Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Happiness Doesn't Just Happen

Rather than you give you the full outline for last night's service, I would encourage you to call our offices and order my book by the same title :).

Just a thought for today.

The world finds happiness when their happenstances (circumstances) happen to be happy.

The Apostle Paul in Philippians 4:11 said "I have learned, in whatever state I am in, therewith to be content."

The old Puritan Jeremiah Burroughs once wrote a book entitled "The Art of Christian Contentment." He pointed out in his exposition of this verse that the translators added the word "state."

Paul literally said, "I have learned in what (or who) I am, therewith to be content."

To the Corinthian church in I Corinthians 15:10 Paul said, "I am what I am by the grace of God."

I would propose to you that true happiness or joy comes from an inner satisfaction of knowing who you are by the grace of God. To the extent that God's people appreciate His work in us, His blessings for us, and His watchcare over us, is the extent that we can learn to be satisfied in this life regardless of our circumstances.

I would encourage you today to remember who you are by the grace of God and derive your satisfaction in life from Him.

I am . . . what I am . . . by the grace of God.

It will take us an eternity to plumb the depths of God's grace for us.

In His Grace,

Wade Burleson


Kevin Bussey said...

Great thoughts Wade,

It is amazing how we can change our outlook on life by just deciding that life is good. For believers we don't have a choice do we?

Anonymous said...


Can you comment on the fact that missionaries in Guinea-Bissau are under fire related to the policies of constriction under discussion? This couple may not be fired due to tongues or baptism practices, but there appears to be an ongoing witch hunt among missionaries in the field.

We have lost the point of missions when we spend so much energy and resources trying to root out "the liberals" instead of focusing on sharing the gospel with the entire world.

It would seem that our policies are completely out of step with Jesus' Great Commission, caring more for doctrinal and political agendas than taking the message of grace to the world.

Perhaps it is time we evaluate once again the purpose of the IMB. It is not to impose a tight doctrinal vise on the world. It is to fulfill Christ's demand that we take the gospel to all the nations. Falling short of that task is no light matter. So what if we miss the mark on a few specific doctrines "that we [only]understand in part"? We are still under obligation with Paul to share the good news of Christ with every people.

Setting politics aside is not an option if we are to be faithful to Christ. As we continue down this alternate path, we act in opposition to the will of Christ.

Anonymous said...


Stayed up a little late last night, did we?

Well said, though. If we could learn that its all about Christ and not about us it would take away a world of stress. By His grace we are what we are--and that is enough.

The whole essence of Christ's commands in the sermon on the mount is to generate in us a life of complete reliance on Him. A life of total faith that His grace is sufficient. That is a really cool place to be.

My prayers are with you for the service tonight.


Oberon said...

........lucifer was thrown be god of this world.......his evil deceives our eyes.......religion divides us......spirituality brings us together.......our only weopons against evil are Truth and Love. said...

Former M,

I can't comment pubicly --- yet.

I have spent hours on the phone regarding this issue.

I have met with the M's personally at their pastor's request.

I have given consideration to the administration, believing personnel issues are matters for administration, not trustees.

However, if I find trustees were involved in this decision, or if I discover that there is a philosphical or theological conflict between the M's and their RL over Board approved policy, or if I find that the M's were operating under what they believed to be Board approved policy only to discover that the interpretation of that policy is different than what they were led to believe when appointed, then I will speak publicly. But we are not at that point yet. Everyone is still in the discovery phase.

I am waiting until the appropriate procedures are followed before I comment on the request for termination.

Procedures for termination are as follows:

(1). The Regional Leader makes the decision to terminate.

(2). An official appeal can by made by the M's to the Vice-President for Overseas Operations. That appeal is being made today. If the RL's decision to terminate is overturned, then the trustees are never involved.

However, if the RL's determination to terminate is upheld by the Vice-President, then an appeal by the M's can be made to Dr. Rankin.

Only after the appeals process is exhausted through administration will the Board of Trustees be involved.

I have spoken to several people involved in the internal process on many occasions including the RL, the Vice-President, and Dr. Rankin.

What I have very little patience for is any stated, or implied, attack on this missionary couples character. I'm not saying that has happened, I'm just cautioning anyone involved not to even go there.

Frankly, we may discover there is simply confusion, or ignorance, over Board policy (on one or the other side) and a firmly held belief by the M's that they ARE following policy, and an equally firm belief by the RL that M's are NOT following policy.

Guess who sets policy at the IMB?

The trustees.

So you can expect, at some point, that you will hear from me.

I'm waiting for the appropriate time.

Hope this helps.