Sunday, July 30, 2006

An Update on REFUGE at Emmanuel

We have just completed a month of Saturday night worship services entitled REFUGE 7:1. Several of you have mentioned you have been praying for our REFUGE service and I promised an update on how things are going, so this post is dedicated to REFUGE and giving you some information regarding the service.

I am a little out of my element teaching in casual attire while sitting on a stool, but all will be thrilled to know I received a modern hair cut to go with the new image for Saturday night :).

The dress is casual. Our goal is to minister to youth, younger couples, singles and others who enjoy contemporary worship and praise and and a sense of community at church. We have been surprised at the age range of those who are attending REFUGE, and feel our community is all the better for the broad range of people who have turned out.

One of the things I have always believed is that when a church combines meaningful, personal praise and worship with the systematic teaching of God's Word, the lives of God's people are transformed. Our charismatic brethren have had powerful worship, but have fallen short on the exposition of the Word of God. I believe it is possible for a church to teach exegetically the Scriptures while at the same time enjoy the powerful movement of the Spirit of God in worship.

If you are ever in Enid America on a Saturday night, we'd love to see you at REFUGE.

Next Saturday night I'll begin a series entitled "A Rose By Any Other Name" where I will take Shakespeare's sonnet and show from the Word of God some of the names God gives to His children, and though you may not feel like a saint, or a soldier, or an heir, or a child of God, it does not negate the fact you are one by the grace of God in Christ Jesus.

In His Grace,

Wade Burleson


Kevin Bussey said...

Wade that is so cool. I love the countryman mike. Very Garth Brooks. said...


Thanks. The guitar is NOT mine however.

Bryan Riley said...

WADE!!! I'm thinking our family will come visit on Saturday! We just need to work out the time. And if you need a guest singer/speaker, even for just a song or 5 minutes... You are quite sporty in your jeans... not sure i've ever seen you like that. :)

davidinflorida said...

Wade, You are so right on about most of the charasmatic teaching that I have been involved with... I came out of the baptist church many years ago as God sent me to a non-denominational church. With this came the freedom to worship God freely and with the intensity that David did. But sometimes the teachings were a bit questionable as there was no accountability. A few years ago God sent us back to a traditional baptist church. I never thought that this would happen , God had a reason... The word of God is preached strongly and with accountability however the worship is almost non-existent.We are mostly entertained by the choir and a solo, and every once in awile we sing a praise song or two. There is very little congregation participation.... My spirit cries out every week as it is desperate to worship God... If you have never experienced true congregational praise and worship then you just dont know the love for God that rises out of your spirit and soul during this time. It is truly life changing. Why is this so common within the denominational churches? said...


I don't know the answer to your question, but let me throw something out that I'm sure will cause a great deal of consternation among some.

The next revival among evangelicals which will encompass multiple denominations including the Southern Baptist Convention is a revival among charismatic Calvinists.

Chew on that one a bit.


In His Grace,


Denise said...

Next Time I'm visiting the folks, I'll have to visit your saturday night service :) Looks GREAT! said...

Every Saturday night!


Dori said...

I'll add it to my itinerary second weekend in August when I'm going to hear Art preach in Tulsa. :)

Bryan Riley said...

Aren't the Sovereign Grace churches calvinistic in general?? said...

Arkansas RazorBaptist,

Click here for our web site for REFUGE. Messages will be available soon.

Thanks for your prayers!

wade said...


Yes, they are.

But --- some are resistant to praise and worship and the gifts.

C.J. Mahaney is an example of a Sovereign Grace Pastor who is part of the growing number of pastors that are grace oriented and charismatic.

Clif Cummings said...

I have some questions as I have been considering something similar.
How many "new, or non-emmanuel members" do you estimate come to refuge71?
Has it effected your attendance on Sundays?
Is there a strategy being developed to connect those who come on Saturday to the other ministries of your church or to another small group opportunity?
I know your answers may not be specific - but what is your observation so far?
I think I will bring a group of young adults up to experience it - if for no other reason that to see your new hairdo!!

Bob Cleveland said...


"The next revival among evangelicals which will encompass multiple denominations including the Southern Baptist Convention is a revival among charismatic Calvinists."

I'm ALREADY one of those. And a member of a Baptist church.

This sounds like fun. I hope you're right, but I have to say that by my definition, a charismatic Calvinist is already having a revival.

I guess it would be neat if such a thing happened and it came from WITHIN the SBC.

Wes Kenney said...


The picture is inconclusive on this, but if you're wearing socks, you still need some updating... ;-)

Glad to hear God is blessing this ministry. said...

NO socks Wes!

I'm hip.

Wayne Smith said...




A Brother in CHRIST

art rogers said...

Did you say that was a modern haircut?


Blessings on the hard work.

Ar you teaching ever Sat. and on Sundays, too?

If so, are you preaching the same message or a variant? said...


Don't make fun! Elijah struck dead those who mocked his head. :)

All different messages.

Saturday night --- series on how God names His children (saints, soldiers, believers, etc . . . )

Sunday morning --- Exposition of Genesis.

Sunday night --- series on the Atonement.

Wednesday night --- a survey of the Bible.

davidinflorida said...

Wade, Where do you believe that God shows up more... the traditional services , Refuge , or no difference ?.......And or , at what services do you believe that the worshipers are seeking GOD more ?