Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Leftism/Nazism: The Sacred Principle of Sameness

Political leftism destroys personal liberty. How is that possible, you ask? do you believe that leftism/liberalism gives more freedom, not less? 

You are mistaken. Here's why. 

The sacred principle of sameness is the standard of leftism.

For example, the Nazis of Germany during World War II were socialists. Leftism was their political philosophy. Some cannot comprehend how Nazism (The National Socialist German Workers' Party) was leftism on parade. In fact, liberals today do everything in their power to convince you that Nazism isn't socialism, a position that is in complete denial of the Nazi name and platform. The Nazi platform stated:
"We demand that the State shall make its primary duty to provide a livelihood for its citizens. If it should prove impossible to feed the entire population, foreign nationals (non-citizens) must be deported
LEFTISM is a book written by Dr. Erik von Kuehnelt-Leddihn (1909-1999). Erik was a polymath intellectual and the leading historian of the Nazis. Take the time to read, digest, and comprehend the following concise summary of Dr. Kuehnelt-Leddihn's position. Your personal liberty is at stake:
"When a government demands identically dressed men or women carry out identical movements, the nation gives the overpowering impression of homogeneity, synchronization, symmetry, and uniformity.
Thus, a leftist identity movement tends toward the effacement of self (e.g. "the individual") and towards nostrism (e.g. "USness"). In nostrism, the individual becomes submerged in the whole. "We're all in this together."

Nostrism was the term created by the Austrian Nazi Walter Pembaur (1886-1948). The Nazis used nostrism in a clever way. 'Whoever praises and extolls the collective unit in which he participates (the German nation, the Aryian race, the working class, the Nazi party) only praises himself."

The nonconforming person or group who sins against the SACRED PRINCIPLE of SAMENESS will always be treated as a traitor, and if he is not a traitor the envious majority will push him in that direction through social shaming. All leftist identity movements take a stand for sameness and oppose otherness. All modern liberal trends point to the specter of a terrifying, bigger and more pitiless conformity.

To the simple-minded, identical laws, identical measurements, an identical language, an identical currency, an identical education, an identical political power ("one-man-one-vote"), identical pay rates, an identical intellectual level, and identical clothes (or coverings) seem highly desirable. It simplifies matters. It is cheaper. It saves thinking. To certain minds it even seems 'more just.'"

Political leftism destroys personal liberty. I would thoroughly subscribe to the words of Alexis de Tocqueville when he wrote, "Despotism appears to me particularly to be dreaded in democratic ages. I think that I would have loved liberty at all times, but in the present age I am ready to worship it."


Christiane said...
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Rex Ray said...


Yes, you were the one fish going in a different direction.

When you disagreed with the majority on the International Mission Board, you wouldn’t change your vote.

The first time I saw your name was in a newspaper that was about this link:

“GAINESVILLE, Fla. (BP) — Wade Burleson of Oklahoma resigned from the board of trustees of the International Mission Board Jan. 30, 2008… IMB trustees had voted to censure Burleson for violations of the trustees’ code of conduct during a Nov. 6, 2007, executive session…”

(You wouldn't change your vote to go along with the majority.)

I believe you said the reason you resigned was the Board was spending all its time ‘fighting you’, and by resigning they’d start doing their job of helping missionaries.

Dave said...

Reminiscent to Jesus exposing the self-exalting religion emphasizing external ritual by the Pharisees. The maker of rules are coincidentally ...the most offensive breakers of same. (‘diplomatic immunity?’) One doesn’t have to look far in 2020, to find a notorious who’s who list of influential and fallen pastors/worship leaders/authors/bloggers.

Ironically, I find that many parallels exist under our own nose. Anyone whom has felt their initial zeal of simple-hearted devotion to Christ, confined or extinguished by heavy handed cult-like ‘discipling’ in authoritarian church programming, ...understands the familiar ‘fitting of yokes’ indoctrination.

We use this Bible version, (not on phones/tablets, only from the written page) bow your head/close your eyes when told to pray, sing these hymns, tithe by our ‘first fruit’ standard, seek edification from inspired writings of this approved list of authors, listen to these praise & worship musicians, join these home groups, buy this discussion study guide, Wear this shirt/badge when reporting to serve as a ministry worker, did you already sign-up to volunteer for this outreach, get in this line to receive communion bread, then that line for communion wine. Every Sunday we stand up and repeat aloud, the ‘preferred creed’ together. Do, Do, Do, Don’t. Do, Do, Do, Don’t.

“Oh look how much brother/sister so-and-so has grown spiritually” (conformed to the traditions of men).

Wow, what a lovely and diverse body of believers we have here with us this Sunday!

Wade Burleson said...


You have a fantastic memory. Yes sir, that's precisely why I resigned.

And still would not change my mind. :)

Wade Burleson said...

Dave - parallels indeed.

Christiane said...

A thought about our understanding of the 'Holy':

We find God in the Word and in silence. Perhaps it is this contrast that helps us to process in the head what the heart already knows? :)

Rex Ray said...


“A fantastic memory”?

Somethings are ‘burned into the brain’, but I’ve given Judy and I two nicknames that start with “F”. She’s the finder, and I’m the forgetter. No joke.

Christiane said...

a thought about the woman killed at Charlottesville, VA, where several of my family have homes near the University,

that Ms. Heyer was the victim of a person who came to Charlottesville with many others under their own banners but all responding to a call to 'Unite the Right'

Republican, no, they were not . . . they were rascists and fascists and white supremacists, and Klan members and militia members and other assorted fellow-travelers and they brought torches and marched shouting hate slogans in that most civilized university town where Mr. Jefferson's University is.

I thought I would remember that Heather Heyer died there, a victim, not of Republicans, as that is not what such people 'are', but she is not forgotten, a footnote of something horrific in a beloved Virginia town called Charlottesville. She is very much remembered and will be as long as people like me call up the horror of what was seen and done by the ones who came to 'Unite The Right' and reminded the old ones of scenes from Nazi Germany in the last century before Germany destroyed itself by bowing down to a demagogue who led them into destruction, put innocents into camps, and gave massive hate rallies and believed that 'if you told a lie often enough, people would believe it.'
Heather opposed the lie. And she is remembered.