Wednesday, July 07, 2021

Oppression Olympics and Victimization as a Virtue

During my freshman year in high school, I took a Civics Class. The energetic teachers (there were two) of the class, a young man in his first year of teaching and an older woman,  nurtured a seedling love for politics within me.

One day they asked the question, "Define what it means to be a liberal."

Four decades later,  I still remember the discussion that ensued. Maybe my memory is clear because I could tell they had a fondness for my scholastic aptitude, and they called on me to answer their question. 

But I was stumped.

It was in the days of President Jimmy Carter, and my poor answer revolved around picking and choosing some things President Carter did that I heard people call "liberal politics" in the late 1970s. I gave a weak description of what I thought liberalism was.  I couldn't give a definition of what liberalism is.

The rebuttal my teachers gave me went like this: "You chose to define a liberal by his actions. You've not given us a definition of the word "liberal." The Patriots of the American Revolution were called "liberals" by the English Parliament in 1776, but today Americans deem 1776 American Patriots as "conservatives." One generation's liberal is another generation's conservative. Give us a definition."

After a flurry of back-and-forth, we eventually came to a definition of a liberal. 
"A liberal is one who believes in freedom." 
The root word of liberal is liberty. So a liberal is one who cherishes human freedom. The freedom to speak, the freedom to worship, the freedom to think, the freedom to live, and the freedom to pursue happiness as the individual pleases, as long as the pursuit of that personal freedom does not impinge on the freedom of others. 

Freedom is the key.

There seems to be a loss of true liberalism in America.

The political left is not liberal anymore. It is regressive in its pursuit of freedom. The regressive left is actually desiring to remove individual freedoms.

The regressive left categorizes people based upon victimization. They will place groups of people into classifications of victimhood, and then remove personal liberties for people not in that class. The regressive left has created a modern Olympics of Oppression.

Victimization has become the highest virtue in American leftist culture. 

If you are a minority woman who believes in abortion, then you can march in the Women's March on Washington, D.C. But if you are a pro-life woman, you're barred from the freedom of marching and expressing your views, regardless of your color.

If you are a Muslim refugee from Syria who's been victimized by radicals, then you are given American freedom without restriction. But if you are an American Muslim who speaks out against radical Islamic terrorism, then you are called a bigot, and your freedom to speak out against radical Islamic terror is removed.

If you are a minority transgender person, then you are exalted onto the platform of freedom of expression and given your own bathroom, but if you are a straight person with children, then the regressive left seeks to repress you from expressing your views in public and wishes to force you to take your children into a transgendered bathroom. 

If you think like the regressive left on university campuses, you are bestowed individual freedom to speak, protest and lead. But even if you are a black woman (minority), and you think like an evangelical Christian, your freedom to speak, protest and lead on a university campus is removed.

Freedom is given to only the virtuous in the regressive left, and the greatest virtue in their way of thinking is victimization. 

At some point, America will wake up and see that a true, classical liberal believes in freedom for every individual, regardless of whether or not that individual is in a category of victimization.

One should never be given freedom of worship if one's intention is to hide guns, bombs, and terrorists in a house of worship. Your freedom of worship cannot impinge on the freedoms of others. 

Ironically, even some true classical liberals in America are waking up to the fact that their individual freedoms are being removed by the regressive left.  

For one of the few times in my life, I find myself agreeing with the New York Times
CLASSIC liberalism exalted tolerance, reflected in a line often attributed to Voltaire: “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.”"On university campuses, that is sometimes updated to: 'I disapprove of what you say, so shut up.' Universities risk becoming liberal echo chambers and hostile environments for conservatives, and especially for evangelical Christians. As I see it, we (on university campuses) are hypocritical: We welcome people who don’t look like us, as long as they think like us."
The regressive left has left classic liberalism. They've embraced a form of intolerance that is eroding the freedoms of individual Americans who do not think like them. I will fight for my regressive left friends to express their views freely, but when they plug their ears to hearing a value system different from their own, I will freely point out they've left classic liberalism and become intolerant.

Oppression Olympics are games we Americans should never play.

(Note: This post was originally written by me FOUR years ago at the beginning of the summer Olympics. The past four years have proven my point. Back then we had never heard of Critical Race Theory. Back then we could not imagine the streets of America on fire due to riots. Classic liberalism (freedom) is in danger of being lost to radical activism that victimizes everyone. America is a meritocracy where everyone is free to make something of themselves if they work hard, surround themselves with good people, and live a life with full of Divine purpose and meaning)


RB Kuter said...

"The regressive left categorizes people based upon victimization. They will place groups of people into classifications of victimhood, and then remove personal liberties for people not in that class."

That is so true! 4 years ago, huh? Confirms that "the truth" never changes.

Celeste said...

Can there be freedom without an understanding of what is right and good for the community? Much of what Jesus and Paul teaches us is in the Bible about looking out for the community. There is never a promise of equality -- the Beatitudes cinch that point in my mind.

As was pointed out in the previous post, the secular religion of #Me is what seems to rule our current culture, but #MeMeMeME, pursuing only what my base needs want is very destructive in it's purest form.

Edmund Burke (1729-1797) wrote, "Permit me then to continue our conversation, and to tell you what the freedom is that I love, and that to which I think all men entitled. This is the more necessary, because, of all the loose terms in the world, liberty is the most indefinite. It is not solitary, unconnected, individual, selfish liberty, as if every man was to regulate the whole of his conduct by his own will. The liberty I mean is social freedom. It is that state of things in which liberty is secured by the equality of restraint. A constitution of things in which the liberty of no one man, and no body of men, and no number of men, can find means to trespass on the liberty of any person, or any description of persons, in the society. This kind of liberty is, indeed, but another name for justice; ascertained by wise laws, and secured by well-constructed institutions." Our founding fathers were religious men ("In God We Trust"). Somehow, in the world of Critical Race Theory there seems to be an attempt to scrub that from our history. People seem to want to avoid that point, in a desire to maintain a pristine "separation of Church and State".

San Francisco, a great experiment in "defund the police" and decriminalize all but the egregious is becoming a city dying on the vine as people walk unfettered out of stores with merchandise as long as it's value is less than $950. Many stores are pulling out of SF, because they can not afford to have merchandise walk out of the stores. This is a very simple example of what happens when simple, unconnected and selfish liberty goes unconstrained.

Our country was not founded in an amoral vacuum. We need to understand and emphasize that point.

Christiane said...

I like to think of the most basic form of liberty as the freedom God gives us to follow our own consciences to make choices in the matter of faith and morals
the freedom we give to others to honor their own consciences in matters of faith and morals.

I think most people get that first part;
but where many folks have trouble is in extending that freedom to 'the others' whose conscious choices may not align with their own.

So, in this case, one boundary that can be violated is the giving of RESPECT, not that we may 'agree' with 'the other', but that we will not tolerate when 'the other' sees things differently than we do as we may not extend to them that freedom. Circumstances weigh heavily on how this acts out, sure, as 'the devil' is in the details. But 'RESPECT' for the conscience of 'the others' IS a primary issue to be worked out, if there is to be any dialogue between people with differences, yes. For people with differences, there are some areas always that are non-negotiable; but often what is over-looked are those areas of shared concerns and goals where opportunities for 'healing' of relationships can be found.

Scott Shaver said...

Some used to say that there were are only 3 great American cities. New York, New Orleans, and San Francisco.

Now look at all 3.

Scott Shaver said...


A willingness to listen to and treat "fairly" those within the LBGTQ "conscience" and "consciousness" requires neither personal approval of their religio-political agendas NOR endorsement of their...inclinations as healthy.

Much like the proverbial bridge, that is a tolerance grid "too far".

Dave said...


Great points made!

I can identify with your unexpected agreement with an opinion offered by The NY Times.

Similarly, after years of dismissing anything connected to Bill Maher, I shocked myself by agreement in which I’d never expected to share. In an article written by a rabid leftist, Maher was being vigorously attacked for an opinion he publicly stated. For once, I couldn’t find fault with Maher’s logic …and actually gained my sympathy!

One note of optimism I discovered in the past few years, has been the measurable growth of conservative sentiment within the black community. Support for Trump on several YouTube channels owned by black conservative commentators, captured my interest. I was pleasantly impressed by the distinct change in tenor from angry, profane accusations & threats …to overwhelming favorable support and many expressions of heart-felt thanks, for an ‘eye opening’ education in Democratic manipulation and intolerance.

Wade, any predictions on how Olympic Committees will preserve the sanctity of biological female sport events, while simultaneously cow-towing to leftist demands?

Scott Shaver said...

Good question Dave. If the Olympics Committee goes after this rabbit they might as well condone doping and use of steroids. Let the games begin.

Dave said...


The quote from Burke reminds me of how woefully inarticulate and morally debased our culture (and subsequent classes of ‘higher education’) have become.

Christiane said...

Speaking of President Jimmy Carter,
today is his and Rosalynn Carter's 75th Wedding Anniversary!

I hope they are blessed with many more wedding anniversaries in future.
Good people, indeed.

Dave said...


Yes, your conclusions are absolutely spot-on. The logical fallout (to appease their ‘god of Justice’ ), would require reinstating thousands of forfeited titles, awards, trophies and medals …well outside the purview of just the Olympic Games.

Then again, why would the ‘militant woke’ even aspire to compete in a system representative of what they likely view in effect as: White, Anglo-centric oppressor culture? Oh, that’s right, it just occurred to me …to make a selfish public spectacle of their dissenting opinion.

Rex Ray said...


A person’s liberty to smoke, ends where my nose begins.

Rex Ray said...

Ah, I said that wrong:

A person’s freedom to smoke, ends where my nose begins.

RB Kuter said...

"Speaking of President Jimmy Carter,
today is his and Rosalynn Carter's 75th Wedding Anniversary!"

Speaking of old Presidents, I just watched "President's Biden's Remarks on Withdrawal of U.S. Troops From Afghanistan".

Sad situation we've got ourselves into. Which is the better/worse alternative, this current person or the subsequent alternative?

RB Kuter said...

Sorry to ramble, but I just determined the answer to my own question: I would prefer what we have now no matter how noncognitive than having to view the alternative replacement. Although, who knows who is actually dictating things anyway and whether anything would make a difference.

RB Kuter said...

Could it be that COVID will make discussion on this year's Olympics a mute point?

Rex Ray said...

The story goes:

Two guys digging a ditch: One says, “It’s not fair; us working in the sun and the boss sitting in the shade.”
“Why don’t you ask him?”
“Boss, why do we work in the sun and you sit in the shade?”
“It’s stupidity. Let me show you.” (Puts his finger on a tree.) HIT MY FINGER!”
Boss removes finger.

“What did the boss say?”
“Let me show you; HIT MY FINGER!” ) Puts finger on nose.

RB Kuter said...

TODAY: "(CNN)A new data analysis identifies clusters of unvaccinated people, most of them in the southern United States, that are vulnerable to surges in Covid-19 cases and could become breeding grounds for even more deadly Covid-19 variants.
The five clusters are largely in parts of eight states, starting in the east in Georgia and stretching west to Texas and north to southern Missouri. The clusters also include parts of Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana,Oklahoma and Tennessee, and are made up of mostly smaller counties but also cities such as Montgomery, Alabama; Shreveport, Louisiana; and Amarillo, Texas."

Fear mongering wording, "could become breeding grounds for even more deadly Covid-19 variants." is troubling. Why?

It is hard not to imagine the course of things NOT going as portrayed in the interview with Holocaust survivor, Vera Sharav (President for Human Research Protection)with Dr. Reiner Fuellmich

She also reflects on her personal experiences as a Jew living under the Nazi German Holocaust period and how Jews were demonized as being disease-carrying rodents that were meant for extermination to protect the decent of society.

As the current Regime is saying that they will begin sending government agents "door to door" of those who have not been vaccinated, I wonder how long it will be before they begin posting big, bright, red "X"s on those of us who refuse to be vaccinnated to warn others to "Stay away from these disease-carrying pests!"

But for what purpose would the state regime pursue such fear-propagating/control tactics?
Note comment made on the Sharav video interview by KLAUS SCHWAB (Executive Chairman of the World Economic Forum German engineer and economist best known as the founder and executive chairman of the World Economic Forum) QUOTE: "THE PANDEMIC REPRESENTS A NARROW, RARE WINDOW OF OPPORTUNITY TO REIMAGINE AND RESET THE WORLD."


RB Kuter said...

Additional statement from above CNN report:
"Those vulnerable clusters put all of the United States -- and to some extent, the world -- at risk for going back to 2020, since high-transmission areas can become breeding grounds for Covid-19 variants that could go on to evade Covid-19 vaccines.
'These clusters of unvaccinated people are what is standing in the way of us putting this virus down permanently,' said Dr. Jonathan Reiner, a CNN medical analyst and professor of medicine and surgery at George Washington University."

These things should not really be that surprising for those of us who believe and take seriously Biblical prophecies of the "end era". It's really not that it is so unbelievably occurring, but rather that it is occurring and transpiring so rapidly.

No, I'm not "fearful" or crying "the sky is falling", but rather agreeing with Wade's (and others) portrayal of things as being of Biblical significance. Why would I be afraid? I'm covered!

RB Kuter said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Christiane said...

Mr. Kuter,

I was just thinking that we do not live in a country that 'mandates' vaccinations for its people.

For the majority of the nation's population that are vaccinated, we have returned to what passes for 'normal' compared to this last year of 'sheltering', and we go around without masks and the worry about 'distancing' that had obsessed us all during that fearful time.

I have heard of the covid crises in some areas of the country where the majority of folks had decided not to get vaccinated. It does look like the victims of covid are primarily among the unvaccinated, and this both affirms the hopes of those who have received the vaccine and breaks the hearts of those with friends and family who refuse the vaccine.

I have not heard specifically of any plans to 'force' vaccinations, nor can I imagine this happening in this country, no. It has long been held that there would come 'variants' in the virus that might make it more contagious and more deadly, but sadly the thought is that people must decide for themselves and then live with the consequences of those decisions. I say sadly because of what happened to my sister-in-law who remains impaired and on oxygen for most of her day. I would not wish this kind of suffering on any soul.

It remains a matter of moral conscience where, knowing the consequences of our actions and our failures to act, we decide and answer to God for our decisions.
I hope never to see a country where people who are vulnerable are told they 'must die' OR where people are forced to be vaccinated.

That this issue became politicized is beyond tragic.

Personally, for me, a part of the good that comes from being vaccinated is knowing that I am not now a risk to other people.

RB Kuter said...

Christiane, perhaps you have the more accurate assessment. We shall see.

RB Kuter said...

Christiane, I am disappointed by your expressed concern for COVID spreading over the world while simultaneously never commenting on the insanity of having "open border" policies with thousands of COVID-infected infiltrators entering our country without any attempt being made to protect us.

It is insane to push people to be vaccinated while opening doors wide for infected people to enter freely to increase the infection rates of citizens. Yet you never mention that as you express concern about COVID spread.

Southern California reported yesterday a huge spike in the COVID variants, no doubt largely due to those who are infected flowing in from their southern border with zero restraints. "Come on in!!!"

I also never see any comment from you regarding the thousands of children who are being invited in through the open border and then kept in tents with dirty, stinking, deplorable conditions. This after your continued outrage expressed during the former Administration when policies were resulting in much more humane treatment and diminishing incidents of illegal crossings.

The situation today with doors open to unrestricted entry of those infected with Covid while pushing for increased vaccinations is like having firemen pouring water on one side of the burning house while having arsonists throw gasoline on the other side to keep it burning.

I see little indication of the presence of "moral conscience" in all taking place.

There are either intentional efforts deliberately being taken to increase the COVID threat and the panic associated with that OR our having insane people in charge who have no clue as to how to address it.

Which is it?

Celeste said...

I am going to go with number 1: "There are intentional efforts deliberately being taken to increase panic......" I went through months of rolling anxiety before I turned off the news. However, I like to stay informed, so I read, and that allows me the ability to try to find supporting information.

The delta variant may be more infectious, but remember "delta"="India" variant and it has been around for quite a while. If it is so bad, why did it not take over months ago? However, at this point, it is certainly becoming the prominent COVID virus in many countries. Right now, I see a huge manipulation by the press. When you have 500 cases a day and you go up by 10 percent, that is a bump of 50 cases/day. When you have 2/day and increase by "50%" that is one new diagnosis. If you notice, most of the recent increases have been reported as % increases......when countries are getting down to low numbers, that may just be a blip in the reporting OR it MAY be a sign of something about to hit. However, last week when octogenarian physician running things sounded the delta alarm, I found an interesting video showing that delta had been rising in the UK for at least 3 months without a parallel rise in hospitalizations/deaths suggesting that the panic alarm was false.

Our memories are short and we are not good at asking questions. Remember the horrible images coming out of India only a few months ago? They had a real wave. They had real horror but *poof* it is over. See the data here: (scroll down to see the daily cases graph). Their numbers are still above what they were before the 2nd wave hit them, but they are unwinding the 2nd wave faster than the US did (of course our wave hit before the vaccine). They experienced almost 100% delta and their vaccination initiative is meager. Approximately 30% of the population has had one jab and only 5% has had 2. The raw numbers look horrible but if you normalize infection/deaths to per million population, the impact of COVID in that country is only 1/5 of what happened to the US.

Yesterday, I asked one of my work colleagues what he thought -- he still has family in India. He said he didn't know, but "they certainly haven't done any social distancing in India. There are just too many people." Hmmmmm. I couldn't find information on what they did.

Now, go to this graph: If you find China, you will discover that they have had 64 cases/million population and 3 deaths/million population. The US sits at 100,000 cases/million population and 1870 deaths/million population. Why is THAT not being reported in the news? Seems like someone is manipulating something somewhere.

To link this to the original post because it is a little off topic -- this data makes me feel victimized AND oppressed just because ..... I felt compelled to link it to the original post.

Wade Burleson said...


Bravo! If you don't mind, at your convenience, send me an email at I'd like to know your story (details) - how you came to faith in Christ, your journey, and PARTICULARLY the intellectual shift that has occurred over the past two years. You are providing top-notch information, but I remember a few months ago a different Celeste. My memory may be faulty, but I always like the stories of change and why.

Thanks for commenting.

You, Christiane, Rex, Scott, RB, and others are regular commentors. Others don't comment quite so much, but I know from stats that this blog is read like the dickens...

And so are your comments.

Keep them coming.

RB Kuter said...

Your graph shows India going from "400k" new cases per day in mid-May to "40k" new cases per day in late June, about 2 months. This was with basically no vaccine impact and no "mitigating" steps (no social distancing) taking place. Weird, huh?

The other graph showing the huge distortion of what could only be explained by being "exaggerated" cases in the US also proposes the basis for why so many of us are totally unimpressed by what Fauci and all of the propagandists are promoting.

Just got a call from a friend saying that one of our church members has COVID. Don't know if it is a "variant" or not. First one we've had in our church in months. We have about 1100 active members attending on Sundays every week.

By the way, she had long before had "both" of her vac shots.

Do pray for her.

Still see no reason to get the shot.

RB Kuter said...

Celeste, that graph you gave ( is so-o-o-o-o telling! It has the US WAY up above ALL other nations in the world in cases, deaths, etc. India comes second and is WAY below the US and this is with all of the forced closings, masks, vaccines, closed schools, etc. that were done in the US compared to everyone else.

What a joke! And then we are expected to "believe" and accept advice from the experts in the US telling us what to do!

I suppose some would march right into the sea behind the pied piper playing his enchanting melody of madness.

Rex Ray said...


Thanks for the great information.

Today, I went to a memorial of a distant relative that was 91. Even though there were over a hundred people, I didn’t see one mask. People sat shoulder to shoulder, and there was a lot of hand shaking.

Christiane said...

Hello Mr. Kuter,

I was moved when I read your words, these:

"Christiane, I am disappointed by your expressed concern for COVID spreading over the world while simultaneously never commenting on the insanity of having "open border" policies with thousands of COVID-infected infiltrators entering our country without any attempt being made to protect us."

Mr. Kuter, how can I see them as 'infiltrators' who are seeking asylum and a better life and may indeed be ill with all manner of sickness? How can I when my own paternal family came to this country long ago for the same reasons to find work, and a better life in a land that was then a refuge for such people?

I'm the wrong one to ask to judge the people who come here for asylum. But I can tell you that from my paternal grandparents, the good pepere and memere of blessed memory, have come many descendents who have contributed much to this country in the areas of law, and medicine, and the military, and education, also the arts, so I know that much good may come from a very humble start.

We go forward in this world by the light we are given. Maybe it's those grim, very humble beginnings of a family that allow for a kind of strength to form that nourishes the descendants? I think there is something to that, yes. I would not speak against those with humble beginnings, no. I would pray for them instead.

As to the youth coming to us now, at least they are not inhumanely sent back into the Mexican desert. Nor do we any longer practice the politics of cruelty that tore infants from their mothers' arms (the doctrine of one Steven Miller). I protested the cruelty, yes. And I was soundly lectured for it at the time.
No problem. I guess some thought that by being cruel to those mothers and infants, 'the others' would not want to come here for asylum; that the cruelty would be a 'deterrent'; but what they didn't know was that our nation has a greater meaning for people as a refuge than any one administration can destroy.
And the cruel ones did not know the extent of the evil the asylum people were fleeing from.

Sorry I disappointed you, Mr. Kuter. But there it is. By paternity, I'm from those 'infiltrators' myself and certainly no better than they are.

Rex Ray said...


You said, “I’m from those ‘infiltrators’ myself and certainly no better than they are.”

Hello; didn’t your ancestors come to America legally?

Would you agree that Communist China could ‘invade’ America by way of Mexico?

Remember one way Great Nations commit ‘suicide’ is unable to protect their borders.

Christiane said...

Have a good Lord's Day, REX RAY.

Scott Shaver said...


Yes, the cartels are seeking a "better way of life through slavery, abuse and human trafficking". You're no better than that?

Scott Shaver said...

What about those seeking asylum from crimes in Mexico and prosecution there? Are you no better than them?

Scott Shaver said...

So Christianne is "okay" with bodies scattered like broken potsherds all along our Southern border as long as babies are not "being torn from their mothers' arms". Sounds real compassionate.

Christiane said...

"By paternity, I'm from those 'infiltrators' myself and certainly no better than they are."

trying to sort out the 'why'? of how anyone on a Christian blog would ever say they WERE 'better than' a person seeking asylum?

after all, our own Churches from antiquity have been called 'sanctuaries'

where does this 'better than that other person' come from ???

God have mercy on us all.

Rex Ray said...

Scott Shaver,

Funny how we argue with each other, then in a short time, we’re on the same side again.


The same with us. Do you remember one of Wade’s Post saying don’t fear those that argue with you, but fear those that dodge?

I think an example would be: Me asking you some questions and you saying: “Have a nice day.”

I’d like to ask you and Scott what you think about America declaring war on the Cartels; sending our military in there and wiping them out.

Of course, some Mexican officials would be in a rage against it because they’re eyeball deep with them.

Scott Shaver said...

What were we arguing about Rex?

Scott Shaver said...

Comes partially right now, Christianne, from the heartless carnage at our Southern border because THERE IS NO BORDER.

Christians are "no better than any other human being, but there's a flip side to that coin. Namely, that bowing before the altar of ignorance is not something the very source of wisdom and compassion would be happy about, IMO.

Nor would it be in the best collective interest of THIS or any other nation (most of which do not tolerate open borders).

Scott Shaver said...

Rex. Now I understand your question. For a civilian like myself who has never had to serve in battle, it would be dumb of me to open my mouth on such matters.

I am for SECURING the border and unleashing the full operational capabilities and reinforcement of ICE and The Border Patrol with whatever National Guard support might be required to do so in light of quelling potential cartel skirmishes back and forth the Rio Grande.

Like asking Bozo for advice on football๐Ÿ˜œ

Scott Shaver said...

"Our churches" (some) have also assisted supplying arms to various factions in places like Belfast as well, Christianne.

Our churches "from antiquity" have also been warlike in some of our darkest AND brightest moments.

Scott Shaver said...

Christianne, because this blog is both genuinely "Christian" and very reasonably uncensored. That's "how".๐Ÿ˜Ž

Scott Shaver said...

Hey Rex:

Weren't some of our OWN guys in deep with Burisma and the ChiComs?๐Ÿ˜Ž

Celeste said...

In other news on the "woke" suppression front: The ABA (American Book Association) took a bow to the mob after sending out Abigail Shrier's book, "Irreversible Damage: The Transgender Craze Seducing our Daughters".

Apparently, the ABA sends books to bookstores intermittently. The American Booksellers Association is described as an umbrella organization representing book resellers. One would think that as such, they would be against censorship of thought but apparently not.

When this book was included, there was immediate blow-back. On the questionable social platform twitter, responses like "That is violent and disgusting." "Absolutely livid on your behalf. @ABAbook, this is an act of violence towards many of the employees that comprise your membership."

The ABA went into full "fall on the sword" apology mode: "An anti-trans book was included in our July mailing to members. This is a serious, violent incident that goes against ABA's ends policies, values and everything we believe and support. It is inexcusable.

"We apologize to our trans members and to the trans community for this terrible incident and the pain we caused them. We also apologize to the LGBTQIA+ community at large and to our bookselling community.

Apologies are not enough. We've begun addressing this today and are committed to engaging in the critical dialogue needed to inform concrete steps to address the harm we caused. These steps will be shared in the next 3 weeks."

Now, silly me would assume that the goal of the ABA and bookstores in general would be to provide access to a wide variety of ideas and thoughts.

Silly me is a horrified by this:
1. I have read the book in question. It well researched and asks the question about the increase in the numbers of transgender people, especially girls. The book also attempts to ask the question about why gender dysphoria, that 10-15 years ago was primarily men transitioning to women is now primarily girls transitioning to boys. (Ms. Shrier suggests that rapid onset gender dysphoria is likely burgeoning because of "supportive" parents, therapists and influencers with those coming out being heralded as brave. Often given time, it will be a phase and go away on it's own but not if hormones have been taken that cause irreversible changes. The book also provides information about the potential downsides to trans-gender hormone use (loss of development, stunted growth if started early, loss of bone density, loss of fertility, painful vaginal atrophy, increased risk of vascular disease) but in no way is it "violent." I always write, any action has a reaction and there are ALWAYS unintended consequences. Perhaps this information that goes against the concept of "just go trans" but it certainly is not violent. It is the science. It is the truth.
2. If THIS book "Irreversible Damage: The Transgender Craze Seducing our Daughters" is considered violent, how long before the Bible falls into the same category.

Banning books because it offends a faction of the "woke" crowd is dangerous business that is growing in momentum. This is not about whether we love people who are gay or trans, this is not about whether or not we agree with those decisions. This is about a culture, taking over a schools, taking over our children and placing them in harms way for what purposes…..I do not understand.

BTW, the ABA claims to promote "free speech" but now has their Twitter feed behind a wall.

In these times, I am repeatedly drawn to Matthew 7:15, "Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves." (NIV). For decades in my life I have lived by Matthew 7:1 "Do not judge, or you too will be judged." However, at this time, there is a weird crazy push to take us away from all that we know to be good and true. Judging and discernment is necessary to follow God.

Christiane said...

"If you remove the yoke from your midst, the pointing of the finger and malicious talk, 10 and if you give yourself to the hungry and satisfy the afflicted soul, then your light will go forth in the darkness, and your night will be like noonday. 11 The LORD will always guide you; He will satisfy you in a sun-scorched land and strengthen your frame. You will be like a well-watered garden, like a spring whose waters never fail"

(Isaiah 58)