Monday, August 02, 2021

400 Years Since Plymouth: Is It Liberty or Slavery?

I am scheduled on Monday to be just south of Boston with our group of Trail Life boys, their families, and Trail Life leaders touring Plymouth Plantation and Plymouth Rock (Edit: I got hit by the massive plane cancellations and didn't make the event!).

It was 400 years ago, on November 11, 1620, that the Pilgrims landed in what we now call Massachusetts, the beginning of four hundred years of a country we call America. 

Of course, Critical Race Theorists wish to take us back to 1619 and tell us everything that happened after the Pilgrim's coming to the New World is "white man's sin." 

But for me, 400 years has another significance. 

The number four hundred is a Biblical symbol of expectation or hope. E.W. Bullinger in his classic work on Numbers in Scripture states, "400 is a divinely perfect period." 

It is a Kingdom number. It represents ten generations or eight cycles of the Jubilee Year of 50. Time and time again in Scripture, 400 years meant either the dawning of liberty and freedom or slavery and bondage as a people. 

The Hebrew people left Egypt after 400 years of slavery (1900-1500 B.C.). Israel spent 400 years during a time that people did "that which was right in their own eyes" (1450 - 1050 B.C.), after which the Kingdom of Israel - or "The Hebrew Republic" was established, and Israel enjoyed 400 years of independence and prosperity. 

After the close of the Old Testament, there is a 400-year time period of "silence" and then the Messiah comes (Jesus Christ). 

It's been 400 years since America as we know it began. 

Are we about to enter a time of peace and prosperity or bondage and slavery? 


Christiane said...

WADE, you might enjoy reading this link from the Hebrew tradition:
it includes mention of the Hebrew 'gematria' for the number 400

RB Kuter said...

Wade, not sure if the United States of America is prominent enough in God's providential plans to have the "400 year" time scale applied. Could be that divine measure is not relative to the scope of America's destiny one way or the other.

Paul D said...

Trump was pres in the 400th year and was the beginning of the end. Sad but true.

However, theologically, I agree with Mr. RB Kuter @ 8/2/21 5:16pm.


Rex Ray said...


You asked, “Are we about to enter a time of peace…”

“US murder rate jumps in 2020 to highest seen since 1990s.”

Rex Ray said...


AGAIN, last comment on Post 7-2-21 is bad.

Dave said...


I appreciate the theme of your article, (irrespective of numerical symbolism or cycles) challenging the reader to analyze their circumstances as a citizen, impacted by the force of ideological drift, our particular form of government and social trends.

Somewhat related to this, is the devaluation of that most sacred charge, pledged by medical professionals to: 'First, do no harm'. The whole world has been witnessing the corrupt, rotten fruit this 'unhealthy marriage' of medicine, politics and a partisan media has borne.

I've been seeing an optimistic development however, in a groundswell of unbiased physicians, whom can no longer tolerate standing by in tacit approval of the 'weaponization' of their profession, by politicians and a complicit media peddling an agenda designed to ENSLAVE.

This exaggerated manmade epidemic, needlessly destroying lives and livelihoods ...may just be triggering a NEW Renaissance of FREE thinking, that emerges HIGHLY skeptical of its politicians, media and big Pharma.

Even liberals are now questioning the 'official narratives' peddled by federal agency heads, elected officials and reporters whom they'd blindly emplaced their trust. When the population witnesses the cycle of endless contradiction by so-called 'medical experts' concerning public safety precautions, diagnostic test reliability, vaccine efficacy, mortality rates, etc... they NOW are seeing cause to QUESTION the same voices they'd TRUSTED on other issues of national concern.

The rigors of military life for two decades, indoctrinated me with the powerful team-building principle of 'shared experience'. The crucible of danger, discomfort and pain amongst soldiers of EVERY nationality, age and political persuasion ...incinerates such trivialities, to FORGE supernatural bonds of brotherly love, respect and UNITY.

Each nation's oppressive overlords, have apparently not calculated this outcome. The LONGER this contrived 'shared experience' of danger, discomfort and pain continues ...the STRONGER the counter-reaction (cultural revolution) will be. This will NOT serve liberal interests well!

This may well become the impetus of a conservative tidal wave of apolitical, independent-minded critical thinkers, whom are virtually immune to shallow media manipulations and partisan talking points.

You can only prod and provoke a hibernating bear for so long...

On a related note: I just noticed that some of my favorite black conservatives providing social commentary (Candace Owens, David Harris, Jr.), have been de-platformed by YT. This is evidence that their influence within their own culture has liberals worried.

RB Kuter said...

Paul said, "Trump was pres in the 400th year and was the beginning of the end. Sad but true."

I know how much many "Americans" hate Trump, but attributing his candidacy to fulfilling a "400 year" prophetic time line is way over the top in assessing his importance, don't you think?

RB Kuter said...

I believe the "globalists" are seeing their dreams fulfilled in terms of current trends of societies on a global scale descending into the abyss. The United States is simply caught up in the wake of the cascading fall and being sucked down the drain with the rest of the world.

Yet that small remnant of genuine, born-into The Kingdom believers in the world levitate above the chaos like drones looking down upon the destruction without being sucked into it.

It's a GREAT age to be born when you are included in The Kingdom's remnant residing in the world due to the amazing opportunities to minister to the brokenness and witness the power of Almighty God at work through your efforts! Hallelujah!

Muff Potter said...

Interesting link you've provided, 400 is a perfect square because its square root is 20.
I've always gotten more out of Jewish Arcana than New Testament reading.
It's connection to this world is earthier, less unbroken, and less ethereal.

Christiane said...

Hello Muff Potter,

I do not 'believe in' or 'practice' the gematria, no, but I found it to be an interesting way in which characters in Chaim Potok's book 'The Chosen' communicated with one another when they 'discussed' their study of the Talmud and the Midrash.
It was as though they sought out the very marrow of the written words in examining the phrases according to numerical values assigned, like a 'code' in which a deeper meaning might be revealed. :)

In some future time, we may look back on this era at how it was that so many found meaning in 'theories' that were loosely delineated so as to accommodate what they needed to believe in at the time, not consciously of course that they 'made stuff up' but that what was preserved and handed down in sacred Scripture was not 'clear' enough and they felt perhaps that there was more meaning to be had from codes and 'signs'. I don't judge these practices because in these times, of the people who are deeply troubled, many seek that which seems to offer them 'answers' to questions about 'what is going to happen'. I don't know from Bible 'codes' or theories, but I would not take needed comfort away from people who saw things differently from myself, no. Muff, I would not 'discourage', but only hope for something of the Holy Spirit's protection for the fearful, as was voiced in from a warning found in sacred Scripture, this:

"But I fear lest,
as the serpent seduced Eve by his subtilty,
so your minds should be corrupted,
and fall from the simplicity that is in Christ." (2 Cor. 11:3)

Muff Potter said...

Please don't misunderstand, I do not necessarily subscribe to Jewish Arcana, I only find it interesting, much in the same way I'd find an Earth Atlas interesting.

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