Friday, July 07, 2017

Old Covenant Thinking Drives You Away from God

Today I received an email from a high power attorney in another state, who belongs to a large Southern Baptist Church. He is reading Radically New, and he emailed me the following:
"I have been transformed by reading your writings concerning New Covenant thinking.
At my former church, I felt guilty over not tithing. Now I feel freed to give freely without guilt. 
In fact, I have given more than I have ever given.

In my former church, 2 Chronicles 7:14 and other "If... then" verses were quoted to get us to do things for God. In my opinion, Old Covenant thinking causes bitterness among Christians. 

A few weeks ago a terrible tragedy came to the family of an old classmate of mine who also attended my former church. He told me he was "mad at God" because "our family went to church, we tithed, we did everything right."

I just wonder if Old Covenant thinking still permeates SBC churches and if this thinking actually drives people away from God when their lives go awry?"

The answer to my friend's question in the last sentence is, "Yes." Southern Baptist churches are infected with Old Covenant thinking, and it drives people away from God when bad things happen.

But it's not just SBC churches. Many evangelical churches and pastors have no idea how to motivate people to live for Christ without using "If...then" verses of the Old Covenant.

We must become captivated by the wonderful grace of God for sinners in Christ Jesus and realize He is enough.

When we come to know the Truth, He sets us free indeed!


Victorious said...

Oh, I have been reading some notes I took long ago, but didn't make note of their source. I have a feeling they came from Wade's blog at some point, so I think this is a perfect place to post them as they speak to the issue the attorney mentions.

Here are the words I've been rejoicing over....

If you've always measured the favor of God based on your performance, you've never come to the place of resting in Christ. The most difficult work you will ever do as a Christian is the labor involved of entering His rest.

Every fiber of your being will pull you toward laws and regulations and away from the finished work of Christ. It is finished. You have the favor of God because of Christ.

Once you get it, you will never look at God's favor in terms of your performance again.

Were these your words by any chance, Wade? They have been a blessing to me and hope they might be a blessing to the person you mentioned above.

Aussie John said...


What can I say but,"AMEN!

It's sad to consider how many church leaders repeat Jesus words "This cup that is poured out for you is the NEW COVENANT in my blood.",and go on lay a massive guilt trip of performance on those who hear.

What a joy it is to observe the change in the lives of those who come to the realization of what Jesus was speaking of when He uttered those amazing words,"It is finished".

RB Kuter said...

I agree with your position that it is wrong to present a conditional Gospel, which is no Gospel at all. Yet the intent of our evangelical churches is often misconstrued by their persistence that sin is sin, God is righteous, and we are condemned for eternity, save for His grace given in Jesus Christ.

Many churches are rejected and condemned by society and said to be non-compassionate because they preach that we all are deserving of eternal separation from God due to our sin and unless we surrender to Christ as Lord we remain in our condemned state. Many, many people want the church to preach, "God loves you no matter who you are, what you have done and what you do with Him, and because of His love, you will suffer no consequence as a result of your sin whether you surrender to His Lordship or not. He is a God of love. He would never allow you to go to hell."

The cruelest thing a Christian can do is to NOT tell others that sin condemns them to eternity in hopeless separation from God and without a Savior, their path will not be diverted from that course.

I am confident that we see eye to eye on this, but I still think this aspect needs to be included. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

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