Monday, May 13, 2013

Sharia Law Should Be Resisted in the 21st Century Like Nazism Was Resisted in the 20th Century

Oklahoma is one of a handful of states who has been actively engaged in the political arena in opposing any possible foothold of Sharia Law within our borders. Our state has undergone a heavy dose of criticism for what is perceived by elitists as a bigoted and backward political maneuvering.

Yesterday the Australian news agency's Channel 7 broadcast a two-part special entitled ABANDONED. It is the gut-wrenching story of an Australian woman named Alicia Gaili who was brutally raped and beaten in Dubai by three men. According to Yahoo News: "Alone and frightened, Alicia took herself to hospital. What she didn’t know is that under the UAE’s strict sharia laws, if the perpetrator does not confess, a rape cannot be convicted without four adult Muslim male witnesses. Alicia was charged with having illicit sex outside marriage, and thrown in a filthy jail cell for eight months."

Does Oklahoma look so backwards now? In this age of political correctness, it is incumbent upon Americans who know their history and the Judeo-Christian heritage of United States law to not just say "no" to Sharia Law, but to oppose it like the greatest generation of Americans past opposed Nazism and Bolshevism.  Neville Chamberlain tried to make peace with Adolph Hitler, believing Hitler had no desire for expansion of the Aryan ideals and principles throughout Europe. He was wrong, and it cost the lives of millions of people.

Winston Churchill rightly understood that any government which relies on terrorism to maintain its regime is built on an ideology that must be opposed by civilized people. Churchill said about Bolshevism: "I yield to no one in my detestation of Bolshevism, and of the revolutionary violence which precedes it. ... But my hatred of Bolshevism and Bolsheviks is not founded on their silly system of economics, or their absurd doctrine of an impossible equality. It arises from the bloody and devastating terrorism which they practice in every land into which they have broken, and by which alone their criminal regime can be maintained. ... Governments who have seized upon power by violence and by usurpation have often resorted to terrorism in their desperate efforts to keep what they have stolen, but the august and venerable structure of the British Empire ... does not need such aid. Such ideas are absolutely foreign to the British way of doing things."

It's time those who love freedom to realize that Sharia Law is as dangerous to our modern day as Nazism and Bolshevism was a century ago.


Aussie John said...


Thank you for your wise words. It makes me sad to think that one so far from our shores can see the obvious, when our politicians are more concerned about so-called political correctness.

Already in Australia there is much violence between the different sects among those who are agitating for the introduction of Sharia law, as Channel 7 showed last night.

Rex Ray said...


The Sharia Law is horrible, but the best thing going for it, is what’s going on in America today! One begins to wonder if Ambrose Bierce is right;

“Vote: The instrument and symbol of a freeman's power to make a fool of himself and a wreck of his country.”

A few examples are Obama Care, Benghazi attack, and the latest is the IRS scandal. When will America say enough is enough?

Ramesh said...

I think Sharia law is the LEAST of the problems facing USA.

After 9/11, what the Republicans, Democrats and Federal Judiciary did in destroying the US Constitution in the mistaken notion of pursuing terrorists have instead destroyed themselves. All in the name of freedom. Only one congress woman of color was against this madness. Now all the people in USA will reap it's fruit.

Let's name some of the great freedoms being practiced here:

1. ALL your phones calls are being recorded.

2. ALL your emails and internet activity is being recorded and stored indefinitely.

3. ALL the local police are militarized.

4. The police and politicians are ABOVE the law. The law is ONLY for the poor and marginalized. The rich and politically connected are immune from the law.

Now you might think I am delusional in saying this. If you do, could I kindly suggest, it is you, who is.

Wake up people.

Wade Burleson said...

Good points Thy Peace

Bob Cleveland said...

I don't think our government wants to admit that there are EVIL people in the world. Not misunderstood, not disadvantaged, not misguided. EVIL.

If they don't recognize that, how long do we think it'll be, before they BECOME that?

This is a pretty good time to be thankful you're old. I certainly am.

Rex Ray said...

I’ll have to correct myself in saying the latest was the IRS scandal.

Today, the press conference brought out the point that Obama has prosecuted twice as many ‘leakers’ as ALL other administrations combined.

At one time if someone was to be ‘smeared or condemned’, he was called Communist. Has that word changed to ‘leaker’?.

If I say Obama should be impeached, is that freedom of speech or is that dangerous to National Security?

Also, it has come to light that All Associated Press reporters have ALL their phones recorded by the Government.

One comment was made that from all the things coming from Obama’s reign, Congress was getting ‘whiplash’.

State Rep. David Agema has introduced legislation that would ban “foreign laws” in Michigan.

The legislation mirrors efforts in 25 other states to stop Muslim-based “Sharia law.” Agema's bill is aimed at a fear among conservatives that there is a plan by Muslims to impose Sharia law on U.S. courts.

Thy Peace,
I dare you to dress as a scantly clad woman, and see if you could walk the streets of a Muslim neighborhood in Detroit without receiving a beating or worse. :)

Yes, Bob; I’m glad I’m old.

Dave said...

What I find so sad is that so few people commented on this subject. Out of mind, out of sight until it knocks on your door. This is a serious issue. All that Thy Peace said may be true, but if Sharia comes in, it escalates and you have no opportunity to protest.