Monday, April 13, 2009

A Podcast Interview About Hardball Religion

David B. McLaughlin is a corporate trainer, accountant, and ordained minister. He entered the corporate world after spending 15 years in full-time ministry. He is the president of Voyage Ministries, Inc. and the author of Voyage Through The Bible, Basic Training, and The Life of Christ. He is also the host of Voyage Radio. His new book, The 40 Book: Forty Things You Should Know By Forty, is published by Ocean Drive Books.

David McLaughlin interviewed me this week's Voyager Radio 2.0 podcast. Go visit David's site and let him know of what you think of the interview.


Ramesh said...

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A good and short interview segment.

If anyone is interested, please send your comments to NPR > FreshAir, for suggestions for Pastor Wade Burleson to be interviewed by Terry Gross, about his new book, "Hard Ball Religion: ...".

NPR > Fresh Air.
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WHYY > Contact Us said...

Thy Peace,

I do not know anything about you personally. However, please receive my thanks for your wonderful writing and the extraordinary effort you have taken on many occasions to keep us all informed. Your links to my mother's posts the other day, putting all of her writing on a particular subject together in an easy to read and link format, was particularly helpful. You have done similar things on many occassions, and each time, your comments have been a huge help to me.

I consider you an honorary member of Emmanuel, and would love one day to meet you!



jle said...

Interesting interview. I did not pick up any new information which has not been shared here.

david b mclaughlin said...

thanks for the plug wade!

looking forward to part 2 next week. i appreciate you taking the time for the interview.


Anonymous said...


Have not had the time to listen, but I did read the book in one setting. Needless to say, it only confirmed what we on the field had long believed, that the trustees were more interested in their own agenda than reaching the lost world for Christ.

A 10-40 Windows Missionary