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How to Be Principled People in a World Gone Mad

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We are living in a time when social media masses will "cancel you" if you don't affirm their peculiar behaviors or if you express a principled belief that is opposite to mass culture's desires. Proposing any limitations on the behavior of others makes you persona non grata.

Meaning and purpose among America's young is now found in releasing oneself from God-ordained restraints, ancient religious prohibitions, and Judeo-Christian norms. The god of America has become an individually imagined therapeutic deity that encourages self-worship. The mind, the body, and the will have become the trinity of American worship. "My reality is my truth, and I'll do as I please, for my goal is to feel good in life."

The social shaming directed at a principled person who expresses any belief contrary to the wishes of the masses will lead to a phenomenon called cancel culture. To understand the history of the cancel culture movement, this link is worth reading.

The harm that comes to a person "canceled"  is illustrated by this story of young woman whose life has been threatened because she sought to identify with business owners boarding up their businesses to protect them from looters, rather than identifying with the looters stealing from the business owners.

Try expressing your belief that the Black Lives Matters organization is built on Marxist principles, and though you believe black lives do matter, you'll never support Black Lives Matter.

Try telling others that you believe the social and economic principles upon which Western Civilization exists are something that should be valued and cherished, not diminished.

Try voicing your conviction that the tearing down of historical statues representing Christopher Columbus, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Robert E. Lee, Abraham Lincoln, and a host of other historical American figures - while leaving up statues of Marx and Lenin - is a symptom of a deadly disease in the hearts of American people devoid of moral training.

Try proclaiming the truth that any sexual immorality - whether it be homosexuality, transgenderism, adultery, pedophilia, or any other sexual deviancy - is contrary to Nature and Nature's God.

You'll be canceled. You'll be called a bigot. You'll be attacked.

But if we believe that Jesus would have us love people as He loves us, then we must be willing to speak the truth in love. Don't sacrifice truth. Don't sacrifice love.

But how can both truth and love co-exist in a world gone mad?

We must remember THREE PRINCIPLES as followers of Jesus:
1. Acceptance doesn't mean affirmation. 
You can love someone without affirming their behavior. Be like Jesus with the adulterous woman at the well. Jesus loved her. But he never refrained from telling her, "Go now and leave your life of sin"  (John 8:11). You can accept someone while not affirming their behaviors. In a world gone mad, the madness only ends when principled people stand their ground and speak the truth in love and people leave their lives of sin. That's called An Awakening. 
2. My love doesn't mean no limitations.  
I am friends with a couple who unconditionally love a young man they are raising in their home. This young man is asking his adoptive parents to pay for hormone treatment to become a woman. He wants to dress like a woman and wishes to change his name to female. Mom and dad will not allow him, but they unconditionally love him. When he reaches 18, they've said to him, he can makes his own choices on how he lives. But as long as he lives in their house, there are boundaries on his behavior.
Unconditionally loving someone doesn't equate to unconditionally living with someone.  
You can love an abusive husband, but you don't have to live with him. Love does not mean no limitations. If there is such a thing as objective Truth (and there is), then love leads people to the Truth, and the Truth will set them free. Jesus said, "I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life, nobody comes to the Father except through me." (John 14:6). The Creator makes no mistakes when He forms the lives of His people. 
3. A delight in doesn't mean a devotion to. 
There is the imago dei (image of God) in every human being. The dignity of humanity is tied to the Deity. God created this world with rules, and those rules can be summarized in seventeen words: "Do everything you agreed to do and do not encroach on other people or their property." These are three principles of Nature and Nature's God. As a Christian, there are other principles by which I live, but America was founded on Nature's Law. 
A person of principle will not be intimidated to conform.

As we celebrate our great country and the freedoms we enjoy, we must realize that "cancel culture" is anti-Christ, un-American, and harmful to our nation.

A friend of mine recently wrote on Facebook after he disagreed with the way rural Christians in Oklahoma viewed healthcare (according to a poll that he'd read):
"I wonder why people think rural voters are petty and mean spirited. In spite of going to church and claiming to be saved in overwhelming numbers, most small-town folks don't really believe what Jesus says. They simply believe Jesus saves them from their shitty-ness. Christian churches are failing to teach Christianity, substituting a political religion based on the worst ideas of so-called conservatism."
I'm sorry, my friend, but social shaming will not change people of principle.

We will speak the truth. We will love like Jesus. For...

Acceptance doesn't mean affirmation

Love doesn't mean no limitations.

Delight in another person doesn't mean devotion to another's principles.


David Panzera said...

I started feeling this way a long time ago. I stopped being fully polite about my positions finding that the nicer I got the more they sought to control the outcome. While Jesus does indeed shows and exhort us to love and to turn to the other cheek upon personal insult He never meant for us to be a door mat that people just get to wipe their feet on.

Yes, at times I am over the top as some of my Christian brothers will hold me accountable and say so but I am not ashamed of anything of my Christian Faith and I am also not ashamed of many but not all things American. The effort to de-link us from our Christian heritage has been on the march since the first successful invoking of the Separation of Church and State words. Words few know where they come from or the more important why in the context of being said.

With a constant barrage attack on Christian centered values, teachings and more the left kept their attacks on any and all things Christian. Then came the attack on our history to also de-link us from our founding. What we are witnessing today is two full generations who have been taught that everything United States is evil. Racist in its founding, white precisest in its efforts, evil towards all who were here before them and on and on and on. Little to no context given, little to no research of the history but the message was crystal clear...down with the USA.

Enter the Marxist elements to seize upon the moment. In a great hope to continue deconstruction of America, her fabric and her values the things you are seeing today are only the beginning to what they have in mind. You may have seen that the NFL will now play another anthem before playing the National Anthem at games this year. I refuse to watch, but make no mistake, the same people who badgered them into playing this new anthem wants to see the National Anthem disgraced and removed. Same will be done with all American history...if we let it.

Interesting to think about the words "If we let it" because Benjamin Franklin was asked by a woman as to what form of government have you given us.....His response was "A republic....if you can keep it." We are definitely near the door of losing it.

It is time to stand and be counted, to to allow those to shout us down, not to at all be violent but to be ready when the wolf growls at our door. If we do not we stand to lose much more than we could imagine.

Christiane said...

Hello WADE,

thanks for giving us this good red meat to chew on, and I hope to learn something from the different commentators here.

Like St. Paul who spoke at the Aeropagus and mentioned the writings of Greek philosophers, I am also fond of quoting from sources that are not in my own Catholic tradition, such as this gem from ancient days:

'For there is a true law: right reason. It is in conformity with nature, is diffused among all men, and is immutable and eternal; its orders summon to duty; its prohibitions turn away from offense . . . . To replace it with a contrary law is a sacrilege; failure to apply even one of its provisions is forbidden; no one can abrogate it entirely.'

I read the words of Cicero and I think I recognize something of my own tradition in them, so I am even more certain that there is a universal understanding of 'right and wrong' inscribed on the hearts of men by God: a moral law.

"Deep within his conscience,
man discovers a law which he has not laid upon himself but which he must obey.
Its voice, ever calling him to love and to do what is good and to avoid evil, sounds in his heart at the right moment. . . .
For man has in his heart a law inscribed by God. . . .
His conscience is man's most secret core and his sanctuary.
There he is alone
with God, Whose Voice echoes in his depths." (from my own tradition)
'Authority' may teach, it may offer guidance, and give direction, but for a Christian person, no 'authority' can ever take the place of his or her own moral conscience.

I've mentioned Samuel Clemens, who wrote under the name of 'Mark Twain' and who once cautioned people, this:
"re-examine all you have been told in school or church or in any book, and dismiss whatever insults your own soul"

Perhaps he had a insight that might prove useful in our own time,
when we are pulled this-way and that way by so many who would decide FOR us too many things,
and if we let them decide for us, our own hearts must 'look away' and this brings its own danger as it appears to relieve us of personal responsibility for our own behavior as humane persons. And because God will examine OUR HEARTS and judge us accordingly as to how we have responded to the inspired guidance of our own moral consciences

"“The heart has its reasons which reason knows nothing of... We know the truth not only by the reason, but by the heart." ( Blaise Pascal)

God will judge us according to our own hearts, but with a mercy that will be far exceeding anything we are capable of as 'wounded' sinners upon whom He has looked.

some thoughts . . .

Christiane said...

Hello WADE: this was a late response to a former post you wrote in June (it's in moderation there, so I don't know if you will see it, so here it is also):

Hello WADE,

a little late for this response, but thank you for answering my question about 'the moral law' and the 'Mosaic Law'.

I see some difference in how the idea of 'moral conscience' is seen in Baptist terms and in my own Church, but I do think we are on the same page with the idea that 'the Royal Law of Christ' is pre-eminent. It's just that I feel that this Royal Law is 'universal' and is and was honored by many who never heard of Our Lord, or read the New Testament or even will in this life. How can this be?

well, I think one perspective is that IN the parable Our Lord told of the Good Samaritan, we know that the Samaritan was not under the Mosaic Law of the Jews,
and yet he KNEW to stop and render help to the broken wounded victim by the side of the road,
he KNEW this within his own heart and his own conscience to do what was HUMANE for the poor man beaten by robbers somewhere on the road between Jerusalem and Jericho.

So, sure, I can see that you comprehend the superiority of the Royal Law above the Mosaic Law as 'perfecting' what God intends for us to follow AS Our Lord is to us the Teacher and the Example of what true humanity was to have been like before the Fall; before we were wounded by sin and pride.

So, for me, I can say I see a 'connection' between the moral law written on the hearts of men (the moral conscience) and the Royal Law of Christ
in the example of the Samaritan who was NOT under Mosaic Law.

We may be saying the same thing, what wording it a bit differently, although I do think my wording opens the way of grace for those who do not know Christ personally to be affected by the Paschal mysteries IF they are tuned into the 'Royal Law' that is written on their own hearts . . . to respond to 'Who is my neighbor?'

Thanks again, and I hope you get a chance to read this, as I am quite late in responding. But the current post of 7/3/20 prompted me to remember that I had intended to respond in a more timely way. Sorry for late. All your good help has been much appreciated, please know this. God Bless!

Anonymous said...

If the cancel culture does not allow society to search for a “common” sense of appropriate behavior, except that which is legally legislated, then we descend into chaos, rescued only by governmental over reach and authoritarianism. Religion, Christianity in particular, used to provide citizens some sort of framework for self imposed exploration of the common good and behaviors that expressed it.

Anonymous said...

Wade Burleson: Paige Patterson should be fired.
Also Wade Burleson: Cancel culture is ruining America.


Wade Burleson said...

I believe the Bible, Robert.

The Bible teaches me women are equal to men and all races are equal to the white race.

Equal opportunities is the definition of freedom. Equal outcomes is the definition of socialism.

Paige Patterson was fired because his trustees realized his view of women was unbiblical and harmful.

Consistency, Robert, is important.

Anonymous said...

I believe the Bible, Wade.

The Bible teaches me women are equal to men and all races are equal to the white race.

Columbus was removed because the citizens realized his raping/genocide/racism was harmful and immoral.

Consistency, Wade, is important.


Rex Ray said...


By telling Wade, “Paige Patterson should be fired”, makes me wonder if your kin to Rip Van Winkle who slept for 20 years. :)


I believe if Jesus came to the World for the FIRST time, Black Lives Matter in a “World Gone Mad” with their protest marches would crucify him in a ‘New York Minute’.

More than one country in the world believes America is a heathen nation.

My Dad had a ‘saying’: “One church in a community was better than a policeman on every corner.”

Wade Burleson said...


Love your dad.


Thanks for the comments. I've moderated posts that are 5 days or older because some gambling site keeps slipping in ads for posts that are weeks old! Rex has saved my bacon a bit and pointed them out (and I've removed them), but I finally figured out how to not let them post in the first place - MODERATE comments on posts that are over 5 days old. All other posts (shorter than 5 days) have open comment forums.

Christiane said...

Hello REX RAY,

just a thought about your comment on 'Black lives matter';
that if we proclaim the worth and dignity of all human persons BECAUSE they are made in the image of God, then when we say 'All life comes from God' it is implied that we mean what we say.

I like what Wade said to Robert, this:
"The Bible teaches me women are equal to men and all races are equal to the white race."

when I was a little girl, there was a song "red, yellow, black and white, they are precious in His sight'

so when we see injustices where any of our human race are targets, we must take a stand to stop that injustice in some way, and for our black citizens, who were condemned even by 'taking a knee' to express their 'stand' against injustice against people of color, it has now become a national movement to speak out against what happened to a hand-cuffed man, slowly suffocated to death over almost nine minutes in view of the whole country as it was made visible to us and this person, this human being, cried out in his last moments 'mama, mama', a very human response known to be done by dying soldiers in the fields of battle in their last agonies. . . .

I think we need to separate those who protest against injustice from those who are thugs and criminals who steal and destroy;
especially now, when the whole nation has HEARD and SEEN what must be protested, that what happened to Mr. Floyd, an American citizen, cannot be witnessed and then 'we look away' silently.

I know what the pundits all say, but I also know our good American people have a heart for what is fair and honorable and decent. And it will be a good day when all of us can stand up again together against the persecution of people who have suffered because of 'race'.
The videos of Mr. Floyd's murder speak to us now, louder than the pundits who tell us to 'look away'. We cannot look away and remain silent anymore in good conscience and still remain honorable, no. It's time for healing and some reconciliation and it is my hope that the Church can help with this as a kind of witness that good may come with healing and with recognition that injustice is not acceptable in our land toward ANY of those 'who are precious in His Sight'. (again, some thoughts based on my own beliefs in the immense undertaking of the Incarnation of Christ when He assume our whole humanity to Himself, so that we would have a chance to be healed of our woundedness.)

Rex Ray said...


Thanks for the kind words about my father. Today is our fifth anniversary.


Yes, all lives matter. But Obama’s pastor said, “God bless America; NO! God xxx America!”

I wonder if some would like to destroy the Statute of Liberty.

I believe if you did the research, more murder of Blacks would be done by Blacks rather than Whites.

My wife, Belle, was told the first day of school by a second-grade Black girl: “My mama told me to tell you if you whip me, she’ll sue you.”

She had trouble with this girl and a Mexican. She would call him Wetback, and he’d call her Nigger. Belle told them if she heard anymore name calling, that person was going to the Principal’s office.

One day at recess, she called Belle: “Mrs. Ray, Mrs. Ray, he called me a bad name.”
“What did he call you?”
“I can’t tell you.”
“If I don’t know, I can’t send him to the Principal.”
Belle had a hard time keeping a straight face when the girl said, “He called me what I is.”

CM said...

Rex Ray,

Did you actually read the entire transcript of Obama's pastor's speech rather than qoute soundbite? Even though I know he is a Liberation Theory Leftist and hates America, let me ask these questions:

Did God Bless America for its treatment of the Native Americans?

Did God Bless America for its internment of Americans of Japanese ancestry during WWII?

Did God Bless America for slavery? I would say no.

And Abraham Lincoln would agree, as this bit from his 2nd Inaugural Address says:

"Fondly do we hope, fervently do we pray, that this mighty scourge of war may speedily pass away. Yet, if God wills that it continue until all the wealth piled by the bondsman's two hundred and fifty years of unrequited toil shall be sunk, and until every drop of blood drawn with the lash shall be paid by another drawn with the sword, as was said three thousand years ago, so still it must be said "the judgments of the Lord are true and righteous altogether."

Doesn't sound much like a blessing there.

Did God Bless America during Jim Crow and Segregation?

and a whole host of other sins?

As an aside, I find it fascinating that Trump's favorite President is Andrew Jackson, a DEMOCRAT and a populist. Do you know what Andrew Jackson is famous for? That's right, the removal of the Cherokee from GA. Perhaps Wade can fill you in on that since many of the Cherokee ended up in Oklahoma. And along the way he refused to enforce the SCOTUS ruling in Worcester vs. Georgia. Perhaps Wade can fill you in on who Worcester (a pastor who proclaimed the gospel to the Cherokee and translated the Bible into their language) was as well.

Rex Ray said...


There are many evil men in the world and in America. My brother’s church in Colorado Springs, Colorado, became concerned about pornography in the local paper. Being chairman of the deacons, my brother, Hez, made an appointment to talk to the owner of the paper about it.

While waiting, he talked to the man that was responsible. Hez only identified himself as a concerned citizen, and in his work clothes, looked like a bum. The man shook his hand, and told him to come back any time.

The man saw Hez in the lobby, and asked what he was doing. “I have an appointment to talk to the owner.”

“I’ll tell him what you said, and you can leave.”
“No, I’m talking to him.”
“You’re not talking to my boss. Leave or I’ll call the police!”

Two city cops came. One went into the man’s office, and the other sat down by Hez. Hez explained what was going on, and the man exploded in anger. He was big. Threw Hez across the room, but in doing so, got off balance, knocked over a lamp, and fell down. Women screamed. Hez didn’t resist being arrested, but they had him on the floor where the big cop jerked his hair out. (Later, someone put his hair in a bag and mailed it to him.)

His hands were handcuffed in front of him. As they started down the stairs, Hez grabbed the rail and said, “I’ll walk down, but you’re going to push me and say I fell.”

He woke up in a police car with his blood on a window. He heard a Captain yelling at the big cop: “How many times do I have to tell you not to hit someone when you arrest them? Take him to the hospital.”

“He not hurt bad; he’s tough.”
“Take him to the County Police.”

They had him sit at the back of the County Police Station while the City cops reported to the County cops. The City cops removed their handcuffs and left.

“Come on down here. We hear you’re a tough fighter.”
“I’m not the fighter, they were.”
“Well, we’re going to find out how tough you are. You and me are going to fight.”
“I outweigh you 50 pounds.”
“He doesn’t understand. Get him!”

Several Cops held him while the small one worked him over with a ‘blackjack’. (Doctor said later, “I thought sure you had some broken bones by such bad bruises.) As he was being beaten, a man in civilian clothes walked by. In desperation, Hez called, “Help me!”

“Help? They don’t need any help. They’re doing a good job!” He left laughing at his little joke. (He was the chief of police.)

Hez became unconscious, but woke up being drug into a cell where a restraining device was put on. He said the device made everything else look like a picnic. It consisted of a large belt with had a crank that pulled him into a ball. It tore his knees so bad; he couldn’t work for three months. His neck was against his chess making it difficult to breath.

Every so often, cops would come by and say, “How tough are you now?” He never answered. Ever so often a medic would check him. After three hours, Hez told him, “When you come back, I won’t be here.” The difficulty he had in talking, caused the medic to yell, “He’s dying! You’ve got to turn him loose!”

CM, that’s enough of that story, but you get the picture.

Christiane said...

Hello REX RAY,

hope you had a great 'Fourth' (we so need to celebrate what is good in our land and 'who we really are')

I thought the story of the little African-American school girl was sad, that she had no other words to describe 'what I really is';
and I thought that some day, in her future someone might take her aside and tell her:
'you are a human person made in the image and likeness of God,
and therefore your very life is holy to God'

One can hope. :)

great stories today, REX RAY . . . thanks

Stay well, the news out of Texas is not good about the virus. Take all reasonable precautions, please.

Rex Ray said...


Yes, the ‘Fourth’ was great; especially it being our fifth anniversary.

You know the story: “When is my Daddy Coming Home”, but I’ve never told the strange circumstances that our Dad told that story to my brother, Hez.

Hez was in charge of moving an abandoned aircraft hangar to Fairbanks, but Indians were stealing. He got our Dad, to come be a night-watchman. (He had a voice that could wake the dead.)

The trucks were loaded when Hez noticed the worker’s bedrolls were on fire that were on the foundation. (Indians had poured gasoline and set them on fire.) Hez and Dad ran to put it out, but when they got there, bullets started exploding. (There were bullets all over the bedrolls.)

They dove behind a small concrete wall. Dad started laughing.
“Why are you laughing?”
“This is just like World War Two.”

While waiting for the bullets to stop was when Dad told Hez the story of Monica asking him when was her Daddy coming home.

Rex Ray said...


On page two of my brother’s book, THE BIG DIPPER is written:

Our daughter, Diane contracted cancer while serving as a part time missionary in South Korea. She battled cancer for seven years. One night as she lay near her last days, she asked me to lean over. She whispered so softly I could barely hear: “Dad I’m not afraid to die. I know Jesus.”

A short time later she caught my hand and said, “Dad, when you write your book about the Big Dipper, and I know you will, be sure you give it a heart. Dad, give it your heart.”

I whispered back, “Diane, I can do better than that, girl, God willing, I will give it your heart.”

Christiane said...


thank you so much

I've been thinking about that little girl Belle taught and how some day it would be better for her in this world,
and I thought to share this song from Stellenbosch University (S.Africa), a choir that celebrates a better future without the poisons of racism which have so infected our own land and even now, give evidence of the torment of our citizens. So enjoy this celebration, and I hope there is no 'commercial' to bear along with it, if so, just push 'skip' at the lower right corner :)

RB Kuter said...

Great post, Wade. It encourages us to persevere and to be tenacious in voicing our convictions especially when a decadent society seeks to ridicule and shame those who seek to position God's Word as their standard.

I tend to be sort of an activist on social media, not Facebook so much as Twitter. I am grateful for our having a public forum like Twitter that gives us the opportunity to respond to those of unlike mind for as long as we're allowed. I use it often and often wonder why they have not blacklisted me and disallowed me to post Tweets and replies to the comments of others. Perhaps it is due to my not being of any notoriety and few have any interest in any comment I make anyway.

Still, I feel led, I believe by God, to challenge those who seek to hi-jack our nation for what I earnest believe to be for the purpose of replacing our system with a Marxist-based, atheistic, politburo-system.

I frequently ask myself if God would want me to be active in expressing my convictions in social-media platforms like Twitter in ways that are often aggressive or directly challenge the positions of others. I strive to NOT campaign for political parties, but find that the expression of Christian principles relative to political issues automatically affiliates a person with one political party as opposed to the other without actually saying it. If that is the way things are playing out, so be it. I cannot bring myself to compromise what I believe to be my God-based convictions due to it being offensive to those who hold a position that is contrary to it.

For instance, if we express horror over abortion, immorality, anarchy, the popular disdain for historical/traditional American values and heroes, disrespect for our national flag, rejection of law enforcement, etc., it automatically affiliates a person with one political party as opposed to the other without saying it outright. Isn't that amazing in a nation said to be "one nation under God"?!

Would God have me be complacent, silent, and to not use whatever means available to express that some of us continue to hold fast to values and a faith in God that today is considered unpopular?

I do and will continue to pray sincerely for God's guidance as to how He intends for me to function in service to Him in this unprecedented era. I do ask Him to keep me silent when that would be according to His will as well as temper any comments I make with the love, grace and wisdom that only comes from Him.

I don't believe this is a time for the church to remain silent, especially when it means its voicing its convictions is not popular with a broken society.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

“You can safely assume you've created God in your own image when it turns out that God hates all the same people you do.” Anne Lamott

Anonymous said...

RB Kuter said...

Anonymous apparently quotes Anne Lamott in reference to someone hating others proposing that they are God and judge who is right or wrong based upon their own personal standards.

That is a reason I struggle with whether to voice opposition to those who boldly reject basic principles of order, value of the life and property of others. The tactic of those in opposition to those basic moral principles is to attempt to shame their opposition using the weapon they know to be the most effective; tell them that they are "judging/assuming God's role and sovereignty", etc.

Given that doing just that is the major concern of any sincere devotee to Christ when they are preaching, teaching, or expressing the Biblical views, this tactic to silence them too often succeeds in intimidating those would-be advocates for Godly principles during these days of extreme spiritual warfare. Their success in shaming those who recognize the decadence of the society with which we are dealing is too evident by church leaders and Godly politicians not boldly condemning the attacks on our nation and the anarchists rendering our American foundation at risk. This at the time when we need more bold advocates to speak out like Wade did in this post.

Satan certainly knows how to hit where it hurts, and so do those under his influence.

Rex Ray said...


I’d like to tell an emotional event in the life of my wife, Belle. We were living in Grand Prairie, Texas. We started hearing rats in the attic sounding like horses. The solution was poison. In a few days, there was not a sound.

But while eating supper, a huge rat came in and stopped a few feet from us. He seemed to say, ‘Get me out of my misery!’ To oblige; I got a broom from a closet, and came down as hard as I could. But he dodged, and disappeared down the hall. He could have gone into three bedrooms. Our kids were grown and gone.

I searched every inch of the three rooms without success. I told Belle, he’d returned to the attic like he came.

She woke me, “Did you touch me?”
“Stop thinking about the rat and go to sleep.”

She reached up and flipped the headboard light on. Then started flipping covers off. When the sheet went, between her legs was the rat. I hoped the neighbors didn’t hear her scream.

Rat flew off the bed, as Belle began to jump up and down on it; screaming, “Get him! Get him! Get him! (Broom got the rat.)

Christiane said...


it's such a horrible story it's funny !!

Poor Belle! I can hear her scream from the way you tell this. Oh my goodness! LOL

Well, how is it going for you in your neck of the woods in Texas? When I hear the news reports about Texas, I think about you and Judy and a prayer gets said for you both, I can tell you.

My whole neighborhood is 'sheltering' and we see each other on the way to our mail boxes and when taking out the trash cans to the curbs, but it's so quiet here while we wait for the angel of death to pass over and this virus thing to end some day. It's the young people I feel sorry for, all those students in high school and the ones who were to start at college in the fall . . . for them, this is a terrible event in their lives that deprives them of what might have been a good experience,
but we all pray and wait and hope. Maybe some better news soon?

How is your health these days? I know many hospitals in Texas are 'filling up' from the news reports, so I really wish you had some medical folks in your family who might visit and help you out if need be. Strange days, these. Stay safe, REX RAY. day by day. . .

Rex Ray said...


Glad you thought the story was funny, but I guarantee, nobody was laughing that night.

Our neighborhood consists of my sister 250 yards; then a quarter of a mile from anymore neighbors. (so much for social distancing living in the country)

“In a World Gone Mad”, I hear in some cities, there’s an increase of 130% shootings among Black’s that have accidently killed children.

Yes, it’s tragic for kids in school these days.

My health is the same oh same oh; ankle problem. In fact, the hour is late because I waited too long to take Tylenol. I’m fortunate in being better off on two canes than two friends I worked with in Japan; one uses a rollator walker, and the other has trouble getting out of bed.