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Save Our Children, Justice, and the Bold Journalist Who Shook the World and Died on the RMS Titanic

W.T. Stead (1849-1912) 
There is a child sex trafficking pandemic taking place in the United States in 2020.

The moral depravity of a culture more focused on preventing Covid-19 than putting an end to covert sexual trafficking of children or preventing the deaths of innocent and powerless children through abortion should turn the stomach of every American.

The words of a London policeman about child sex trafficking, words spoken while being interviewed by the subject of this blogpost in 1882, are just as appropriate today as they were a century and a half ago:

"Although it ought to raise hell, it does not even raise the neighbors."

Pedophilia and blatant disregard for the lives of children infect the backrooms of Congress, the boardrooms of Wall Street, and the back alleys of small-town America.

To grasp the moral courage it takes to shut down child sex trafficking and the evil practice of abortion in our country, one needs to look no further than the most famous man to die during the sinking of the RMS Titanic.

His name was William Thomas Stead (1849-1912). His friends called him W.T. Stead.

In 2012, one hundred years after his death, the first biography of Stead's remarkable life came to the public market. Famous in his day, Stead's name had faded from the collective conscience of British and American societies.

Stead's anonymity is unfortunate. Tristam Hunt, a member of Britain's House of Commons, wrote of W.T. Stead in the foreword of that 2012 biography:
"Imprisoned for abducting a child in the course of exposing the vicious sex trade that existed in Victorian London, Stead realized, as few before him had, that governments are powerless to resist the coordinated voice of the public – when harnessed by a newspaper – to help put an end to such evils."

Substitute the words "social media" for newspaper and the words of Tristam Hunt are an inspiration for every person who uses social media to drive out evil through social activism on behalf of the powerless and voiceless.

W.T. Stead Memorial at Central Park, New York

My cousin and his wife live on 5th Avenue in New York City. Across from their townhouse, set on the east wall that surrounds Central Park, there is a bronze statue of W.T. Stead. Thousands walk by every day and have no idea who this man is. 

To know him is to grasp the courage it takes to change a culture of complacency.

Born the son of a clergyman on July 5, 1849, in Embleton, England,  William Thomas Stead learned to read and write both English and Latin by the age of 5.

Thought by loved ones to eventually follow his father's footsteps in becoming a preacher, Stead instead took an interest in journalism and worked his way up the newspaper management ladder. He became the youngest newspaper editor in England at the age of 22. 

Deeply spiritual and well-versed in the Bible, the day before his 26th birthday, W.T. Stead records in his journal how God called him that year to use his gifts and talents for the good of society:
"The great event of this year has been... (through) reading Victor Hugo's The Man Who Laughs, a sense of my prophethood returned. I felt once more the sacredness of the power placed in my hands, to be used on behalf of the poor, the outcast and the oppressed. It was a gift of renewed faith. I clearly and decidedly grasped the idea that everything is given to one to be employed on behalf of those that have nothing, and that only by the patient laborious unselfish labor of the good can the bad be extinguished, and that my mission was to labor unceasingly, by all methods and in every season, to help on the social regeneration of the people of the world."

For the rest of his life, W.T. Stead laboriously worked for the good of those who had nothing. He became Britain's first investigative journalist

In 1885, Stead shocked the world with a series of articles he wrote on the seamy practice of child prostitution in London, England. W.T. Stead spent months investigating child trafficking before publishing the articles that stunned newspaper readers of Victorian London. W.T. Stead researcher Owen Mulpetre observes about Stead's articles:

"(He wrote) in graphic detail about the entrapment, abduction and 'sale' of young under-privileged girls to London brothels. Written in successive installments, Stead's "infernal narrative", as he called it, revealed to a respectable readership a criminal underworld of stinking brothels, fiendish procuresses, drugs and padded chambers, where upper-class pedophiles could revel 'in the cries of an immature child.'"

London prosecutors had Stead arrested for breaking "decency laws" (his articles) and for "kidnapping" a child (his research and activism) that Stead had rescued from a child sex trafficking house. In jail for three months awaiting trial, the jury acquitted Stead of any criminal behavior in the infamous Eliza Armstrong case.

The fame of W.T. Stead spread after his acquittal. It wasn't long until Americans knew Stead's name too.  

In 1894, Stead traveled to Chicago to attend the World’s Fair. He was horrified by the conditions that he observed in the streets around the glamour of the 1892 Columbian Exposition, called by the people, the World's Fair. He decided to thoroughly investigate for himself the streets of Chicago. 

Stead's Vice Map of Ward 1, Chicago (1894)

W.T. Stead went block by block in Ward 1 of Chicago (see map), noting and mapping the brawling bars, the brothels, and the barbaric human behaviors behind the World's Fair. 

His findings, published in If Christ Came to Chicago!: A Plea for the Union of All Who Love in the Service of All Who Suffer (1894), is recognized by the prestigious Britannica Encyclopedia as a model of journalistic research.

Every article Stead wrote had the goal of reforming a society held hostage by "the powers of darkness in high places." 

It sounds like 2020.

One of the prized possessions I have framed in my writing office at home is a handwritten postcard to W.T. Stead from Charles Spurgeon, the famous London preacher and contemporary of Stead. Spurgeon congratulates W.T. Stead for his written portraits or character sketches in a magazine, profiling men and women of courage and character who were making a difference in the world during the 1880s and 1890s. Stead called the magazine he founded, and the one to which Spurgeon subscribed,  The Review of Reviews.

For 40 years, W.T. Stead laboriously worked through his writings to bring justice, to practice mercy, and to live humbly in the corridors of power. 

W.T. Stead made a difference for good in the world of child sex-trafficking in his day. We need more men and women of courage, people like W.T. Stead, in 2020.

Biographer Sydney Robinson recounts how William Thomas Stead spent the last hours of his life: 
Shortly before midnight on Sunday 14 April 1912, a stout, prematurely aged gentleman with crystal-blue eyes and a shaggy grey beard appeared on the foredeck of the Titanic. ‘What do they say is the trouble?’ he innocently enquired. No one seemed to know. ‘Well, I guess it’s nothing serious; I’m going back to my cabin to read’. These were the last recorded words of William Thomas Stead, the famous investigative journalist who, thirty years previously, had shocked the world by purchasing a thirteen-year-old girl on the streets of Victorian London. Two hours later he would be plunged into the icy waters of the Atlantic Ocean, never to be seen again.
It was a bizarre end for a man who had made his name smiting ‘the powers of darkness in high places’ on behalf of the ‘disinherited and outcast of the world’. The magnificent ship, legendary in its vast scale, luxury and exclusivity, represented everything he had campaigned against during his long career... It was somehow apt that W. T. Stead had last been seen turning the pages of a penny Bible in the first-class reading room of the world’s most expensive cruise liner. (Sydney W. Robinson, Muckraker, Kindle Edition)

William Thomas Stead is an inspiration for any who wish to drive out evil by laboriously doing good. Jesus made it clear that when we care for the fatherless, feed the hungry, clothe the naked, speak for the voiceless, and stand for the powerless, we are actually serving Him (see Matthew 25:40).

"This life will soon be past and only what's done for Christ will last." 



Christiane said...

"This life will soon be past and only what's done for Christ will last." #SaveOurChildren

Wade, I noticed your use of #SaveOurChildren. Wade, you have a stellar reputation for speaking up for those who are oppressed, but I must offer some word of caution about the Q anon world, that it is becoming a vehicle for some unwholesome goings-on, and I recommend that you research the Q thing thoroughly before getting involved in it tangentially
or specifically. You have my prayers for your well-being as always. Try to widen your resources of information to include many different viewpoints, as these days, it is critical that we do so in order to maintain integrity and keep our focus on that which honors Our Lord above all else. My 'advice' is worth little, I know, but I offer it with a good heart for your sake and for the sake of those whom you may want to help. God Bless!

I can offer an interesting observation, this:

"" QAnon carries on a tradition of apocalyptic thinking that has spanned thousands of years. It offers a polemic to empower those who feel adrift.
Many of the people most prone to believing conspiracy theories see themselves as victim-warriors fighting against corrupt and powerful forces. They share a hatred of mainstream elites. That helps explain why cycles of populism and conspiracy thinking seem to rise and fall together. Conspiracy thinking is at once a cause and a consequence of what Richard Hofstadter in 1964 famously described as “the paranoid style” in American politics. But do not make the mistake of thinking that conspiracy theories are scribbled only in the marginalia of American history. They color every major news event: the assassination of John F. Kennedy, the moon landing, 9/11. They have helped sustain consequential eruptions, such as McCarthyism in the 1950s and anti-Semitism at any moment you choose.

Rileydogbarks said...

History lessons and biographical stories prove time and time again that our world never advances out of its past history. Wade, thanks for such an interesting read (again, you have all the cool toys!). If we could ever embrace that the power of the Gospel doesn't just change us, but through us, could change the world around us. I pray other Christians would take seriously their call to ministry to whatever venue that happens!

Wade Burleson said...


I'm unsure what you mean by Q-anon in conjuction with #SaveOurChildren.

The links I give are from organizations (non-profit) who are involved in ceasing child trafficking. I appreciate the caution, but not only did I not think about Q-anon in writing this post, I'm not sure why it would have anything to do with saving our children. Sadly, it seems to me that everything in our day is politicized.

Thanks for your comment.

Wade Burleson said...


"Again, you have all the cool toys." Laughing. Don't ever come to my home or church office. Every article has a story and you'll never be able to escape me. :)

Christiane said...

Hello WADE,

thanks for responding

simply put, here is the true organization that uses the term that has been co-opted by conspiracy theorist:

WADE, with all respect, I caution you and your readers to know that the 'hashtag' imitation phrases are being used by others for agendas that the original group does not have connection with at all;
and I KNOW that you would never knowingly get involved with anything so malevolent as QAnon, so my original comment was meant as a 'heads up' only. You are and will be on the side of the angels in my opinion, regardless of politics or divisions, as you have put yourself out there for others who were persecuted and you suffered for doing this. You have my on-going admiration for that sincere witness to Christ. Just be aware that there is much going on and yes 'politicization' is behind it, sadly. God Bless!

Christiane said...

In support of the original 'Save the Children' organization,
I can report that it is supported by many who would never be involved in any of the current 'co-opted' uses of the term with its variations preceded by a hashtag.

HRH Princess Anne is a well-known supporter and worker for this original organization, as is described in her bio, here:

LMPG said...

Sorry to run off topic Wade, but my two cents on Q is that everyone should make their own opinion on how informative Q can be. Ignoring all the hooplas and New Age leanings of many of Qs "followers," Qdrops themselves can be very politically updating and easy to see that if we are paying attention to current events, could probably just see that the news is all that Q is pointing to and trying to get us all to connect the dots ourselves. Again, sorry to take away form your post that was very enlightening and so important in the current surge of human trafficking. Thank you.

LMPG said...

I usually only look at

Celeste said...

I recently listened to a podcast with a guy named Tim Ballard (he is former DHS and has a book "Slave Stealers then and Now" paralleling the transatlantic slave trade to the current global sex slave trade). He suggested that the industry currently nets about $150 billion a year and that the US is in the top 3 countries for destination of slave/sex trade. At this time globally there are more people enslaved than during the times of slavery in the US.

He suggests that many pedophiles gain access to children through computer games and social media -- and he voiced concerns for the lack of safety infrastructure for our children in the time of this pandemic (with children locked at home with parents unaware of the danger of the online services and lacking the safety of being at school).

For some really dry but sobering reading, the Trafficking in Person Report for the US year 2020:

Rex Ray said...

Those in the lifeboats heard the band playing their last song: “Nearer My God to Thee.”

Rex Ray said...


Twice I’ve received a text saying, “Call me”, and with tears I knew a loved one had left this earth. The first time was my brother, and this week it was Joe Henderson, a carpenter, who I’ve spent many days working as volunteers in Japan and Texas. He’s also spent a month working on the house we live in now

Once in Japan, I was so tired walking up a steep sidewalk, Joe got behind me and pushed. It was there at break-time, he’d say, “I want to hear some more Hez Ray stories.” I believe he may have met him by now.

I’ve never been to White Oak, Texas, but tomorrow, we’ll be going there to his funeral partly for the sake of his wife who help work in Japan.

Christiane said...

I'm sorry you lost your friend, REX RAY. Very kind of you to honor him by attending his funeral and comforting his wife. You will see him again in the 'world to come'. Stay safe and may the Good Lord be with you and Judy on your journey.

Rex Ray said...




Is it true that 51 million ballots will be mailed to people for the Presidential election? (It’s not a request for a mail in ballot.)

Wade Burleson said...


Mail in balloting, IMO, is ripe for fraud.

CM said...

CM says,

CO, WA, OR, and other states have done mail-in voting for years with no issues. Colorado's mail-in voting was set up by Republicans in 2013. Also, states that have mail-in balloting have a greater participation percentage of registered voters.

Trump's administration was challenged in federal court to document cases of mail-in ballot fraud in PA and they came up with none. The conservative Heritage Foundation, which has warned of the risks of mail voting, found 14 cases of attempted mail fraud out of roughly 15.5 million ballots cast in Oregon since that state started conducting elections by mail in 1998.

Yes there are reasonable concerns which are much the same as for absentee ballots. Here is an article on this from (hardly a leftist, liberal, or socialist group):

CM said...

People apply for and get their drivers' licenses by mail, passports, credit cards, etc. with no issues. Another thing is that mail-in paper ballots cannot be hacked like a touch-screen voting machine terminal used by people voting in-person.

Trump and his followers were praised Florida's mail-in voting, yet conveniently ignore the fact that it is set up like CO, WA, OR and other states. But then Trump knows he needs the blue-hairs in FL to win in that state and they are very hesitant to go vote in person.

Christiane said...

preventing people from voting IS a concern for those who 'shelter' and are 'at risk' for the virus, yes

my city council has voted to use our main libraries as centers for EARLY voting starting forty-five days before Nov. 3rd, as an option for people who don't trust the postal service now that it has had its wings clipped to get their ballots in on time;

but most seniors I know are mailing their votes in, also early, in hopes that the ballots will not be mis-treated

different states have different options, so if seniors are concerned for the integrity of their vote, checking with the state can help to learn what options are open and then a senior who wishes to shelter OR to vote early in person might find a workable solution in their own case

voting is a sacred responsibility, our soldiers have paid in blood for our freedom to vote and I'm certain there are many responsible people in all fifty states and in our territories that are working to see that EVERYONE who is permitted to vote will be able to do so, hopefully safely and in situations that respect the damage done by the virus when crowds come together publicly

and, yes, there ARE some who wish to stop Americans from voting for reasons that are corrupt, and we have many, many examples of how voting times and places have been limited so that long, long lines of people must form . . . . this is a national shame we need to overcome, but THIS YEAR, we are advised if we find ourselves voting in these terrible circumstances to pack a sandwich for supper and breakfast for the morning and plan to spend all night waiting . . . for the old and the sick, may God have mercy on them, and on the souls of those in power who limit voting times strictly and close polling places down in communities where minorities dominate and, as happened in one case four years ago, moved the polling place for a minority community OUT OF TOWN OFF OF A BUS LANE, to make it as difficult as possible for the citizens of that community to vote.

Thing is, when people hurt others, something in themselves is diminished also. Hence the need for mercy for their souls too.

Christiane said...

Fox News report using the President's own words:

" “President Trump said Thursday that he does not want to fund the U.S. Postal Service because Democrats are seeking to expand mail-in voting during the coronavirus pandemic, making explicit the reason he has declined to approve $25 billion in emergency funding for the cash-strapped agency. ‘Now, they need that money in order to make the post office work, so it can take all of these millions and millions of ballots,’ Trump said in an interview with Fox Business Network’s Maria Bartiromo. He added: ‘Now, if we don’t make a deal, that means they don’t get the money. That means they can’t have universal mail-in voting, they just can’t have it.’ "

Rex Ray said...


This guy, Jonathan, is advertising people can make money by playing games.

It’s on your post 3-10-20 at 12:08 A.M. that has 76 comments.

Wade Burleson said...

Thanks, Rex!

Rex Ray said...


Jonathan's comment was Mon Aug 10, 12:08:00 AM 2020

Wade Burleson said...

Got it.

Rex Ray said...


Today, at Joe Henderson’s memorial service, I learned he got married when he was 19 to a girl that was his only sweetheart. He fell in love with her when they were in the 4th grade.

Rex Ray said...


Today, at Joe Henderson’s memorial service, I learned he got married when he was 19 to a girl that was his only sweetheart. He fell in love with her when they were in the 4th grade.

Christiane said...

Hello REX RAY,
that is a beautiful story about your friend's marriage . . . it reminds me that you knew Judy when you were both young, and that you both were able to re-connect after your first wife's passing. That was a blessing.

In my own world, this week the military hospital called to inform me that the ashes of my husband had been received and were being held there securely until a ship was ready to conduct a burial at sea. I was told I would be kept informed. The Navy is very professional and very humane in how they communicate with those who have lost service members and retirees, so I will be told the time and date and the co-ordinates of the burial and I will be sent a film to keep and also the flag that was used to cover my husband's cremains. It was his wish to do this and I have honored it, as I know the promise from the Book of Revelation 'and the sea will give up the dead that were in it'.
When the burial is done, I will go down to the ocean and take some flowers and 'visit' and pray as is the way of my faith. People who pass away are safe in God's keeping. I am sure of this. We will see them again in the Kingdom of Our Lord in the world to come.

CM said...

Some interesting bits about the RMS Titanic:

1) The band did play "Nearer My God To Thee."

2) One of the musician's (John Law Howe) family later received a bill for the cost of the uniform.

3) There is a book about the musicians of the Titanic:

4) The last picture in the post looks to be famous, but inaccurate drawing of the sinking from "A Night to Remember".

Christiane said...

Heads-up, FYI

". . . the U.N.'s World Trafficking Awareness Day on July 30, #SaveTheChildren or #SaveOurChildren posts have gained traction on social media, with many users hoping to raise awareness of child sex trafficking. But experts across the country are warning of a dark undercurrent behind the seemingly innocent hashtags.
Save the Children is a London-based international humanitarian organization that has been protecting children around the world for more than 100 years, according to its website. But the #SavetheChildren movement has been co-opted by followers of QAnon, a sprawling conspiracy theory that pushes the idea that the Trump administration will take down an alleged global ring of pedophiles led by prominent Democrats.

The FBI has labeled QAnon as a potential domestic terror threat, and the Save the Children organization has said it is not associated with the hashtags by the same name."

Rex Ray said...

The Titanic was thought to be the world’s fastest ship. It spanned 883 feet from stern to bow, and its hull was divided into 16 compartments that were presumed to be watertight. the Titanic was considered unsinkable. On its first journey the ship carried some 2,200 passengers and crew.

The 16 compartments were supposed to go to the ceiling, but because of time or some reason, they were several feet short.

When the first compartment filled with water, it overflowed to the next compartment, and so it continued until the Titanic sank.

“Frederick Fleet, one of the two lookouts in the crow's-nest of the Titanic, was the first man to see the iceberg that sank the liner.
He did tell the Senate inquiry that when he had first seen the iceberg ahead it had appeared to be "as large as two tables put together".
After ringing a bell three times to warn of danger ahead, he phoned the ship's bridge, receiving a polite "thank you" from an officer to the news that the ship was heading towards an iceberg at full speed.”

entrusted said...

I would love to share this somehow with others...I looked on facebook, don't see this particular post.

Would you consider posting it there so I can share?

Christiane said...

“Frederick Fleet, one of the two lookouts in the crow's-nest of the Titanic, was the first man to see the iceberg that sank the liner.
He did tell the Senate inquiry that when he had first seen the iceberg ahead it had appeared to be "as large as two tables put together".
After ringing a bell three times to warn of danger ahead, he phoned the ship's bridge, receiving a polite "thank you" from an officer to the news that the ship was heading towards an iceberg at full speed.”


what a story. . . I have heard that the smugness by those who might have prevented the tragedy came from believing that the ship was 'unsinkable', and I have heard that the reason that the walls separating the 'water-tight' compartments did not reach the ceiling because the builders wanted the first-class compartments to be more spacious. (?)

In any case, it seems that the story of the Titanic looms ever as an 'alegory' of what can happen when smugness and pride replace humility. There is an old teaching in Judaism that says we are not to 'tempt God' by over-looking our own response-abilities when in a difficult situation by 'assuming' God will take over for our own lack of caring, which was viewed as a kind of contempt for God's Providence, when we assumed we did not have to do anything as responsible people. . . . . I guess the story of the Titanic has many examples of irresponsibility and also of the bravery of those who tried to save others, and gave their life-jackets to others. The story of the Titanic remains iconic in so many ways. Like we looked away and didn't take the virus seriously and soon our economy began to shut down first in small ways then in major ways, and the smug said 'if we don't test for the virus, nobody will know it's there'. Almost 200,000 deaths later, I guess people figured out that the 'hoax' thing WAS a hoax itself, and that giving a test for the virus of course didn't cause it, the test just exposed whether or not someone HAD the virus.

The sin of pride. We humans are so wounded by it. I left you another note but it never showed up. Looks like comments are on lock-down during this tense time. Probably it's for the best, all things considered.

REX RAY, you and Judy stay safe. This too shall pass. And all shall be well in the Kingdom of Our Lord.

RB Kuter said...

Christiane said; "preventing people from voting IS a concern for those who 'shelter' and are 'at risk' for the virus, yes"

You exhibit the many legal options people have available to vote no matter what their circumstances are related to being "shut-in", traveling abroad, and unable to physically go to local booths. It enforces the reality that people have options they can use like early-voting, absentee ballots, extending poll operating times, etc.

I honestly do not believe that anyone with honorable motives would argue that everyone who is the least bit interested in expressing their support for political candidates has the ability to do so within the current voting systems available.

If you care and "want" to vote, DO IT! If you don't care who controls your interest in government, DON'T VOTE! "I'll VOTE FOR YOU!

Christiane said...

something thoughtful reading before voting:

CM said...

Another trivia bit about the 1893 Chicago World's Fair, one of the early famous serial killers H.H. Holmes was active during this time:

There was a non-fiction historical book called "The Devil in the White City: Murder, Magic, and Madness at the Fair That Changed America" that covered the fair and the serial killer.

RB Kuter said...

Wade, I wonder if there have been changes that result in my having difficulty in posting comments? Whatever I write and submit is never immediately posted and most often never posted. But then I have had occasion that later, due to my re-submitting a comment in an attempt to post it but failing, multiple posts of the same comment are eventually shown.

Any suggestions as what may be my problem?

Rex Ray said...


When my missionary Uncle Rex Ray’s daughter-in-law died, a 224-page manuscript of his was found. It contains events in his life. I thought the account below very interesting.

“In 1922, Dr. Sun Yat Sen visited our Baptist Stout Memorial Hospital. He was with his army on the march back to Peking. He’d been the first president of China. Our Dr. R.E. Beddoe asked, “Why are you placing Russians in all the high places of government, and why are you studying Russian Communistic literature?”

He replied, “I needed help to rebuild China, but no nation would help me except Russia.”

On his deathbed, Sen said his greatest mistake in life was letting Russia and Communism into China.

LMPG said...

Christine, since you mentioned your belief that Q is sinister, all I can find are articles like you just recently posted by people who say Q is bad. I have checking and checking and I cannot see how they are bad. Can you be more specific from Q itself? That would hold more weight than coming from the very people that Q alerts to check out for yourself about their history. Also, you said that Q pushes that Trump is working to take down trafficking conspiracy run by prominent Democrats. As far as I have been looking into Q alerts, I do not see that Q alerts only to Democrats. Trump doesn't care whether the corrupt are Democrat or Republican and neither does Q. Why do you yourself think that Q is doing a bad thing by joining the save the children movements, especially, as you alluded to that not all save the children labels are free from their own corruption. Even Ghislane Maxwell was part of the UK SaveTheChildren. That should raise eyebrows. After my further investigation because of your warning post, I see that the censorship against Q only further validates Q.

Christiane said...

I am aware that many who have pushed to disown the Church are now leaving the evangelical world for 'QAnon' so that it is becoming a 'cult', a 'new religion' so to speak.

That is a terrible turn of events for the Church.

But it didn't happen 'automatically', no,
it took a lot of 'conspiracy theorists' at work on talk-show radio to foster a willingness in people to 'accept' sources of information that could not ever be credible but WERE terribly destructive. I think 'QAnon' could not have taken on so many followers were it not for this 'alternate reality' and 'alternate truth' that the people behind 'Q' have brought forward and promoted through far-right media and also through social media.

I find 'Q' to be just another way bad actors try to manipulate innocent people into 'believing' what is 'conspiracy' used to control the political narrative.

That the Church will be harmed by this movement is beyond sad, but in the meantime, I fear for the innocent people caught up in this madness who may be directed to do violent bidding, such as the man who thought he was fighting pedophiles by taking weapons into a pizza parlor thinking children were being harmed in the basement. . . . That man was vulnerable to 'suggestion' from bad actors, but HE got in trouble, while those who encourage the madness hid behind 'Q'.

One name used by those who formally study 'manipulation' (game-playing) is
"You and THEM go fight" where evil people encourage innocent folk to take up arms against others while the evil people stand back and watch what happens. Of course, it's the vulnerable that end up in court and in jail, while the evil ones continue their game-playing of manipulation of others as a power-trip.

QAnon seems to me to be predatory on vulnerale people by fostering horrific conspiracy theories and 'encouraging' violence.

I find no good in QAnon. They play an OLD game. Lots of harm done. Seen it before.

Christiane said...