Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Communism vs. Christianity and USA Revolution

Bob Avakian, the Chairman of the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA, gave a speech a decade ago where he outlined the intent of the Communist Party in America.
"We desire to radically transform the United States toward the goal of revolution and the final aim of communism." 
Effective tactics always require an expressed target. The target of the Communist Party is Communism in the United States. The tactic is a revolution.

In 2020, we see their tactics at work.

Karl Marx (1818-1883), the founder of modern Communism, insisted that the dominant capitalist society can only be torn down when people en masse destroy the social, economic, and religious systems of an existing country. The revolution in the streets is to obtain the "4 Alls."

Mao Zedong (1893-1976), the founder of the People's Republic of China (Communist China), expressed clearly to his Maoist followers the 4 Alls he desired for China:
1, Abolish all class differences among the people.
2. Abolish all private production or individual institutions (business) that create class differences (state-owned production only).
3. Abolish all oppressive social orders (end nationalism, end individualism, end capitalism, etc.). Communism, like radical Islamic fundamentalism, has as a goal world domination so that the Utopia (caliphate) is realized by all and it is a "one-world order"
4. Abolish all ideologies that are opposed to communism (censorship and demands for conformity). 
Do those 4-Alls sound familiar to us Americans?

Two weeks ago, I marched with my black friends in a peaceful racial unity rally in downtown Enid. One of the young men (under 30) in front of me, a white man with his girlfriend, had two "Hammer and Sickle" tattooed on his calves. I got to know this young man. For him, what is happening in the United States in 2020 is the beginning of a Utopia in America.

Communism is coming.

Young people have been indoctrinated in our universities for decades. They've been taught that "God is dead" (there is no God, it is said), and that man's mind alone gives to mankind purpose. They've been taught that equality must be demanded, and if it's not given, it must be taken by force through destroying systems of inequality. They've been taught that their purpose for existence is solely this life, for there is nothing after death, and there is no Creator to govern the world.

America's young people have believed these lies. When a man who makes meth in a van is better known in America than the God who spoke the universe into existence with His Word, we've lost a generation. When a man who raises tigers in a zoo in Oklahoma is more listened to than the Lion of Judah, we've lost a generation.

Russians lost their country a century ago.

The Russian Revolution (1917) led to the adoption of the Hammer and Sickle as the official meme of the Soviet Union.

The Hammer speaks of industrial workers (city), and the Sickle speaks of agricultural workers (rural) coming together to forge a common people (Communism).

The idealism of Communism is that the people become one, share all things in common, and the world is at peace.

Sounds terrific, right?

It doesn't work.

Communism creates an order of power at the state level that takes away individual rights (liberty), removes freedom of speech and religion via coercion, and punishes the nonconformists.

The greatest mass murders during the 20th century occurred at the hands of communist government leaders in communist countries.

America was built on the concepts of the dignity for all human lives, liberties for each American to worship and speak freely (as they please), and the opportunity to pursue capital, property, and private businesses without hindrances from the state.

And most of all, the United States was built on the concept that God's purpose for our lives is preeminent.
"In God we trust." 
The Creator teaches people to be humble, loving, good, sacrificial, and kind, and He says there will come a day of accounting for one's behavior toward his fellow man.

The epitome of the Christian faith is to love one another as God has loved us. We'll give the shirts off our backs for those in need. That's America.
Communism is built on the belief that there is no God, and the only way to help those in need is to abolish the systems that created class distinctions. Communism lies, harms, destroys and kills. 
America needs to awaken.
It is America's Christian character, our nation's capitalistic economy, and the government's protection of individual liberties that have made people from all over the world want to come to America.
It's time that we see through the smoke and realize that the end goal of the 2020 revolution is to fundamentally change the structure of America.

Don't let that happen on your watch. The battle we face isn't about politics. This isn't about Democrats vs. Republicans, blacks vs. whites, haves vs. have nots.

This is a struggle for the very soul of our country.

It's a battle over life itself.

America was founded on the belief that any individual, through faith in God, hard work, personal discipline, and power over one's self, could live the American dream.

The Revolutionary Communist Party, USA, and other communist ideologues have convinced a new generation to look at the world differently. Young people now believe that their only hope for success is to take power over others, not self; to take what is not theirs because it should be theirs (instead of working for it), and to demand absolute conformity over ideas. The cultural shame prevalent today for disagreeing or saying something different is enormous. What happened to encouraging people to be free and to the habit of engaging others in respectful dialogue over our differences?

Wake up, America, before its too late.


David Rogers said...

Any idea if the Revolutionary Communist Party has ever presented candidates for any elections, local, statewide, or national in the US? And if so, how many votes did they get?

Christiane said...

WADE, the 'Revolutionary Communist Party, USA' sounds like the OPPOSITE side of this extremist coin:

Wade, it looks like people are out to stir the pot and get trouble started that divides our nation even more than it is divided. Extremism on BOTH SIDES is being fostered by the Russian security forces that seek to undermine the stability of the United States.

May God deliver us from this evil.

Wade Burleson said...

David Rogers,

Permit me, if you will, to answer your question "Any idea if the Revolutionary Communist Party has ever presented candidates for any elections, local, statewide, or national in the US?" with a quote from the classic book "Witness" by Whittaker Chambers. Whit was best friends with Alger Hiss, the Communist spy of the late 1940s. Whittaker was a Communist himself, but left Communism after coming to the conviction there "had to be a God" because his baby girl's ear was designed so beautifully. Whittaker realized that design presupposes a Designer. Whittaker went on to testify in Congress against Alger Hiss, and he later wrote his classic work "Witness" (I highly recommend you read it). Chambers, who said "Communism is evil; absolute evil," gives an explanation of why Communism is identified in the concepts of an anti-God philosophy and not the candidates of an anti-government party.

"Man without mysticism is a monster. Communism poses the most revolutionary question in history: God or Man?... If man's mind is the decisive force in the world, what need is there for God? Man has deliberately rejected God, and the conflict in our nation is between those who reject God and those who worship God. Communism is the most menacing form of God-rejection. Men who have sincerely abhorred the word Communism in pursuit of common have found that they are unable to distinguish Communists from themselves... For men who could not see that what they firmly believed was liberalism added up to socialism can scarcely be expected to see what added up to Communism. Any charge of Communism enraged them precisely because they could not grasp the differences between themselves and those against whom it is made."

Communism is not a political party, it is an ideology. Americans need to be "woke" enough to know the difference.

Any ideology that abolishes the idea of Supreme Divinity, human dignity and individual liberty adds up to Communism.

Thanks for your comment.

Anonymous said...

Gerald - the level of duplicity with BLM is off the charts. It's part of a ruse to confuse and misdirect attention. Corporate America has donated 1.7 billion dollars to it - much of it from our tax dollars. America needs to quit supporting these companies who want to kill free enterprise.

Wade said: "Any ideology that abolishes the idea of Supreme Divinity, human dignity and individual liberty adds up to Communism."

Absolutely! USA inc has been asleep for a many decades as the communistic mentality has been seeping into it for over a century. Covid-1984 was part of a psychological plan to get people to fear and comply to the unseen - and I think it worked much better than they expected it would.

The staged Floyd killing and the "I can't breathe" motto is fortuitous of the knee of the GOV on the people's neck (lockdown/essential/nonessential), and there is more to come, especially with their forecast of a "second wave" and a "dark winter". The generic symptoms of covid-1984 can be produced by a multitude of mechanisms like biological agents via chemtrails, food poisoning (chemicals), 5g in classrooms and public settings, etc..

Dave Hodges of the Common Sense Show thinks the next several months will be eventful with more rioting and unrest.

" The Chinese, through their present Defense Minister, Wei Fenghe, and the two Defense Ministers before him, have all said the same thing. America will be occupied for its mineral resources. The occupation will be accompanied by the use of race-specific-bioweapons to be used against the United States. This fact was firmly established in an earlier five part series I wrote about the Chinese intentions and intended methodologies from a leaked speech given by Wei Fenghe, last year, to the CHICOM Central Planning Committee. The ultimate implications are devastating to every man, woman and child in America whether they be black, white, Asian, Native American or Middle Eastern. ***Most of America will suffer the same fate, genocide at the hands of the Chinese***."

The price of 5.56 full metal jacket has gone up 300 percent since the beginning of this year. I still say Trump might be the last president of the United States since division is their end game. Rough waters, but God loves to bring life eternal in Christ in such times.


Christiane said...

Hello KEN,

my nephew (my brother's youngest son) recently married a girl from mainland China, first here in the USA and then, because her father is a government official in China, my brother and six family members flew to China so that there could be a traditional Chinese wedding with the bride's whole family in attendance.

The pictures are beautiful. In traditional dress, the beautiful bride is stunning and my nephew is very, very happy. They will live here in the States and my brother reports to me that the bride's family was warm and loving as a family, and very welcoming and kind to our family members.

So when I see a report about how evil China 'the enemy' is, I can respond that in our family we have had a very different experience indeed. I suspect that among those with certain agendas, Russia is being praised as 'our friend' and China is being blamed for a ton of 'their bad', but I do not see this as a fair evaluation, just a temporary political one. So don't worry so much. It may not be as bad as some information circles are painting China as a potential 'enemy'. They are a massive trading partner, you know. And likely if you shop at Walmart OR you order from Amazon, your new buy will come from China. :) As for Russia? It's an oligarchy run by a dictator. The people are kept poor as their riches are taken and given to the wealthy oligarchs who serve Putin. They are not 'our friend', no. They have potential business dealings with the Trump Organization, and there is a private history of transactions to which we, the voters, are not privy.

So I offer this info as a way to calm some of your fears and I hope it helped a bit. My new niece ? She is wonderful and very very funny. She fits right in. :)

Christiane said...

what is old is new again: 'be afraid, be very, very afraid'

these days it is really wise to come to know the agendas of those who are pushing certain ideas, and anytime you are asked to be fearful rather than gathering your own info and making up your own mind about it,
you can bet that there is a hidden agenda in there somewhere

anti-vaxxers are 'new', the Polio vaccine was vilified long ago during the mid-century Communist scare . . . . so the movement is resurging to block infants and children from getting the protection of vaccines . . . nothing new about this, nope, seen it all before

Anonymous said...

Hi Christiane,

"Communism is built on the belief that there is no God, and the only way to help those in need is to abolish the systems that created class distinctions. ***Communism lies, harms, destroys and kills****."

Do you think Wade is wrong with his view of China based on your limited experience with your new niece? I'm glad you enjoy her.

My old neighbor happened to be friends with one of Trump's sons - they hunt together. From what I've heard he's a pretty decent guy that loves what the Constitution stands for. But should I let that dominate my view of his father who is a billionaire (obviously didn't get there by being full of virtue with everyone he did business with), an actor (revealing how immature he was), and whose file is full of misdeeds that those behind the scenes can use as leverage against him at any given time (his hands are somewhat tied)?

Did you hear Gov Noem's speech? I thought Wade scripted some of it. :)


Rex Ray said...


Judy rememberes the Communist’s 1960’s directions for taking over a country: infiltrate higher education system, then the media.

CM said...


Don't forget the evil fiendish Fluoridators.

To quote a line from very famous movie:

“I can no longer sit back and allow Communist infiltration, Communist indoctrination, Communist subversion, and the international Communist conspiracy to sap and impurify all of our precious bodily fluids.” - General Jack D. Ripper

Lissa Roberson said...


Hi, and congratulations to your nephew and his wife. I'm sure she is a sweet and winsome lady, and I pray they enjoy a long and loving marriage. The Chinese people are unique and wonderful, yet they are victims of a godless system. The extended family unit is what has kept them "alive" through the cataclysm of the Cultural Revolution under Chairman Mao.

I lived in China for eight years and saw much mistreatment of citizens who dared to question the government. It isn't the Chinese people, it's the godless Communist system that is responsible for China's evil reputation. It infiltrates their business practices. We would make agreements with Chinese businessmen, only to have them change terms at the very last minute without any regard for the effect it would have on us (or our visitors from the States). We were fond of saying "American is the Land of Opportunity, and China is the Land of Opportunists." China is well-known for its inhumane treatment of ethnic minorities, not to mention Christians.

I have a Chinese friend here in Nashville that is teaching Chinese at the local community college through the Confucius Institute. She began attending a bible study that we taught in Mandarin Chinese, and she was very hungry to learn about the God that she had never heard of before. Sadly, she shared her excitement with some of her "handlers", and they instructed her not to meet with us any longer. I haven't gotten to see her for several months now. The power of the "thought police" is very strong, and we are seeing the beginnings of it here in the U.S. It may not come to fruition in our lifetimes, but I believe it's well underway.

Christiane said...

Hello Lissa,

thank you for your kind comment

My new niece earns a fine income from translating her native language (Mandarin Chinese) for American companies, and is also a respected accountant. She met my nephew at university and my brother says that for all the 'differences' in their backgrounds, the couple seem like 'soul mates' and are very happy together. So all the signs are good for them going forward.

It is true that her father was not able to come to the States for a wedding, as he is a gov't official, hence my brother and many of his clan journeyed to China and were privileged to see a traditional Chinese wedding. My new niece looked like a princess in her traditional dress and hair and make-up, a stunning bride.

The family has many international ties as my father immigrated from Canada at the age of five to New England and initially spoke no English. He was taught English by the nuns at school. The antecedents are French Canadian and Norwegian for my father's people. My husband's family (seven sons) was also blessed with wives from other countries: Japan, Italy (Trieste), and Spain. My own youngest son, a Coast Guard officer is engaged to a girl from Latvia who speaks Russian, Latvian, English. So my new niece is fitting in to the whole picture without seeming exceptional, although I must admit I'm glad the wedding was pre-Corona-virus and my family came home before travel was blocked. My nieces and nephews are mult-lingual in that several were 'exchange' students (one to Spain), and their gifts have served them well in their medical professions. We are, in effect, a melting-pot American family, quite diverse, except that science and medicine and the military life has seemed to be something of a constant.

Your background sounds interesting, Lissa. I do not think the Chinese are comfortable with the diversity that we have in our country, no. But of late, we also are stressed by it greatly, to all appearance; but I count this stress as a product of foreign interference in our social media from entities that are most definitely NOT our friends.

I heard from my brother that what he observed in China was a remarkably-modern infrastructure (transportation, highways, buildings, modern up-to-date electronics for communication), so all of our own 'trade' with China has provided that country with big bucks for a growth spurt into becoming a modern nation. My military family assure me that China is not as advanced militarily as our nation is, and I find this comforting when I hear it said that China has an 'agenda' that is not 'friendly' towards the US currently.
My own thought is that our administration is the one that seems aggressively targeting China as 'the bad guys' while falling all over Putin of Russia. I get this from his speeches and tweets, so I take him at his word that he is expressing his own thoughts freely.

Thanks again for responding. And for your kindness to me when I lost my husband to heaven. That meant a lot, those prayers, and if you need my prayers for any crisis, please just ask and I will pray for you and yours also. God Bless!

Rex Ray said...

David Rogers,

Thank you for your 19 years of being a missionary to Spain.

Your father as pastor for 32 years at Bellevue Baptist Church in Cordova, Tennessee, increased its 9,000 membership to 29,000.

He served three terms as President of the SBC.

The church had a youth camp with many small buildings for lodging. Many years ago, our Volunteer Christian Builders helped to get them in better shape. I remember your father preaching a powerful sermon.

Christiane said...

“all human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights.”

Rex Ray said...


Your link sounds like it was written by someone that hates America. Jesus said: “You will always have the poor among you…” (Matthew 26:11 NLT)

I’ve noted most of the poor have money for their ‘wants’ but not enough for their ‘needs’.


My uncle, Rex Ray was in China when Communists took over. He knew they were coming and sent his family back to America. (He joined them five years later.)

The first thing Communists did was to make all the people in jail the leaders of the town. Once, they waved guns in his face and the leader took his glasses, and started wearing them.

They hung three Christians by their thumbs. (Their feet were touching the ground.) They said they’d turn them loose when they denied Jesus. Finally, one did, and they let him go. A few hours later, he had a rash and believe Jesus was punishing him. He came back and asked to join the others. The Communists let them all go believing all Christians were crazy.

His daughter wrote a 123-page book, “Rex Ray Cowboy Missionary in Kwangst”. When his daughter-in-law died, her children found a large manuscript he’d written. They hope to make it into a book that would be of interest to Baptist.

Christiane said...

Yikes, REX RAY
well, here's a better way to start the day with THE most 'revolutionary' speech every given from a Christian point of view. Enjoy:

" My soul doth magnify the Lord, And my spirit hath rejoiced in God my Saviour.
For He hath regarded the low estate of His handmaiden: for, behold, from henceforth all generations shall call me blessed.

For He that is mighty hath done to me great things; and holy is His Name.
And His mercy is on them that fear Him from generation to generation.

He hath shewed strength with His arm; He hath scattered the proud in the imagination of their hearts.
He hath put down the mighty from their seats, and exalted them of low degree.
He hath filled the hungry with good things; and the rich He hath sent empty away.
He hath helped His servant Israel, in remembrance of his mercy; As he spake to our fathers, to Abraham, and to his seed for ever."

(from the Holy Gospel of St. Luke 1:46-55)

REX RAY, when I stay 'in the Word', I can't confuse people so much. :)

Wade Burleson said...


A powerful story indeed. What a book, too - Rex Ray, Missionary in Kwangs."

I wonder what your uncle would think of what's going on in the USA right now?

Rex Ray said...


The book written by his daughter, was used at one time by the Women’s Missionary Union (WMU) as a study book.

Google states:
“Women's Missionary Union (WMU) is an auxiliary of the Southern Baptist Convention that was founded in 1888. It is the largest Protestant mission’s organization for women in the world.”

When Fundamentalists took over the SBC, they changed many names such as “Foreign Mission Board” to “International Mission Board”. They tried to change the WMU, but failed.

The back cover of his daughter’s book states: “Captured by pirates! Escape from China through Communist lines! Preaching to refugees in Korea!”

Page 38-39: “On another trip…we set up a tent for services the next day. About midnight a lady said, “My sister is dying. You must come an heal her.”

They had moved the sick woman from the house to die. They believed if she died inside, the house would have to be burned to rid evil spirits.

The only medicine I had was milk of magnesia that I gave her, and prayed in a loud voice: “Lord, you know I have no power to perform miracles. I cannot heal this woman. I leave this woman in your hands. May your will be done.”

In the morning, the lady cooked breakfast for her family. She had a bad case of indigestion; but it was God’s way of getting that village ready to receive the Gospel.”

Wade, if my uncle was here today, I think he’d pull his hair out if he had any. :) The story I told previously is not in this book. Since I haven’t read his manuscript, I must have heard him tell it.

Rex Ray said...


I’ll bet you’ve never heard of this happening at a revival. Those same pages tell that sometimes animals would wander in during the preaching. He was interrupted by a woman screaming and a pig squealing!

A large pig had wiggled under a woman’s chair, and the chair got stuck on the pig’s back. He was running all over the place until the woman was rescued.

Christiane said...

that's funny!!!

My son with Down Syndrome is home from the hospital and the nurses tell me he is doing fine now, thank God. Those prayers helped him. :)

anytime I feel down today, I shall think of your story of the pig that ran around with a chair stuck on his back and woman sitting ON the chair squealing (or was it screaming?) !
That is SO funny ! You take care.

Christiane said...

I loved how you worded this: "it was God’s way of getting that village ready to receive the Gospel.”

that is a big thing in my Church, how God blesses with His loving-care, in His time doing what we might not have the patience or foresight to do, so that people we might think were 'lost' are safely cared-for in His Hands. small steps, small steps . . . blessings upon blessings

RB Kuter said...

When reading the Democratic Party's August 2019 resolution (excerpts follow) one wonders how any professing follower of Jesus will be able to identify with this political party. Perhaps it will become more difficult to identify with the Republican Party too, eventually, but that party has not yet taken intentional steps to disassociate itself from God.

Who would've thought, except perhaps those Wade cites in this blog.

August 2019, "The Democratic National Committee (DNC) passed a resolution Saturday praising the values of "religiously unaffiliated" Americans as the "largest religious group within the Democratic Party."

"The resolution, which was unanimously passed at the DNC's summer meeting on Aug. 24 in San Francisco, Calif., was championed by the Secular Coalition of America, an organization that lobbies on behalf of atheists, agnostics, and humanists on public policy. The group celebrated the DNC's move as the first time a major party "embraced American nonbelievers."

"Religiously unaffiliated Americans overwhelmingly share the Democratic Party’s values," said the resolution, which adds they should advocate for "rational public policy based on sound science and universal humanistic values."

Christiane said...

"but that party has not yet taken intentional steps to disassociate itself from God"

oh, Mr. Kuter

you don't understand yet

Paul D said...

Wade - perhaps my previous comments were not published because they were too critical and lacked any constructive comments adding to the discussion. So...with that in mind I offer the following.

I have read your blog for several years and appreciate your theology, particularly in regards to gender equality, which is the primary reason I happily left the SBC behind. I grew up in Enid, was part of the first class to start in K and graduate 6th grade at Emmanuel Christian School. My 6th grade class was the first to go from Enid to NYC as a class trip. Went to OBA and moved to OKC my Junior year of high school. My father was a deacon at Emmanuel before being asked to leave due to some theological questions (directly prior to your tenure). I have lived in OK my whole life excepting brief stints in SW Kansas and DFW, from which I returned to OK.

My constructive criticism for discussion is: Every post of yours in the last several months which includes the phrase "I am not a conspiracy theorist" and including the current post (which oddly does not include that caveat) adds to the fear in our culture. Fear leads to violence. You are encouraging fear and thereby violence in your posts. That you allow someone to post on your moderated blog the phrase "staged killing of Clarence Floyd" without a direct repudiation is unthinkable. To encourage the belief that hidden figures are masterminding a takeover of our culture increases fear and thereby violence. It's impossible to make any statement today without being challenged. So, to believe that any group is capable of orchestrating a covert takeover is absolutely absurd. You can't get 50% to agree without qualification with any statement of fact. The other guy can't get 50% to agree with him. That is America, not conspiracy. You are aiding the forces of fear of violence which suppress the forces of understanding and truth. Seek first to understand.


RB Kuter said...

Christiane, this is where things really get ugly. Through the turmoil and political wars going on, we find ourselves, as believers, more and more divided along political party lines. It's an amazing phenomenon that is real and would have been thought impossible a few years ago.

I just never imagined a major political party in the United States boasting that the largest "religious" group within its party was the "religiously unaffiliated" whose values were held by the party and actully celebrating that.

I would hope that the Republican Party could boast of people from all segments of society being within its ranks as well, including those not affiliated with religions, atheists, agnostics, LGBQTs, as well as the religious right segment. But I would be disappointed if it could praise the "religiously un-affilitated" as being the biggest group.

To say that ANY secular political party is "Godly" in the sense of being righteously ordained by God as His anointed instrument would be dangerous. Of course they are all carnal and fallible with all kinds of corrupt and self-serving activities going on.

Perhaps this is meant by Dems to be and "open arms" approach to welcome in ALL people, including those who feel disenfranchised and alienated by a party dominated by the "religious right". Maybe the Democratic Party wants to be seen as the party that serves as a haven for the Godless as well as Christians.

I am sure that many of these segments would feel they were in hostile territory at a Trump rally or perhaps the Republican National Convention, but I'm sure they would not feel too comfortable in a evangelical church either.

Christiane said...

Hello Mr. Kuter,

I didn't mean to 'get ugly', no.

It's just that sometimes we all will see the same thing from different perspectives for a time and we realize that our points of view do not line up with one another perfectly,
and that it is in 'the gap' where we must try to seek understanding of what the other person sees that we are blind to . . . .

I leave it to the Holy Spirit to help us overcome the divisions and the enmities that threaten to separate all mankind not only from God, but from one another.

The last think I meant to do was to upset you. Please know this.

Christiane said...

oops, 'the last thing'
(sorry, my bad)

RB Kuter said...

Christiane, I did not mean to imply that "you" were being ugly or that your comments were ugly. I meant to say that the situation in this nation has reached a point of being as unattractive as I've ever known it to be to the point that political parties have intentionally become identified along the lines of religiosity.

Certainly the Holy Spirit is the agent bringing change to the hearts of people. He does that through the people of God in whom He dwells as well as His working independently of us and directly in the hearts of those He's trying to reach or prepare to be reached. He also works within us who are the children of God in a manner that prohibits me from being "upset" with you and that keeps me from being "upset" by your expressing your viewpoints.

Christiane said...

thank you for your kind reply, Mr. Kuter

God Bless!

Jay Coffin Failing said...

I read there are more Christians in China than Communist Party Members.

Wade Burleson said...

Paul D,

You obviously are not reading every post that I write. I would, if I were you, accept that people disagree over the interpretation of the fundamental changes that are taking place in America and leave it at that.

And you are correct about the previous two comments.

Note: I have a very close friend who has his Ph.D. and M.D. and is on the National Science Foundation and the National Institutes of Health. He commutes back and forth, while at the same time, serves as an adjunct professor with access to a full laboratory. He tells me there will be 310 million vaccines for Covid-19 available by December 31. He also tells me he will not be afraid vaccinated his children, though there will be some side effects. He explained to me that there will be some people that will profit considerably from the vaccine, but that's the way medicine works these days. He also believes that China was messing around in the lab, experimenting with corona, when there was an accidental outbreak of the new disease (not intentional), BUT China hid it from the world since the SUMMER of 2019. I trust him. I have antibodies for Covid-19 but will encourage those who need a vaccine to take it. That said, I'm listening to other M.D.s and Ph.D.s who do NOT trust a vaccine. There should be room for disagreement and dialogue. That's what I am about.

However, in the academic realm, if you go against the status quo, there is a price to pay. Eric Metaxes, the great scholar and biographer of Dietrich Bonhoeffer, is now repudiated by other scholars because he broke ranks and spoke of the moral obligation of all Christians to vote for Trump, similar to Bonhoeffer's moral obligation to OPPOSE Hitler.

I do not even AGREE with Metaxas' argument, but it's hilarious to watch the apoplectic fits on Twitter, in social media, and in newspapers over what Metaxas wrote. The condescending, nasty, personal attacks toward Metaxas are awful.

I would encourage you to stand by your opinions, but refrain from personal attacks. Your last two comments were deleted because you seem to struggle to know the difference on how to persuade people of your views without denigrating people who oppose your views.

Thanks for your comment.

Christiane said...

Hello WADE,

you wrote, this: "Eric Metaxas, the great scholar and biographer of Dietrich Bonhoeffer, is now repudiated by other scholars because he broke ranks and spoke of the moral obligation of all Christians to vote for Trump, similar to Bonhoeffer's moral obligation to OPPOSE Hitler."

Wade, I was wondering if you thought that Eberhard Bethge, a Bonhoeffer biographer, was included in those who criticized Metaxas' 'overview' of Bonhoeffer's writings.

I do know of some of the accusations against Metaxas that are to do with supposed attempts of Metaxas to " in service of recruiting Bonhoeffer as a warrior on his side of the contemporary culture wars";
so you are correct in your evaluation that many Bonhoeffer scholars have seen Metaxas' work on Bonhoeffer in a bad light, so yes, there is that criticism which is well known among Bonhoeffer fans, of which I am one, as I have often indicated. I have not read Metaxas' biography of Bonhoeffer, so I cannot make judgment on its contents, no. If Metaxas did, as you say, " he broke ranks and spoke of the moral obligation of all Christians to vote for Trump, similar to Bonhoeffer's moral obligation to OPPOSE Hitler", then I suspect it was more out of a need to protect Bonhoeffer's legacy than to expose Metaxas' possible objectives. (?)

I myself regard Eberhard Bethge as credible on Bonhoeffer, yes.
It is strange to me that Metaxas did not pursue competency in the German language before his work on Bonhoeffer. Fortunately, there is some connection to the English language from the Germanic ties to the early Anglo-Saxon 'early English' of a thousand years ago, but still, as a scholar at that level, I would have wanted to immerse myself in the language of my subject, so as to pick up on any nuances of idioms and colloquialisms. . . it is said that a language is a road map of a culture. I have studied German at university and believe me, it helped to appreciate German poetry tremendously, so I have some belief that the knowledge of a person's first language has value in sorting out 'where they are coming from'. Is it known why Metaxas did not pursue the study of the German language in order to encompass his exploration into Bonhoeffer's writings, at least to help him understand Bonhoeffer's nuances? The knowledge of German might have made a difference, but I cannot know that in Metaxas' case, of course.

My information on the controversy comes from this link:

Wade Burleson said...


Good points, all. I’ve read Metaxas’ work on Bonhoeffer. It is quite compelling. I may not agree with Metaxas conclusions as it relate to today’s “cultural wars,” but my point is the personal denigration of a true scholar (Metaxas) is evidence that we live in a day when people do not agree, the tactic becomes denigration of the opponent. I, like you, suggest that we disagree with love for one another without resorting to silly personal attacks.

CM said...


Does anyone know if Metaxas corrected his incorrect quote atttributed to Bonhoeffer on the back flap of his book?

This is a line we often hear attributed to Dietrich Bonhoeffer:

"Silence in the face of evil is itself evil: God will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act."

There is no evidence anywhere that he actually said or wrote that.

Can someone explain Erik Metaxas tweeting this on 22 MAY 2016:

"As Bonhoeffer said “Not to cast a vote for the two majors IS to cast a vote for one of them.” – Ethics, pp. 265-6"

Until someone who had a copy of the book called him out on it. To which Metaxas tweeted on 31 JULY 2016:

"This has gotten out of hand. The ORIGINAL Bonhoeffer fake quote was intended as an OBVIOUS joke. It obviously failed. (emphasis in the original)

If this is the state of "Christian" authors, their books, publishing houses, and what Wade considers to be a true scholar, I will stick to guys that wrote books who died 100 years ago or more.

Wade Burleson said...


You have an agenda.

I get that. I leave your comments to stand as they are.

You illustrate well what I am trying to prevent. People who denigrate others (Metaxas) because you disagree with his conclusion.

CM, I believe it is time for you to identify yourself, your full name, where you work, where you live, and what you do for a living. Eric Metaxas is known. You are not. When you go after a scholar, it’s time for you to show personal courage and not hide behind initials.


Anonymous said...

" That you allow someone to post on your moderated blog the phrase "staged killing of Clarence Floyd" without a direct repudiation is unthinkable."

That would be me. :( For clarification, I am not saying Floyd did not die (though possible), but I am saying I think the entire incident was pre-planned to induce violence like so many other events.

"CM, I believe it is time for you to identify yourself, your full name, where you work, where you live, and what you do for a living."

Wade - some of us know too much about what's going on and choose not to identify for personal safety. Listen to the first video. Most don't realize the USA has been silently harassing and killing dissenters for decades via satellites and directed energy weaponry, much like China has.


RB Kuter said...

Paul D., your comment to Wade: "So, to believe that any group is capable of orchestrating a covert takeover is absolutely absurd."

Your expressions explain how things in America reached the dismal point in which we see it today. The expansion of the ideology of socialism, communism in the US is very real as exhibited by the DNC's August 2019 Resolution "praising the values of 'religiously unaffiliated' Americans as the 'largest religious group within the Democratic Party.'" and ""rational public policy based on sound science and universal humanistic values." It should be apparent and eliminate any question of the reality of the hostile takeover taking place with the bold acknowledgement of politicians that they are socialists pushing a socialist agenda.

Your comments shed light on how we got here. Like the frog sitting in a pot of cool water placed on a low fire who sits there until boiled to death, your naivete and absence of awareness regarding your environment facilitate your own demise. Even more troubling is that the demise of those original democratic based principles of our nation are in the process of falling to the secular, humanistic, atheistic, forces taking over the state.

UNLESS Wade, and others, tenaciously continue to boldly challenge those actions being taken by those you champion as being something other than a Bolshevik segment of a red army at work in the US, the takeover will continue in the US as surely as the 1917 communist takeover in Russia. It’s not Wade who is creating fear about imaginary "conspiracies" related to this takeover.

Many of us recognize the winds of the revolutionists spewing their propaganda that, "You have nothing to fear from us! Socialism is good! Anarchy is freeing! Globalization and dependency upon the state relieves you of burdens! WE, those comrades of the state, understand better than you deplorable 'bubbas' who still wave American flags and put your hands over your heart during the national anthem what is best! Trust us! We know how to distribute the wealth of this strong nation in a manner that benefits ALL, even those who are not citizens of the state, equally, fairly, justly! Throw off this concept of a nation being based upon a God's principles and standards! That is foolish "sectarian beliefs" (from DNC resolution)!"

RB Kuter said...

One final comment, Paul:
No, my friend, it is not Wade Burleson who is inciting fear by using imagined, baseless, conspiracy theories regarding a hijacking of the most basic premises upon which this nation was founded. He is serving solely as one of the prophets who recognize the takeover and is sounding an alarm. It is an awakening to those Americans who already recognize the fire of revolution taking place in this land that began as a slow level flame but increasing in its intensity at an exponential rate.

The response that arises from the alarm being sounded is the slumbering giant awakening who knew something was amiss but needed a kick in the side to get him up and out of the bed of complacency. This "awakening giant" is that segment of Americans who recognize that the water is a lot hotter than it was just a moment ago and we best not delay in actively taking measures to quench the fires that are growing more boldly and openly than ever before imagined possible. Wade, and activists like him, gather so much support because there are hordes of Americans that CAN see what is taking place under the gradual, stealth-like, strategy of the extreme, leftist, socialists/communists' agenda.

Which ideology do you believe would be more consistent with God's character, His will, and His intent for this nation? God does matter. This nation's vitality depends upon our acknowledgement and dependency upon Him. That's why Godly people cannot remain naive, silent, complacent, and inactive in the face of a movement of such visual and real contrast to His desire.

CM said...

Wade, it seems to me that you are bullying, but I will not take the bait.

Second, how is pointing where Metaxas was incorrect (backed up with references) denigrating him? He did that all by himself. Rather that saying, "I apologize for that quote incorrectly attributed to Bonhoeffer.", he digs in his heels and the comes up the joke excuse. This no different that when a child says, "My dog ate my homework." But we expect that from a child, not an adult.

Finally, I provided references and links to where Metaxas erred in his scholarship for everyone to see. Another also made a good point as why Metaxas didn't learn German to go to the original source material. It makes about as much sense as a pastor who does not take any courses in Greek or Hebrew in seminary.

CM said...

Even though I am not a Bonhoeffer scholar or an expert on Metexas, but OTHERS are, which I referenced. And those have pointed out errors and mistakes in Metaxas' work. A cursory review can find all kinds of articles backed up with citations.

Also, what sinks Metexas are his own words and tweets (like the example I provided above).

It is Okay when others reference Eberhard Bethge and provide a link, but when I give references to Metaxas own words and examples of his errors, it is not Okay.

Paul D said...

Wade - thank you for deleting/not posting my original comments. I agree with open dialogue and avoiding personal attacks.

Also – acknowledging my mistake on "Clarence". Correction = George.

RB Kuter – I understand what you are saying and don’t really even disagree with it in general. What I have a problem with is the idea that these things are happening “covertly” – like staged killings and such. I’m sure we do need people like Wade to wake us up to the philosophical foundations of things that are happening around us. But these things are happening in the wide open – no secret decoder ring is really needed. The distrust and paranoia that comes from the whole conspiracy theory line of reasoning leads eventually to violence.

The conspiracy line of reasoning also makes it really hard to see the simple facts that are plain and wide open in front of us - that a certain class of people are fed up with mistreatment and need this fact acknowledged.

Yesterday my wife, daughter and I rode our bikes through downtown Tulsa to Greenwood and the Juneteenth celebration. We’ll probably do it again today. I know it’s probably not worth much to anyone but my wife, daughter and I, but the difference in the vibe between BOK Center (for the rally) and the Greenwood district was palpable. I was pretty scared in one of these places. I was not scared in the other. If something unexpected or unusual had happened when I was scared, do you think I would be more prone to violence?


RB Kuter said...

Paul D, there are foundations, power players, "ghost" financiers and coordinators who are indeed orchestrating the movement of the leftist side. When you begin to follow the trail of some of those celebrity politicians and players who are more visible and proponents of the socialist movement taking place you can uncover those more stealth supporters and true global strategists beneath their power. This IS a conspiracy and it is NOT "theory".

You seem to be a very intelligent sort and no doubt are more aware of those power players who are ultimately in control of these movements than I. I am no professional investigator and have not assumed a role of uncovering and exposing these "ghost" power players but others have. When things take place in this world, world leaders are injected or decisions made that impact the trends, it does not happen by happenstance or by the winds of favor of society. We know that the things we have seen occur in the past 3 years, for example, did not simply arise due the concern of politicians. The agenda is determined by those who are "behind the scenes".

It's a troubling thing to consider because we do not like to imagine that these things happen outside of our control. But they do. We are victimized and the very best environment that is conducive to our losing more control at the expense of having those power players gain momentum is to be complacent, naive, in denial, and turn our heads.

Paul D said...

RB Kuter - I respect your opinion. This will sound snarky, but I’m really just trying to make a point.

Are the “ghosts” the ones that made Trump the most powerful person on earth, or perhaps the “ghosts” made his rally a flop?

A certifiable non-leftist has the stage. I’m not sure what better proof there could be that leftist wizards are NOT orchestrating anything.

Paul D said...

RB Kuter - last thought. I agree that we ARE victimized when we fall into the trap of “trails”, “uncover”, “ghost” and “stealth”. I don’t deny that each of these things have a place or are used in our culture. But for the most part all we have to do is listen to what people are actually saying or see what they are actually doing without being paranoid about secret decoder rings.

When I was in college I was not taught that God is dead. Mostly, God was not talked about. One professor introduced the idea of macro evolution with a caveat that he believed in God and that it was important for students to maintain their faith.


RB Kuter said...

Paul, thanks for continuing this string of thought. As you mention, there are reasons for people to doubt that these things are orchestrated by "behind the scenes" players. As to why and how Trump was able to overcome those orchestrating leftist leadership assuming that top position in the US instead of a continuation of the former administration with Hillary assuming the mantle, I do believe that even the plans of those proposed "ghost" players can be disrupted with surprise dynamics.

Of course God is always in control and nothing gets by His notice. I know He is very involved in all that goes on. It's interesting and enlightening to see history and how God worked in all things to bring about His providential purpose and plan. He quite often used global or regional powers who were pagan and anything but "Godly" to accomplish the end that He had already predetermined. So it is with the world in this era and specifically with this nation.

The professor seeking to play both sides attributing the current status of things to a process of evolution orchestrated by God is like many evolutionists who are not ready to totally deny God but still flirt with the concept of His being more distant and just setting a process into place that functions on its own accord. Of course that is true to a degree but evolutionists normally extend their theory to undermined the Biblical account of creation and in particular the creation of human beings in their developed state which the Bible portrays. Based upon what? Primarily upon the arrogant conjecture of man who cannot muster up the faith to accept and believe the portrayal exhibited in the Bible. But that's another story!

God bless.

Hongbi said...
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Hongbi said...
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Hongbi said...

REX RAY, I wonder whether or not your uncle is one of the "cowboy" missionaries that figured in the salvation of my house-helper's mother. At the age of 85 she heard the rest of the story that was told to her when she was a young girl. It goes like this. Some foreigners came through her village in Guangxi (Kwangsi), telling the villagers about the Most High God that created the heavens and the earth. These foreigners came a second time to continue the story. The world had grown corrupt, so the Most High sent a flood that covered the whole earth, starting all over again with one righteous man and his family. These storytellers never made it back to the village because national upheaval hit, and foreigners were expelled from the country.

Fast forward 75 years or so. Our house helper, Sister Hu whom we led to faith, was taking care of her mother on the weekends. Sister Hu sat her mother down with a DVD that told the Bible story from Creation to Christ, and went on taking care of her mother's house chores. Awhile later she heard a commotion coming from the living room, and when she went to check, her mother was pointing at the TV screen and exclaiming "I know this story! I've heard it before!" Sister Hu, incredulous, said to her mother, "You never told me any of this; I heard it from the Americans." Her mother then related the story of what happened in her childhood, and then with tears in her eyes, said, "The foreigners told me about the Most High God...but I never knew He had a Son!" She was led to faith right then and there by her daughter.

This experience is probably the most joyous in my missionary career that involved leading a Chinese to Christ. It happened because of missionaries like your uncle who pioneered the wilds of Guangxi, aspiring to "preach the Gospel, not where Christ was already named, so that I would not build on another man's foundation" (Rom. 15:20). Rex, I hope there are scores of others like Sister Hu's mother that heard from your uncle during that time period, that later heard "the rest of the story" and were brought to faith. What joy awaits! And in the meantime, I will have to get my hands on this book. It will be both an exciting and a nostalgic read. Blessings! ~Lissa

Rex Ray said...

Hongbi or Lissa,

What an amazing story! I only have one copy of my uncle’s book: COWBOY MISSIONARY IN KWANGSI. It may be possible to find this small 123-page book on:

When my uncle, Rex Ray’s daughter-in-law died, his original large manuscript was found last month. Plans are being made to get it published. I’m sure it will be a lot more in detail. If you put some way, I can contact you, I’ll send you a copy when it comes out.

Paul D said...

RB Kuter - yes, it is true that I cannot muster up the faith. Thank God for His grace. And thank God for college professors in secular state schools who care enough to share their faith. He was a deacon and a fine man. I count him as a key figure on my journey in the faith.


RB Kuter said...

Paul D, just thinking about Christians who doubt Biblical accounts of those supernatural events attributed to God's extraordinary acts, like "creation, global flood, disbursement of peoples through the Tower of Babel,Jonah in the fish, virgin birth, resurrection, etc." Don't you believe that IF any of those accounts had been exaggerated or distorted that Jesus would have made mention of it? If a person believes that Jesus is who He said He is and was indeed involved in everything that has ever taken place that He is the One who gives credibility to those accounts?

I can understand anyone having a season of weak faith and doubts and certainly questions. I imagine everyone is like you and I and have had those times. But how could Jesus have known that these were fantasy tales and still used them as being credible sources for the unveiling of the eternal providence of God? I don't think that would be possible. If the recorders of those events had got it wrong, I am sure that Jesus would have corrected it, don't you?

Gretchen said...

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