Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Moore Disaster Relief Update from the People of Emmanuel Enid

A house Emmanuel members helped clear
Aren't you proud of Oklahomans? Whenever disasters come our way, we always bounce back! As Lead Pastor of Emmanuel Enid, I am proud of our church for the help given to the people of Moore and OKC. As we showed in this video during our four Sunday morning services this past Sunday, our church was able to get 21 7,000 watt generators into the disaster zone less than 24 hours after the tornado struck. In addition, the people of Emmanuel gave cash to assist people in their time of immediate need. I want to thank Graceway Baptist Church and Pastor Greg Keenan for their assistance. They were enormous help in providing directions, landmarks and personnel as we sought in those early hours to help find friends and relatives of members of our church, and then later they assisted us in placing the electrical generators where they were most needed. People from all across the state have descended on the metro to help, but nobody has out given and out served the wonderful people of Emmanuel! After showing the video Sunday,  we had between 70 and 100 people sign up to ride our buses and go back down to Moore on Labor Day and help clear the lots of some people we met earlier in the week who had no close friends or relatives (and in some cases, no insurance) to assist them. We helped sort through and clean up their debris, and their gratitude was tangible. All told, Emmanuel has provided tens of thousands of dollars in financial assistance, much needed power generators, fuel and portable lights, and most importantly, hundreds of man hours to help the devastated people of Moore get back on their feet. Well done! Let us hope if a disaster ever hits Enid, the people of the metro might respond to us in like manner! I'm sure they will.


Victorious said...

What a wonderful outpouring of generosity and support from the members of your church! I always think one of the most valuable things we can offer others is our time as our lives are often quite hectic. Such a turnout to go by bus is commendable!

Thanks Emmanuel Enid for the help and encouragement you provided those in need!

Wade Burleson said...


"I always think that one of the most valuable things we can offer is our time as our lives are often quite hectic."


Anonymous said...

Good to see someone is/has been loving their neighbors because of the love of Christ. If we all did - there probably wouldn't be any FEMA. :) ken

Rex Ray said...

What do you think of using ‘USED’ lumber that would be given to those who didn’t have insurance to rebuild their homes?

I understand that kids under 17 are not allowed to help because of insurance reasons of FEMA. In Fannin County most of our kids are too young, but they would be allowed to help if they were NOT in the disaster area.

We are planning on salvaging (with ‘legal’ age workers) reusable lumber by hauling it to a private location where kids would pull nails under a 30 x 70 foot tent. A chop saw would remove splintered ends etc. and sawed into standard lengths. The lumber would be stored until needed.

Today, I talked to Graceway Baptist Church and they said there was still wood scattered all over the place. My fear is it will be put in a landfill before we get there.

How much time do you think we have?

Wade Burleson said...


I'm not sure how much time you have, but I am very grateful for your generous spirit and servant's heart.