Friday, April 01, 2016

A Great Awakening Is Coming to Enid and America

Today a man who's been attending Emmanuel Enid's Refuge worship services came to our church offices. His name is Troy, and he expressed a desire to be baptized, professing he'd come to faith in Jesus Christ. He talked to Melissa, one of our ladies in the outer office, and he came to tears as he explained what Christ had been doing in his life. Melissa listened with interest, and then she went to get one of our pastors, Joseph Drueke. 

Troy recounted to Joseph that he'd recently experienced a very powerful dream. Through this dream, he'd become convinced that he was to profess his faith in Christ through baptism. He explained to Joseph that over the past six months Jesus Christ had invaded his life and had radically changed him from the inside out. He believed Christ had saved Him, and the evidence was very tangible.  His heart for people had softened. His love for Christ had deepened. He was a "different man" because of Christ. He explained that during the worship services he learns "so much about Jesus Christ." 

Joseph talked with Troy about what baptism represents, and then he attempted to make arrangements for Troy to be  baptized at a later date. However, Troy told Joseph that he wanted to be baptized in "the ditch" by the church right then! 

Now, unless you're from Enid, Oklahoma, you'll have difficulty visually comprehending "the ditch" beside our church. It runs at a diagonal to Interstate Highway 412, a highway that runs east/west from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean. Thousands of cars go by this "ditch" every day, but the last thing anyone would think of when seeing the sparse, dirty water in "the ditch" is someone following Jesus Christ in believer's baptism. Joseph could tell that the Spirit of God had touched this man, and that he wanted to follow Christ in baptism at that very moment!

Our motto among our staff at Emmanuel is to always say "YES" when the Spirit is moving - no matter the potential costs, misunderstandings, or even obstacles. Joseph told Troy he'd baptize him right then in the ditch (without even changing clothes), but said, "I don't know if there is deep enough water to do it in the ditch, let's go look".

Pastor Joseph and Troy walked to the ditch. There wasn't much water, but like the Ethiopian said to Philip, "Look, here's water! What prevents me from being baptized?" Troy told Pastor Joseph there was enough water to profess his faith in Christ. Joseph had Troy sit on his knees. Unknown to the two men, Rachel (Emmanuel's Nursery and Preschool Director) followed them to "the ditch," and she snapped the photograph above right before Joseph baptized Troy. When this new convert to Christ came out of the water, he hugged Joseph, cried, and thanked him for being sensitive to the leadership of the Spirit.

Joseph said it was one of the most emotional, moving baptisms he's ever experienced. "I will never look at that ditch the same again," he says.  

I've told people for a long time that a Great Awakening is coming to Enid, Oklahoma and to America as a whole. I believe this with all my heart. We are beginning to see dozens of lives dramatically changed by the power of the Spirit. Over twenty people came to faith in Christ this past Sunday. People are talking about Christ to others in the their neighborhood grocery stores, their work places, and their schools. The Spirit is moving on, in and through people.

We are amazed at watching God at work. This isn't about Emmanuel Enid. It's an awakening of the lost through the sovereign work of the Holy Spirit. It's happening in other churches, other cities, and other countries. The Awakening is coming. The Holy Spirit is supernaturally breathing life into those who were dead in their "trespasses and sins," and those regenerated by the Spirit are seeing their lives radically being changed.

Jesus said, "I will build my church, and the gates of hell will not prevail."

He was right. The gates of hell aren't prevailing. The lost are being rescued in an Awakening that may have already begun.


Gordon said...

'There shall be showers of blessing':
send them upon us, O Lord !
Grant to us now a refreshing;
come, and now honour Thy word. (El Nathan)

PS. Is that the ditch I can see on Google Earth ?


Rex Ray said...


WOW! As great as the picture is the man’s testimony is greater because you can feel the power of the Holy Spirit.

I’ll never forget Him pounding my brain…LOST, LOST, LOST. People thought I was saved because I’d been baptized. I know He was also calling my 10 year old twin brother because he said, “Don’t go; there’s only one more verse.”

Being baptized only got me wet because I had not put my trust in Christ. My tears were only feeling sorry for myself. In school I could not concentrate. It was a relief from Him to be scolded for not knowing where to read when it was my turn.

After weeks I could stand it no longer and getting out of bed I told mother I wanted to be saved. She told me to ask Jesus.

“Some will come to me…and I will never never reject them.” (John 6:37 Living) That night peace came into my heart that I’ll never forget.

Two stories I’ve heard about baptisms. My father was young and strong but was exhausted after baptizing 17 people in the rushing water of Red River. He had a revelation when an old man told him: “Most preachers bring them up with the current.”

The other I hesitate to tell but here goes. The congregation would not have had hysterics if their pastor had not been a frantic on avoiding the appearance of evil. He was as ‘straight laced’ as they come.

A young woman ‘worked’ in the ‘red-light’ district of Fairbanks, Alaska and was saved at a revival. She had never seen a baptism.

The pastor held one hand above her head. It took so long for him to preach about the meaning of baptism she thought she was supposed to baptize herself. When she did her feet slipped and never came up.

At first it was funny to see the pastor sticking his head under water trying to find her but then they became concerned she would drown. Finally, one beautiful bare leg rose from the water like a telescope, knee bent over the glass, with toes hooked under the back of a choir seat.

It the pastor had just brought her up things would have been different. But he rushed to her leg with his hands about to grasp it, he froze unable to do any touching. It seemed time stopped in that position before he got another part of her body.

In that upside down position the congregation had erupted. My brother had sore ribs for a week resulting from his wife’s elbow.

Wade Burleson said...

Gordon and Rex:

Gordon, that is the ditch you can see on Google Earth! :) Rex, that's a cool story, as always!

Debbie Kaufman said...

Wow and Wow! And this is what I love about our church. The Holy Spirit leads, incredible things happening.

Tanya Kennedy said...

Amen brother. I'm seeing this in my work also. God is teaching me to be bolder in my speech!!

Curious Thinker said...

Great story and I agree basically with what others said. The Holy Spirit can move and change anyone. God Bless.

Victorious said...

Great story! Brought to mind the verse about the "wind blowing where it wishes"...the Holy Spirit moves in ways we might consider outside the box.

I mean who could deny his miraculous direction that would lead to a baptism in a ditch; to a eunuch sitting in a chariot that led to a baptism; or to a conversion that happened in a jail cell in Cozumel!

Thanks for sharing that wonderful, faith-building event. I'm saying a prayer for that man.

Christiane said...

"Our motto among our staff at Emmanuel is to always say "YES" when the Spirit is moving - no matter the potential costs, misunderstandings, or even obstacles."

God Bless and keep you all safely in His care.

Rex Ray said...


You’re “outside the box” is the reason the North Star Borough (government) of Alaska has ordered the book “The Big Dipper” written by my brother, Hez, to be placed in all schools of Alaska to teach kids to think outside the box.

The book is a blow by blow history of buying, disassembling, moving 193 miles, and reassembling a large abandoned aircraft hanger with volunteer labor for kids to have a place to play in Fairbanks, Alaska.

I’ll tell how the building was purchased.
“I’m going to talk to the governor to see if they’ll sell the hanger to Fairbanks.” (He was the ‘Recreation Director of Fairbanks’ and Juneau was 621 miles away.)

“You don’t have enough money for a taxi to the airport.”
“It’s only 3 miles; I’ll run there.”
Ticket agent: “Oh, my husband loves how you’re trying to help kids get off drugs. A plane leaves for Juneau in 30 minutes. I’ll take care of the paperwork.”

After hitchhiking from the airport, governor Hickel’s secretary told him, “Get out of here or I’ll call the police.” (He hated the idea of moving the hanger.)

Janitor told him: “I’ll show you a place you can sleep tonight and I know another way to get to Hickel’s office. Hickel arrives at six o’clock. You be there.” (Hez had a jar of peanut-butter.)

Hez who is never a lost for words came up empty as Hickel came in to see a stranger. He hit the alarm button, and police had Hez on the floor in a few seconds.

Hez identified himself and Hickel said, “Let him go; he’s a good guy.”

“We’ve already sold the hanger to a lumberyard for $10,000 but if we haven’t cashed the check, we’ll sell it to Fairbanks.”

They still had the check and Hez was wondering how much it would cost Fairbanks.

“That will be one dollar.”
With no reply, “I said that would be one dollar!”
“I don’t have a dollar.”
While laughing, “I’ll loan you a dollar.”

Johnny D. said...

Now that is obedience! That water has got to be pretty crispy still. It is April after all.

David Bachman said...

Thanks for the great post, i rarely think about this kind of things. So that was very useful.

Ramesh said...
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