Thursday, August 22, 2019

String Theory, the Resurrection, and 11 Dimensions

Many modern Christians have little understanding that the emphasis in the New Testament is not on the cross of Jesus Christ, but the resurrection from the dead of Jesus Christ.

Millions of people have died on crosses.

But there's One who has been raised bodily from the dead, becoming the firstfruits of every human being's ultimate physical resurrection from the grave. 

It is this physical resurrection from the dead that distinguishes biblical Christianity from all other religions.

The Creator formed your physical being using an intricately designed biological program called DNA. At death, you lose your life, but He who formed you in your mother's womb will put you back together. He's got the code, and this time, all corruption of it will be wiped clean. In your resurrected body, God reprograms your DNA to take away "the sting" of corruption, aging, and death, three things that result from human sin (Romans 6:23).

Jesus Christ conquered death, man's final enemy, at His resurrection.
"The Spirit of God, who raised Jesus from the dead, lives in you. And just as God raised Christ Jesus from the dead, he will give life to your mortal bodies by this same Spirit living within you" (Romans 6:10-11).
The person who doesn't wish to live forever is a person who isn't really living now.
"I came," Jesus said, "that you might have real and eternal life, more and better life than you ever dreamed of" (John 10:10, The Message).  
 Death is an intruder to life. In fact, death is the absence of life.

So how do we have eternal life if we die?  Jesus tells us:
 "Do not be amazed at this, for a time is coming when all who are in their graves will hear My voice and come out" (John 5:28).
Other religions or philosophies teach in the existence of disembodied souls, or one's re-incarnation into the universe, but the Bible teaches that a person will be physically raised from the dead by the power of God.

Is Resurrection Spiritual or Physical?

Some of my evangelical Christian friends have begun to believe in a spiritual resurrection, not a physical one. They say that at the moment a person dies physically, he or she receives a new spiritual body. The physical body remains and turns to dust, but the new spiritual body lives forever. This position, called full preterism, is growing in popularity among Bible students.

But I don't accept the premise that God spiritually raises the physically dead. I believe the Bible teaches that God physically raises the physically dead, just as He raised Christ physically from the dead.

Jesus' physical body left the tomb.
"Why do you look for the living among the dead? He is not here; He has risen! (Luke 24:5-6)
If Christ had been only raised spiritually and not physically, then Christ's physical body would have remained in the tomb.

Christ is the firstfruits or picture of how our physical bodies will one day rise from death and the grave.

If it is true that Jesus physically rose from the dead, then where is He?

Also, if Enoch, Elijah, and possibly others were translated physically into "heaven" without tasting death, then where are their physical bodies? Also, if Jesus either translated or in a few cases "raised to life the bodies of many saints" (see Matthew 27:52) after His resurrection, where are those physical bodies now?

String Theory

Physicists in the last century believed the smallest particle in the universe to be the atom, composed of electrons, neutrons, and protons.

A modern physicist, through scientific research at CERN in Lucerne, Switzerland,  now believes that the smallest elements in the universe are strings.

String theory posits through mathematical formulations that small loops of strings are the building blocks of the universe, vibrating like strings on a violin or other musical instrument to compose the different elements of the world.

In other words, whatever you look at with your eyes - a candle, a desk, a car, an animal, a light beam, an electromagnetic energy field, your spouse, your kids, etc. -- are all fundamentally at the inseparable essence of being -- strings that vibrate, forming the physical object you see.

The universe seems to be a cosmic symphony.

And there is a Conductor behind the composition.

Without going into the math for simplicity's sake, what you need to know about string theory is that the math only works with more dimensions than four.

We were taught when we were young that the universe consisted of four dimensions,  commonly known as length (x), width (y), height (z) and space. Four-dimensional space was first proposed by scientist Jean le Rond d'Alembert in the year 1754. A century and a half later, Albert Einstein would use the concepts of 4-dimensional space and come up with his General Theory of Relativity.

But Einstein lived before the discovery of strings. He died trying to come up with a mathematical formula called The Theory of Everything. He failed.

Modern physicists are much closer because of the discovery of strings and the unusual fact that the universe is expanding faster as time goes by, not slowing down.

That would be like tossing a baseball in the air, and rather than it falling back to the ground, it kept moving higher and faster and continued that higher and faster trajectory as time progressed.

That's the universe.

Science in the last couple of years has discovered a mathematical number to describe the matter which composes 85% of space in this universe. The substance is called Dark Matter. The number for DM to the right of the decimal point (meaning it's very, very small) and includes 118 zeros followed by the numbers 1 3 8.

One - Three - Eight (see the picture to the left).

That's the mathematical number which describes the dark matter that is driving the universe to expand increasingly faster. One and Three are Divine numbers, representing the nature of God. The number Eight is the number for resurrection, representing God's way of making right what man's done wrong.


Physicists will not be attracted to the biblical meaning of those three numbers. Yet modern physicists have shown through their String Theory calculations that our universe is actually composed of 10 dimensions of space and one dimension of time, for a total of 11 dimensions.

The simplest explanation for String Theory can be found on this video. The math that works in String Theory requires 11 dimensions, and modern physicists have now concluded that there is not just one universe, but actually multiverses.

Meaning, the physical can be present in dimensions unseen by mankind on earth, because in other dimensions the DNA God produces can also exist. It's like blowing bubbles into the air. Each bubble separates from one another, floating independently. That's the multiverse. Listen to Brian Greene explain it.

I differ with Brian in that I see intentional music, not random music by chance. The Composer is the Creator and the Symphony which He conducts using strings is one of Divine Providence and Goodness, not a symphony of chance.

String Theory gives a scientific rationale for the Christian teaching that there is coming a physical resurrection.

Where are those whom God has already physically raised from the dead? The same place those who will one day be raised shall venture.  In another universe that you cannot see in our bubble of a universe where our earth exists, but a universe very possibly connected to ours through wormholes of time (think the Mount of Transfiguration).

The Composer of the great Song of Life rules over all eleven dimensions. You are I, unfortunately, are limited to understand three dimensions - at this time.

In Luke 15:11-32, when the Prodigal Son returned home to his father, a beautiful parable of a sinner coming home to his or her heavenly Father, the Bible records something delightful:
"They began to celebrate...and there was music." (Luke 15:24-25)
The word translated “music,” is the Greek word symph┼Źnia, from which we get our English word symphony.

God is the Conductor of the Symphony of Life.

When someone returns home to Him, a symphony is played by the strings of the universe that culminates in a physical resurrection to an eternal inheritance "not made with human hands." You are now unaware of this heaven, but one day you'll see it.  

It is in this New Heaven and the New Earth we'll celebrate God's goodness and be shown His grace and kindness forever - physically (see Ephesians 2:4-7). 



Rileydogbarks said...

Wade, you've got to stop watching reruns of "The Big Bang Theory"! LOL

I always find it interesting that the latest discoveries, though not always acknowledged, have a spiritual correlation.

Wade Burleson said...

Hah - I wish. I've never even seen an episode!

I agree with your assessment of correlations spiritually to discoveries scientifically.

RB Kuter said...

Whew! Sure glad you stepped in with a new post, Wade. That last string of over 100 comments sure was intense.

RB Kuter said...

I can imagine how frustrated scientists/physicists, are going to be when they think they have this current realm all figured out with its dimensions and measurable phenomenon and then step into the supernatural realm where Christ, Moses, Elijah, etc., are right now.

RB Kuter said...

Wade said, "Many modern Christians have little understanding that the emphasis in the New Testament is not on the cross of Jesus Christ, but the resurrection from the dead of Jesus Christ."

Admittedly, it was the "resurrection" that was used and stirred things up whenever the Apostles injected that as an introduction to the Gospel message. But I wonder if that was not the case due to it portraying the consequences of the cross in terms that we, in our carnal state, can relate?

I believe and know you do too, that things occurred on/through that cross that are unfathomable for we mere mortals to fully comprehend, even when we are indwelled with the Holy Spirit and provided the understanding rendered by His presence in us.

Given the magnitude of the consequences of sin throughout this physical realm and the invisible spiritual, and the immeasureable action taken by God to reconcile sinners through that one event, I would struggle to prioritize the two events, "crucifixion" and "resurrection".

The consequences of the cross were eternal involving infinite elements which reach far beyond time and those other dimensions outside of this realm. The impact of that event shook not only the physical but the spiritual realm. It involved the presence of The Creator having injected Himself into this physical realm for the purpose of completing the act He had promised from the beginning.

Personally, I see the resurrection as sort of a mega-display of baptism in that it portrays the visibly the results of what has transpired spiritually.

I believe that the "resurrection" perhaps has a more powerful, shocking, impact when used in depicting the Gospel than does "the cross" because it relates more to that physical, visible, touchable dimension with which we more easily relate. I mean, to say, "Your sins are forgiven" is one thing, but to demonstrate that your sins are forgiven by displaying the results of having a resurrected, supernatural body is something else for us and our finite minds.

Anonymous said...

138 and not 42? Disappointed.

Christiane said...

The 'strings' graphic reminds me of a favorite English metaphysical poet,
Henry Vaughan . . .

"'I SAW Eternity the other night,
Like a great ring of pure and endless light,
All calm, as it was bright ;
And round beneath it, Time in hours, days, years
Driv'n by the spheres
Like a vast shadow mov'd ; in which the world
And all her train were hurl'd...."

it is said that the 'music of the spheres' cannot be heard by the human ear, but resonates in that part of us that is most surely made in the image of God,

do we carry memories of ancient days in our own DNA?
echoes from Eden ? :)

Christiane said...

Maybe there really IS such a thing as a ‘genetic memory’ . . . .

humankind seems to have some universal needs that are ‘shared’ among us, we do seem to have a universal consciousness of what is right and just, a sort of universal consensus on what is ‘good’ and what is ‘evil’

WE KNOW, We have an'awareness'

as a species, we are conscious of things that are not ‘material’, we experience universal ‘feelings’ of love and grief, but also of longing and it is this LONGING for something that may be applicable to that phrase ‘the promises’

We need ‘The Story’ as much as we need theology. Our 'theology' is a function of our God-given ability to reason, but it is in 'The Story' that 'enchantment', the 'music of the spheres' is able to resonate far deeper into our human awareness
. . . as in the meaning of
"Le coeur a ses raisons, que la raison ne connait point." (Blaise Pascal)
which translates

" The heart has its reasons of which the mind knows nothing."

Whether it’s a spoken liturgy or a poem or myth or saga or the Book of Genesis, there is something about ‘story’ that fills a collective human need.

We want to know more than we have the capacity to comprehend, but still we want to KNOW.
And maybe there is some truth to the idea that in our DNA, we carry genetic memories of ancient days that find a way up from our (sub)consciousness?

There is much mystery in exactly HOW we are 'made in the image of God' that we have not consciously been able to understand,
and we may be infinitely more than the sum of our known parts as 'human beings'.
Since the 'Incarnation' of Our Lord Who assumed our humanity to Himself, surely this is most especially true?

Is there more to ‘story’ beyond the ability to ‘entertain’ ?
Is human imagination a far more intricate gift to us from the Creator?
Have we overlooked human imagination as another way in God is reaching out to us through the 'music of the spheres' that resonates in that part of us that has no need of words ?

Even the questions makes me smile.

Rex Ray said...


Thank you! I believe this is the first time you’ve given the Bible translation you’re quoted from: “The Message”.

The link above states: “The Message was translated by Peterson from the original languages. It is a highly idiomatic translation, using contemporary slang from the US rather than a more neutral International English, and it falls on the extreme dynamic end of the dynamic and formal equivalence spectrum.”

The link above states: “Peterson was born on November 6, 1932, in East Stanwood, Washington, and grew up in Kalispell, Montana. He earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in philosophy from Seattle Pacific University, his Bachelor of Sacred Theology degree from New York Theological Seminary, and his Master of Arts degree in Semitic languages from Johns Hopkins University.[4] He also held several honorary doctoral degrees.[5] In 1962, Peterson was a founding pastor of Christ Our King Presbyterian Church (PCUSA) in Bel Air, Maryland, where he served for 29 years before retiring in 1991. He was the James M. Houston Professor of Spiritual Theology at Regent College in Vancouver, British Columbia, from 1992 to 1998.”

Wade, I believe the danger of a ‘one man Bible’ is bad because no one is perfect; whereas many studying an idea etc., the truth is more likely to win.

You wrote: In your resurrected body, God reprograms your DNA to take away “the sting” of corruption, ageing, and death, three things that result from human sin (Romans 6:23).

That Scripture states: “For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life through Christ Jesus our Lord.”

I don’t like your adding “corruption” and “ageing” to that Scripture because it only states “death”.

Christiane said...

Hello REX RAY,

if you think about it, in nature, 'corruption' of a dead body is called 'decomposition' where the elements break down and from decomposition, can come nourishment for new life to come in the life cycle where 'decomposition' plays a role that is not entirely 'negative'. :)

As for the natural corruption of a human body, take heart from this most encouraging portion of sacred Scripture found in Job, chapter 19:

"25 For I know that my Redeemer liveth, and that He shall stand at the latter day upon the earth:

26 And though after my skin worms destroy this body, yet in my flesh shall I see God:

27 Whom I shall see for myself, and mine eyes shall behold, and not another; though my reins be consumed within me."

REX RAY, that DNA code? it's real! it's not a 'theory'

TRUST in Our Lord to take care of us,

He created all life, He sustains it, In Him, we live and have our being, and in Him, we shall be renewed in Resurrection . . . 'only say the Word, and I shall be healed' :)

All of Creation was spoken into existence from nothing, and it was done out of love. Hold on to that. 'Be not afraid' is filled with meaning, and if you find you are ever fearful, pray 'deliver us from evil' . . . and peace will come to your soul from the Comforter, you are under Our Lord's keeping :)

Bob Cleveland said...

Just an offhand observation: I give no credence to scientific evidence about Spiritual things. If I affirm evidence which supports faith in God, then I would (kind of) have to give credence to scientific evidence which disputes what Scriptures say ... lest I be a hypocrite. So I simply ignore any such "evidence".

Christiane said...

Hello Bob Cleveland,

I used to teach science to children (6th grade) about 'observation', using one's senses to gather information as the beginning of the Scientific Method of coming up with a 'hypothesis' and gathering 'evidence' that either supported the hypothesis or did not support it.

I do think it is within the comfort realm of the people of faith to be able to learn about God from 'observing' with their senses, and that this is mentioned in sacred Scripture in the Book of Job, chapter 12, this:

"But ask now the beasts, and they shall teach thee; and the fowls of the air, and they shall tell thee:
8 Or speak to the earth, and it shall teach thee: and the fishes of the sea shall declare unto thee.
9 Who knoweth not in all these that the hand of the LORD hath wrought this?
10 In whose hand is the soul of every living thing, and the breath of all mankind.
11 Doth not the ear try words? and the mouth taste his meat?
12 With the ancient is wisdom; and in length of days understanding."

I do not doubt your wisdom, Bob Cleveland, not for a minute. Just offering my own two cents, which doesn't account for much, I know.
God Bless! :)

Rex Ray said...


You stated: “All of Creation was spoken into existence from nothing.”
That’s the normal conscientious, but I believe there's a truer explanation.

At one time, science believed that matter could not be created or destroyed, but that theory was dropped with ‘splitting of the atom’ in making the atomic bomb. They learned with the ‘destruction of the atom’ a great amount of energy was released.

The reverse is also true; that energy can produce matter.

Christiane, it blows our minds that God had enough energy to make Creation.

With that thought in mind, Genesis 2:2 NLT becomes more clear. “On the seventh day God had finished his work of creation, so he rested from all his work.”

Bob Cleveland said...

CHRISTIANE: As some famous author once noted: All scientists can do is observe what is, now, and make a hopefully educated guess as to what happened 10,000 or 2,000,000 years ago. As opposed to that, I prefer to trust what men 2,000 years ago about what was happening 2,000 years ago.

But then, God wrote it anyway, so there's always that.

Anonymous said...

This is very similar to my wife's and my hijacking a theory in chaos known as the Butterfly Effect. We don't subscribe to the element of chance and know that God uses the small and insignificant (often irritating) details of life to providentially direct our steps (and transforming our character along the way).

Also, interesting how your post possibly shares some similarities with the Mandela Effect.

Lastly, there are more than a few folks around the world concerned that CERN is tapping into the satanic side of science. I don't have enough knowledge to have an opinion one way or the other at this point.


Anonymous said...

Sorry my comment above was prefaced with this quote from Wade's article. Not sure where it went.

"Meaning, the physical can be present in dimensions unseen by mankind on earth, because in other dimensions the DNA God produces can also exist. It's like blowing bubbles into the air. Each bubble separates from one another, floating independently. That's the multiverse. Listen to Brian Greene explain it.

I differ with Brian in that I see intentional music, with the Composer being the Creator and the Symphony which is being conducted is one of Divine Providence and Goodness, not a symphony of chance."


Anonymous said...

"the light shineth in darkness;
and the darkness comprehended it not"

Anonymous said...

I have read where some think those who were translated rather than death and resurrection, based on string theory portals, illustrate or prove the idea of "thin places" as in celtic Christianity.

Interested in your thoughts, Pastor Wade.


Christiane said...

the Celtic 'thin' places? what are they?

'felt' more than seen, 'helpful' more than distracting, a silence that is whole and nourishing to the human spirit ??

or like this?

"I hear from within me the murmur of Living Water, saying
'Come, come to the Father'"

or maybe ever so much more like this:

"He leads me beside the still waters;
He restoreth my soul"


Rex Ray said...


“The more you know, the more you know you don’t know.” Aristotle

“Now we see things imperfectly as in a cloudy mirror, but then we will see everything with perfect clarity. All I know now is partial and incomplete, but then I will know everything completely, just as God now knows me completely. (1 Corinthians 13:12 NLT)


I believe now I was wrong about Jeffery Epstein being murdered.

Before we left visiting my brother in Seattle, I put in his daughter’s bank, money to help take care of him.

It seems Epstein did the same with his brother by giving him $577 million two days before he took his life.

Wade Burleson said...

Wow, Rex.

I agree with your conclusion. Epstein took his own life.

Christiane said...

Good on you, REX RAY, for helping to care for your brother.

But I wish I could share the same conclusion as you and as WADE, but I cannot at this time.

I still do not know because of all the confluence of irregularities, and the fact that too many high-powered, extremely wealthy and famous people stood to benefit if Epstein did not go to trial.

I am happy that you both have found some peace about this issue.

Anonymous said...

Rex - that may be more evidence he's alive than dead. Did you know the same guy that performed the autopsy for JFK and MLK and others was there at the autopsy and will issue his own report?

Listen to what Dr. Steve Piecsnik who worked for the State Department and other capacities for Presidents for many years has to say about the Epstein incident:

Piescnik's credentials:


Anonymous said...

not impressed with Piescnik at all

"In 2013, Pieczenik spoke on Alex Jones's radio show denying the Sandy Hook shooting occurred as reported, labeling it a "false flag"[37] operation."

Anonymous said...

"not impressed with Piesnik at all"

Well, you should with Wolfgang Halbit - he's the guy that wrote the handbook on school safety. Ex state cop and expert witness in court. Impeccable record.

"Truth always rests with the minority,
and the minority is always stronger than the majority,
because the minority is generally formed by those
who really have an opinion,
while the strength of a majority is illusory,
formed by the gangs who have no opinion -
and who, therefore, in the next instant
(when it is evident that the minority is the stronger)
assume its opinion... while truth again reverts to a new minority."
- Soren Kierkegaard


Anonymous said...

My fault - was too much in a hurry earlier to notice that link I gave above is primarily about the FL shooting which Halbit is also probably the most qualified guy to have an opinion on. Here's his expert opinion of Sandy Hook based on his own exhaustive research and personal involvement that more people need to take the time to listen to.


Christiane said...

purveyors of hatred really do target innocent people who have suffered
and I believe they ought to be held accountable for the harassment of these people who have lost the most precious thing, a beloved child

is it GREED?
or just some kind of sickness that brings people to hurt the innocent?

or is it 'the new norm' in this age of weeping asylum toddlers who are suffering emotionally and are deprived of physical care that any person would want for their own little one . . . and everyone 'looks away' to protect the monster who ordered this suffering?

and who is behind THIS garbage, surely not the good members of the NRA?
The NRA used to be a responsible organization. What happened?

Not the NRA?
Then who IS responsible for stirring this hatred up?

Is the need to be 'entertained' so strong that people have fallen to this level? God have mercy.

Rex Ray said...


I can’t find where we were discussing the Twin Towers, so I’ll put it here.

Evidence that’s not known by most, is who flew the airplanes that hit the Twin Towers?

Our good friend of many years said her son was paying a lot of money to learn to fly in Norma, Oklahoma, while our Government paid the cost for Muslims. A red flag should have gone up when they said they only wanted to learn how to fly and not how to land.

After 9/11, the FBI ‘put the dots together’ and arrested a Muslim as he was buying a plane ticket in Fort Worth. When her son saw the guy’s picture in the paper, he told his mother that was one of the Muslims he met at the flying school.

Anonymous said...

"Evidence that’s not known by most, is who flew the airplanes that hit the Twin Towers?"

Rex - yeah, 'who', or 'what', or both? A ton of experienced commercial and Airforce pilots saying it's extremely difficult at those high speeds for novices, and a ton of folks saying it's easy as pie.

"Truth is treason in the empire of lies" - Eric Blair.

Now that the FBI has classified those as heralding theories contrary to the official narrative as domestic terrorist - we should keep our observations to ourselves or we'll have agents at our doors soon. Glad The Way, The Truth, and The Life will settle it once and for all. :) :) :)


Anonymous said...

Yikes, looks like that quote is probably a Ron Paul's version of George Orwell's original quote. Ken

Rex Ray said...


“A ton of experienced commercial and Airforce pilots saying it's extremely difficult at those high speeds for novices, and a ton of folks saying it's easy as pie.”

I believe the ton of folks that say “It’s easy as pie” because who with high paying jobs like people to know their jobs were easy?

And who would end their life except those that believed they would soon be with 27 virgins?

Rex Ray said...


Yesterday, I introduced your blog to a couple of Wycliffe translators that have spent many years in Africa, Terry and Nancy Sullivan. Their only ‘support’ is by individuals that ‘partner’ with them financially and with prayer.

They came by to visit Judy as she has been a ‘partner’ for many years. I told Judy I could remember their last name because it was the same as my ‘best man’ at our wedding.

Their telling about the beliefs that influenced Christians in Africa was amazing. I hope he comments on your blog and tells how the Bible affects their actions like “Love your neighbor as yourself”; they do it.

Rex Ray said...

Back on the subject of Muslims.
Quotes from their Qur’an:

“Kill the disbelievers wherever we find them.” (2:191)
“murder them and treat them harshly.” (9:123)
“…fight the unbelievers until NO OTHER RELIGION except Islam is left.” (2:193)
“…strike off the heads of the disbelievers…” (8:12)
“ is not us who slay them but Allah…”
“…In Paradise he will wed us with celestial virgins…(56:54)
“…Our Holy Prophet allows us to marry up to four wives and licensed us to sleep with our slave maids and with ‘captive women’. (4:3)

Pakistani soldiers allegedly raped up to 250,000 Bengali women in 1971 after they massacred 3,000,000 unarmed civilians when their religious leader decreed that Bangladeshis are un-Islamic.

P.S. Obama referred to the Qur’an as “the Holy Qur’an.”

Anonymous said...

"And who would end their life except those that believed they would soon be with 27 virgins?"

Rex - it's pretty clear Bush used them as a decoy to get Americans behind invading Iraq if you follow the money trail.

Same as Clintons using McVeigh and his fertilizer bomb.

The official stories almost always are shown to be lies by the facts, but Americans don't care as long as their properties increase in value, their jobs remains secure, and their sporting events don't get interrupted. Very few think beyond what they are told. Blind allegiance to authority always keeps people in captivity as slaves.


Anonymous said...

Cate McCauley worked on McVeigh's appeal

Christiane said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Bob Cleveland said...

Rex Ray: The preceding verse in the quran states: "Fight in the way of Allah those who fight you but do not transgress. Indeed. Allah does not like transgressors." That's referring to those within Allah's followers who war against other followers. People misquote the quran just as they misquote, out of context, Scriptures.

I believe that the terrorists depart from the quran just as the KKK did, from the Bible.

Anonymous said...

"The universe seems to be a cosmic symphony.
And there is a Conductor behind the composition."

Christiane said...

Hello Bob Cleveland and Rex Ray,

dear people, I love this story, which is so close to the Holy Gospels, and thought to share it here:

Rex Ray said...

Bob Cleveland,

Are you saying, the verses I referenced in the Quran don’t say what is written?
My son, Joe, and daughter-in-law, Beth, were SB missionaries. They lived 15 miles from Beersheba and tried to witness to Muslims for years. The nearest a Muslim came to being a Christian was one that said, “I’d be a Christian if I believe God would give me five sons.” (They had five young boys.)

One day, Beth decided to walk over and talk to a neighbor. She wanted the woman’s boys to stop throwing rocks at her boys. Halfway there, she stopped and came back because the woman was throwing rocks at her boys.

We visited them and had dinner with their neighbor. Remember the Quran allows them to have up to four wives? It doesn’t cost a man anything to divorce his wife. (He had divorced one wife.) All he has to do is tell her three times: “I divorce you”, and she has to leave with what she’s wearing. (That would explain why his wife always wore a lot of jewelry.)

While eating, the guy said to me, “It’s obvious you and your son have plenty of money to have two wives; why don’t you? (I saw a very strong look from my wife.)

Joe drove a vehicle that looked like their small buses. He passed up a woman who tried to flag us down for a ride. I scolded him, and asked why didn’t he give her a ride.

“Daddy, if she got in and realized who we were, she would have jumped out regardless how fast I was going.”

That leads to a story that’s hard for Americans to understand the mindset of Muslims. Muslims cannot marry outside their tribe. Their kids go to the same school, but boys and girls are not allowed to be ‘friendly’ with each other unless they’re in the same tribe. Three years before Joe and Beth came to Beersheba, it was reported to a father that his daughter was seen talking to a boy (not in her tribe) after school on a street. To restore honor to his family, he locked her in an empty tool shed and burned it.

And one couple of different tribes, married and fled to America. Nine years later, she came back to visit her mother, and her brother killed her with a knife.

Anonymous said...

I have to be blunt because apparently Bob's accurate "understand the context" of your prooftexting is too soft for you.

You are an arrogant prick to sit there and assume that you have the "actual understanding" of Muslims and that the many Muslims who agree with Bob must be wrong.
Your argument from anecdote is also irrelevant in the same way "I know a black guy" is.

RB Kuter said...

Tell me again why commenters refer to themselves as "anonymous"?

Is that a means to avoid being accountable for whatever you say?

I guess there are some other legitimate benefits to signing off as "Anonymous", like protecting yourself from "identity theft", or having some other "chicken little" fear of people knowing who you are. "Ooooo..they might know who I really am! How scary!"

There are some missionaries who have lived in "closed" countries where it was essential for them to protect their identity as being missionaries so as to allow them to remain in those countries. So I understand their motive and that they have legitimate reasons for their anonymity.

But signing off as "Anonymous" when having no basis seems to simply be a cowardly way to sling slander without being accountable for it or a means to make outrageous comments without anyone knowing that it was you who are foolish. Better not to write anything at all.

Knowing that people are aware of who I am when writing publicly holds me accountable for what I write and puts pressure on me to seriously consider what I am going to say. For instance, I don't mind that "Anonymous" knows that it is me who is being critical of their stealth tactics. I would make the same comment if we were standing in the same room together. But when "Anonymous," says something, it's kind of like cymbals banging in an open field with nobody around to hear. Or like some frightened child who stands in the closet and shouts at the big kid outside so they won't know who is shouting at them. Just annoying.

Give me some guidance if there is some credible, more honorable explanation and it will help me, and no doubt a lot of others, take comments from the crowd of "Anonymous" speakers more serious.

Christiane said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Rex Ray said...

Bad mouth Anonymous,

I get you’re point, and I want to apologize for saying: “That leads to a story that’s hard for Americans to understand the mindset of Muslims.”

I should have said …mindset of SOME Muslims.

I believe very few Muslims obey the Quran, and probably many read it about like many Americans read the Bible (very little).

If I write from my wife’s computer, I have to write as “Anonymous”, but I always write my name at the end.

Your words would carry more weight if you took RB Kuter’s advice.

RB Kuter said...

Rex Ray, I too have Muslim friends and a number who have left that system to follow Jesus Christ. I know one who was martyred due to his insistence on returning to his Muslim country following his being baptized and having the option of staying in a safe country but rejecting that opportunity. He could not speak English. When we were having Bible study his brother, who could speak English, served as the translator. He was a nominal Muslim. We were studying Matthew 5 when Jesus said, "Blessed are you when you are persecuted for my Name's sake." My friend said, "I would die for Jesus." He went home to share the Gospel with his people, was arrested and never seen again.

So I know God loves the people and many are coming to Him through Christ. BUT there is also a globalization of Islam surging throughout the earth which we must acknowledge. It is an intentional and strategic campaign and extremely successful. World domination has always been the pattern and during the Ottoman Empire much of the earth was Muslim and spreading like wildfire. It was only due to their siding with the Axis powers in WWI and losing that war that resulted in their surge ceasing.

Islam has resurfaced today as a force to be reckoned with and is again swallowing up huge segments of the earth. It is not so much through violent take-over today, though that too. But a more threatening method of Islamic take-over is the intentional populating of target areas, dominating the electoral system, and gaining power and control.

Free democratic systems like ours and those in Europe and other places are very susceptible to being taken over. Our system will not allow us to outlaw Islam, and when they become the dominant population segment they can easily control the system. Not sure what to do, but it is surely something in which we must be aware.

Of course, it may not be an issue if we go socialist anyway, so why worry.