Wednesday, June 03, 2020

A Word of Encouragement for You on a Hump Day

There is no greater pain than when we hurt, plead with God for relief, and find heaven remaining quiet.

Let's be honest.

As Christians, there is no more bitter experience than facing a monumental trial that seems destined to do us in, and when we ask God for relief, He seems deaf to our cries.

As adopted children of the King, nothing is scarier or more disconcerting than to believe the Throne Room is locked, keeping Him from hearing us in our time of need.  All of us have been there.

There is a day for all of us when God seems not to hear our cries.

When that happens, no matter when that day occurs, it's a tough day. It's a Hump Day. It's tough to get through to the end.

Next time that feeling arrives, take a few moments to think about your ear. 

Take a close look at your ear in the mirror. Do a little research and discover the delicate intricacies of this amazing human instrument.

It takes more faith to believe your ear evolved from amoebas than it does God created it in your mother's womb.

God fashioned you ear, and through your ear, you hear the world around you.

The ear is so precise, so beautiful, so profound, so breathtaking that Charles Spurgeon once said (Metropolitan Series, vol. 35, p. 66):
"An aurist who explained to you the mechanism of the ear should make you feel that an undevout aurist is mad."
I agree with Mr. Spurgeon. No man can examine the ear and explain its intricacies and not be a devout believer in God.

But more importantly, every Christian who has a working knowledge of the ear should receive tremendous encouragement that God hears our pleas and our prayers on all occasions and at all times. Listen to the Psalmist's words:
"He who fashioned the ear, does He not hear?" (Psalm 94:9 NAS).
The Psalmist is using irony. It's like your mom or dad used to tell you when you were a sophomore in high school, acting as if you knew better than them, "Do you not think we know what's going on?"

In fact, I can almost hear the irony in the words of the Psalmist. The word "fashioned" in Hebrew is translated "planted" (KJV). It is a Hebrew word used throughout the Old Testament to speak of God's activity in creation. God created your ear. He planted it. He fashioned it.
The God who designed and created your ear, do you not think He can hear?
In Psalm 94 God's people have been crying out in agony because "the wicked were triumphing" (v. 3). Those who were committing evil were saying "hard things" against God's people (v. 4). They "break in pieces the people of God" (v. 5), and they even afflict the poor, defenseless, and fatherless (v. 6). "How long?" God's people cry, "How long?"

The Psalmist's response to the petitions of God's people is a clear cut path to encouragement and comfort for those of us who wonder if God hears us when we plead for mercy in our time of need.
God planted (created) your ear. He, above all others, always hears everything. He will respond to my pleas. In due time, God will "rise up for me" (v. 16). The Lord "will be my help" (v. 17). "Thy mercy, O Lord, holds me up when I slip" (v. 18). "The Lord is my defense" (v. 22). Take comfort my soul. My King is on His throne and He hears me.
The ancients had a subtitle to Psalm 94 that went along these lines:
 "The Psalm to be sung on the fourth day of the week."
The fourth day of the week is what we call Wednesday or Hump Day.

Psalm 94 is a proven encouragement for any hump day in our lives. Next time we doubt God hears our prayers, we ought to study closely the human ear. "He who  planted the ear, does He not hear?" (Psalm 94:9).

 In His time, at just the right time, God will rise up for you and be your defense.

The God who fashioned your ear hears.


Christiane said...

"32 The humble will see and rejoice. You who seek God, let your hearts be revived!
33 For the LORD listens to the needy and does not despise His captive people.
34 Let heaven and earth praise Him, the seas and everything that moves in them "
(from Psalm 69)

'The Lord hears
the cry of the poor;
Blessed Be The Lord '

Rex Ray said...


I have a picture that shows the German plane and the crippled B-17 as shown by CNN Radio. The four-page story is the most heart-warming I’ve ever read.