a requirement that an individual shall not pose a direct threat to the health or safety of individuals in the workplace."

If a vaccination requirement screens out a worker with a disability, however, the employer must show that unvaccinated employees would pose a "direct threat" due to a "significant risk of substantial harm to the health or safety of the individual or others that cannot be eliminated or reduced by reasonable accommodation."

RB Kuter said...

Christiane wrote: "But if you are talking 'my inconvenience', when being tested is NOT a risk to you, I would say you have to also consider what other people have gone through, what they have lost and how they have suffered."

Christiane, you've got to help me out on connecting the dots on your thought process here. Maybe you can expound a bit to help me understand your logic given.

1. My "inconvenience" is simply that I don't want to take a half day to go some
where and do something unpleasant for no logical reason known by me.

2. If I am not sick and have no reason or symptom to suggest that I am sick, why
would I want to go get "tested" for having something that does portray its
presence with definite symptoms?
3. I cannot understand how thousands of other people dying from something should
motivate me to get tested for it while not having any symptom of having whatever
they died of. Am I supposed to somehow feel obligated to go get tested for COVID
for no other reason except that other people have died from it?
4. In other words, should I somehow feel that my having a meaningless and
unnecessary test makes those who are grieving over the loss of loved ones who
have died from COVID in the past feel better, more comforted?
If so, I believe it would be of greater benefit if I recommended that grieving
person to a grief counselor who could help them get through the grief process
rather than my going through motions to make them feel better.

I am failing to see the connection between these dots.

Christiane said...

Hello Mr. Kuter,

If I have misunderstood you, I am sorry. By no means would I ask you to give up using your logic and reasoning which are gifts from God that must be respected. Nor can I connect the dots, so to speak, for you.

In your case, the only thing I can share is a way I have always found for myself that helped me change 'perspective' on what is asked of me for the sake of others in the Kingdom of Our Lord, especially when I could not see far enough ahead to understand the bigger picture. I would sit for a while and look at a crucifix. Not saying it would help you connect any dots, no, because we are not all at the same place at the same time on 'the journey';
but I do know that, for me, contemplating the crucifix has always 're-set' the way I saw things as if in a different light, and this brought me a sense of being 'at peace' and focused, where before there had been a 'failure to see' the way forward and a weary-ness to take up the journey again.

Hope this helps some.
Sorry I misunderstood what you wrote.

Scott Shaver said...

I still don't get the connection between the crucifix and the covid19 vaccine unless the logic is that taking the vaccine is an act of sacrificial love.

Don't see it that way.

Neil Cameron (One Salient Oversight) said...

"Show me your papers" happens all the time in the US whenever a police officer pulls over a car.

Rex Ray said...

One Salient Oversight,

Your comment: “Show me your papers…” reminds me of my favorite cartoon:

Policeman stops a car for speeding. When the officer sees that’s is Obama, he says: “Show me your birth certificate.”

RB Kuter said...

"Show me you birth certificate." HA! Rex Ray, you kill me!

Christiane, thank you for your thoughts on using the crucifix to help you focus.

RB Kuter said...

A word about my experience in going to the residential care facility yesterday; I had said that I would have to show I had my two vacs before entering. That turned out to not be the case and fortunately, I had no difficulties entering and only had to have my temperature taken.

Had a great time, by the way. The lady ended up ministering to me through her testimony more than I ministered to her.

Christiane said...

Good news, Mr. Kuter

you wrote "The lady ended up ministering to me through her testimony more than I ministered to her."

and my first thought was 'for it is in giving that we receive' (Francis of Assisi)

in reaching out to help that lady, you also were blessed in return; so it is in the Kingdom of Our Lord

Christiane said...


Gerry Milligan said...

Wade, again your fear of socialism is showing. Your comment, "Oklahoma, thank God, is not socialist Oregon. I won't be visiting Oregon anytime soon."

No. you prefer to surround yourself with white supremacists and racists who are intent on destroying the USA with insurrection and suppressing the non-white electorate.

Scott Shaver said...

Hey Gerry.

You wouldn't know a "white supremacist" from a White Russian IMO.

How's that for "insurrection"?

Scott Shaver said...


Tell both the white and non-white electorate to show up at the polls with proper ID, and then we might be inclined to give some credibility to your leftist and racist rants.

Gerry Milligan said...

Scott, As these two posts are only your opinion, I consider the source and discount your opinion.

Gerry Milligan said...

Scott, After some reflection, a few examples of white supremacists are: Donald Trump, Gov. Greg Abbott, Gov. Kemp, Gov. Desantis, Gov, Bull Stitt, Paige Patterson, and Paul Pressler. As I am not conversant with white Russians, maybe you could give examples.

Scott Shaver said...

In that case Gerry, I LOVE "White Supremacy" in the context of your examples.

What else you got?

Gerry Milligan said...

Scott, written as a white suprematist republican.

Scott Shaver said...


I am not convinced you would know a white supremacist from a White Russian.

Boggart Blogger said...

Show me your papers is not the only echo of that unfortunate era in German history to be heard and seen in the response of supposedly democratic governments to the COVID pandemic