Thursday, February 04, 2021

COVID-19: A Chinese Communist Party Act of War

On January 27, 2021, Dr. Steven Quay issued a 187-page report on the origin of Covid-19.  Dr. Quay writes: 
"It is beyond a reasonable doubt that SARS-CoV-2 escaped from a laboratory. My final conclusion is that it is a 99.8% probability SARS-CoV-2 came from a laboratory and only a 0.2% likelihood it came from nature."

Dr. Quay has written over 350 professionally published medical articles. He has been cited over 10,000 times in academic, scientific, and medical journals, making him one of the top 1% of published scientists worldwide. Dr. Quay holds 87 United States patents and has invented seven FDA-approved pharmaceuticals, which have helped over 80 million people.

To call it "a conspiracy theory" for Dr. Quay to say that Covid-19 is a weaponized coronavirus in the face of Dr. Quay's overwhelming scientific evidence is to perpetuate the lie that Covid-19 comes from nature. People lie because it is more comfortable than telling the truth. As George Orwell once said: 

"In a time of universal deceit - telling the truth is a revolutionary act."

Dr. Quay is convinced by the science that the Chinese military created the Covid-19 virus in the Wuhan Institute of Virology, the Chinese government biological warfare laboratory in Wuhan, China.  

A coronavirus from nature is extremely contagious but typically not deadly. The common cold is a coronavirus. The unique nature of coronaviruses is that they are almost impossible to stop in terms of their spread.  The Chinese military tapped into the "mechanism" whereby a deadly biological disease can be delivered. 

According to Dr. Quay, the Chinese military weaponized a coronavirus with a "spike protein" and turned it into a deadly respiratory disease.

But why would China release a new and deadly disease on the world?

In 2003, the Chinese Defense Minister,  Chi Haotian, spoke to high-level Communist Party members and gave some revealing insight into CPC plans for the world. Specifically, the Chinese Defense Minister discussed a Chinese national survey conducted by the Chinese Communist Party. The CPC had asked Chinese citizens if they approved of the Chinese government "killing non-combatants" to obtain Chinese national superiority. Chi Haotian's summarized the reasons for this survey:
"The purpose of the CCP Central Committee in conducting this survey is to probe people’s minds. We wanted to know: If China’s global development will necessitate massive deaths in enemy countries, will our people endorse that scenario? Will they be for or against it?"
Most Americans still believe the Covid-19 pandemic was caused by a virus moving from the animal kingdom (bats) to human beings. People living in the western civilized world cannot imagine that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) would intentionally spread Covid-19 to gain superiority over the West.  Whether the "release" was accidental or intentional is not yet determined. Two Chinese reporters in Wuhan investigating the origin of the virus have disappeared. Dr. Shi Zhengli, the biological virologist and scientist who ran the Wuhan laboratory has also disappeared

It seems the Chinese Communist Party and the Chinese military knew exactly what they were doing.

On January 19, 2020, the Chinese Communist Party announced that the Covid-19 virus was transmitted from person to person. Wuhan was closed at 10 o 'clock on January 23, 2020. All the city's buses, subways, ferries, and long-distance passenger traffic were suspended, and Chinese domestic flights to and from Wuhan were suspended. Chinese citizens were not allowed to leave Wuhan without special reasons.

Yet, flights from Wuhan to other parts of the world remained open, allowing the new coronavirus to spread worldwide, but not in China. According to the International Aviation Organization, about half a million people from the affected areas of Wuhan made their way to the United States, Europe, Asia, and other continents. 

The Chinese Communist Party seemingly used the virus to accelerate a global pandemic that would help create global terror. The CCP  runs by an authoritarian system of government and only extreme measures are able to contain a new coronavirus global pandemic. For western countries built on individual liberty, informed consent, and general freedom - countries like the United States - the ability to control an epidemic quickly is constrained. As a result, Americans turned against Americans, neighbors against neighbors, and political parties against each other. The best way to take down a powerful nation is to destroy it from within. That is the premise of Marxism. The Chinese Communist Party firmly believed that the virus would help bring down the political, economic, and military strength of western countries like the United States. 

If China is intentionally using Covid-19 as a way to spread its power around the world, then we must ask, "What is the goal of the Chinese Communist Party for the world?"

Communism desires a "one-world order" with police states that demand uniformity, conformity, and docility from the masses, removing all faith in God and demanding full submission to human government.

There is no other term for governmental COVID regimes than nascent police states. Governors and bureaucrats, without any legislative authority, have demanded that people remain in the homes at their personal whim for a disease with a 99.9% survival rate.

A Muslim concentration camp in China
In the most underreported story in the world during 2020 - and now the early portion of 2021 - the Chinese Communist Party is tearing down Muslim mosques, separating Muslim families, and sending Muslims who believe in Allah to concentration camps for indoctrination. Hundreds of thousands of Muslims have been kidnapped, imprisoned, tortured, and killed by the Chinese Communist Party. It's like we are watching a 1930s form of fascism rekindle, but because it's communism and China, the world remains silent.   

I love the Chinese people. Some of Rachelle's and my best friends are Chinese nationals. A great revival of Christianity is occurring on the mainland of China. There are more evangelical Christians in China than there are people in the United States. To say that the China virus is a biological weapon is not racist; it is calling out the Communist Party in China for their nefarious desire to rule the world. 

American Christians in the west better care for Chinese Muslims in the east. When you see a mosque destroyed in China, or a Muslim family detained in China, or a Muslim man incarcerated for indoctrination in China, you better recognize Christians in China are next. A bio-medical emergency blamed on nature is a perfect excuse for a government to demand absolute conformity from the masses. Other nations will fall like dominos to the same governmental authoritianism for "the good of society."

If we are willing to give up some of our individual liberties for the promise of a little personal safety, we will eventually lose all of both. 

The United States better wake up to what is happening in China and stop acting as if the Chinese government is friendly. When we get in bed with the Chinese Communist Party, we are sealing the death warrant of millions. 

Government authoritarianism is the mother of communism. The more the United States government demands citizen conformity, uniformity, and docility, the more the United States government is becoming like the Chinese Communist Party. 

But the threat of ever-expanding government overreach is not just a problem in the United States. 

An article from Libertas Bella (translated, "Liberty is beautiful"), highlights Australia as an example of a country that has moved very firmly and decisively into police state territory. 
Zoe Buhler, a 28-year-old pregnant mother was arrested, handcuffed and had her electronic devices confiscated for the crime of posting about an anti-lockdown protest on Facebook in a town with four active cases. The name of the crime? “The planning and encouragement of protest activity.” The punishment? Mrs. Buhler is looking at 15 years in prison.

You can watch the video of Mrs. Buhler’s arrest here. It should make your stomach turn. The Premier of Victoria (equivalent to the governor of this Australian state) allowed and encouraged BLM protests of up to 10,000 that summer.
President Joe Biden hasn’t ruled out making the Covid vaccine mandatory. Bill Gates has called not only for mandatory vaccines, but also mandatory tracking of people who have received them. The notion that people who don’t know they’re sick are passing the disease around - something called “asymptomatic transmission,”- is patently false. Authoritarian government control of the movements of its citizens is patently real. 

A number of academic journals and medical institutions are suppressing the freedom of speech in the name of peer review. The corruption of American academia is no less real than that of the mainstream media. Several prominent medical journals, including The Lancet, The New England Journal of Medicine, Science, and Nature Medicine went on the record denying the laboratory origin of CCP virus and the effectiveness of Hydrocloquine, Ivermectin, and other low-cost treatments - before the completion of any scientific research,

For a scientific journal to draw a conclusion and publish it before the research has taken place may be called "an agenda," but it can't be called science. 

If he is correct that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) created the Covid-19 virus, and I am correct that the CCP has the intention of destroying the political, material, and social fabric of western countries, then the CCP  is not only the enemy of the Chinese people, it is the enemy of mankind. 

The CCP  Virus has ravaged the world for over a year. Human beings are dying, and more will die. Xi Jinping, head of the CCP defined this battle against Covid as "the ultimate battle." He meant what he said. To the Chinese Communist Party, the ultimate battle is for the control of the world.

Former U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said it well: 
"If the free world cannot change Communist China, then Communist China will change the world."


RB Kuter said...

Okay, Brother Wade, you opened this can of worms. Check this out:

Article: "CDC keeps secret its mishaps with deadly germs"
Author: Alison Young
Newspaper: USA TODAY
Published 11:18 a.m. ET Jan. 4, 2017/Updated 7:11 p.m. ET Jan 4, 2017

"CDC scientists apparently lost a box of deadly and highly-regulated influenza specimens and experienced multiple potential exposures involving viruses and bacteria, according to heavily-redacted laboratory incident reports obtained by USA TODAY."

"The CDC also redacted every word in a lab accident report from December 2013 that apparently involved a dangerous strain of influenza virus. Several CDC staff copied on the email are people who were involved in the agency’s controversial work in 2005 using reverse genetics to reconstruct the 1918 flu pandemic virus, which had killed as many as 50 million people worldwide."

"The CDC wouldn’t answer any of USA TODAY’s questions about what was in the missing box of pathogens or whether it was ever found.
• The missing box may not be the only influenza specimens the CDC couldn’t account for."

As prophecized by Nikita Kruschev, the United States is no doubt its own worst enemy.

There is absolutely no reason to believe that this COVID virus did not originate in the CDC in the United States. That does not negate the likelihood that the missing "highly-regulated influenza specimens" ended up in the hands of the Communist Chinese regime but there is reason for suspicion that elements in the United States were involved in the creation of the virus.

It is widely known that Communist Chinese are actually involved in epidemiology research in US university research departments, most notably in Texas but others as well.

It is also no surprise that China would be elevated and demonized as the sole actor at play, especially if players in the United States have been involved, as part of the diversion away from serious investigation to uncover the sources involved. As inconceivable as it would have been in times past, there are too many indications that there are actually players in our nation that are hostile toward the traditional Constitutional infrastructure and principles upon which the United States was formed.

Good to call out China in its role as a facilitator in this strategy, but it may be naive to conclude that they are the sole or perhaps even primary, actor.

Again, I encourage folks to consider using "The Epoch News" as a reliable source of reporting the news. This publication is founded by persecuted Chinese and strives to expose China in its pursuit of global domination as well as reporting our national news from a view that is a refreshing alternative from the mainstream leftist sources.

Just check out this message from an editor:

carl4grace said...

Excellent post!

Wade Burleson said...


I am aware of the biological warfare research taking place at Fort Meade (USA) and the partnership the U.S. has had with Wuhan in biological research. Crazy times.

RB Kuter said...

Wade, I imagine you encounter those who argue against your continued involvement in addressing these issues which impact the world saying that this should not be a part of your ministry.

I am so glad you continue to be a voice for those events/activities going on in the world that impact the lives of all people and which would remain hidden, though very active, under the carpet if not having advocates to expose them.

Rex Ray said...


Before your post, I thought the Battle of Armageddon would be between Muslims and God’s people:

“Satan…will gather them together for battle; a might army, as numberless as sand along the seashore…and surrounded God’s people…But fire from heaven…consumed them. (Revelations 20:7-9 NLT)

But after your post, I believe the enemy will be Chinese Communist.

If Dr. S.Y. Sen entered heaven today, I believe God would wipe his tears as he remembered his greatest mistake in life was letting Communism into China.

RB Kuter,
Well said!

Wade Burleson said...

"If Dr. S.Y. Sen entered heaven today, I believe God would wipe his tears as he remembered his greatest mistake in life was letting Communism into China."

Rex, one thousand "Amens!" to what you've written.

Wade Burleson said...


"Wade, I imagine you encounter those who argue against your continued involvement in addressing these issues which impact the world saying that this should not be a part of your ministry."

To be fair, I preach Christ on Sundays/Wednesdays and typically say nothing of politics. You are correct, however, that some believe "a pastor should not address world issues as part of his ministry." It's one of the reasons I will be retiring next 02.02.2022 and devoting full-time to writing, podcasting, and speaking out on world issues from the perspective of one who sees Christ's KINGDOM as everything, but the enemy at work in the nations. Thanks for your comment.

RB Kuter said...

If I was a member of your congregation I would be greatly disappointed at hearing this news. However, as a member of those served by having access to you through the other forms of media, I am thrilled.

I know that you only made this decision with Christ as your guide and for the purpose of being obedient to His leading. I am sure that you are gifted in the work of serving as the shepherd of your local flock and that was an act of obedience as well in which you are rewarded and will miss the preaching and fulfillment of that role. However, this new venture, or escalation into it, will be exciting and you will have the joy of seeing God's power at work in using it to His glory and the expansion of His Kingdom. Thank you for sharing that.

Christiane said...

I predict (I see it happening) that some day you will return to the ministry in the time after your retirement. I don't know when or the circumstances, but in time, I believe you will. The ways in which you helped victims of abuse has the mark of a servant of God and that is not something that 'ends' or finds its fulfillment in extremist theories, no.

We cannot 'know' the future, but a person's character is best shown in how they took risks to reach out to help abused people, and paid a price for it. And that character is a mark of the servants of God. . . . what is that phrase in holy Scripture?

Wade, you will be a servant of Our Lord forever 'according to the order of Melchizedek'

As for politics and earthly strife, remember this about the Kingdom of Our Lord:
Proverbs 3:17, "Her ways are ways of pleasantness, and all her paths are peace"

May God keep you safe from all evil is my prayer for you.

Christiane said...

RB Kuter said...

But on the other hand, that's a total year from now. Lot's can happen.

We may all be doing church "underground" by that time and each having our own little congregation meeting in living rooms late at night or early morning while it's still dark with the curtains pulled after parking our vehicles up the street and entering by the back door; via Viet Nam/Iran/Burma/Laos-style.

OR King Jesus could come back by then and we'll all meet in the air to get our awesome sanctified bodies!

OR I could depart this world into glory and be celebrating with all those Saints while we wait on you slow pokes to mosey on up.

All of those alternatives sound pretty good to me.

Rex Ray said...

RB Kuter.

You said, “We may all be doing church "underground" …” reminds me of the time I was in Tokyo and heard a visiting preacher. He told how he preached for a pastor where Christians were persecuted. It was at night and had only a few candles. Everyone had ‘hoods’ over their heads.

After the service, he stood by the exit, but no one would shake his hand. So, he gave each one a hug.

Afterwards, he told the pastor he noticed they were all women. The pastor replied they were from a leper colony, and that was the first time anyone had touched them in years.

He ended his sermon by singing in the voice of an angel:

Shackled by a heavy burden
'Neath a load of guilt and shame
Then the hand of Jesus touched me
And now I am no longer the same
He touched me, oh, He touched me
And oh, the joy that floods my soul!
Something happened, and now I know
He touched me, and made me whole

RB Kuter said...

Awesome story, Rex Ray. That man was "Jesus" to those poor leperous ones.
"2 And, behold, there came a leper and worshipped him, saying, Lord, if thou wilt, thou canst make me clean. 3 And Jesus put forth [his] hand, and touched him, saying, I will; be thou clean. And immediately his leprosy was cleansed. 4 And Jesus saith unto him, See thou tell no man; but go thy way, shew thyself to the priest, and offer the gift that Moses commanded, for a testimony unto them."

Wade Burleson said...


I agree with RB. Great story.

Rex Ray said...


Thanks for the nice thoughts.

Does your church have smoke alarms and AEDs (automated external defibrillator)?

RB Kuter said...

Amazing how our rights to representation in government have been stolen by the totalitarian "Regime" in power in the US.

We Georgians have been denied representation by our duly elected Congressional representative Greene whose rights to represent us were stolen by the "Regime" this week.

This follows the apparently rigged election where hidden boxes of (probably bogus) ballots were pulled from beneath tables and counted after all observers were ordered out of the room in Atlanta which was video recorded but no action was ever taken to prosecute the criminal activity.

Now efforts to eliminate candidates opposing "the Regime" from even running are taking place through a bogus "Impeachment" process to impeach someone who isn't even in office for the sole purpose of disqualifying him from running for office.

This all taking place as "the Regime" also pursues the escalation of massive mail-in balloting which is the very best method for a corrupt and invalid election process with no credible accountability or validating the authenticity of those sending in ballots being "citizens" or even "alive".

The current supporters of "The Regime" may be celebrating in the streets over their takeover today, but watch out! History dictates that this will ultimately come back to haunt even you as The totalitarian Regime begins to assert its domination over your life and take away more of what you have and don't want to give up as well.

China? Russia? North Korea? Iran? Pakistan? No, friends, this used to be the United States of America.

Christiane said...

Mr. Kuter,

maybe Ms. Greene should take RESPONSIBILITY for her statements and behaviors in the past. Words have consequences. Sometimes terrible consequences, as we have seen on Jan. 6th with bloodshed.

Would you want Ms. Greene on some school board in your own location? Spouting the kinds of rhetoric for which she is known?

We have a person on our school board who is a known racist and has had to 'walk back' her words, but I can tell you it would have been better to see her resign. But she would not.

I'm for free speech, but calling for the bloodshed of elected officials is NOT 'free speech', no. It is a vile act of aggression against innocent people in the ancient ban against the 'evil speech' where a word can kill, even at a distance. It is one of the great sins of our Judeo-Christian heritage. Speak to a rabbi about it, if you are not familiar with the 'evil speech' as a great sin against our neighbors and against God.

Georgia is better than that. It's people are better than that. Please understand I am asking only that people behave responsibly in considering the consequences of their actions: when people are KNOWINGLY brought into harm's way through our 'free' actions, and comes a consequence of illness or death to innocents, then that FREEDOM to speak or act, was NOT FREE: someone innocent had to pay a price for it. When unwilling innocent people have to die or to get gravely ill for 'our freedom', we are responsible for their suffering if we have knowingly been irresponsible.

Terrorism is based on intimidation and fear-mongering, and on Jan.6th, we saw the home-grown variety in a way that had not been seen since the Oklahoma City Federal Building massacre.

Marjorie Taylor-Greene no doubt will have many victims before she is finished, but let's not enable her. Pray for her to cease the malevolent speech instead. She may, in fact, be unbalanced and in need of help herself to overcome her 'demons'.

Rex Ray said...


You said: “…on Jan.6th, we saw the home-grown variety in a way that had not been seen since the Oklahoma City Federal Building massacre.”

Five were killed and a few hurt at the capitol whereas the link below states:

“A total of 168 people were killed, including 19 children, and more than 500 were injured.”

Oklahoma City bombing | Facts, Motive, Timothy McVeigh, & Memorial | Britannica

Are you trying to make Trump as evil as Timothy McVeigh?

Christiane said...

Hello REX RAY,

we do know that the spoken 'intent' of some of the 'mob' was to 'hang Mike Pence' and to 'execute' certain elected officials, yes. We know this from the voice RECORDINGS on film which the whole nation has seen.

It is, I think, a blessing that more were not killed or harmed, but more than one representative phoned home that day, thinking it might be the last time they could tell their loved ones they loved them,
and THAT is a form of 'terrorism' we have heard about from THEIR witness, yes.

One incident well-noted on camera were the scenes of a lone Capitol police officer, leading members of the mob AWAY from Congressmen at the risk of his own life. This act of bravery included a quick glance to note the vulnerability of access to members of Congress at one point and so his attempts to keep the attention of the mob leader and take them in ANOTHER direction away from those Congressmen and women.

As you know, being familiar with the trials at Nuremberg, that we who live with moral consciences value even the life of ONE human person in our Judeo-Christian ethic, so much so, that those who tried to diminish the amount of deaths in a tragedy by comparing them with a greater number are left without being able to voice the importance to our humanity of the life of ONE single human person made in the image of God. As the saying goes: 'to kill even one is to kill a world entire'

When this moral code is not honored, such comparisons may stand, but I honor the old code, REX RAY. So we may see things differently based on that. But I cannot know this for certain.

All I know is that the nation HEARD and they SAW. Americans are not stupid, and we cannot be told 'only believe what WE TELL YOU ON A CERTAIN NETWORK, DON'T BELIEVE WHAT YOU SEE AND WHAT YOU HEAR'.

And there is a time and place to recognize formally 'what happened there' and to call it out for what it was, the result of evil speech, of lies, of many attempts at manipulation such as 'Hey followers, let's you and them go fight.' All the while, he who promised he would 'go with them' deserted the crowd and fled back to the White House and watched the whole scene unfold on television and for HOURS did NOTHING to stop or intervene in the chaos and bloodshed. That is what I know. That is what was seen and heard. My goodness, I wish it didn't happen, but it did.

We need to sort out this mess; but something MORE is needed: we need to find out WHY,
with the Republican authorities in Georgia unwilling to 'find more votes', with countless courts of law unable to take cases based on hearsay with little or no credible evidence, with the Pentagon having to make a statement that they would NOT get involved, and with the Supreme Court slamming its doors on Trump, WHY so many still considered the Big Lie and were moved to act even with violence to support that which had no grounds in REALITY. (?)

What I think is that people need to do some soul-searching, all of us, for how it came to this. It is hard for me with my family history and knowing that the 'changes' that matter happen more slowly than is needed, but changes come.

My Coast Guard son says we 'need to be going forward in a good direction'.
To this, I say, 'Wisdom.'
And if we must see things 'differently', let's at least act civilly and respectfully towards one another without contempt, but with a desire to 'listen' and understand, if we can. We need to at least try. Enough said.

Rex Ray said...


Would you read the link below, and tell me what you think?,resistance%20to%20U.S.%20federal%20government.

The link above states:
“2021 storming of the United States Capitol
Supporters of the Three Percenters, among others, were reportedly present and wore emblematic gear or symbols during the riots and storming of the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021. After breaching or being let through multiple police perimeters, these groups occupied, vandalized, and ransacked parts of the building for several hours. At least one man tied to the Three Percenter movement was arrested and charged with involvement of the attack; the man was also reportedly also tied to two other extremist groups, the Proud Boys and Oath Keepers.”

I thought it was interesting in the link above showing a guy wearing a 1776 flag.

“Members of the Proud Boys, Three Percenters, and The Oath Keepers have been charged with participating in the riots.”

CHRISTIANE, you may twist it around saying Trump had them working for him. Check out Trump condemning Proud Boys.

But like someone said, “My mind’s made up; don’t confuse me with the facts.”

Christiane said...

We see things differently, REX RAY.

The 'extremists' LOVE Donald Trump and support him. And he appreciates their approval.
So that is one known truth about their connection to Trump.

If you want to 'widen your sources', start looking at ALL the evidence on film and recorded to be seen and heard. Then you might be able to put your link into a more secure place in the context of the whole scene.

But as it stands, the country has SEEN and HEARD. And IF people ONLY follow the reports that 'tickle their ears', THEN the bigger picture may not be known to them. But for them to say someone who has seen the wider evidence, 'here, just look at this site that I found', well, that doesn't work very well, I'm afraid.

There are a lot of reasons why the majority of our American people voted Trump out of office, none of them good. None of them. We are not ready for Fascism in this country, or an 'autocracy'/oligarch arrangement with a leader who tells his club member friends 'I just made you all a whole lot richer' (tax cuts for the rich). Nope. We're still Americans here at heart and we honor our soldiers who fought AGAINST fascism so that we could live in a democracy in this country and be able to vote as a free people.

RB Kuter said...

Am I the only one who recognizes the double-standards used to justify political advantage?

Did nobody else notice that months of anarchy, violence, and yes, deliberate, violent take-over and insurrection took place in multiple states controlled by the liberal/Marxists without a whimper of objection only for them to be outraged at the Washington violent protests taking place under this new regime?

Did nobody else notice that constant violent rhetoric was used throughout the former Administration with demands to take him out, kill that expletive, expletive, so and so, and often by Washington Marxist politicians in office at the time with ZERO demands being made by the Washington regime players to remove them from office or to strip away their legislative privileges?

Did nobody notice that there were MANY occurrences of lying, perjury, bribery, corruption, destruction of evidence by destroying thousands of computers and electronic evidence, use of fabricated warrants and documents to obstruct the election campaign of a legal candidate, with never ONE suggestion for legitimate investigation or pursuit of prosecution by the Marxist-leftists currently in power? And those same corrupt players accommodating the continued illegal bribing and political crime spent millions of taxpayer dollars investigating and pursuing impeachment of someone that was never found to be guilty of one crime!

Those who now attack the "former" President and deny MY elected representative her to have the same legal access to serve me and her other constituents as we elected her to serve by those who live in states far from my state would be comical if it were not so illustrative of the terrible tyranny taking place in this nation.

I'm sorry to get so assertive, but it seems that these ludicrous propositions by those dictatoral manipulators must be confronted whether they have an impact or not.

Muff Potter said...

Good article Wade and I concur, it is not possible to make nice with a regime that is bent on world domination.
I remember a dust-up several years back about Chinese nationals who are academics granted high security clearances for 'sensitive military research'.
If it's true, we've truly lost our marbles and hit the zenith of stupidity.

Christiane said...

Hello Mr. Kuter,
I wish some of the evidence for what you say happened had been collected and presented in a court of law by Trump's lawyers when they protested the results of the election. If they had DONE that, and the evidence could have been examined openly, then I think you might have been more peaceful, and the nation might have had some answers.

But the lawyers failed to present the kind of evidence that the court can take seriously,
and that is where I see that Trump failed to make his case. His chance was in the courts. And I think there was only one time a case was made but it was determined that the evidence was not something that would have made a difference as to who won the election.

As for election machines, there is currently a law suit against those who are being accused of libel by a company and IF the public will have some insight into the proceedings,
we might find out what those who accused the election machine companies have in the way of 'evidence'. So I think a real trial may soon take place in a real court room.

The Senate trial is NOT a regular court room trial. It is governed by the US Constitution as to the rules that are to be followed. So we do know one thing: THIS TIME, the lawyers for Trump's defense will not be endangered for presenting false evidence or making accusations where there is no basis in fact to back the accusations up,
so it should be a real free-for-all and of course, the majority of the Republican Senators will likely support Trump,
although they have taken an oath which we all hope they will honor.

I think the more we know, the better. But accusations and charges where there is no proof or evidence to back up what is being said, that is not what the nation needs now. We need to see actual EVIDENCE. Like films that show actions and provide sound of people's voices, that might be shown in court. (Credible films, not 'doctored' ones)

There can be no peacefulness until people figure out what happened and why. Right now, it doesn't look too good for 'extremism' and 'conspiracy theories', no. Maybe soon there will be more to learn that is based on solid proof and evidence. We need that now

Rex Ray said...


I guess you chose not to reply to my last comment that asked you tell me what you thought about the link:,resistance%20to%20U.S.%20federal%20government.

You said, “We need to see actual EVIDENCE. Like films that show actions and provide sound of people's voices, that might be shown in court. (Credible films, not 'doctored' ones)”

OK, here’s a good one!

The link above shows a large man (Guy Reffitt) wearing a blue coat ‘attacking the capital’, and the man was identified by his son who is now sorry he did so, because his father has been arrested, but he said he would do it again.

“According to the affidavit, Guy Reffitt's wife told investigators that he is affiliated with the far-right militia group the Three Percenters.”

CHRISTIAN do you dare research and find the goal of “Three Percenters”? Warning: You MIGHT change your mind about things.

Rex Ray said...


A search of Guy Reffitt’s home found several guns, including an AK-47 machine gun. I guess he planned to be prepared for anything.

That’s like after JFK was murdered, the woman Judge was to swear LBJ to be President, but she didn’t have the ‘Oath’. LBJ had the Oath in his pocket.

Rex Ray said...


On the SAME DAY JFK was killed.

Christiane said...

it's a good link and has 57 reference links at the end of it - so it looks like many of the extremists have connections with one another, but we knew that already from the mixed group that came to march with tiki torches in Charlottesville VA.

Trump said of them that 'there were good people on both sides' but after push-back, he had to walk it back a bit.

Extremism, like fundamentalism, finds similarities in all its related groups but one of the primary ones is the presence of fear and intimidation as 'controlling' mechanisms, also seen in the 'conspiracy theory' group called Q-anon.

The Republican Party needs a reality check. It's been a while.

Rex Ray said...


In reference of the link, I gave you, you said “It’s a good link…”

So, does that mean you believe Trump didn’t influence or have anything to do with the guy that was arrested?

And following that line of thought; Trump was not responsible for the Capitol being invaded.

Christiane said...


The link I read was the one you gave me, this:,resistance%20to%20U.S.%20federal%20government.

as with all 'wiki' articles, it is a good 'jumping-off-place' to BEGIN researching a subject or topic;
and that 'wiki' link has a great many 'links' that are interesting

If I want to think about Trump's responsibility for stirring up extremism, I think about his own words and the responses of the crowds at all of those 'hate rallies' he held. They were difficult to watch for me. When a crowd chants 'lock her up' about his political opponent, you know the whole group and leader have departed from our American ways . . . . in autocracies and banana republics, autocrats 'lock up' their opponents (South American dictators, and now Putin (Vladimir-the-Poisoner) is locking up Navalny, and trying to lock up as many of his supporters as can be rounded up.

Trump's words have had their effect. Listen to his own words, REX RAY. And then watch how those followers who revere him respond to those words.

His own voice tells me what he is responsible for, as there is an old warning in the Judeo-Christian ethic about guarding against 'the evil speech' where a word spoken in front of the White House can kill in the Capitol grounds. It's all on film, REX RAY.

It's all on film. I didn't 'look away'. Nor did the whole country. So we know.

Rex Ray said...


Here, I thought we were getting somewhere. But you said:

“His own voice tells me what he is responsible for, as there is an old warning in the Judeo-Christian ethic about guarding against 'the evil speech' where a word spoken in front of the White House can kill in the Capitol grounds. It's all on film, REX RAY. It's all on film. I didn't 'look away'. Nor did the whole country. So, we know.”

Give a link that prove your words, and not any dreams. Was there any harm done by Trump telling His People?

“I know that everyone; here will soon be marching over to the Capito Building to peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard.”

Christiane said...

watch the WHOLE speech. Then you'll get it. Plus the speech of the 'others' with Trump.

Since we had this attack, maybe we should have a 'commission' to study what happened as to 'why' and 'what people were thinking'?

Right now, we have ON RECORD, their speech and the results (actions).

I think you are looking for WHY those actions. Maybe a 'commission' like we had after 9/11 would help some? What do you think?

RB Kuter said...

Report in "The Epoch Times" today:

"Black Lives Matter protesters and Antifa agitators marched through Washington on Feb. 6 and threatened people as they ate dinner, according to video footage and reports.
“Burn it down,” the demonstrators chanted."

Any arrests or outrage expressed from "The Regime"? Hmmmm...guess, not.

The true anarchists and insurrectionists could burn down monuments and establish their own makeshift camp city "love-in" and it would be called a "70's love fest, and beautiful".

By the way, the only offense made by my Georgia Congressional Representative Greene is that she is an unapologetic opponent of "The Regime" currently in power.

Recent history has portrayed that her sort of boldness elicits nothing by a full-force counter-assault from the embedded deep space power players in Washington. Any choosing to challenge their tyranny will get any and all of their legislative privileges previously guaranteed by a Constitution stripped away.

The system is "rigged", broken, and sinking.

But thankfully, God IS in control and none of this surprises Him. I'm anxious to see how this all plays out in God's providential plan. Not sure how close we are to a global player stepping in to assume reign over this world's kingdom under King Satan's sovereignty but surely the stage is being set.

I wonder if our Lord intends for followers to remain silent as to the injustice and atrocities inflicted and go to completely underground survival mode or to speak out in opposition and continued warning for any who would listen during such times? That must be one of the toughest choices to be made by the genuine Saints in those latter times.

Rex Ray said...


You asked what I think.

I think your mind’s made up regardless, so I’m dropping the subject.

Sunday our pastor baptized two people and his microphone.

Rex Ray said...


This below gave me second thoughts.

RB Kuter said...
Amazing how our rights to representation in government have been stolen by the totalitarian regime in power in the US.

We Georgians have been denied representation by our duly elected Congressional representative Greene whose rights to represent us were stolen by the "regime" this week.

This follows the apparently rigged election where hidden boxes of ballots were pulled from beneath tables and counted after all observers were ordered out of the room in Atlanta which was video recorded but no action was ever taken to prosecute the criminal activity.

Now efforts to eliminate candidates opposing "the Regime" from even running are taking place through a bogus "Impeachment" process to impeach someone who isn't even in office for the sole purpose of disqualifying him from running for office.

This all taking place as "the Regime" also pursues the escalation of massive mail-in balloting which is the very best method for a corrupt and invalid election process with no credible accountability or validating the authenticity of those sending in ballots being "citizens" or even "alive".

China? Russia? North Korea? Iran? Pakistan? No, friends, the United States of America.
Sat Feb 06, 07:59:00 AM 2021

Rex Ray said...RB Kuter,

Mon Feb 08, 06:51:00 AM 2021

RB Kuter said...

I can't know for sure because he has not said this, but I wonder if our brother, Wade, was struggling with the sort of conflict that arises when a pastor represents a local body of believers while at the same time being under the conviction to pursue a stance against the injustices afflicted upon segments of society by identifiable forces in that society?

In most church congregations, especially those led by leaders seeking to be diverse in their openness for all to have access to The Gospel and into fellowship with followers of Jesus Christ, the leader must strive to not alienate people according to their particular sin addictions or their political affiliations or gender, ethnicity, race, or religious background. This need for openness places a pressure upon the church leader to be seen anonymous, to a degree, regarding "his/her" support for any political party or party member.

There are exceptions when the church leader is so convinced in a politician's faith in Jesus Christ and commitment to fulfilling that devotion that he/she can openly endorse the politician, but hey, how often has "that" happened?

If Wade shifts from his role as the defined leader of a particular congregation into that of being an advocate against the injustices, atrocities, and wickedness displayed by those powerful forces in this "world kingdom" then he can freely counter those forces without the sense of abandoning his commitment to the well-being of "a flock" of sheep living under his leadership.

I don't know if my assessment for Wade's shift is correct of even if it accurately depicts any of his motives for shifting from the pastoral role next year into a role with access to a forum providing a broad and diverse media application.

Wade did express his feelings that might lead to that conclusion when he said, "one who sees Christ's KINGDOM as everything, but the enemy at work in the nations."

RB Kuter said...

Wade's congregation might legitimately complain, "Pastor Wade, you cannot speak in support of those issues because they are too closely identified with one political party as opposed to another. We have members of the congregation that belong to that political party identified with those issues and you alienate them when you speak out for or against those issues."

How does one deal with that as a pastor? Does he compromise his God-given conviction that those in the Kingdom of God "must" speak out against the oppression of the "insignificant' of society for the sake of protecting his flock? Actually, to oppose someone in a government that is an oppressor of the rights of the vulnerable is a matter of being in opposition of a "political party" or "politician" only in regards to that entity's position toward the defenseless, the voiceless, and those made vulnerable by their lack of leverage due to not have high profile media access.

Few pastors can do both; fulfill the role of "pastor" AND be outspoken advocates in society without regard for accusations of political affiliation. The few I'm aware of that "can" do both are Catholic priests practicing "liberation theology" in South America or some high profile African American "Reverends" who aggressively pursue poltical agendas without regard to their being unbiased politically as "pastors" of congregations. They just pursue their political agendas and accept that their congregations will likewise be "politically" identified and often even run for poltical office.

I mention all this because I struggle with my role as a Jesus follower and being receptive to ALL people by seeking not to alienate any due to my "political" leanings and risk diminishing my opportunity to lead them into The Kingdom. At the same time, I struggle with not aggressively and openly opposing political/world kingdom forces bent on wickedly oppressing the vulnerable; particularly, the unborn because it too often may be interpreted as my motives being "political".

(Sorry to use so much space to accommodate my own personal thoughts, but thought other might be thinking along similar lines.)

Scott Shaver said...

Christianne. I doubt seriously that a "majority" of Americans voted for deadbeat Joe.

Rex Ray said...

RB Kuter,

Your comment was ‘right on’ except for referring to Wade’s congregation as “a flock of sheep”.

Christians are PRIEST.

Scott Shaver,
“deadbeat Joe”
I like it.

Zd Mc said...

Thank you Pastor Wade!

Rex Ray said...

“The Pen is mightier than the sword” took place when President Biden (in his pursuit to stop Global-warming) used his pen to sign Executive Orders to stop the Keystone Pipeline, fracking, and any planned pipelines.

That put thousands out of work; not to mention businesses forced to suffer that supported them.

We’re doomed to run out of oil that produces gasoline.

Biden states he has that covered by making thousands of windmills to produce electricity that will charge batteries, and our vehicles will be powered by those batteries.

Biden has the ‘cart before the horse’. Why didn’t he build the windmills etc. to see how vehicles run on batteries, THEN he could shut off the oil.

Right now, there’s many Americans that’d like to have MORE Global-warming.

Christiane said...

Hello everyone, and thank you for the civility of your discussion, and I think I can help along the lines of 'how' pastors and priests and rabbis and imams may ethically speak to their congregations,
that it involves their 'interpretations' of their Scriptures as to how they 'teach' what is 'God's Will'. And how sometimes, this can be "mis-interpreted" by those who don't understand, and by others who no longer find meaning in those old writings, even in the words of Our Lord Himself.

I wrote a comment today over on 'Mystery and Meaning' blog (it has helped provide a place for commentators who used to post on Internetmonk blog which no longer operates).
I will share my comment with you all and ask you to tell me how and where I am making 'sense' and where you feel I may have 'gone wrong' in what I have written, so thank you all, if you want to comment, and it's okay to be critical and those who know me know that I do not take things personally, but would rather folks were honest in 'their own words', yes. So my next comment is for your examination and response if you care to do so. Any insight you can give me is welcomed:

Christiane said...

" Christiane on February 8, 2021 at 5:24 pm

“Jesus responds by quoting part of Deuteronomy 6:16. The full verse reads, “You shall not put the Lord your God to the test, as you tested him at Massah.””

This reminds me of the very current extremists teachings that you are not responsible for the health of your neighbors by having to wear a mask and social distance as it is ‘God’s Will’ who will live and who will die. There are other variations of this argument proposed by white evangelical Christians who have aligned with the trumpist example to ignore ‘the science’ and not imperil THEIR OWN INDIVIDUAL FREEDOM to do as they want to and not be ‘forced’ by government to wear a mask.

So if they are behaving without thought to their neignbors, their families, and even themselves, so they can be ‘free from government control’,
it would then, according to their argument, be God’s Will if someone dies.

And I think about this, and I look at that verse in Deut. 6:16 and wonder how did they miss something so important that they would lay the results of their own actions, not as consequences of those personal actions, but blame the resulting illnesses and deaths on ‘the will of God’ ???

Where is the ‘freedom’ that leads us to willingly do what is known to bring suffering and death to innocents?

Trumpism has ‘changed’ into a ‘cult’ with its own strange interpretations of ‘God’s will’ that align pretty smoothly with what Trump has decreed as ‘the new norm’;
and I mourn for those who are trapped in this new belief system.

There is much wisdom in the old ways, and more in the spoken Word of Our Lord Himself.
But people have departed from that wisdom and almost half a million of our American people have died, many as victims of trumpism.

That verse is/was once something even white evangelical trumpists might have understood,
but not now, and that is a sad and frightening change."

Rex Ray said...


I’m disappointed you didn’t reply to my last comment. (Could you not think of a reason to back Biden’s stupidity?)

You’re really stuck on the word “Trumpism” as you used it four times.
You said, “…almost a million of our American people have died, many as victims of Trumpism.”

I guess you’re referring to COVID-19. (Trump was criticized for stopping travel from China and Europe, or it would have been much worse if he’d let them come in.)

Rationale of stupid people: We didn’t have the virus until Trump was President, so it’s his fault.

CHRISTIAN, have you read and understand Wade’s post that we’re making comments on? Wade states the Communist Party is responsible for America having the virus.

If you have, then why are you picking on Trump?

Oh, I forgot: My mind’s made up; don’t confuse me with the facts!

RB Kuter said...

"Where is the ‘freedom’ that leads us to willingly do what is known to bring suffering and death to innocents?"

And this from a "pro-choice" supporter. Oh, the irony of it all.

Christiane said...

Mr. Kuter,
I'm in alignment with this point of view: Sister Joan Chittister, a Catholic nun, explained to Bill Moyers why being against abortion doesn't mean you're pro-life.

Here is a quote from that interview:

"I do not believe that just because you're opposed to abortion that that makes you pro-life. In fact, I think in many cases, your morality is deeply lacking if all you want is a child born but not a child fed, not a child educated, not a child housed. And why would I think that you don't? Because you don't want any tax money to go there. That's not pro-life. That's pro-birth. We need a much broader conversation on what the morality of pro-life is."

It doesn't 'work' to say 'I'm pro-birth' in such a way that also means 'pro-life' in the fullest Catholic sense of the term. But Catholicism DOES take a stand on social justice issues, a known stand, for many years.

When Tim Ryan (a Catholic) wanted his 'budget' that would have imperiled the safety net for the poor in our country years ago, it was the Catholic Nuns-On-The-Bus who took to the highways of our nation to protest as a 'voice' for the poor, for the ones who would be badly injured by the Ryan budget should it be adopted, the ones who had no power and no voice in a land where money speaks very loudly to those who are hungry for power.

Maybe it's the women of our nation who UNDERSTAND what it is to be in poverty or in crisis and still have the care of innocent children that stand up for the powerless against the powerful?

I believe very strongly in THIS principle:
"You shall not side with the great against the powerless…”

But the extreme far right has done that economically, and is proud of it, in so many words, and once a child is born, the 'powerful' walk away from the social contract to have compassion for those who are in situations where they NEED the protection of their society to be able to nourish a newborn and to bond with it and find time to take it for medical appointments. . . . it's always been the evil 'lefties' who advocated for parental rights for new mothers and fathers.

So we see things differently. But I cannot speak against your own deep mourning for the deaths of unborn children from abortion, no. I just think the 'solution' to helping people make better decisions is to provide national policies that offer hope to new mothers. What do you think?

Christiane said...

you've managed to mis-quote me, but you're forgiven, always. :)

almost 'half a million' is not 'a million'

your other points are taken into consideration, and as far as 'trumpism' the term goes, well you have the Republican Party to blame for that because it's 'platform' in 2020 election seemed to be 'whatever Trump defines',
which sounds mighty strange for the remnants of the honorable Republican Party of old.

'trumpism' - I guess the latest is that Trump wants 'vengeance' on any Republicans who vote for impeachment. But now that we KNOW what FORMS of 'vengeance' some of his strongest followers are capable of, I'm wondering what will come of Trump's demands this time. No wonder he despised John McCain.
REX RAY, you are a little bit older than me, so you might remember when our elected leaders would say things like 'my honorable opponent'. I haven't heard that from a Republican since before John McCain passed away:

Rex Ray said...


I stand corrected. You’re right; a half a million is not a million. I had this written before you made a comment to me:

“I wonder why you replied to RB’s comment, but not mine. Do you mourn for deaths of unborn children by saying, …to provide national policies that offer hope to new mothers?

They have that now: Welfare. It’s well-known Biden is in favor of abortion.”

You said, “Your other points are taken into consideration.”

Does that mean you’ll reply to them? I’m all ears.

Christiane said...

Well now, REX RAY

I've got to go out early in morning to fax something at UPS, so I'll take one issue for now:
Wade is ENTITLED to his thoughts, but I don't think that particular Doctor's info may be as widely respected as Wade believes it to be. There is this to consider about Dr. Quay's Survival Manuel on the covid-19 virus:

"The book had been made available in pre-launch mode in the Amazon Kindle website for only a matter of hours when it was pulled down with no notice. Later Dr. Quay received an email stating: "Due to the rapidly-changing nature of information around the COVID-19 virus, we are referring customers to official sources for health information about the virus." No method to appeal the decision was provided."

Until I find out what was the 'problem' specifically, I would not 'assume' myself that Dr. Quay's research was unchallenged by what Amazon Kindle calls 'the rapidly-changing nature of information around the COVID-19 virus'.

There is lot coming out and a lot of new information. So what specifically did Amazon Kindle know, if anything, and I am also puzzled as to why Dr. Quay was not given a 'method to appeal the decision' by Amazon Kindle.

Questions on top of questions. Was it a matter of 'politics'? Or something ELSE?
In the interim until more info is known, I cannot assume what Wade is basing his post on, no.

I will give it some time, and in the meantime, I will completely welcome my brand-new mainland Chinese niece-by-marriage to our family. She is just beautiful. She speaks Mandarin Chinese of course, and English and is very highly educated and in demand for her abilities to translate and also as a newly certified-public accountant. Smart girl with a father who is a Chinese government official. My brother and the Family have gone to China (just before the virus) so there could be a Chinese traditional wedding for the family there and my brother says they are a warm and loving family.

so, all things considered, I am not 'ready' for us to 'declare war' with her family who are now a part of my own by marriage. Nope. Very proud to have her in the Family with us, as she fits right in.

I support Wade's right to come to his own conclusions, but I do not always agree with him. This time, I am sad for the fate of John Birch. I am very upset about the treatment of the Chinese Islamic peoples, but then, I'm also mourning the great harm done to the border babies taken from their parents' arms.

Wade seems committed to a new path in his life, yes; but I still see him returning to the ministry in some future time although I can't explain how I 'see' this, but I do.

Christiane said...

maybe we can talk tomorrow about how I'm 'picking on Trump'. Imagine me 'picking on Trump'. I am astonished at the thought!

If anything, I think the poor man suffers from many psychological problems that he has not had enough needed help to bring under his own control. Why? I don't know. People 'enabled' instead of leveling with him. The one's who spoke truth to him were dismissed. So in the end Trump is speaking before the crowd on Jan 6th with his 'lawyer' Giuliani, and his son Don Jr. and it wasn't a pretty scene, no.

Only God can see any person's heart. Only God can judge fairly and completely the final judgement for any human soul.

Pick on him? If having pity that many so many seeking power took advantage of him by 'enabling' him until it all came to the events of Jan. 6, and that pity I feel for him (as having been hurt by his enablers) is the same as 'picking on him', then I must own to it . . . .

RB Kuter said...

"You shall not side with the great against the powerless…”

There is NO living human being in the world that even approaches being more helpless and powerless than the infant waiting to be delivered into the air-breathing world.

Oh, the sad irony of the explanations of those supporting the continued atrocity of infanticide.

I would pray for God's forgiveness for our nation but God will not forgive anyone who refuses to acknowledge their sin. We stand under His wrath, vengeance, and judgment. A frightening thing for any nation and those individuals who are parties to the slaughter.

Rex Ray said...

Well said, RB.


You say you’re astonished at the thought of you picking on Trump. I’m sure you’ve heard:

“There’s none so blind as those who refuse to see.”

You have good sources for information. Would you use them to find out who attacked the Capitol?

Proud Boys, Three Percenters, Oath Keepers, and Guy Reffitt.

Christiane said...

yes, REX RAY they were there too - at Trump's direction

Rex Ray said...

Senate finds Trump impeachment trial constitutional on first day of proceedings (

“Washington — The Senate voted to move forward with former President Donald Trump's impeachment trial on Tuesday.

By a vote of 56 to 44, the Senate rejected arguments by Mr. Trump's attorneys, who asserted that holding an impeachment trial of a former president is unconstitutional.

Six Republicans joined all 50 Democratic senators in voting to move forward with the trial. But the vote also served as an indication of Mr. Trump's eventual acquittal, since 17 GOP senators would need to vote with Democrats in order to convict him.

Mr. Trump faces one article of impeachment for "incitement of insurrection" for his conduct leading up to the attack on the Capitol on January 6. The House impeached Mr. Trump on January 13, when he was still in office. The Constitution is silent on the question of whether former officials can be impeached and face trial in the Senate.

Doug Schoen, one of the former president's lawyers, called the constitutional theory put forth by the impeachment managers "radical" and "unprecedented," and warned adopting it would make future elected officials vulnerable to impeachment long after they've left office.

"They're willing to sacrifice our national character to advance their hatred and their fear that one day, they might not be the party in power," he said.

The trial will resume on Wednesday, when the Democratic managers will have eight hours to present the case for convicting Mr. Trump.

Both sides will have two days to make their arguments before the Senate considers possible witnesses before a final vote. Senators will convene every day until a verdict is reached.”

Christiane said...

They were ALL there REX RAY along with the rest of the mob

the video is 'witness' only if you trust your own eyes and ears, and it is a hard thing to watch for all Americans, yes

Watch the trial tomorrow starting at noon. Make up your OWN mind.

Rex Ray said...


I should have known you’d pick a “Democratic impeachment managers' video”.

Did you check out the Proud Boys, Three Percenters, Oath Keepers, and Guy Reffitt?

Christiane said...

REX RAY, I learned something I didn't know from that video about how Trump angrily tweeted about Mike Pence while Pence was under siege by the mob, this:

" as a mob of his supporters staged a violent insurrection at the US Capitol, President Donald Trump was tweeting - not in support of the hundreds of members of Congress trapped within the building, but against Vice President Mike Pence.

While hundreds of Trump's followers forced their way inside the Capitol, the president took a few moments during the siege to attack the vice president, who had distanced himself from the president's baseless claims of election fraud and ultimately refused to challenge the congressional certification of the election.

"Mike Pence didn't have the courage to do what should have been done to protect our Country and our Constitution, giving States a chance to certify a corrected set of facts, not the fraudulent or inaccurate ones which they were asked to previously certify. USA demands the truth!" Trump wrote at 2:24 p.m. ET as the mob of his supporters was breaching the building.

Earlier in the day, he had discussed the vice president during a rally with supporters near the White House, putting the success or failure of his plan to dispute the election on Pence's shoulders.

"Mike Pence is going to have to come through for us," Trump told the crowd. "And if it doesn't, that will be a sad day for our country."

Trump's words had the effect of turning Pence into the enemy. Several insurrectionists shared online that they hoped to kill or wound the vice president, and chants of "Hang Mike Pence" could be heard throughout the Capitol during the riot."

REX RAY, there are no 'good' parts to this story except maybe that Officer Goodman (that's his name) who directed the mob away from attacking the senators and Mike Pence and Pence's family who were also there. There were some heroes that day, like the police officer who was killed.

Bad day for the whole country, whatever way you slice it, REX RAY.

I did not know you did not want to SEE and HEAR what happened for yourself on that video but REALITY is a hard truth for all of us sometimes. Watch the trial tomorrow starting at noon, and tell me what you think about it.

Scott Shaver said...

It's not a trial Christianne. It's political theatre. Folks won't remember this farce two months down the road.

That's both the long and short of it.

Rex Ray said...

Scott Shaver,

“…It’s a political theatre.”



I read your link that stated:

On January 11, Julie Gerstein wrote:
1. president's supporters stormed the building.
2. mob of his supporters staged a violent insurrection at the Capitol.
3. hundreds of Trump's followers forced their way inside the Capitol.
4. mob of his supporters was breaching the building.
5. mob of his supporters staged a violent insurrection at the Capitol.
6. hundreds of Trump's followers forced their way inside the Capitol.
7. mob of his supporters was breaching the building.

CHRISTIANE, what do you think of this link that was reported by the News and not just by one person’s opinion?

RB Kuter said...

"Folks won't remember this farce two months down the road."

I hope this is not an accurate prophecy. My hope is that people will remember both the first and second impeachment fiascos as portrayals of just what a totalitarian regime will do to maintain total control of the process for filling political offices.

Only the very naive and those in support of a regime like this would deny this as being the rigged, one-sided, "state"-ran, method of controlling what politicians will "be served" by the people.

If those who have any sense of objectivity and recognition of the path our nation is taking into a deeper and deeper abyss of government rule "forget" the past 4-5 years of aggressive and illegal take-over by these revolutionaries seeking to replace the former Constitutional-based democracy with a socialist/Marxist regime, we have no hope of there being any resistance to the dictatoral rule.

Christiane said...

Republicans seem very divided. I think this leads to mis-understandings among the rest of the nation who observe what they are saying publicly and on social media. Maybe in time, there will be more clarity. In the meantime: confusion

“The mob was fed lies,” McConnell said on the Senate floor on the last full day of Trump’s presidency. “They were provoked by the president and other powerful people. And they tried to use fear and violence to stop a specific proceeding of the first branch of the federal government which they did not like. But we pressed on.”

Scott Shaver said...

Christianne: With all due respect I doubt your ability to distinguish between a provocation and an invocation.😂

Scott Shaver said...

"Republicans appear very divided".

Democrats appear stark raving mad.

Paul D said...

@ Scott Shaver
with all due respect...stark raving mad = conspiracy theorists that refuse to acknowledge the simple facts.


Scott Shaver said...

Paul. Show us your "facts" and I will show you their fallacies.

Paul D said...

@Scott Shaver
thanks. I submit my prior comment as my first fact:
stark raving mad = conspiracy theorists


Paul D said...

@Scott Shaver
to further expand upon my initial fact submission to which you would like to prove fallacious:
stark raving mad = conspiracy theorists.
I expand that I support my fact with Occam's Razor


Christiane said...

EVERYONE KNOWS that it was CHINA who messed with the courtroom video that led to the lawyer having to say 'Can you hear me, judge? I'm prepared to go forward with this. I'm a real person, I'm not a cat.'

well, good on the Chinese . . . that was the best laugh our whole country got during this last horrible week with the Senate trial

filters? Nah, it was them Chinese messing with our computers :)

If you haven't seen this 'interference', just Google 'I'm not a cat.' and enjoy

Rex Ray said...


This week, 2-18-21, “The Leader” newspaper printed what I wrote:

“The pen is mightier than the sword” took place when President Biden (in his pursuit to stop Global-warming) used his pen to sigh Executive Orders to stop the Keystone Pipeline, fracking, and any planned pipelines.
That put thousands out of work, not to mention businesses forced to suffer that supported them.
We’re doomed to run out of oil that produces gasoline.
Biden states he has that covered by making thousands of windmills to produce electricity that will charge batteries, and our vehicles will be powered by those batteries.
Biden has put the ‘cart before the horse’. Why didn’t he build the windmills etc. to see how vehicles run on batteries, THEN he could shut off the oil.
Right now, there are many Americans that’d like to have MORE Global-warming.

RB Kuter said...

Rex Ray, I saw in a WSJ article that it has been reported that the air pollution during the COVID 19 plague has decreased "RESULTING IN THE EARTH'S TEMPERATURE INCREASING"!!!!

Christiane said...

Dear people:

remember the warning often ignored in 'Global Warming' science, this:

the faster the process of Global Warming advances, the more EXTREME the weather will become. Extreme temperatures, bigger storms, rising seas, etc.

Take a look at the SCIENCE instead of the politicians who favor the energy barons, and you will find that the advance of global warming will bring greater extremes of temperatures on the Earth . . . of cold as well as hot. And flooding? yes, increased floods which are already seen in our own land

Paul D said...

@Rex Ray
Do you think tar sands oil will solve our environmental and energy problems?

Also, have you looked into how well electric cars work? They've worked really well for over a century now. Of course, modern battery technology has really increased their range, reliability and power. I think the cart is well behind the horse and has been for a while.

@RB Kuter
it is surprising to see the range of effects pollution is having on our atmosphere. And although the science and effects we see are not always easy to understand, it is tiresome for the mantra of "how about some more global warming" to be trotted out every time there's a cold snap. It just confirms the complete lack of understanding of climate change science among deniers. Especially considering that climate change science actually does predict the exact effects we are seeing - at yet still deniers scoff.


Paul D said...

Kinda like support of Trump, I don't really understand why evangelicals are climate change deniers and big oil supporters (in a broad brush, "for the most part" sense - for example, I'm evangelical and neither a big oil supporter nor a climate change denier - but kinda like not supporting Trump, I feel like a tiny minority). What exactly does pollution and oil have to do with the gospel? I mean, it seems pretty clear that these issues just happen to line up with a political party supported by evangelicals. Why?


Christiane said...

“For human beings… to destroy the biological diversity of God’s creation; for human beings to degrade the integrity of the earth by causing changes in its climate, by stripping the earth of its natural forests or destroying its wetlands; for human beings to contaminate the earth’s waters, its land, its air, and its life – these are sins”.
(Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew)

Ref 15 quote is found in 'Laudato Si' (Praise Be) from Francis

Address in Santa Barbara, California (8 November 1997); cf. JOHN CHRYSSAVGIS, On Earth as in Heaven: Ecological Vision and Initiatives of Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew, Bronx, New York, 2012.

Rex Ray said...


I have a small 17-year-old pickup that has 57,000 miles on it, and runs like new.

When there’s no more gasoline (thanks to Biden) what am I and all people in America going to do? We’ll have to buy foreign gasoline that may cost $10 a gallon or more.

Of course, there’s another option. We can pay to replace our vehicles’ engines with another engine that runs on electricity (produced by Biden’s windmills) furnished by batteries.

Yours truly,
Don Quixote

Paul D said...

@Don Quixote:

Or....we can keep making progress towards renewable energy and electric vehicles that has been moving forward for decades, and keep converting in the coming decades. I mean, instead of trying to prop up non-renewables with things like tar sand oil (which is foreign oil by the way).


RB Kuter said...

"I'm evangelical and neither a big oil supporter nor a climate change denier - but kinda like not supporting Trump, I feel like a tiny minority)."

Nothing wrong with being a "minority" if you are convicted that your position on things is as it should be. Don't alter it. I don't think you will.

In terms of why "evangelicals are climate change deniers and big oil supporters", I can only speak in regards to my personal views. I tend to fit in this category to a degree and I believe it can be explained, in my case, at least, by the cynism and skepticism I have toward big government and the propaganda generated by the influential elite/globalist. I don't trust "them". They are the leftist, socialist, globalist bent on globalization at the expense of diminishing recognition of the nations. They are hypocrites with their own personal and selfish agendas and totally non-credible.

I acknowledge that it "could be" a very viable and true perspective the global atmosphere is affected by pollution, but I don't trust the sources of Al Gore's class and their "global warming" propositions with the ridiculous remedies they propose. It's a mask worn in their stealth strategy for global control. I suspect there are others with a similar concept.

Actually, I am not an "oil-dependent" man. If I can refer to the book I wrote, "The President's Bible-When I Am President" I would push hard to have an entire breaking up of the oil industry monopoly. It should have never been allowed to operate in the structure that it has for decades. It is unlike any other industry and being allowed to run without accountability. There is NO industry with a similar infrastructure that allows it to run unabated in determining its own supply flow, pricing, and absence of competition.

It has too much power and that's why, after 100 years, we are still operating on fossil-fuel engines. We should have been entirely on hydrogen-powered vehicles decades ago. But the oil industry has control over the government and that includes Democrats as well as Republicans. So it doesn't help to yell about Trump supporters being "oil people" when Democrats are at least equally guilty.

In addition to breaking up the oil monopolies, I point out that an entire infrastructure should and indeed could, be established by Federal policy to facilitate safe and clean running hydrogen-powered vehicles. If we completely did away with fossil-fuel burning engines throughout the planet, there would be no air pollution.

The fact that NONE of the former Administrations, regardless of political party affiliation, have made any progress toward taking the teeth out of the oil industry and replacing our transportation means displays the lack of sincerity by all. And the answer is NOT electric cars. The dependency upon batteries will absolutely come back to bite us in our backside through its own poisonous, chemical, contamination. Can't see why that is not evident, but then again, I imagine it is, just denial.

Paul D said...

@RB Kuter

"They are hypocrites with their own personal and selfish agendas and totally non-credible."

I can wholeheartedly agree with that insofar as it applies to both sides of the aisle, with too few exceptions here and there.

Appreciate your comments. They are very encouraging to me.

I agree that electric vehicles are not a perfect solution for the environment, but they certainly have a good chance of making a dent in the problem with Tesla, GM and many others easily available to the public.


RB Kuter said...

Paul, I believe we are on the same page. Honestly, partisanship is just not something that I am into. True, I tend to consistently end up supporting one party over the other but honestly, that has to do with who may be more likely advocates for protecting the "yet to be delivered" children. It does seem that those politicians who acknowledge the unchallenged value of "life" tend to display a position that I have on other values as well, like law, order, defined national borders with a process for legal entry, etc.

We are apparently in agreement regarding the need to push forward on the elimination of the terrible, antiquated, system of carbon-spewing, fossil-fuel burning engines. Electric vehicles are an alternative. In Thailand, virtually all 18-wheeler rigs use propane. George Bush said in his "State of the Union Address" that he was going to push for hydrogen-powered vehicles as a replacement alternative but I believe it got swallowed up by the oil-slave politicians.

In reference to "hypocrites", it really perturbs me when politicians say things like, "Personally, I am against abortion, but I must concede to the rights of women", or, "Personally I believe in marriage being an institution where male marries female but we must protect the rights for all to make their own decision so I will not oppose men and women marrying each other.", etc.

To me, this is cowardice and an absence of genuine conviction. The same applies to rhetoric regarding the protection of the environment, jobs in America, etc. Talk is cheap and unfortunately, politicians of ALL political parties are famous for spewing out their positions on issues which are as fluid as the wind blowing in a hurricane.

Scott Shaver said...

RB. Fossil fuel is not going away in your lifetime. Bet on that.

RB Kuter said...

Scott, I agree. I don't know the global impact of fossil fuels and don't buy into all of the global warming hype that I hear. I do believe that reducing the use of fossil fuels, even by eliminating the use of fossil-fuel burning engines in personal vehicles, will clean the air and eliminate breathing issues for many.

Personally, I believe that the billions of vehicles using fossil fuel contribute a lot, perhaps the majority of pollution in the air, particularly troublesome in cities and congested suburban areas. Fly into any major city and notice the air pollution. Sit behind a car at a traffic light with your windows open. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that the degree of pollution in the air is toxic.

I do believe that the elimination of fossil-fuel burning engines in personal vehicles could easily be eliminated in my lifetime and I'm in my 70s. If we had a government led by people who were determined to do it and stand up to the oil monopolies, it could be done without a doubt. However, your statement that it might not be done may very well be valid due to the cowards in government that are afraid to break up the oil monopolies and take their teeth out so as to open up innovation and progress toward our having alternative means to travel.

Rex Ray said...


“The Ingraham Angle” TV show five times a week by Laura Ingraham is an up-to-date news of what’s going on in the world. Today, she said:

On December 20, 2020 the National Review told of Chinese drones spying on America to obtained Law Enforcement Data, and Infrastructure.

There are 350,000 Chinese in American colleges.

In 2018, there were 200 million surveillance cameras in China, and now there are 560 million.

She believes America should not honor China by participating in the World Olympics at Beijing, China.

Wade, she agrees with you that China wants the world.

Scott Shaver said...

RB, there are thousands upon thousands of uses for petroleum affecting virtually every product that we consume.

Like I said, oil and natural gas aren't going away. It's not "cowardly" to provide what the people of the world demand...everything from clothing to guitar strings to medicine.

If you want to see real "monopolies" look at Washington DC and social media.

RB Kuter said...

Scott, I don't believe there is an argument here. Eliminating fossil-fuel burning vehicle engines, which I believe to be THE highest contributor to air pollution, does not mean eliminating the oil industry. As you point out, the need for oil products will continue and should.

Any monopoly in Washington was controlled by voters. If they choose to continue to put the same deadbeats in office, then they are affirming what they have.

There is NO industry as uncontrolled and free to eliminate any competition as the oil industry, which does exert the maximum control over Washington. Its operation totally defies the basic fundamental principles of capitalism.

heyheyitsbro said...

Wade continues to be a spreader of disinformation. The singular report that he bases this post on is what's called a "preprint." That means it's a paper that has not been peer-reviewed and has not been approved by literally anyone other than himself or his buddies. Steven Quay is a quack with ties to Fox News and other radical right quacks. The paper Wade references has not been reviewed or approved by anyone else with scientific knowledge.
I wonder if I could write a similar paper, have it published on Zenodo (infamous for allowing all kinds of raucous, irresponsible, and blatantly false papers), and see if Wade will cite it.
I'm ashamed that I ever once listened to this man. Seriously, if you're reading this and questioning Wade's judgment over the past year like me, give it up. He's gone. He says it's not a conspiracy theory, but references a paper without peer reviews or any major journal publication. He's gone. I am absolutely ashamed that this man has a megaphone for Christians. I'm done. The response by conservative Christians to the covid pandemic is a huge reason for my fear and trembling (Phil 2:12).
I'm done.
May God have mercy on us all - some of you will definitely need it.

RB Kuter said...

Hey, heyheyitsbro, don't give up. Continue to express your opinions and contribute to the dialogue. It makes for a much more interesting conversation and we right-wing radicals need and want to hear from you to better understand the logic of your positions. That's why I am glad that Christiane has never left. I almost totally disagree with all of her opinions and say so, sometimes perhaps a bit too aggressively, but I sure am glad that she is there striving to pound her sentiments into heads. At least I learn the logic of those whose views are so different than my own, and that helps to maintain a level of respect, I believe.

Wade has obviously shifted into high gear in expressing his views on these matters as he never did previously. He did say a few months ago that next year he would be leaving his pastorate to go full time into his commentary role and I "think" he has already begun to function in that mode.

So rather than your continuing to feed upon his "spiritual" emphasis as was the case previously, try adjusting to his assuming more of a "life-application" function and speaking out more directly to the injustices and unfairness and deterioration in society as "he" perceives it and respond with your reasons for not agreeing with his perspective.

We need to realize there are views poles apart at play. If your position is worthwhile it is worth speaking about, so reconsider your decision to "check out". Stay around.