Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Playing Golf Is Almost As Easy As Pastoring


Ramesh said...

If you like humour and golf, then this book is for you:

Fore!: The Best of Wodehouse on Golf - Google Books Result.

Amazon> FORE!: The Best of Wodehouse on Golf (Paperback) by P.G. Wodehouse.

Anonymous said...

Then I vote for pastoral handicaps for young and new pastors. (bumping up the time of a first pastorate to 5 years.) [Ex: My first: 14.5 mos. With handicap add 45.5 mos. for a total of 5 years]

I also want a caddy (research assistant) and free Sunday Brunch!


kehrsam said...

These attacks on Mac Brunson really need to stop. Doesn't Wade know he's not a member of FBCJax? D:=

Anonymous said...

These attacks on Mac Brunson really need to stop. Doesn't Wade know he's not a member of FBCJax? D:=

Wed Apr 22, 11:04:00 AM 2009

Neither was BBC open forum a member of FBCJax when subpeona's were issued to find out his personal information. So Mac is the one that took it outside 'local church membership'.

Joe Blackmon said...
This comment has been removed by the author. said...


Whiff on the first tee! :)

Try again to hit one down the fairway on a post that pertains to your comment. said...


My pastoral handicap has only increased over the years, so don't get your hopes up.


Anonymous said...

Actually, I clicked on the link and studied the photograph.

Not bad!!

Frankly, one of the best instruction pieces on a good golf swing I've seen in a long time.

jasonk said...

The key to being good at golf is consistency. That's why I play consistently, once every five years. The last time I played (five years ago), I was digging around in my golf bag, and found the receipt for the last time I had played (five years before that). Next week, I will be in Columbia, Missouri, playing golf with a group of my co-workers at some swank country club. I'm afraid for the future of this country club.
For the most part, I have repented of golf, and have taken up cycling. With cycling, there isn't some guy with a little pencil following you around, writing down how bad you are. And with cycling, I don't lie, like the majority of people who play golf do.

Douglas Shivers said...

Love the illustration! My golf teachers have said two memorable things to me:

#1 After dropping a truckload of information on me, "Now, stop thinking and swing!"

#2 "What do you know, I can teach a gorilla to golf."

Doug Shivers

John Daly said...

Unless I'm hitting it under a windmill or through an alligator's mouth...I ain't playin' :)

True story...the ONE time I actually played golf I had to sign in, and of course I signed in as John Daly (since that is my name). Well, I was with my boss who was black...and he still is :) and the guy behind the counter looks at my boss and says: "So, I guess you're Tiger Woods!"

New BBC Open Forum said...

"And with cycling, I don't lie, like the majority of people who play golf do.".

Not even in the gravel on the side of the road? said...

John Daly,

Now that's funny.

jasonk said...

Nope, I avoid that gravel :)

kehrsam said...

Wade: Of course I missed. Had I been serious, I would've posted that as an anonymous. said...


I went back and read my comment. Often, my humor fails to come through the way I intend.


aaron said...

I have always heard if your preacher is a good golfer he probably is a bad pastor.

Anonymous said...

they key to being a good golfer is to have a flashy bag so they won't take thier eyes off it.

and joe, you write on here like you golf...lot o' "pimp slappin'"

Anonymous said...

john daly, i rarely if ever laugh out loud when reading any blog but i have to admit your daly/woods story gave me a good early mornin' laugh. thanks!

Gereja said...


I see that when you write on Bible and ministry the interest is always very high, but when you write on politics and jokes the interest is quite low. I suggest you stay more with Bible and ministry articles.

Lu Mo Nyet

Stephen said...

Golf is a four-letter word and it is no coincidence that spelled backwards is "flog." My brother (a Baptist pastor) says that one does not play golf, but that one "commits" golf.

Ramesh said...

I clearly remember one sermon preached by Pastor Mac Brunson on the theology of the eye brow. I am sure there is lot more theology on the golf stroke, than anything else. At least read the P.G.Wodehouse book on golf. It will be a humorous introduction to golf and it's mania.

ml said...

If Golf is a good walk ruined and we continue the metaphor, then pastoring is . . .

Anonymous said...

Lu - I would suggest you let Wade write what he wants to write about.

Oh, I don't know?...Maybe because it's HIS blog.

For what it's worth, he doesn't take advice from Arminians anyway.

B Nettles said...

I've heard (from a source who shall remain unnamed) that when Wade hits a bunker shot all you can see is a Klouda dust.

I don't know what pastoring would be but preaching is a good nap ruined.

Now, I'm off to hear Don Whitney talk about using the Psalms in prayer.


B Nettles said...

I've also heard that many pastors who play golf (I wouldn't know since I'm not a pastor and I don't play golf) develop a private prayer language.

They also half-baptize golf balls. Then non-pastors come along and complete the baptism, bringing newness of life to the ball.Should a good Baptist pastor use a baptized ball that was recovered by a non-pastor?

Anonymous said...

In golf you get at "least one" mulligan. Behind the pulpit you don't. Al Mohler's new book on expository preaching is a must read for the preacher.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous is davidinnashville. I lost my account for whatever reason and can't seem to find it. It reminds me of my golf game when that ball gets into the rough. I can't find it!!!!

Christiane said...


It's me, L's

I will quote you here:
"Now, I'm off to hear Don Whitney talk about using the Psalms in prayer.


I am so happy to see the Psalms being used in the Baptist Churches and incorporated into prayer. This is such a richly spiritual source for us located in Holy Scripture. I do not know much about Don Whitney, other than he references the writing s of Dietrich Bonhoeffer, a true Christian martyr. I do know about Bonhoeffer's views on the Psalms many of which I share in my own faith.

I hope you enjoy the seminar and glean from it something to enrich your life in the Spirit. It is said that when we seek God, that is when He finds us. The Psalms are the Prayer Book of the OT and the NT. In reading the Psalms, we allow God to find us, when the words of the page become a part of our hearts. (not memorization, but something so much more)

Bill, I hope you might share some of what you learn at this seminar with us, if you wish to do so. I should be interested in your observations. Love, L's

P.S. Have missed everyone. Had major surgery successful, thank God, and am home on some kind of morphine pain pills for a while, so please excuse rambling, bad spelling, and other assorted ill written attempts to communicate. But love to all, and hope you all abide in Him as I witness to you that when you do, He is there for you in times of trouble. He wraps you in His loving care and brings His Peace to calm all fears.
Much love, L's

Tim Marsh said...

Pastor Wade,

I have always appreciated your blog and thank you for being very lenient regarding comment moderation to allow for a diversity of opinions.

However, several comments on Monday's post have been down right offensive.

It is amazing how the true colors of "Christians" can come out on blogs.

Thanks for all that you do. said...


Hadn't seen them till you mentioned them. Sorry. Now deleted.

Tim Marsh said...

Pastor Wade,

Thank you. I am sure that it is difficult to maintain the post of the day, without having to check continuing conversations on previous posts.

I thought many of the comments ironic, considering the title of the post: "The Source of a Gracious Spirit"

God bless!

Steve said...

What a marvel it is that one or two well-hit shots are often enough to bring the duffer back to punish the innocent grass yet again. Being walked twice in baseball just never has the same effect for the player, yet does more to help the ball team.